Top 20 documentary and fiction films criticizing capitalism

It is surprising in America, where the capitalist system rules and injects it with bullying everywhere in the world and has never folded with good workers. that a day off is dedicated to the achievements of the labor movement and labor unions; Although it is debatable whether Labor Day is really a holiday for the working class? Top 20 documentary and fiction films criticizing capitalism

It is surprising in America, where the capitalist system rules and injects it with bullying everywhere in the world and has never folded with good workers. that a day off is dedicated to the achievements of the labor movement and labor unions; Although it is debatable whether Labor Day is really a holiday for the working class?

Many movies have done a good job of describing the problems caused by capitalism and talking about the problems of American workers. Interestingly, some of the most important and popular films centered around workers such as Norma Rae, Silkwood, Bread and Roses, Matewan, etc. They are not available anywhere (except, of course, for the Oscar-winning film "Parasite"); Now read a detailed hadith from this collection! The 14th of September coincided with Labor Day in America. For this reason, we introduce the top twenty documentary and fiction films that deal with the labor movement and criticism of the capitalist system.

1. Anti-capitalist documentary "Harlan County, USA" (Harlan County, USA) Top 20 documentary and fiction films criticizing capitalism

  • Rotten Tomatoes rating for the movie: 100 out of 100

Subject: Mining and strike-breaking in the South>

Lots of talk about the "white working class" in electoral debates are usually just a means of pitting black and white voters against each other. In this film, Barbara Koppel shatters all our beliefs about the work of a coal miner in the predominantly, but not exclusively, white South. Filmed as it happened, the film documents what became known as the "Brookside Strike" against the owners of the Brookside coal mine and mill in Harlan County, Kentucky.

Coppel's original goal was to It was a film that documented the efforts of others to overthrow the corrupt president of the United States Mine Workers, William Anthony Boyle. He, who was in the same table with the mine owners from many points of view, was later convicted of the crime of conspiracy to kill all the family members of a reformist opponent. However, that scandalous story was only one part of their brutal, bloody and violent treatment of striking miners and their families. Of course, when it came to the rights, rights, and safety of these workers during work, they were not so obedient and yes-sacrificing. Neither they nor their wives and mothers. Modern politicians label them socialists, but they probably can't do that even at a significant distance.

2. Nine to five (9 to 5) Top 20 documentary and fiction films criticizing capitalism

  • Year of release: 1980
  • Director: Colin Higgins
  • Stars: Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Dolly Parton
  • Rotten Tomatoes rating for the film: 81 out of 100

Theme: Women as an administrative workforce

In the comedy film "Nine to Five" there are topics that are understandable to anyone who has ever worked in an office or company, but this film is specifically about women in the world. is work In the 1980s, women were slowly making progress in reaching higher working positions. But forty years on, there has still been less progress than you might expect. They are more educated, they are still abandoned. There are many ways to prove this claim; One example is that the companies in the Fortune 500 annual list (a list of five hundred companies of the largest American companies in terms of revenue generation) that do not have a male CEO are only about eight percent of the total, which is the highest rate in history. It counts.

In this film, the struggle of women in the workplace is portrayed in the form of witty comedy and fantasy. Three female employees (Jane Fonda, Dolly Parton, and Lily Tomlin) at conglomerates struggle to gain the same respect and dignity that their male colleagues so easily receive. Their boss is a sexist, selfish, hypocritical and bigoted man (played by Dabney Coleman). When one of the three women thinks she accidentally poisoned the boss, they hide her to cover up the crime, and then the trio take over the company and run things as if they were just passing orders. The film also explores the ways in which male bosses often pit women against each other in the workplace. Dolly Parton's album "9 to 5 and Odd Jobs" with a similar theme The film includes protest songs related to the history of the labor movement.

