Top 9 movies of Park Chan-wook, the director of “The Decision to Go” from worst to best (filmmaker under the microscope)

Park Chan Wook can be considered one of the symbols of modern South Korean cinema. He started his activities as an artist exactly when his country was on the path of progress and started the way that we consider it to be one of the most advanced countries in the world today. The reflection of this change and movement towards prosperity and escape from a dark past is reflected in the films of many filmmakers of this Korean era, including Park Chan-wook or his other famous colleague, Bong Joon-ho, Hoida. Park Chan Wook finally became an international filmmaker in 2003 by making the movie "Old Friend" and his name shined in the world of cinema. In this list, 9 important films of this famous Korean director have been reviewed, from worst to best. The director's film "Oldboy" is at the top of the critics table (Cannes Festival 2022) Top 9 movies of Park Chan-wook, the director of “The Decision to Go” from worst to best (filmmaker under the microscope)

Park Chan Wook can be considered one of the symbols of modern South Korean cinema. He started his activities as an artist exactly when his country was on the path of progress and started the way that we consider it to be one of the most advanced countries in the world today. The reflection of this change and movement towards prosperity and escape from a dark past is reflected in the films of many filmmakers of this Korean era, including Park Chan-wook or his other famous colleague, Bong Joon-ho, Hoida. Park Chan Wook finally became an international filmmaker in 2003 by making the movie "Old Friend" and his name shined in the world of cinema. In this list, 9 important films of this famous Korean director have been reviewed, from worst to best. The director's film "Oldboy" is at the top of the critics table (Cannes Festival 2022)

If we pay attention to the importance of history in Park Chan-wook's films, we will realize that this history is always present in the form of the past of the characters. . Sometimes their one action in the past, however small, like in the movie "Old Friend" can destroy several lives. Sometimes the past appears in the form of a close friendship that has no intention but to bring good and wants to revive the memory of the old days; But this return to past history leads the protagonist to destruction. This issue can be clearly seen both in the filmmaker's revenge trilogy and in the movie "Thirst".

So the contemporary history of South Korea has a fixed place in Park Chan-wook's cinema. As an artist, he depicts this history full of pain and bloodshed in the way he likes, and by passing everything through his own mental filter, he creates a unique image and world. He knows very well that in order to achieve a healthy society, the people of his country must first face their sorrows and past and build a new world by leaving it behind. For this reason, it provides conditions for the audience to stare at this harsh world, which may achieve self-cultivation and soul refinement.

It is in such a framework that the people in his films, like the society of his country today, are completely saddened. Big, they have not been freed from that bloody history and they still lack some things. Many of today's South Korean cinematographers point to the same deficiencies in their country today and see the cultural growth of their country's people slower than their rapid economic and welfare growth, and they use the fact that these two do not go hand in hand as a reason for making their works. That's why in movies like "parasite" by Bong Joon-ho, such contemporary South Korean culture is attacked by the filmmaker.

In addition to history, Park Chan-wook can be seen through He also identified the exaggerated and blatant display of violence in his works. He is a filmmaker who has no qualms about showing blood, and he happens to do it in an unrealistic and stylized way, just like his American counterparts on the other side of the Pacific. From this point of view, we can see the similarities and affinities between him and a director like Quentin Tarantino. Both of them use the display of blood on the cinema screen as a means to achieve their desired aesthetics.

On the other hand, he is very interested in psychopathic characters, with ambiguous and mysterious points in their past. In his works, you can see desperate people who knock on every door to understand a bit of truth, and this leads them to madness. But tragedy occurs just when they become aware of that undiscovered truth; Now, the idea that understanding the truth is the way to salvation is shattered, and by the way, the hero of the drama wishes that he had never tried to understand the truth, because the truth is always the most bitter part of the story in his works and it is beyond the power of any human being.

