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Top 20 Farewell Sequences in Cinema History

BingMag.com Top 20 Farewell Sequences in Cinema History

Does saying goodbye always mean going back and forth, or does going for a short time mean hoping to meet? And is every farewell a welcome to people and a new situation, or just the end point? And finally, is it always accompanied by a quiet music and the sunset, or silently and with a broken heart? Whatever it is, saying goodbye and going and being heartbroken is an integral part of the stories that directors portray in various ways in their films. In this article, we've listed the top 20 cinema farewell scenes that can be a reason to start over, a bitter farewell forever, or the only way to save popular characters in their stories. Combines a beautiful yet meaningful farewell scene. Our favorite characters leave, many leave our favorite characters, and we are left in awe and grief.

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But it's time to say goodbye with this introduction, and with our 20 favorite moments and sequences from the world of cinema, where trains wait for kisses of farewell, where death arrives only when the monologue is over. , And where the composer deems it appropriate to start chords to break our hearts.

20. Departures

BingMag.com Top 20 Farewell Sequences in Cinema History

Farewell scene: A group of women while Funeral of the deceased and their beloved man kiss his face and fill it with attractive lipstick kisses.

Importance: A group of women decide to say goodbye to their lover and in the "last They kiss her and fill her face with lipstick kisses that cause them confusion and hysterical laughter.

No, but the beauty of this farewell scene is found in its simplicity. Women start laughing bitterly when they see a face full of the color of their lover's blush that prevents them from holding back their tears.

And the need to take too much care of a body that has long since lost its soul is futile. But their laughter is a rare human moment in the history of cinema and one of the most influential coffin farewells on the big screen for a long time.

19. Harold and Maude

BingMag.com Top 20 Farewell Sequences in Cinema History

Farewell scene: A dying old woman gives her new best friend, a young boy, consistent advice on how to continue living.

Importance: Harold is obsessed with death, so When he is forced to say goodbye to his new friend, seventy-year-old Madd, forever in his first encounter with death, it is a big surprise for him. Mad is dying in the ambulance, and tears are streaming down Harold's eyes as he finally realizes that there is something more exciting and addictive than death, love.

But Mad, who is only a few steps away It is far from the bitter reality of life, it gives him a good motivation to forget him and to pay more attention to the depths of his life. When Harold tells her he loves her, the Medes happily accept it and only encourage him to go to the real world and love more.

18. Manhattan

BingMag.com Top 20 Farewell Sequences in Cinema History

Farewell scene: A man in a crowded airport He bows to love almost under his legal age and welcomes the life lesson that this girl gives as one of Woody Allen's best quotes to date.

Its Importance: Isaac Allen and Tracy, played by Marilyn Hemingway, have plenty of luggage to empty in front of her real suitcase, which they will take with them on the plane for six months. But it must also be a short goodbye, which is now difficult for both characters. Isaac needs his guidance and enlightenment, and Tracy deprives him of Isaac for six months.

He begs for the first time during the film. But Tracy sees a better way than to give in to Isaac's childish restlessness, and comforts him nicely: "You have to believe in people a little bit." Yes, he's not going to forget his love for Isaac, and no, this is not a permanent farewell. And now Isaac is smiling for the first time, as he fell in love for the first time.

17. ET

BingMag.com Top 20 Farewell Sequences in Cinema History

Farewell scene: A young boy with Farewell to his alien comrade, who is about to return to his planet forever.

Importance: Who did not spend his childhood riding ATT bicycles? And who, from the first appearance of a space alien, did not feel sad for the poor child he had to face, and whose heart was not squeezed by the warmth of intergalactic friendship formed in this film?

"I am here "I will be" is the meaning of the scene where ET touches Elliott's head with his finger instead of his heart. Because memory is what keeps a real friendship alive, even in a time when Skype and every video calling software were as unknown as the main character in the film, for friendships that have to end because of the miles between the two.>

This is a physical separation, but ET has taught us that the effect that the act of saying goodbye has on us can stay in our minds forever.

16. Casablanca

BingMag.com Top 20 Farewell Sequences in Cinema History

Farewell scene: The protagonist decides Join the resistance against the forces of the Third Reich, choose the best for the love of his life, and begin a beautiful friendship with a local officer.

