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Top 7 films by Saeed Poursamimi; Brilliant Iranian actor on the red carpet (portrait of an actor)

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 7 <b>films</b> by <b>Saeed</b> <b>Poursamimi;</b> <b>Brilliant</b> <b>Iranian</b> <b>actor</b> on the <b>red</b> <b>carpet</b> <b>(portrait</b> of an actor)

When the names of the films presented at the 75th Cannes Film Festival were announced less than a month ago, the names of three Iranian actresses from all over the world made us happy. It took seconds to see them on the red carpet, and it seemed that after years of Zahra Amir Ebrahimi from France, Alidosti from Iran and Golshifteh Farahani from Hollywood, it could be both interesting and memorable. On Wednesday, June 25, at 5:00 PM, when the actors of Saeed Roustaei's film "Leila Brothers" walked the red carpet with countless agents and their families, one of the actors received more attention than the others, and he was none other than Saeed Poursamimi in a suit. Formal pants.

On social media, he was called by titles such as "Mr. Naghsh Mokmal", "Unassuming Actor" and Was shown . Seeing Saeed Poursamimi, who plays the role of the father of the family in "Leila Brothers" on the red carpet, was more than a reminder of an actor who has not been appreciated for years and has not been noticed in foreign festivals. He was an actor from a long time ago in the Rasht theater and played alongside Parviz Fanizadeh, from the time of the series "In Your Shelter" and the nights that provided watching the tele-theater "Leisure Equipment". He represented many people who, despite having a degree, had to go through hard training and a harder path to be an actor. He recalled a time when spectators had to stand in line for hours to see the theater, and actors had to eat the ground. That spring afternoon, on that glittering red carpet in the corner of the pictures, his face was suddenly seen, silent and spectator. He followed in the footsteps of others who were the dominant actors on social media these days, and even got on a motorbike to get thousands of likes. In that simple, formal suit, he slowly reached the Top of the red stairs and shook hands with the festival secretary, Thierry Fermo, and stood in the corner again. He knew teamwork in cinema very well. He knew he had to give the stage to the actors in the lead role. At the same time, he knew how much his group of colleagues in "Leila and His Brothers" needed him to be. He knew that the group whose director and two actors had not followed each other on the same social networks for a long time, and the actors's congratulations after the announcement of the film at the Cannes Film Festival were without the director's name, and another actor whose name was severely damaged, needed his presence. Aware of the role he was assigned and designed, he came to play the role of complementing his "acting" alongside the "celebrities". But the page turned, and all the spectators, tired of the repetitive faces, chose him to be the protagonist, and those who were on the red carpet by any means of remembrance remembered how much they missed seeing an "artist." Both on the red carpet and during the photocall, when his humor had blossomed, he took over the stage and time and played one of his best roles. A short role on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival that was played so accurately and correctly that it proved the magic of the complementary role once again. He was humble and said: "The actors of each generation are behind the next generation" and, of course, in 1994, in his commemoration ceremony, he predicted the right thing and asked: "As long as we are looking for actors, what will happen to the talented young Is the acting profession coming?

Under the pretext of this welcome, we go to Saeed Poursamimi's Top 7 films during these years. films in which he was not the first role, but he had acted so well in them that he received three Simorghs at the Fajr Film Festival. Maybe now he should hope that playing in "Leila Brothers" will bring him a memory of Cannes. Achieving the right to globalization that may be won too late; It is for an actor who has collaborated with many great directors such as Nasser Taghvaei, Parviz Kimiavi, Ahmad Reza Darvish, Kianoosh Ayari and Mohammad Ali Najafi and. It can be seen.

1) Leila Brothers

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 7 <b>films</b> by <b>Saeed</b> <b>Poursamimi;</b> <b>Brilliant</b> <b>Iranian</b> <b>actor</b> on the <b>red</b> <b>carpet</b> <b>(portrait</b> of an actor)

Director: Saeed Roustaei
Actors: Taraneh Alidosti, Peyman Maadi, Navid Mohammadzadeh "Leila Brothers", the third composition by Saeed Roustaei, took place. An almost three-hour film that has been screened 5 times in the last few days at the Cannes Film Festival and after the first screening (at 15:00 on May 25-June 4) at the Grand Lumiere (the main hall of the festival) for at least 6 minutes continuously. became. Although only one critic hoped for the film to win the Palme d'Or, the rest of the critics were more or less satisfied with the film.