Pak Chan-wook's revenge trilogy, which includes the films "Sympathy with Mr. Vengeance", "Old Friend" and "Lady of Vengeance", has many fans in the world of cinema, and the unique style and worldview of this filmmaker can be seen He understood by watching them. But there are other films such as "Nademeh" that are world famous and have won festivals. Park Chan-wook was one of the first filmmakers born in South Korea who reached Hollywood cinema and was able to work with the capital and actors of this country. That is why he can be considered an international filmmaker with a global audience whose every film is intriguing and every work is worth watching. It has made noise. It was at the same Cannes festival last year that the best director award went to this film and it started a path that from now on can definitely be called one of the best films of 2022. The flood of praises and admirations for this new movie by Park Chan-wook in Iran has not been lacking, and this also prompts us to take a look at the career of this famous Korean director and check his best.

9. joint security area Top 9 movies of Park Chan-wook, the director of “The Decision to Go” from worst to best (filmmaker under the microscope)

  • Actors: Lee Yong Ae, Lee Byung Han
  • Product: 2000, South Korea
  • IMDb rating for the movie: 7.7 out of 10
  • Rating for the movie on the Rotten website Tomatoes: 88%

When you grow up in South Korea, it's natural to feel under the heavy shadow of an impending war. Because since the armistice of the Korean War in the 1950s, South Korea has never signed a peace treaty, and since then this country is still legally at war with its northern neighbor. The relations between the governments of these two countries are so fragile that there is a fear of starting another war at any moment. For this reason, different countries around the world are trying to preserve this fragile relationship and prevent another war between the northerners and the southerners. "Common Security Zone" meeting. Here, the filmmaker has tried his best to accurately depict this mood full of suspicion. Because if the desired atmosphere is not created, we will face a wasted movie that cannot bring the audience with it. whose end is not clear and at any moment it is possible that both parties involved in the story become victims. On the other hand, the movement of the characters in the heart of the story remains like moving in a minefield, because taking a wrong step may cause the destruction of both sides; So discovering the truth may cause danger. For this reason, political expediency prevails over the understanding of the truth, and this is exactly the moral dilemma that the filmmaker intends to raise from the beginning: is it more important to discover the truth and announce it and start a devastating war, or stick to expediency in order to prevent it? of war, despite being aware of the sacrifice of truth.

In this way, the filmmaker was able to point out the insignificance of human life; How the lives of the people of the two countries can be destroyed by any incident. But if the story of the movie was summed up here, maybe we would be faced with a one-handed movie. Park Chan-wook tries to touch on other issues through his story that have no place for them in the framework of this drama; Among these is the attempt to show the friendship between the soldiers of South and North Korea, which pushes the film a little towards superficial slogans, otherwise "Joint Security Zone" has the potential to become one of the director's best films.

"Next to the bridge located in the common border area between North and South Korea, two border guards from North Korea were killed. A South Korean agent was injured in this incident, and since his belongings were left at the scene of the incident, the fragile relationship of both countries is undergoing changes. The United Nations sends a special investigator to the region to prevent war, but the problem is that this investigator is of Korean origin...

8. Thirst Top 9 movies of Park Chan-wook, the director of “The Decision to Go” from worst to best (filmmaker under the microscope)

  • Actors: Song Kang Ho, Kim Ok Bin
  • Product: 2009, South Korea
  • IMDb rating for the movie: 7.1 out of 10 li>
  • Rating of the movie on Rotten Tomatoes site: 80%

The movie "Thirst" is a horror film with elements of romantic cinema, adapted from the book "Thrse Roquen" was written by the famous French writer Emile Zola. In that novel, which is considered a turning point in the literary movement of naturalism, Thrse is a young girl who goes to Paris with her aunt and marries her cousin. But after a while, she realizes that she is not satisfied with anything in her life, which makes her rebel against her husband and is drawn to a forbidden love. Strange relationships between people and telling the story of men and women who are unable to establish a normal relationship, Emile Zola made a horror film about a problematic human relationship from this famous story. And since this Korean filmmaker doesn't draw any characters better than these problematic characters and involved in complex emotional relationships, then we must say that we are on the side of a film that uses the same elements that have made Park Chan-wook famous all over the world. .

Here, like in the movie "Old Friend", Park Chan-wook puts a forbidden love in the center of his frame and deals with the effect of this emotional feeling on those around them. But he is not satisfied with that and has other plans in mind. The combination of several cinematic genres and their poetic intermingling makes the film "Thirst" different from other horror films. Here we are on the side of the vampire, who instead of bloodlust and bloodshed, has the ability to love. In the role of a priest, he can help his patients recover, but this comes with the transfer of the curse of immortality.

