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Top 8 dramatic films from the funniest comedians in the world

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 8 <b>dramatic</b> <b>films</b> <b>from</b> the <b>funniest</b> <b>comedians</b> in the world

comedians are the heart and soul of cinema. Improvisation skills and their ability to make the audience laugh are both rewarding and deeply appreciated. However, one of the constant fringes of comedians' lives is deep sadness, depression and dissatisfaction with what is happening in the world around them. This is so serious in many of them that it has been dubbed the "sad clown paradox."

While these theories have no scientific basis and are based solely on speculation, Many comedians talk about the demons inside them and the constant struggle with the giant of depression, and this is one of the reasons they enjoy making people happy. Depression in comedians sometimes becomes so acute that they hurt themselves in disbelief. ; Probably the most painful case is that of the legendary Robin Williams, who decided to end his life of his own free will, astonishing the world. And to bring joy to their audiences, there are those who use the sad dimensions of their existence to play dramatic roles, and ironically, some of them are brilliant enough to amaze audiences and critics and go down in cinema history forever. p>

In this list, we go to these multi-faceted comedians and the bitterest roles in their artistic careers. Note that the ranking in this list is completely random, and neither is superior to the other.> )

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 8 <b>dramatic</b> <b>films</b> <b>from</b> the <b>funniest</b> <b>comedians</b> in the world

  • Year of publication: 1989
  • Director: Peter Weir
  • Other Actors: Josh Charles, Robert Sean Leonard, Eaton Hawk, Gil Hansen, Norman Lloyd
  • IMDb rating: 8.1 out of 10
  • Raton Tomitoz Movie Score: 85 out of 100

The late Robin Williams is known for his witty personality and improvisation skills, and his ability to make audiences laugh at any age. The account was coming. He had first-rate and enduring performances in comedy films such as Aladdin, Mrs. Doubtfire, and The Birdcage, and he knew exactly how to impress the audience. Although Robin Williams is known as one of the best comedians of all time, he was not afraid to play dramatic roles, and he did just as well as his comedians. Undoubtedly, one of his first and most notable serious roles was in the 1989 film The Association of Dead Poets. He also won an Academy Award for his work, but he is just as extraordinary in the Association of Dead Poets. He plays Professor John Keating, a teacher of English literature in a private school with strict rules that tries to get students interested in literature first and then in life in unusual ways.

In addition to knowledge, Professor Keating Her classmates also encourage the audience to challenge the status quo and take a fresh look at life. He is without a doubt one of the most inspiring teachers in the history of cinema that many of us wished we could attend his class for a few minutes in real life.

Robin Williams was nominated for an Academy Award for his role as John Keating. He portrayed humor and pain at the same time, and at the same time established himself as a versatile actor in the film industry.

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7- Wupi Goldberg in Purple ( The Color Purple )

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 8 <b>dramatic</b> <b>films</b> <b>from</b> the <b>funniest</b> <b>comedians</b> in the world

  • Release year: 1985
  • Director : Steven Spielberg
  • Other Actors: Danny Glover, Dessert Jackson, Margaret Avery, Oprah Winfrey, Adolf Cesar
  • Score </<strong> IMDb Movie: 7.8 out of 10
  • Raton Tomitoz Movie Score: 81 out of 100

Steven Spielberg's Purple is based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of the same name by Alan Walker. This moving and emotional film depicts the life of Sally Harris, an African-American woman in the early twentieth century. Whoopi Goldberg was cast in the lead role in the film and showed a wide range of dramatic acting talents. However, by playing the role of Sally, she managed to show unknown aspects of her acting skills and fascinated the audience by presenting a moving and impressive image.

The purple color of the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Drama and Nomination The Oscar for Best Actress went to Whoopi Goldberg. Many critics of the game praised him and marveled at the talent of this emerging star. Prominent critic Roger Ebert described him as "one of the first amazing filmmakers in the history of cinema." Spotless Mind )

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 8 <b>dramatic</b> <b>films</b> <b>from</b> the <b>funniest</b> <b>comedians</b> in the world

  • Release year: 2004
  • Director: Steven Spielberg
  • Other actors: Kate Winslet, Christine Dunst , Mark Ruffalo, Elijah Wood
  • IMDb rating: 8.3 out of 10
  • Raton Tomitoz Movie Score: 92 out of 100

Jim Carrey is known for his unique energy and humor for nearly three decades, and with these tricks, he has a large audience around the world. Laughed. He has starred in films such as The Mask, Dumb and Dumber, and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Creating hilarious moments works great.

Although Jim Carrey is known as a first-rate comedian, he also starred in dramatic roles such as Truman's sympathetic character in The Truman Show, but this His influential presence in Eternal Shine was a clear mind that revealed new aspects of his acting skills. And, of course, the most brilliant works of his acting career. The film won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, and Jim Carrey was nominated for an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for his admirable performance.

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5- Adam Sandler in Uncut Gems ( Uncut Gems )

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 8 <b>dramatic</b> <b>films</b> <b>from</b> the <b>funniest</b> <b>comedians</b> in the world

  • Release year: 2019
  • Director: White Brothers
  • Other Actors: Kevin Garnett, Idina Manzel and Kate Stanfield
  • Score > IMDb Movies: 7.4 out of 10
  • Raton Tomitoz Movie Score: 92 out of 100

Adam Sandler's resume is full of best-selling comedies and popular shows like Saturday Night Live. He has made a name for himself in major classics such as The Waterboy and The Wedding Singer. Of course, there are lesser-known film projects in his repertoire, but he knows full well that his name is enough to get a large audience to theaters.