They had even nominated Caesar for France, so they were waiting for the director's new film. The story of "Leila Brothers" is about a family that was once glorious, they have a father who He is not very interested in solving family problems, and worst of all, sudden price changes prevent them from achieving their minimal aspirations. In Leila - starring Taraneh Alidosti - who no longer has the patience for her brothers's disabilities and her father's wrong decisions, she takes center stage in the family. He believes that the film is a sudden encounter of the viewer with the pressures of life in Iran, and at the same time, the film contains a series of class differences, confusions and longings of this family. According to Variety critic Peter DeBroge, the film was not perfect, but it was excellent, and one of its advantages is that even the scenes of stealing food from the father's kitchen to feed the child and family are not watery.

Although critics They have focused more on playing Alidosti, as well as Peyman Maadi, but have also referred to scenes from Saeed Poursamimi playing Ismail Jurablo, an Alzheimer's man on the verge of Alzheimer's who aspires to become the head of the family. A father who is right to celebrate for his son's fifth child, but believes that this time too he has been told that his grandson is a "boy". Ishmael has turned all that he has accumulated over the years into 40 gold coins and is hesitant to give way to ungrateful children or to become the head of the family and share in some of the family wedding gifts. The head of the family has died and he would like to take this position. In order to get this position, which is not very definite, he has to pursue clever policies, he has to express indifference and even be a spectator of his rival who propagates relentlessly, and on the other hand, he has to trust Abram, a family member, and By giving his coins at his son's wedding, he finds himself backed up. Ishmael sees the helplessness and poverty of his children and knows that if they find out, he will lose his coins. When Leila finds out about these coins, she thinks of a plan, but her father - Saeed Poursamimi - experiences a glorious moment in the rain of money at Abram's son's wedding, but does he achieve his dream?

The film is a collection of daily struggles and struggles. That the rise and fall of coin prices is part of it. Critics have seen the film in Cannes, and Saeed Roustaei has said that he is not willing to accept censorship of his film and would prefer the film to be banned, but he may have accepted, and the film was released in Iran in less than two months. A film that, although for many of us, can be a representation of everyday events, but certainly seeing Saeed Poursamimi play the role of an ambitious, unkind and backward father who, in his own words, "sticks to old traditions; "Traditions that no longer have any use" and his encounters with children who have many secrets for a little better life are remarkable.

2) Captain of the Sun

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 7 <b>films</b> by <b>Saeed</b> <b>Poursamimi;</b> <b>Brilliant</b> <b>Iranian</b> <b>actor</b> on the <b>red</b> <b>carpet</b> <b>(portrait</b> of an actor)

Director: Naser Taghvaei
Actors: Dariush Arjomand, Ali Nasirian, Parvaneh Masoumi

Saeedpour Samimi's first appearance On the cinema screen, the film "Captain of the Sun" was made by Nasser Taghvaei, and for this theatrical actor; The Golden Tablet brought with it the Fajr Film Festival. An actor who had been on stage since 1940 and graduated from Rasht University with a degree in theater, and 5-6 years later, when he became an employee of Radio and Television, he directed and acted in many other tele-theaters. He was obsessed with making the right choices to appear on the silver screen, and what better choice than appearing in Nasser Taqvaee's film.

A captain who has no hands and longs for a son and is supposed to drive the fugitives and exiles accused of assassinating Hassan Ali Mansour out of a southern city. This cooperation is not cheap for the Captain and his assistant, who were already in trouble. They are forced to once again accept a number of other deportees and leave the port. This time, the prisoners have killed "Sheikh Majid" and stolen his diamonds and destroyed the city. This war and fight will eventually take everyone's life.

He can go to the captain's house whenever he wants, even if he is reprimanded by the captain's wife (Parvaneh Masoumi) for his second marriage. He is looking for money and material things, he talks a lot, maybe because he does not hear, he interferes in things that have nothing to do with him and he sees the consequences. He asks a lot, and in fact, no matter how perfect and wise the "Captain of the Sun" is supposed to be, he is responsible for all the earthly attributes "bored" to make the captain's face more justified, and Poursamimi plays this complementary role in a way that is accepted by spectators and Will be the judges of Fajr Festival.