Importance: Rick is a heartbroken man At the same time, he is proud and that is why he decides to say goodbye to his ex-lover forever so that he can join his new lover and achieve their common goal in Lisbon. This is not a farewell scene, it is a showdown that is seen throughout the movie "Casablanca", one of the most acclaimed Hollywood classics. You learn

Rick decides to have a bigger goal in life, Elsa makes up for her past with Rick and follows the right path to resistance, and Casablanca is on the verge of becoming It is a safer place and less corrupt. And all this because of our hero's decision to give up his personal desires and the past.

Yes, Rick and Elsa will always have Paris, but to continue their personal lives, they They have to part ways and embrace a new beginning. And what a bitter and sweet decision!

15. Dogville

BingMag.com Top 20 Farewell Sequences in Cinema History

Farewell scene: A woman with Someone who loves him and says goodbye just before he is killed, because this man betrayed him along with all the inhabitants of the city that was supposed to be a new window to life.

Its importance: <"Goodbye, Tom!" This sentence is as cold as goodbyes and tombstones can be. Tom is not innocent of not raping Grace. His Platonic love for Grace gave him all the courage to avenge his silence in the face of the horrible deeds he had to endure. The complete silence was the legalization of evil deeds. Stay neutral in the face of the evil of this world.

In a brutal boomerang move, Tom contacts the gangsters Grace had first taken refuge in to Dagville to get him back and get his cash. .

In the sweet humor that only the pessimism of this film could offer, Grace is now armed with everything she needs to once and for all demean the lowly people in her hometown of the American suburbs through the camera lens. Trier shows that they "welcomed" them and punished them for their actions. Say goodbye to the human race with all hope.

14. A little touch (A Touch of Spice)

BingMag.com Top 20 Farewell Sequences in Cinema History

Farewell scene: A typical train prepares to recreate the classic allegory of Lot's wife (a story in the Torah about Genesis), and Lot's unique wife does not obey his command to never go back.

Importance: In the world of "little spices", looking at train stations is a great sin, it is an immoral mistake for those who stand behind.

Thus, the protagonist of the years. After saying goodbye to his childhood love, which he has now grown up with, he shakes his hand with his new life and, with tears in both of their eyes, orders him not to look back as he walks away from her. He obeys and they never see each other again.

13. Before Sunrise

BingMag.com Top 20 Farewell Sequences in Cinema History

Farewell scene: Train Which is moving, a couple who have just met and their love is doomed to failure, and different lives waiting for the two to return, but separated.

Significance: It seems that none of the protagonists want to leave the other behind. And unlike the bitter farewell at the train station of "A Little Spice," this one is actually for a visit to the future.

They both look back, one from the train window and the other from the train platform. They look at each other and know and secretly promise that this is not a permanent farewell and is only verbal. And now we know that this is the beginning of a beautiful cinematic ups and downs.

12. Lost in Translation

BingMag.com Top 20 Farewell Sequences in Cinema History

Farewell scene: Plato's love, which even puts Freud in the mouth, ends not with a shout, but with a whisper.

Its importance: It really's up to us to recognize This is a "goodbye" or "hope to see you again". Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson part ways, each saying goodbye to a sea of unknown figures in a land of unknown languages. But there has been much speculation about the content of Murray's incomprehensible whispers to Johansson as to whether it was a promise, a farewell, or a "take care of yourself."

We may never know, and certainly never will. We don't even know it, because this movie was just an opportunity to see the relationship between these two wandering spirits, whose love grows bigger and bigger in Japan, but after the end of the movie, it's time for them to return. The privacy of the story, directed and written by Sophia Coppola, allows them to do so and gives them (and us) the opportunity to choose in any way we like and end ourselves. Whether it is a farewell or the beginning of many other stories, both protagonists will remain receptive to each other forever.

Schindler's List

BingMag.com Top 20 Farewell Sequences in Cinema History

Farewell scene: A businessman The formerly proud German bids farewell to all the Jewish workers he rescued from concentration camps during World War II, but soon realizes that he could have saved more lives.

Importance: Repenting when you want to go forever is a big curse when you say goodbye, and that's the feeling of Oscar Schindler in a movie that puts an end to all Holocaust-themed movies forever.

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All the victims of a historic catastrophe have been rescued with the help of a profiteer businessman and thank their employer for saying goodbye, but this The employer, played by Liam Neeson, suddenly regrets and feels sorry for himself and the truth is embodied in him.

His worthless gold objects could have saved hundreds of lives if he really had a place for them to work in. He created his own industry. But it's too late for him to change things, and his sudden failure and understanding is what he has to bear after this farewell for the rest of his life.

