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Top 7 Hollywood Movies About Firefighters

BingMag.com Top 7 Hollywood Movies About Firefighters

In the Iranian calendar, the 7th of Mehr is named after them in appreciation of the efforts of firefighters. Do you know the reason for this registration? In 1980, on such a day, the Abadan refinery was attacked by the enemy during the Iran-Iraq war. After this incident, firefighters took action to extinguish the fire. During the firefighting, the refinery was bombed again and a large number of firefighters were martyred in this incident. But the surprising thing is that despite the bravery of the Iranian firefighters, which we have witnessed every once in a while in recent years, apart from the film "Istanbul Crossroads" and the series "Operation 125", no other significant dramatic work has been made about this eventful job. But in Hollywood, the film about firefighters dates back to 1916, and the film "Fireworks" by Charlie Chaplin dates back. To be. But of all the works made about firefighters, seven have received the most attention from critics and audiences, and experts say they show a more realistic picture of firefighters' efforts. Let's review these works together here.

1. Only the Brave

BingMag.com Top 7 Hollywood Movies About Firefighters

  • Director : Joseph Kushinski
  • Actors : Taylor Kitsch, Josh Brolin, Jennifer Conley
  • IMDB Score: 7.6 10
  • Product : 2017

This film is based on reality and in the style of a biography about the dangers that exist in the daily life and work of firefighters. . The climax of the story of "Only the Brave" is an adaptation of the Yarnell Hill tragedy in 2013, during which a massive and terrible fire in the pastures of a region in the state of Arizona, USA, killed a number of firefighters with a history of mountain dwellers called granite. . It has been the deadliest firefighter in the United States since 9/11. "Only the Brave" is a sad and exciting account of this tragic event. Along with this viewer, he gets acquainted with the personal life and concerns of the family of firefighters in this area, known as the Granite Heroes, far from exaggeration and rhetoric.

2. The Tower

BingMag.com Top 7 Hollywood Movies About Firefighters

  • Director : Kim Jihun
  • Actors : Sol Kyung-goo, Kim Sang-kyung and Sun Yehjin
  • imdb rating for the film : 6. 6 out of 10
  • Product : 2012

This film was not made in Hollywood and is a product of South Korean cinema. But look at any source for important videos about firefighters, the name of the movie is among the first options. The "tower", which has received a lot of attention at domestic festivals in South Korea and has received numerous awards, is not based on a true story, but its structure and framing is such that after seeing it, the "tower" can not be believed. . The film tells the story of a massive fire that broke out on Christmas Eve after a helicopter crashed into a luxury skyscraper in downtown Seoul, South Korea. A true and fascinating picture of the harsh conditions of the firefighters and the tragic sacrifices of these agents to save human lives made the movie "Tower" very popular in European theaters.

3. Ladder 49 (Ladder 49)

BingMag.com Top 7 Hollywood Movies About Firefighters

  • Director : Jay Russell
  • Actors : Wakeen Phoenix and John Travolta
  • imdb rating for movie: 6.5 out of 10
  • Product: 2004

Jack Marrison is a young, novice firefighter working in a unit called Ladder 49 in his office trying to upgrade Is your degree. The story of the film enters its exciting phase where Marison is trapped while extinguishing the terrible fire of a large mansion, and while his boss and his colleagues are looking for a way to save Marison, he, who sees death approaching, reviews his past. . There are many exciting scenes and the efforts of a fire brigade in the film, but the issue that increases the importance of "Ladder 49" is showing the spiritual stages that a human being goes through to reach a point where he can easily pass his life to other human lives. Stay safe.

4. A Thousand Heroes

BingMag.com Top 7 Hollywood Movies About Firefighters

  • Director >: Lamont Johnson
  • Actors : Charlton Heston, Richard Thomas, James Cobourne
  • imdb rating for movie: 6.5 From 10
  • Product : 1992

The second film on our list is based on a true story. "A Thousand Heroes" is a high-profile television film about firefighters that was released in 1992 on ABC. The story of "One Thousand Heroes" goes back to an incident that happened three years before the film was made to fly 232 United Airlines en route from Denver to Chicago. For this reason, this film is also known as "Rescue Flight 232". In this film, he deals in detail with the efforts of ground rescuers, including firefighters, to save the lives of the people trapped in this accident. "One Thousand Heroes" received several awards in the technical categories of the Emmy Festival in the same year of its publication.

5. Backdraft

BingMag.com Top 7 Hollywood Movies About Firefighters

  • Director >: Ron Howard
  • Actors : Kurt Russell, William Baldwin, Robert De Niro
  • imdb rating for movie: 6.7 From 10
  • Product : 1991

One of Ron Howard's most famous films, which preceded "Beautiful Mind" and "Apollo 13" He made it. "Redemption" is about a group of firefighters in which two brothers are in the group despite many differences and have to work together. The occurrence of a terrible fire and the group's attempt to extinguish this fire create another path in the relationship between the two brothers. But perhaps the highlight of the film is that it is a pioneer in the use of computer special effects to capture fire scenes. This method was first used to make films in the 90's, and "Return", despite taking the first steps in this way, was able to depict computer fires in the best way in this film, and the viewer was very aware of the creators' tricks. That battle. Also, the efforts of the special effects group of this film made "Resale" in the technical categories of the 1992 Oscars nominated for three awards.

6. The Towering Inferno

BingMag.com Top 7 Hollywood Movies About Firefighters

  • Director >: John Guillermin
  • Actors : Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, William Holden
  • imdb rating for movie: 7 out of 10
  • Product : 1974

A glass skyscraper in San Francisco, once the tallest building in the world with 138 floors, electrical system and It has faulty wiring. However, the building is scheduled to open, and on the opening day, it will suffer a terrible fire. "Hell's Skyscraper" has a more engaging cast, filming and directing than a significant story. Paul Newman plays the architect who designed the skyscraper, and Steve McQueen is the head of the fire department. With more than $ 200 million in box office sales, it is one of the best-selling films of the 1970s in Hollywood, having also won three Academy Awards for Cinematography, Editing and Music.

7. Hellfighters

BingMag.com Top 7 Hollywood Movies About Firefighters

  • Director : Andrew V McLaughlin
  • Actors : John Wayne and Katrina Rose
  • IMDB Score: 6.6 out of 10
  • >
  • Product : 1968

If you go to reputable movie review sites, you will find some positive comments about the movie "Hell Fighters". However, this film is always on the list of top firefighting films, and this may be due to John Wayne's good performance as a senior firefighter. However, one of the most important points in thriller and box office films is the special effects and visual actions that are done for this type of film. But with the difficult subject of "hell fighters" and the burning of oil wells more than 50 years ago, there certainly could not have been a better picture. The story of this film is about Chance Buckman, the head of an oil well fire brigade based in Houston, USA. He travels around the world extinguishing fires in oil wells caused by industrial accidents, explosions or terrorist attacks. Chans enjoys the excitement, but his wife does not cope with his life at all and they divorce. From now on, in addition to his exciting work of chance, much of the story will deal with his family struggles.>

Source: fire rescue

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