3) Gifts

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 7 <b>films</b> by <b>Saeed</b> <b>Poursamimi;</b> <b>Brilliant</b> <b>Iranian</b> <b>actor</b> on the <b>red</b> <b>carpet</b> <b>(portrait</b> of an actor)

Director: Ibrahim Vahidzadeh
Actors: Mehdi Fathi, Jamshid Mashayekhi, Hamid Jeblai, Marzieh Boroumand They were now acting and theater directors, and later collaborated on television and radio. Ebrahim Vahidzadeh for the first time Saeedpour Samimi in the play "Red buffalo with green branches" has been seen in the Iranian-French Cultural Association. Their friendship and collaboration continues and they have twice collaborated as a director and actor in a comedy film. The film "Gifts" was made in the last years of the war and featured well-known television actors from Boroumand, Jebli and Motamed Aria to Mashayekhi and Parvaneh Masoumi and Sirus Ebrahimzadeh. The story was a description of that time. Of course, the subject is not old yet and you can still laugh at this repetition of history. The narration of Heshmat Hamal (Mehdi Fathi) is that he gets rich little by little with hoarding and seeks the greatness and position and even politics and representation of the parliament with the opinions and consultations of a moneyless and unemployed person (Saeed Poursamimi).

This film is a narration It is a monopoly and of course it takes refuge in history and the time of the film goes back to the First World War. The film narrates a series of events and the newness of the Heshmat family along with the profiteering of people such as Tavassul. Sparks of humor and humor of Saeed Poursamimi and other actors in this glamorous film create one of the most glorious comedies. This time too, Poursamimi was able to win the Crystal Simorgh of the festival for its second role.

Their next collaboration was repeated in the film "Equation" in 2003, in which Poursamimi was also nominated for Simorgh. He has acted in various comedy roles over the years. From the role of Heshmat Ali Khan, the son of Abbas Qoli Khan, the blinking old man in "Columbus" or one of the old men in "School of the Old Men" at the height of the success of children's films in the 70's to the successful roles that led to his candidacy in Fajr Festival and Hafez Festival and Cinema House for the films "Land of the Sun", "Ugly and Beautiful", "Single Trees" and. Has been.

4) The last curtain

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 7 <b>films</b> by <b>Saeed</b> <b>Poursamimi;</b> <b>Brilliant</b> <b>Iranian</b> <b>actor</b> on the <b>red</b> <b>carpet</b> <b>(portrait</b> of an actor)

Director: Varoj Karim Masihi
1990 - Varouj Karim Masihi was an assistant to the great directors of Iranian cinema and finally he was able and wanted to make his first film "The Last Curtain". The film was highly acclaimed at the Fajr Film Festival and received 9 Crystal Simorghs. One of these Simorghs, Simorgh, was the supporting role of Saeed Poursamimi's man to play the role of "Jami". A nested film full of secrets in which the viewer gets acquainted with a part of the story in each scene. The film is about the heritage and greed of individuals. Men and women who are even willing to go the extra mile for a bigger share. Hesam Rafi 'al-Mulk, who has just died and his fortune is to be given to his wife Forough al-Zaman, but Tajam al-Muluk and Kamran Mirza, the sister and brother of Hesam Mirza, are reluctant to step down. Hence, they conspire to destroy their brother's wife. To do this, they go to a theater group that works under the supervision of "Jami" - Saeed Poursamimi. They have chosen the easy way; Crazy show her. But not everything goes smoothly. This time, Poursamimi, along with other well-known actors, has created a special place for himself. He is set to play director and actor, a role similar to the lives of himself, his friends and colleagues. He is supposed to be like himself, with the ideals and failures and hardships of artistic life. He is a failed director who dreams of performing on big stages.

5) Beloved

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 7 <b>films</b> by <b>Saeed</b> <b>Poursamimi;</b> <b>Brilliant</b> <b>Iranian</b> <b>actor</b> on the <b>red</b> <b>carpet</b> <b>(portrait</b> of an actor)

Director: Ali Hatami
Actors: Amin Tarakh, Leila Hatami, Akbar Abdi, Hamid Jeblai 1370