3. How Green Was My Valley Top 20 documentary and fiction films criticizing capitalism

  • Year of release : 1941
  • Director: John Ford
  • Stars: Walter Pidgeon, Maureen O'Hara, Donald Crisp, Anna Lee, Morton Lavery, Roddy McDowell
  • Rotten Tomatoes Movie Rating: 93 out of 100

Subject: Mining strong>

Although the story takes place in a fictional village in Wales, John Ford's Oscar-winning film refers to the real-life coal mining in the Roentah Valley region of South Wales. An area that was the main source of fuel extraction for the British Navy for many years. As the demand for local lean coal increased in the 19th century, working conditions worsened and the region's valuable natural resources became a reason for the exploitation of local workers. It has been estimated that, regionally, a death occurs in mines approximately every six hours. The struggles of the workers against the big mine owners who wanted more work for less money from the workers; A story that ended in a big strike. Hollywood's abridged but beautiful version of the story focuses on the emotional aspects of the book, and while it downplays the aspects of the workers, it doesn't leave them out entirely. This film deals with the problems of miners then and now, as well as the problems of Hollywood in the 20th century.

4. Nothing but a Man (Nothing but a Man) Top 20 documentary and fiction films criticizing capitalism

  • Release year: 1964
  • Director: Michael Romer
  • Stars: Evan Dixon, Abbie Lincoln, Gloria Foster, Julius Harris
  • Rotten Tomatoes rating for the movie: 98 out of 100

Subject: Issues Class and race of railway workers

The independent drama "Nothing But a Man" is about racism and class discrimination. An acclaimed film whose cast is almost entirely black; A decision that at the time certainly could have resulted in distributors ignoring the film altogether.

Evan Dixon stars as Duff Anderson, a black railroad worker who has an affair with a school teacher (and also the daughter of a prominent pastor). ), while working in a small town near Birmingham, Alabama, develops a romantic relationship. Due to the wide class gap, Duff's colleagues and the young girl's father try to discourage him from this relationship. Duff's white employers, who at first regarded him as one of the "good guys" for his skillful work and determination, now find him troublesome for his insistence on maintaining a basic level of dignity in life. The limited job opportunities for Duff are already less and the chances of forming a stable family are more limited.

This story is more about the problems of American blacks in the labor market, but it is a question of balancing financial necessity and dignity. Human primary is a problem that involves all humans.

5. Anti-capitalist documentary "Trash Dance" Top 20 documentary and fiction films criticizing capitalism

  • Year of release: 2012 Director: Andrew Grayson Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 100 out of 100

Subject: beauty in cleaning services

One of the biggest issues that American workers face is not respecting different forms of labor. The truth is, we don't have a lot of respect for those who do garbage collection. The "Trash Dance" is, in its own way, a rather grand celebration of the skills and qualities of scavengers in Texas. Filmmaker and choreographer Alison Orr organizes a grand dance performance with a garbage truck, trying to find beauty in trash cans and the workers who help keep the world around us clean.

6. The Pajama Game Top 20 documentary and fiction films criticizing capitalism

  • Year of release: 1957
  • Director: George Abbott, Stanley Donen
  • Stars: Doris Day, John Ritt , Carol Heaney, Eddie Foy Jr.
  • Rotten Tomatoes Rating for the movie: 87 out of 100

Subject: Women and worker organizing in the textile industry

Maybe you can't imagine Doris Day as a labor rioter, well you probably won't after watching this movie either. ! However, the popular actor plays a union leader, Babe Williams, who leads his co-workers at a sleepwear factory in Cedar Rapids to get a raise. The real problem comes when he and the factory supervisor fall in love with each other and work Both are tied.

From here on, there is a risk of revealing the story; In the end, Babe exposes himself and the corruption of the factory managers. Maybe outside of the world of musicals, you can't sing to lead the workers like Babe, but The Pajama Game is a fun movie that tries to make the case that factory workers, especially those with a talent for singing on the job, deserve the pay they deserve. They are to receive.

7. Anti-capitalist film "Newsies" Top 20 documentary and fiction films criticizing capitalism

  • Year of release:
    Newsboy Transcends Regions

    Since Walt Disney hated labor unions, he probably rolled in his grave when his company produced the movie Newsboys! A film based on the New York newsboys' strike in 1899, a very unlikely event in the history of the American labor movement.