On the other hand, this vampire tries to fight his insatiable desire to suck human blood. . This made him a humanitarian priest whose behavior is different from vampires in other movies. Park Chan-wook, different symbols of the world He mixed the present in an ironic way; Look how the philanthropic character of the story is dressed as a priest. On the other hand, in the cinema of this Korean director, there is always a person in the center of the frame who has to carry the bitter and heavy burden of his sins.

Here this heavy burden is the love for the wife of an old friend who died. weakens him and leads him to destruction. It is in such a frame that the director consciously moves his main character towards a self-inflicted death in order to finally be saved from the burden of this fierce love in a tragic way.

It was said that in some of Park Chan Wook's films The past does not stop the characters. Lived life is not something that can be easily forgotten and every behavior and action of characters in the past, however small, may affect their present and future. Here, the past appears in the form of an old friend who can lead the hero of the drama to a bitter tragedy without knowing it. Despite its long time (nearly two and a half hours), it will not tire you.

"A benevolent priest goes to Africa and voluntarily participates in a dangerous vaccine test. He gets seriously ill and the doctors manage to save him after many efforts. This issue makes many religious people in his native country consider him a saint who has the power to heal the sick. On his return to his country, he runs into an old friend amidst praise and admiration. This recovered friend invites the priest to his house for a party. But after meeting his friend's wife, the priest falls in love with her. Meanwhile, that trip to Africa made him become a vampire..."

7. Stoker (stoker) Top 9 movies of Park Chan-wook, the director of “The Decision to Go” from worst to best (filmmaker under the microscope)

  • Actors: Mia Wasikowska, Nicole Kidman and Matthew Goode
  • Product: 2013, USA and UK
  • IMDb rating for the movie: 6.8 out of 10
  • Rating of the film on Rotten Tomatoes site: 70%

When a non-American American filmmaker makes noise around the world with his past works As it has a global audience, it is natural to be invited to cooperate by the biggest investors of cinema, i.e. Hollywood people. This happened to another great Korean director, Bong Joon-ho, with the movie "Snowpiercer", which of course was produced by Park Chan-wook, and now he was able to work with international investors and make his own movie. /p>

The film "Stoker" has an ambitious structure; The filmmaker has tried to advance two apparently separate stories in such a way that they eventually connect logically somewhere. But he has done this by placing signs throughout the narrative that confront the audience with this question: Is it possible that these two stories are the same and we are actually watching two different variations of the same story?

On the other hand, we are dealing with a man named Charlie, who suddenly finds his head at his brother's funeral and throws himself at his family. This man has taken part of the story line of the film and the filmmaker tells about his life. On the other hand, there is a girl in the story who is actually Charlie's nephew and her name is India. He also has his own separate story.

But during the narration of these two parallel stories, Park Chan-wook and the writers of the work have placed signs that make it seem that these two people are actually one and the story is the same Or maybe the whole story is going on in India's mind and Charlie's character is a creation of her mind. Of course, the filmmaker does not intend to constantly go back and forth between mental and objective space and make the audience unable to distinguish reality from dreams; Rather, it is enough for him to pose such a question to his audience.

This feeling originates from the obvious analogies that the filmmaker establishes between these two characters in different parts of the film. Somewhere in the drama, Charlie cruelly buries his little brother alive and we see the same act in the present time by India in his bed, or in another place the filmmaker clearly mentions the high ability of both of them to play the piano and after Putting both characters together for a duet targets Charlie from India's side, as if it was India who was playing the piano the whole time and Charlie wasn't present at all and only India had the idea of his presence.

This way of telling the story has caused Charlie to become the violent and angry strain of India, not an independent character who has a real impact on those around him; It is as if Charlie is a product of India's troubled and angry mind after the pain and sorrow of her father's death. She poured her anger in the form of a man who can express her hidden rebellion and pour it out; Something that India itself cannot do.