10. Gone With the Wind

BingMag.com Top 20 Farewell Sequences in Cinema History

Farewell scene: Scarlett O'Hara is a myth that fails in love, only to attain self-awareness. No, it's almost in the top five scenes of the cinema farewell.

But the nature of this violent farewell between this stormy couple is not the famous scene of closing the door of the old South Mansion forever, but the moment Scarlett decides to gather herself. And fit in, go back to his heyday forever, and start his new life the way he wants, not out of grief, but out of victory and determination.

It's a moment to say goodbye. It inadvertently becomes a more difficult tool that our hero embraces, and this scene becomes an eternal lesson for the separations who long to return.

9. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

BingMag.com Top 20 Farewell Sequences in Cinema History

Farewell scene: A young woman buys a gift for the first man she's probably trapped in forever, but throws it in the trash after seeing him with his ex-girlfriend.

Importance Anne: Lisbeth Salander, after going through the hard days of her life, including former Nazis, abusive men, and a passion for extreme love, achieves another uncontrollable victory, and that was finding love in the face of Michael, the controversial journalist who He helped her throughout the film. Ready to relax a little, he buys her an old sweater as a Christmas present and is ready to make a fresh start with her. None of them were willing to "say" it. Seeing her with her ex-lover, Lisbeth decides to hide in her unnatural lifestyle, return to her old ways and motorcycle, and throws her first sign of love for a fellow human being in the trash and disappears.

8. Where the Wild Things Are

BingMag.com Top 20 Farewell Sequences in Cinema History

Farewell scene: A young boy says goodbye to his invisible friends and his wonderful and adventurous land, disappointing both sides.

Importance: "Please do not go, I will eat you "So I love you" is one of the hellish ways to say goodbye to the king. And so, all the mythical creatures that live in Max's heart and head are about to lose eye contact with him, but none of them will actually lose each other, not really, never.

Toy Story 3

BingMag.com Top 20 Farewell Sequences in Cinema History

Farewell scene: Andy finally says goodbye to the trilogy of our favorite animation, Woody and his friends, his childhood, and our teary eyes as he gets into the car he's going to take to college.

Importance Anne: "Old partner" is all Woody tells a child who turned him from a prize he won in a contest into a lifelong friend. But growing up is not a personal matter for Andy. Pixar shows its genius by having Andy, and in fact us, giving way to a new generation to have fun with a bunch of old toys.

As today's young people in the future As the young parents show their children, Andy shows his old toys to a beautiful little girl who seems to have no evil plans for the old companion. The uniqueness of this farewell is nothing but its inevitability. Drop, move forward, enlarge.

6. The Truman Show

BingMag.com Top 20 Farewell Sequences in Cinema History

Farewell scene: Farewell Truman's painful and oppressive film in this film with the soundtrack of Philip Glass can make any viewer think and play a role in his subconscious mind for a long time.

Its importance: Truman quotes a beautiful farewell to his Creator. After the end of the film, he realizes that he lives in a fake world, a fake environment created to please tired TV viewers around the world.

His life has been a dull imitation, Lively and unloved, it was an everyday suburban reality, and every day, and indeed every part of it, begins with the same dialogue that Christoph says before leaving this unreal life to join his eternal love; Well "Since I do not see you, good afternoon, evening and night!" And goodbye to fictitious authority! Truman leaves the collection, ignorant viewers continue to browse the channel, and we insert another DVD into the machine!

5. Brokeback Mountain

BingMag.com Top 20 Farewell Sequences in Cinema History

Farewell scene: Two cowboys Having loved each other for years, they say goodbye to each other every time they leave the sanctuary of their forbidden love to return to their normal, eternal family life.

Its importance: The Brookbeck Mountains have always been more than just a simple love story that has been well-received by al-Jubebi audiences around the world. This is a hymn full of words that separate lovers and everything that these lovers will do to overcome them.

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It speaks of love and loss, of years gone by and we never do anything to change the unpleasant conditions in which our love seeks to flourish, that is, the places, clothes, and smells that the other half of us have. Embraces.

All the goodbyes that Anis and Jack have said over the years are just the last layer of many hidden feelings and words that should be said to each other during their short stay in the Brookbeck Mountains. It passed over them. . .


4. (Stand By Me)

BingMag.com Top 20 Farewell Sequences in Cinema History

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3. (Boyhood)

BingMag.com Top 20 Farewell Sequences in Cinema History

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2. (Sophies Choice)

BingMag.com Top 20 Farewell Sequences in Cinema History

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1. (One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest)

BingMag.com Top 20 Farewell Sequences in Cinema History

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