    At that time, newsboys were at the center of newspaper distribution. They fought to get territories and street corners to sell their newspapers. Eventually, somehow, poor, mostly illiterate newsagents from across the city and of various ethnic backgrounds came together to stage a two-week, often violent, strike against the newspapers of Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst. The circulation of these big newspapers reached half and finally the owners gave in to the main demands of the newspaper vendors. Both the original film and its musical theater adaptation, which turned out to be excellent, are available on Disney Streamer.

    8. Sorry to Bother You Top 20 documentary and fiction films criticizing capitalism

    • Year of release: 2018
    • Director: Boots Riley
    • Stars: Kate Stanfield, Rosario Dawson, Forest Whitaker, Kate Berlant, Armie Hammer, Steven Yen, Steve Buscemi
    • Rotten Tomatoes rating for the movie: 93 out of 100

    Topic: Class Differences Between Telemarketers

    In Boots Riley's black comedy, Kate Stanfield plays a black telemarketer who discovers he can make sales by mimicking a black accent. A white person will increase dramatically. Little by little, he is promoted and rewarded for his sales skills and is encouraged to turn his back on his former colleagues. Even as he moves up the ranks and uncovers some of the company's darkest secrets, he remains unwilling to give up his new standard of living. When his old friends try to start a union, he is told to break the strike. And this is where he has to choose.

    9. Matewan Top 20 documentary and fiction films criticizing capitalism

    • Year of release: 1987 li>
    • Director: John Sills
    • Stars: Chris Cooper, James Earl Jones, Mary McDonnell strong>
    • Rotten Tomatoes rating for the movie:94 out of 100

    Subject: All-out battle for miners' rights>

    America's labor history is full of stories of private groups being hired to break strikes and intimidate workers. The name of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency also came to mind in the same way. The film "Mitvan" directed by John Sills is based on the true story of the Battle of Mitvan, which took place in one of the coal centers of West Virginia in 1920. Part of the overlooked conflicts between the miners and their bosses that lasted for almost a decade.

    This film is a reminder of how the mine owners did not stop from any bloody confrontations to keep wages and safety measures down. The movie "Mitvan" also talks about a darker and inevitable issue in the American labor history; How white workers and owners used racism in different ways to advance their goals.

    10. Anti-capitalist movie "Modern Times" Top 20 documentary and fiction films criticizing capitalism

    • Year of release: 1936
    • Director: Charlie Chaplin
    • Stars: Charlie Chaplin, Paulette Goddard, Henry Bergman, Tiny Sandford , Chester Conklin, Gloria DeHion, Walter James, James C. Morton, Frank Hagney
    • Rotten Tomatoes rating for the movie: 98 out of 100

    Topic: Automation and its problems

    The paradox of the automation process has always been that innovations related to "saving labor" almost never benefit those who do the work themselves. They said he would not eat. An incident that may occur in The most disturbing form occurred in relation to the cotton gin, an invention that made conditions much harder for 19th-century American slaves. fired, he plays the role of the same minor character of Asopas, who treats the process of mechanization as a phantasmagoria; a type of theatrical performance in which a device called a magic lantern is used to show scary and disturbing images such as skeletons, ghosts, and ghosts on the wall. , smoke curtain, or semi-transparent curtains were used) imagines. The memorable clips of the movie cannot show its twists and turns well; You must see the movie itself. From communist demonstrations and cocaine-fueled prison escapes to throwing bricks at anti-strike police and more. Finally, Chaplin clearly shows that a modernized factory is a nightmare for its workers.

    11. Anti-capitalist documentary "Roger & Me" Top 20 documentary and fiction films criticizing capitalism

    • Year Release: 1989
    • Director: Michael Moore
    • Actors:Michael Moore
    • Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 100 out of 100

    Subject: Auto Workers Seeking Answers strong>

    Michael Moore's reputation as a rebel has faded considerably over the years, but Roger and Me remains a landmark work of his and an important moment in American labor history. In particular, the film depicts one of those rare cases where someone was able to take down a multi-billion dollar company and show just how cruel and ridiculous those in power can be. This company in "Roger and Me" was the General Motors Company located in Moore's hometown of Flint, Michigan. Attempts to contact General Motors CEO Roger B. Smith. At the time, there were criticisms and questions about whether Michael Moore was completely honest. But one point still remains; That a company was willing to destroy a society just to save a few dollars by turning a pen on paper. "Roger and Me" was the first feature-length documentary in American history to have a wide theatrical release, and dozens of filmmakers boycotted the Oscar Academy for not nominating it in the documentary category. Moore finally won the Oscar for Best Documentary for the controversial 2002 documentary "Bowling for Columbine" (Bowling for Columbine), which deals with the Columbine shooting tragedy.