Unfortunately, this complex structure could not lead to the creation of a lively film. The director is obviously not comfortable somewhere outside the borders of his country and seems to be out of his safe zone and not in full control of his work. Some of the events in the film are random and this has affected the drama. But with all this, the film "Stoker" is an admirable work. It's just that it's far from the best of Park Chan-wook's career.

The film's acting team consists of international actors. This point tells about the trust that investors have towards this Korean director. Whether we like the final result or not, it cannot be denied that Park Chan-wook established himself as one of the best in the world by creating this film. "India suffered a nervous breakdown after her father's death." has been Meanwhile, the head of his uncle, whom India did not even know about, is suddenly found. The uncle, whose name is Charlie, settles in their house and tries to get closer to India's mother. But gradually India becomes suspicious of Uncle Charlie's behavior, until...

6. I am a cyborg, but that's okay (I am a cyborg, but that's okay) Top 9 movies of Park Chan-wook, the director of “The Decision to Go” from worst to best (filmmaker under the microscope)

  • Actors: Rin, Im Soo-jung
  • Product: 2006, South Korea
  • IMDb rating for the movie : 7 out of 10
  • Movie rating on Rotten Tomatoes site: 92%

The setting of many movies is a mental asylum. Is. One of the most famous of them is the movie "Flew over the cuckoo's nest" by Milosh Furman, which has a bitter story and uses a dark atmosphere. Or the movie "The Ward" directed by John Carpenter, which has a scary story. But Park Chan-wook broke the habit by making "I'm a cyborg, but it's not a problem" and made a satirical and colorful drama that happens to have a sweet story. It returns from light and happy colors. Unlike other works that take place in this mood, the director does not use soulless decorations and neutral mood, but quite the opposite, he has created a happy atmosphere that delights the audience. For this reason, many praised the film and put it at the top.

But the film "I am a cyborg, but it's not a problem" uses this color and light design because it can tell a human story of the relationship between make two strange people; A boy and a girl who are in a mental asylum and nothing is normal. In Park Chan-wook's various films, this non-normality of people leads to the creation of deadly sequences and violent stories; Different people fall into each other's lives during the story and have no qualms about expressing violence and hitting each other.

But this is not the case here. These two rejected people, these two isolated and isolated people find a way to communicate and in this way reach a more beautiful life. The girl who is the protagonist of the story has tried all her life to find a unique identity. This insistence made him a psychotic person who pretends to be a humanoid robot. This idea was put in his mind by his half-crazy grandmother; Because before his death, a key sentence came out of his mouth, without the girl understanding it. On the other hand, there is a boy in the movie who wants to be with the girl in this way. The grandmother is clearly a symbol of a bitter past that has cast a shadow on the girl today and caused her to suffer an identity crisis; This is a familiar story for a director like Park Chan-wook, who is used to tying the bloody history of his country to the fragmented present day of his country.

You can see that this drama is clearly different from Park Chan-wook's other works; As if he gave himself a break. Here, unlike his other works, the power of love and the attraction of people to each other, not only does not lead to the creation of tragedy and does not leave the audience in a trembling state, but can lead to the creation of a more beautiful and hopeful world; It is as if the concerned Korean filmmaker considers the solution to improving his country's situation to be grasping this pure humanity. In such a frame, the hospital can be considered as a symbol of Korea. All of this, with a humorous twist, opens its way to the silver screen of the cinema and to the audience's heart to face an epic work by Karblad's director.

One of the strengths of the film is the acting of its two main actors, especially Im Soo Jung in The role of a crazy girl. He has played this role so sweetly that even his delusions to take revenge on the hospital nurses are touching the hearts of the audience and show his innocence and fragility more. It's rare to find a character whose harshest dreams can bring a smile to the audience's lips. He is hospitalized in a mental hospital and since his grandmother was admitted there many years ago, he plans to take revenge on the nurses and hospital staff. On the other hand, he is not interested in eating; Because he thinks that the power he needs will be charged by his batteries. A boy named Park, who is also hospitalized in the same hospital, approaches the girl and tries to persuade her to eat...

5. Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance Top 9 movies of Park Chan-wook, the director of “The Decision to Go” from worst to best (filmmaker under the microscope)

  • Actors:
  • Product: 2002, South Korea
  • IMDb rating for the movie: 7.5 out of 10
  • Rating of the movie on Rotten Tomatoes: 53%

The first movie of Park Chan-wook's revenge action trilogy. This trilogy was completed with the films "Old Friend" and "Lady of Vengeance". A story of the transition of a third world country to an advanced land, the story of the bursting of hatreds of a nation that has a bloody history, the story of men and women who have to go to the gates of hell to get a bit of happiness, the story of people who have no way back in their lives and They are stuck in a quagmire that may drown them at any moment. Park Chan-wook is good at telling such stories and knows how to get into the lives of people who have seen nothing but humiliation in their lives. A human survivor from the gate of civilization who has no intention but to save his sister. He does not hesitate to do anything to save her, and for this reason, after despairing of the final release, he starts a rebellion against everything and everyone. Park Chan-wook, as the name of the film suggests, has put a criminal in front of his camera who has no choice but to engage in crime, and for this reason, you and I, the audience, instead of turning away from him, share his sorrow and are with him.

This issue becomes important when we realize that this character has no qualms about using violence. Incidentally, the fact that the filmmaker organizes his rebellion or revenge against all the elements of society in such a violent way makes the audience drown in the heart of the drama. As soon as such violence is shown, there is a fear that the audience will reject everything and most importantly not join the main character; But just as you get along with and understand the violent characters of Quentin Tarantino's movies, you will get along with this violent hero of Park Chan Wook's movie. It also has a social context and that makes it understandable. Despite the proximity of these two cinematographers, their main difference is here; The characters of Tarantino's cinema have no specific cultural and social background and do not belong anywhere, while Park Chan-wook's characters either have a social and class background or are crushed by a system full of discrimination.

For this reason, the audience does not only accompany the hero of this film, Park Chan-wook; Rather, he sympathizes. Because he is a man who, despite his decency throughout his life, has received nothing but humiliation, and as soon as he reached out to society for the first time, he was rejected by it and heard rejection.

" Rayo is a deaf and mute man who works in a factory to pay for his sister's kidney surgery. But as time passes, no donor steps forward and Rayo gradually despairs of finding a kidney. On the other hand, he is willing to do anything to get the money he needs or a kidney. One day, the daughter of a big and rich investor is kidnapped. The kidnappers demand a huge amount of money from the girl's father. It seems that this kidnapping was done by Rayo...

4. Lady Vengeance Top 9 movies of Park Chan-wook, the director of “The Decision to Go” from worst to best (filmmaker under the microscope)

  • Actors: Lee Yong Ae, Choi Min Shik
  • Product: 2005, South Korea
  • IMDb rating for the movie: 7.5 out of 10
  • Rating of the film on Rotten Tomatoes site: 76%

The third and last film of Park Chan-wook's revenge trilogy, very similar to the series of films "Kill Bill" by Quentin Tarantino. Under the previous film of this list, the similarity between Tarantino's cinema and Park Chan-wook's was pointed out, that the violent actions of the heroes are shown without any veils or ransom to the audience. But here, the Korean director goes further and even in the story of his film, he clearly pays homage to that famous American director and that series of films. who gave his life because of a conspiracy and now, like the bride of Tarantino's film, he is ready to take revenge for the destruction of his dreams and youth. Here, as in "Kill the Shovel", violence and the form of its presentation is the key to entering the world of the film and understanding it.

Of course, there are differences. Here, the plot points of the film are not only limited to the fight against negative characters and how to overcome them; Finding the real killer and how to get to him, as well as the many twists in the drama, make these differences. In each of his revenge trilogy films, Park Chan-wook has created sympathetic characters who, despite committing violent acts, cannot be hated. The reason for this is clear, the world depicted in these films is a violent and dangerous world in which one can survive only by using violence.

Here too, the presence of history and influence It can be clearly seen. A woman's life is stopped at a certain time and after she passes away 13 years like someone who has been asleep all this time and has now woken up, has returned to society again; A society that does not know and has progressed during the new era. He went to prison in that old world that still had signs of the past South Korea and returned to a normal life in a completely different era. But these 13 years affected his country like the past few decades (you don't remember the first third of "Old Friend"). Now he can be seen as a symbol of confused people who have passed before their eyes this economic and welfare progress like electricity and wind, while they are not yet culturally ready to accept it and have suffered an identity crisis.