How could Ali Hatami make a film and an actor interested in appearing Not in his movie? It was the wish of many actors to play a role in Hatami's glorious and enduring films. But on the other hand, Poursamimi was also a capable actor, this time playing the role of "Naser Khan", a member of the music recording team in this film. It is the reign of Ahmad Shah, and at the promise of a foreigner interested in culture, a number of prominent Iranian musicians and singers of that time, under the supervision of Agha Hossein Delnavaz, set out across the Black Sea. They are set to record several rows of endangered Iranian music. Each of these groups has its own concerns and morals. One is sour and the other is a student of the cook. One is Tahir, a singer who has become ill despite his pleasant voice. The merchant does not live up to his promise; Love and romance also have a place in this journey. Hearing the sound of rehearsals, Leila, the blind nephew of the Ottoman ambassador, closes her heart, but the body of this singer - played by Amin Tarakh - suffers from pneumonia due to the cold wind of the west. One of the best scenes in the film is the song that Hossein Alizadeh sings instead of Taher, and it is so beautiful that the album "Loved Ones" is later created from it. Lack of money causes a concert group to be set up. The group after recording the page and with the loss of Tahir; He gets on the ship, but it is World War I, and the cannonballs destroy the ship and the plates float on the sea. In this film, Poursamimi is one of the members of the group with humor and frankness that sometimes becomes annoying and hard for others to bear. This is his nature in real life and by colleagues It has also been stated many times. As long as he is not close to others, he keeps his distance and coolness and does not leave anyone alone, but his wit behind the scenes of the movies while eating and resting is remembered by his colleagues.

6) Generation Burnt

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 7 <b>films</b> by <b>Saeed</b> <b>Poursamimi;</b> <b>Brilliant</b> <b>Iranian</b> <b>actor</b> on the <b>red</b> <b>carpet</b> <b>(portrait</b> of an actor)

Director: Rasoul Malakalipour
Actors: Niki Karimi, Saeed Poursamimi, Siamak Ansari

"Burnt Generation" was the twelfth feature film of the late Rasoul Malakalipour. A film that did not go to war like the other works of this director and this time has evaluated his works. The film consists of three episodes, all of which feature a female student. A woman who must be able to overcome the problems that stand in her way and progress alone. Which took place in the years after the 2nd of Khordad and after the story of the university dormitory and is somehow mentioned in the film. In the first episode, Saeed Poursamimi plays the role of the "prince" who offers Nikki Karimi, his son's nurse, who has come to take care of his disabled boy, to talk to him and even become a secret concubine. He believes that if the enemies had not conspired, his son would have become king and this young girl a nurse for the king of Iran. He considers himself the undisputed ruler of his house, ordering everyone to even write, die and fall in love. In this episode, Poursamimi plays the role of an extravagant man, a short, concise and, of course, influential enough role to express the imaginary families who still seek to dominate men and women through the monarchy.

7) A cube Sugar

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 7 <b>films</b> by <b>Saeed</b> <b>Poursamimi;</b> <b>Brilliant</b> <b>Iranian</b> <b>actor</b> on the <b>red</b> <b>carpet</b> <b>(portrait</b> of an actor)

Director: Reza Mirkarimi
Cast: Reza Kianian, Negar Javaherian, Parivash Nazari

Saeed Poursamimi's second collaboration with Reza Mirkarimi dates back to about 11 years ago. He plays the role of the uncle of the family "Ezatullah Rasoulian" in one of the villages of Yazd. In the days when families gather together to celebrate a "friendly" wedding played by Negar Javaherian and one of Khan's sons who is in America. The family is happy and the marriage promises a lot of changes for them, but the girl is not happy about it. Poursamimi had previously worked with Mirkarimi in "Here is a Bright Light", but this time he played an influential role alongside the cast of "A Cube of Sugar". For moviegoers who saw the film "Passengers" ellipse and turning a wedding into a mourning, this film shows traces of this similarity, and of course no one like Saeedpour Samimi could perform that tea happily and play with sugar cubes Slowly He did not think that this game was a simple pastime for him every day, that he was going to stay in the world with the same sugar cube, and of course, he would change the fate of a large number of family members. Everyone was amazed when he simply left the family with a few snorts and sugar stuck in his throat. Most of all, it is "pleasant" that he becomes more confused when Qasim, the uncle's adopted son, becomes unaware and goes to the wedding table unaware. Here's a nice decision to take the same pre-planned route or not! That's why this movie should be seen until the last moment and the final blow. However, most of the "uncles" are engraved in our minds.

Of course, Saeed Poursamimi's works have not always been lasting and significant. It can even be said that during the last ten years, he has been captured by the daily productions of Iranian cinema and accepts acting in ordinary films. Previously, he was very careful in his choices and acted in films such as "Face" (Sirus Alvand, 1373), "Land of the Sun" (Ahmad Reza Darvish, 1375), "Iran is my home" (Parviz Kimiavi, 1377), "Bride of Fire" (Khosrow Sinaei 1378) and .. is a clear reason for comparison that shows how he has returned after them. However, this time we have to wait and see if fate will give the award to Poursamimi?

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