    12. Support the Girls Top 20 documentary and fiction films criticizing capitalism

    • Release year: /strong>

      Andrew Bujalski, master of the mumblecore genre (a sub-genre that falls under the category of independent and low-budget films and is mostly focused on naturalistic games and dialogue-oriented), wrote and directed this noisy film. had The story is about a group of women who work in a restaurant. Regina Hall plays Lisa Conroy, the restaurant's in-house manager who is used to mediating between the restaurant's employees, who are fiercely protective of them, and the boss who is always threatening to fire her. As the situation worsens, a camaraderie develops between these women that is inspiring, even if the film ultimately offers no easy resolution.

      13. The Killing Floor Top 20 documentary and fiction films criticizing capitalism

      • Year of release: 1984
      • Director: Bill Duke
      • Stars: Damin Lake, Alfre Woodard, Moses Gunn
      • Rotten Tomatoes Score: 91 out of 100

      Topic: First Attempts at a Multiracial Meatpacking Union

      Bill Duke made this film for the PBS network, which later made its way to an important festival. The story of the film takes place among the meatpacking workers of Chicago and on the eve of the devastating violence of white supremacists in 1919. Two black farmers come to town looking for work on ranches left vacant by white soldiers leaving for World War I. Caster's colleagues (Damien Lake) encourage him to join the North American Butchers and Meat Cutters Union; which puts him in conflict by having different and intersecting tendencies based on race, ethnicity and class. The film depicts the struggle to recognize the idea that workers from different backgrounds have more in common with each other than with the capitalist class.

      14. Anti-capitalist film "Norma Rae" Top 20 documentary and fiction films criticizing capitalism

        Release year: 1979 Director: Martin Ritt Starring: Sally Field , Ron Liebman, Bo Bridges, Barbara Baxley
      • Rotten Tomatoes Rating for the movie:90 out of 100

      Theme: A woman shuts down a textile factory

      Academy Award winner Sally Field stars as Norma Ray Webster in this film based on a true story. A union leader named Crystal Lee Sutton is created. The story is about a factory worker in North Carolina who is fired for printing a union sign using the company's printer. This leads to the film's climactic moment, which ultimately brings the factory to a complete halt. Field's acting in this movie is wonderful. The story shows the amount of power that an ordinary person can have when he can't bear it anymore.

      15. Glengarry Glen Ross Top 20 documentary and fiction films criticizing capitalism

      • Year of release: 1992
      • Director: James Foley
      • Stars: Al Pacino, Jack Lemmon, Alec Baldwin, Ed Harris, Alan Arkin , Kevin Spacey, Jonathan Pryce
      • Rotten Tomatoes Movie Rating:95 out of 100

      Theme: Capitalism makes real estate agents Crushes

      In an impressively dark look at American-style capitalism, writer David Mamet's film about a real estate company stars Jack Lemmon, Al Pacino, Alan Arkin, Ed Harris and Makes. To motivate real estate agents, they are told that only the top sellers at the end of the week can keep their jobs. It doesn't matter how they convince buyers to buy real estate, and it certainly doesn't matter if they can afford it. This becomes invaluable among friendships and relationships among colleagues.

      This film delicately shows how capitalism forces employees to not only beat the bottom, but even their customers in order to serve anyone who wants to. It sits high, to make money.