The reason is that this girl must settle her account with that unfortunate past in order to be worthy of finding the right to live in this new world; A world where there are no signs of the past, but it has inherited the unbridled violence of the old days. In this way, Park Chan-wook turns the violence of his characters into an inevitable act and creates a logical justification for it.

The music of the film's text is one of its strengths. In none of Park Chan-wook's works, the soundtrack is so perfect. This music itself becomes an audible piece and creates a mood that both complements the fictional world of the work and can continue its life apart from it.

Another strong point of the film is creating excitement that It does not take away from the audience; Of course, this thrilling excitement and tension does not have the awesome resonance of the movie "Old Friend", but if you lower your expectations a little, you will be very excited to watch "Lady of Vengeance". He spent the year in prison for a crime he did not commit. His crime was kidnapping and killing a six-year-old boy. Now, after his release, he tries to find the real killer and take his revenge by using the people he met during his imprisonment and also the ways and methods he learned, but...

3. decision to leave Top 9 movies of Park Chan-wook, the director of “The Decision to Go” from worst to best (filmmaker under the microscope)

  • Actors: Tang Wei, Park Hae Il
  • Production: 2022, South Korea
  • IMDb rating for the movie: 7.3 out of 10
  • Rating of the movie on Rotten Tomatoes site: 90%

Just a while ago, this Korean movie was suddenly discovered and many He held his finger to his mouth in surprise. Park Chan-wook returned to cinema with a neon-noir work that combines a love story with a sad tragedy. His film contained many elements of noir cinema and used them well: from the seductive and mysterious woman to the winding labyrinth that only leads the detective astray more and more, from a multiple fatalism to A single detective who hits a closed door, from a lonely man to a crime with many victims, from a story that takes place mainly at night to the bright shadows that are present in the filmmaker's frame.

But these elements Instead of focusing on a crime story, it has served to create a romantic world. But not a normal and natural romance, but a strange love between a killer and a detective. The way of showing this love is not similar to natural love; The two sides of the story are constantly drawn to each other and constantly repel each other. Which, of course, clearly reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo.

It was said that Park Chan-wook is a master of portraying strange characters with strange behavior on the screen. In this new movie, he shows another ability; How it works better at showing seductive women than it does at showing men in its stories. His camera does a good job of portraying a woman who is both a worshipable goddess and a bewitching demon full of hatred and pain.

The first half of the film brings it all together well. He uses what has been said and creates a magnificent work, but gradually the rhythm of the work is lost and the director loses his way. The reason why the movie "Deciding to Go" cannot be called Park Chan-wook's best work is the filmmaker's departure from the display of madness and insanity, which nestles in the background of the story and can make the audience feel like the movie "Old Friend" or "Concubine". Shivering shock. But it is not clear why the film-making, by showing that amount of madness and insanity in his other works, suddenly backs down and becomes conservative.

In any case, the movie "Deciding to Go" is firmly placed in this position. If a weakness is mentioned, it is because of the potential in the film; A potential that, if realized, would surely make the film the best work of Park Chan-wook's career. In addition, the best director award of last year's Cannes festival also went to Park Chan-wook for this film.

"A criminal detective takes responsibility for solving a case. In this case, there is a man who seems to have fallen from a mountain and died while climbing. Later, the detective gets to know the widow of that man, who is a Chinese immigrant. At first glance, this woman's behavior is not normal at all, and she does not feel much sadness for the loss of her husband. This makes the detective suspicious of him slow down and monitor him. But the detective gradually falls in love with the woman and this causes him to be misled in solving the case. But...

2. The Handmaiden Top 9 movies of Park Chan-wook, the director of “The Decision to Go” from worst to best (filmmaker under the microscope)

  • Actors: Ha Jung Woo , Kim Min Hee
  • Product: 2016, South Korea
  • IMDb rating for the movie: 8.1 out of 10
  • Film rating on Rotten Tomatoes site: 96%

This time, Park Chan-wook went directly to a historical narrative and to the occupation period of his country. It was used by the Japanese army before World War II. Such a time period is definitely the right choice to address the entrenched violence in a country like South Korea. that you shine a light on a painful past so that maybe you can find an answer to your questions in this way; That is when in all your movies today you have sought to discover the roots of violence in the heart of your country's history.