Sandler has shown over the years. He is not afraid to experiment and has performed admirably in films such as "Reign Over Me" and "Funny People".

But without a doubt the most important serious role in his artistic career He is the 2019 film The Uncut Jewels of the White Brothers. In this film, Sandler plays a gambling jeweler who is indebted to the earth and time, and his emotional relationship with his wife is considered a complete disaster. He managed to show different aspects of his acting skills in this bitter and highly dramatic film, and critics believe that his performance is equal to that of his best comedy films.

They know its strengths. He won the Independent Spirit Award and showed that he still has a lot to say in the field of acting.

4- Monik in Precious )

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 8 <b>dramatic</b> <b>films</b> <b>from</b> the <b>funniest</b> <b>comedians</b> in the world

  • Release year: <2009
  • Director: Lee Deniz
  • Other Actors: Gabori Sidib, Lenny Kravitz, Paula Patton and Mariah Carey
  • IMDb Score Movie: 7.3 out of 10
  • Raton Tomitoz Score Movies: 92 out of 100

Monique is best known for her comedy skills in film and television. As a stand-up comedian, she joined the "Queen of Comedy" group and showed what a special skill she has in making the audience laugh. She established herself as a Banmak comedian by starring in films such as Soul Plane and Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins. But Monique's innate talent He did not stop his ambitions from making people laugh, and finally decided to take a more challenging path, taking on one of the most hated and at the same time most difficult roles in the dramatic film called Precious. She played the role of a grumpy and nervous mother named Marie, who was literally a bad and poisonous parent and terrified the audience for many moments. The role of Marie was very dangerous for Monique, who is inherently sweet, and may have repulsed the audience and changed the course of her career forever, but the result was beyond imagination and shone to the size of a star.

Rowling Stones praised the performance of Monique in Precious and used the word "dynamite" to describe his performance. Granbhah was met with positive reviews from critics and was nominated for six Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress, but it was Monique who won the Best Supporting Actress Award for her stunning performance. Won.

3- Steve Jobs ( Steve Jobs )

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 8 <b>dramatic</b> <b>films</b> <b>from</b> the <b>funniest</b> <b>comedians</b> in the world

  • Release Year: 2015
  • Director: Danny Boyle
  • Other Actors: Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet, Jeff Daniels, Michael Stelberg
  • Score strong> IMDb Movies: 7.2 out of 10
  • Raton Tomitoz Movie Score: 85 out of 100

Seth Rogen is known for his love of acting in films such as "Knocked Up" and "Pineapple Express". Rogen's presence in a TV show or movie alone is enough to make you laugh to the point of explosion, but that is not all, and his abilities are far more than just a comedian; Rogen Kargaran is also a talented writer and producer who is not afraid to enter new and challenging arenas.

He has appeared in semi-comedy films such as "Funny People" and 50/50 in acting He made a dramatic comeback, but with Steve Jobs's film he managed to show a whole new dimension of his abilities. The character got along well with his friend Steve Jobs and showed everyone that he is more than just a clichd comedian. Seth Rogen has returned to comedy in recent years, but he can still surprise everyone whenever he wants with another dramatic role.

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2- Steve Carl in Foxcatcher ( Foxcatcher )

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 8 <b>dramatic</b> <b>films</b> <b>from</b> the <b>funniest</b> <b>comedians</b> in the world

  • Year of release: 2014
  • Director:
  • Other Actors: Channing Tatum, Mark Ruffalo, Vanessa Redgrave
  • IMDb Score Movie: 7 out of 10
  • Raton Tomitoz Movie Score: 87 out of 100

Steve Carl He is a stellar star both in the world of cinema and in the field of television. He played the beloved director Michael Scott in The Office. He also achieved great comedy success in films such as "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" and "Crazy, Stupid, Love".

But a decade ago, he decided to make serious changes in the course of his career and entered the field of dramatic works with Fox Kutcher. Carl played John Dupont, the famous former wrestling coach of Dave Schultz, who was ironically accused of killing the star. He mentioned the title "Redirect" and praised his game. Carl was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor for this film. His authoritative presence in Fox Kutcher led him to later take on important roles in films such as The Big Short.

1- Bill Heather: Part II/strong> It Chapter Two )

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 8 <b>dramatic</b> <b>films</b> <b>from</b> the <b>funniest</b> <b>comedians</b> in the world

  • Year of Release: 2019
  • Director: Andy Muskiti
  • Other Actors: <//> James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, J. Ryan, James Ranson
  • IMDb rating: 6.5 out of 10
  • Raton Tomitoz Movie Score: 62 out of 100

Bill Heather is a popular comedian who first appeared on the TV show "Saturday Live" Was known as "Saturday Night Live", but soon left this popular show to gain more experience and a serious presence in the field of cinema and television, which was a very good decision.

Heather because of her role in the series HBO's dark comedy Barry won two Emmys. He also appeared in popular films such as "The Skeleton Twins" and "Hilarious Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs".

Its horror film: The second part attracted the attention of critics and many believed that it had attracted all the attention. He managed to show off his emotional and dramatic abilities. Heather's honors include the Saturn Award.

  • Source: movieweb

Source: greatist <// p>

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