      16. Outland Top 20 documentary and fiction films criticizing capitalism

      • Year of release: 1981
      • Director: Peter Himes
      • Stars: Sean Connery, Peter Boyle, Francis Sternhagen, Keika Markham, James Sicking
        On the Moon

        Sean Connery stars in this space western about mining on the moon, more precisely Jupiter's moon. He is assigned the role of a federal marshal to maintain order and help quell any labor protests. The increasing number of protests makes Connery take a deeper look at the conditions in the mines and the tools used to employ the workers. As a slightly ridiculous sci-fi film, Out of Bounds takes itself seriously and shows enough enthusiasm for its central themes, which include the exploitation of workers.

        17. Cesar Chavez (Cesar Chavez) Top 20 documentary and fiction films criticizing capitalism

        • Year of release: 2014
        • Director: Diego Luna
        • Stars: Rosario Dawson, America Ferrera, Michael Pea, Gabriel Mann, Lisa Brenner
          and the birth of the "United Farm Workers" trade union

          Cesar Chavez (played by Michael Pea) is one of the most important figures in the history of American labor and, as a result, the history of America, with only superficial references to him in the books It has become a lesson in American history. Directed by Diego Luna, the biopic revolves around Chvez's efforts to organize California farm workers, many of whom are temporary Mexican workers. His efforts eventually lead to the establishment of the Agricultural Workers Union over several decades. The film resorts too much to the repetitive themes of the biographical genre, but it works well as a sometimes exciting introduction to the life of an American who deserves to be better known and understood.

          18. The Devil and Miss Jones

 Top 20 documentary and fiction films criticizing capitalism

          • Year of release: 1941
          • Director: Sam Wood
          • Stars: Jane Arthur, Robert Cummings, Charles Coburn

            Wealthy capitalist John P. Merrick (played by Charles Coburn) goes undercover (sound familiar?) to one of his department stores in New York to find rioting workers and laying off slow Meanwhile, it cannot pass the test of basic skills required for the most basic level of workers' work. He falls in love with store clerk Mary Jones (played by Jane Arthur). Who, along with her recently fired boyfriend, are among those who have been fighting for better working conditions at the store and are looking to launch a strike in the future. It's more of a loud, interesting film with pro-worker attitudes, even if the ending is somewhat flawed.

            19. The anti-capitalist documentary "Salt Of The Earth"

   Top 20 documentary and fiction films criticizing capitalism

            • Year Released: 2014 Director: Wim Wenders, Juliano Ribeiro Salgado Starring: Wim Wenders
            • Rotten Tomatoes Movie Rating: 95 out of 100

            Subject: Mexican American women They took the lead in the mining strike

            This film is based on a real strike in 1951 against the Empire Zinc Company in Grant County, New Mexico. "Salt of the Earth" was blacklisted even before its release because it was the product of several filmmakers who were rejected during the hunt for communists of that period. If that wasn't enough, the issues it deals with would almost certainly prevent it from being released. Starring a mix of professional actors and locals from New Mexico, "Salt of the Earth" focuses on Mexican-American miners who strike for the same conditions as their white counterparts. The main role of the film is Esperanza Quintero (played by Rosara Revoltas), the wife of a mine worker who holds a sign with protest content instead of her husband.

            That Hollywood filmmakers made a pro-union film about women in Mexican-American families. It is an exceptional and remarkable event. The film quickly gained critical acclaim after its release, even though it was not widely seen.

            20. Parasite

   Top 20 documentary and fiction films criticizing capitalism

            • Year of release: 2019 li>
            • Director: Bong Joon-ho
            • Stars: Sung Kang-ho, Lee Sun-kyun, Cho Yeo-jeong, Choi Woo - Shik, Park Soo-dam, Jang Zisoo, Lee Jung-yan, Jang Hye-jin, Park Seo-joon
            • Rotten Tomatoes rating for the movie: 99 out of 100 li>

            Subject: Domestic Workers Retaliate

            This South Korean black comedy is worth including in the list of films about the American labor movement. . Korean filmmakers, including Bong Joon-ho, are experienced in making films that criticize capitalism, and their best filmmakers do much better than American filmmakers. The story is about a poor family who plan to infiltrate a naive rich family. This story is the best critique you can find on the last levels of capitalism, which, ironically, was also liked by the Oscar Academy and won the Oscar for the best foreign film.

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