A Korean girl enters a luxurious palace to save a Japanese girl from the clutches of her uncle. He has to make this Japanese girl fall in love with a swindler and pocket all the girl's inheritance. But the story does not go as these two think; Because there is news going on in this palace and the uncle and the little girl have a secret that the filmmaker is waiting long enough to show.

Park Chan-wook fortunately after making the movie "Stalker" in English and for Hollywood Nashinan returned to his country and made a film that is masterful in all its parts and takes place in the same atmosphere and with characters that he knows well. In the center of his frame are again complex relationships that are rarely depicted in such a careless way in Hollywood; The story of men and women who have no boundaries in showing their emotions and sometimes they look like animals that have a human appearance.

In most of Park Chan-wook's movies, there are crazy men who either engage in violence or have emotional relationships. They are insane. In "Nademeh", this Korean director stands up on his own and presents the men in his story as lusty and insane, with no visible balance in their behavior. For this reason, the movie "Nademeh" can be considered a work about its female characters; Women trapped in a palace designed by malicious men, and even architecturally, it has an identityless effect; Half of the architecture of this palace is English and the other half is Japanese, and this has turned it into a vulgar mansion where every crazy act takes place. It focuses and explores their relationships. The strong colors and the mood of the work are also to create this girlish relationship. Of course, you can see a kind of violence next to these colors, which goes back to the same atmosphere full of terror that flows throughout the work. .

"Korea. 1930s. During the Japanese occupation of Korea, a con man hires a Korean girl to work as a maid in their palace to convince the daughter of a rich Japanese man to marry him. The task of this girl is to seduce the daughter of her Japanese master and make her agree to marry the swindler. But his actions have a strange result..."

1. Old Boy Top 9 movies of Park Chan-wook, the director of “The Decision to Go” from worst to best (filmmaker under the microscope)

  • Actors: Choi Min Shik , Boy Chi-tae and Kang Hye-chung
  • Product: 2003, South Korea
  • IMDb rating for the movie: 8. 4 out of 10
  • Rating of the movie on Rotten Tomatoes site: 81%

"Old Friend" is always one of the candidates for the title of the best movie ever. South Korean cinema. It was made at the same time as the movie "Memories of Murder" directed by Bong Joon Ho, heralding the beginning of a golden era. The common denominator of both works was dealing with violence in the context of South Korea's contemporary history, and both of them were clearly addressing the period of rapid economic development and prosperity in this country and presented a violent image of this transitional period. A stylized violence that, in addition to this metatextual reason, also benefits from a cinematic aesthetic and finds a dramatic application.

The story begins where a man is kidnapped by unknown people without any explanation and for 15 years. It is kept in a room with maximum security. This man has no idea what sin he was kept here for and this issue has given a devastating aspect to the film. It is impossible to imagine going through such an experience without someone finding a reason for this theft to the lucky man to know why his life was suddenly ruined. After 15 years, he is released from his room and searches for the kidnappers and also the reason for his imprisonment.

What made the movie "Old Friend" so popular all over the world is the plot twists. It is what has made even the die-hard cinema audience unable to predict them and guess what will happen next. Especially since some of these twists are so horrific that even after They can't be believed.

Park Chan-wook consciously knew that escaping from a past full of war and bloodshed is not an easy task. So he built a cave and forced his audience to stare into it to face himself and what happened to him; Such an artist does his true duty towards his society.

The movie "Old Friend" was so successful that even the Americans were tempted and made an American version of it, due to the fact that the story does not match the history of this movie. The country turned into a wasted and worthless movie.

"A fun-loving man is robbed on his daughter's birthday without asking any questions. They put him in a room and no one comes to him for 15 years and only unknown people bring him food. This man commits suicide several times during these 15 years, and each time the same unknown people reach him in time and return him to the same room after recovery. Until one day he is released without any explanation. He decides to discover the reason for this 15-year torture, but...

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