Top 19 home invasion movies from worst to best

The attack of some people on a house and threatening them, the fear of dying in the place that gives a person the most comfort, the attempts of the victims to escape. ruthless killers in a small environment, the presence of psychotic men and women who enjoy hurting others; All these appear to be stereotypes of this type of cinema. When we talk about the attack of some people on a house in a movie, we probably create an image in our mind similar to a horror movie. But this is not always the case. In this list, by examining 19 films centered on the attack of people on a house, we will take a path to understand why such films are not always horror works? Top 19 home invasion movies from worst to best

The attack of some people on a house and threatening them, the fear of dying in the place that gives a person the most comfort, the attempts of the victims to escape. ruthless killers in a small environment, the presence of psychotic men and women who enjoy hurting others; All these appear to be stereotypes of this type of cinema. When we talk about the attack of some people on a house in a movie, we probably create an image in our mind similar to a horror movie. But this is not always the case. In this list, by examining 19 films centered on the attack of people on a house, we will take a path to understand why such films are not always horror works?

The first reason is that such films include They are not an independent genre and can be defined under different genres. For example, in the same list there is a movie like "Home Alone" which is obviously a comedy or the movie "Hours of Despair" which belongs to the crime genre. Of course, the share of horror cinema in this is more than any other genre, but this genre also has representatives of its various subgenres in this list, such as supernatural horror or psychological horror or slasher.

In addition to this, the approach of filmmakers in focusing And paying attention to the sides of the story varies throughout the story; Sometimes film-making only focuses on the victims of its story and avoids showing the attackers or explaining why they did what they did. Of course, this issue is mostly seen among the slasher movies on the list. In movies like "Hours of Despair" or "Don't Breathe", the creators focus on both sides of the story and analyze both sides well. This approach is more common in works with a criminal background, and sometimes, like the strange and wonderful case of "In Coolness", the filmmaker focuses on those who attack a house in a frenzy.

The above two cases are the main reason for this escape. The type of movies are from fixed stereotypes to become a one-hand genre, but other things can be mentioned. Some films use this platform to criticize their society, some have nothing but to entertain you, some are works with philosophical undertones and aim at the struggle of a person to understand the meaning of life, some They deal with the impact of these stories on the psyche of men and women who have gone through such a terrible experience, or a society is under the microscope of the filmmaker, whose inhabitants will never be the same again. Therefore, in addition to the cinematic elements, such works can be separated for content reasons.

Another issue is the time period of the film story that the filmmaker dedicates to the presence of the invaders in the house and the struggle of the persecuted to rescue. Sometimes the whole movie takes place in the same house, and after the opening scene and the attack of people, until the end of the story, the two sides chase each other. Sometimes, as in the case of "Dar Kamal Khunsardi" or "Rosemary's Baby", a small part of the story is dedicated to this presence, and the filmmaker deals with the rest of the story or the consequences of that incident or the reasons for its occurrence.

  • 23 best heist films in the history of cinema from the worst to the best The same story, the first line does not change: "Some people attack the people of a house." This is what made us able to distinguish these works from other films. This one line is the cause of this list.

    19. Mother! (Mother!) Top 19 home invasion movies from worst to best

    • Director: Darren Aronofsky li>
    • Actors: Javier Bardem, Jennifer Lawrence and Ed Harris
    • Product: 2017, USA
    • Because of this kind of Aronofsky's view of cinema and life, there is a difference between this film and the other works on the list. ; The intruders in the main characters' house seem to be a mental image of something else. That is to say, if in other movies on the list, a person or people invade someone's house in a completely realistic way with the intention of harming someone, here it is not clear whether these are really invited but insane guests or an illusion. On the other hand, although their presence in the woman's house is annoying, but still the company of the man in the house It is.

      But if we watch the movie in this way and see it in the context of a few men and women attacking a house, we will not get anywhere. Aronofsky obviously ties this story to other things. Here, the story of a man and a woman in the same house can lead to different interpretations; From the relationship between two people after the beginning of a joint life and the beginning of the temptations caused by a new life to stories as old as human existence, such as the story of Adam and Eve. runs away. But his film is also hit from here. Darren Aronofsky has a habit of making multi-faceted films, sometimes these works become acceptable and so-called coherent works, and sometimes they look sloppy and incoherent like the movie "Mother". The reason for this is also clear in "Mother": Aronofsky was so attracted to his ideas and had so much to say that he forgot to expand and expand each one and bring it to fruition. For this reason, many of his ideas remain raw and uncoordinated and go to waste. Darren Aronofsky is a skilled director in creating complex compositions and difficult mise-en-scnes. Although sometimes it seems that the director is trying to scare the audience in this way and has nothing else in mind, but the movie can be watched only once for this reason.

      On the other hand. The director is also successful in creating scary sequences. The film creates enough tension and excitement to attract its audience. Actually, here we are with an entertaining movie that wants to take bigger bites out of its mouth, otherwise it is definitely worth watching once.

      "A man and a woman live in a house in a remote area. One day a stranger enters their house without permission. The stranger thinks that this is a place for guests. While the woman of the house complains about this man's behavior, the man of the house accepts her warmly. Soon the wife of that strange man will arrive. The arrival of different people does not end here and the house gradually gets crowded until..."

      18. The Purge Top 19 home invasion movies from worst to best

      • Director: James Demonaco
      • Stars: Ethan Hawke, Lena Headey
      • Product: 2013, USA
      • Score The IMDb site for the movie: 5.7 out of 10
      • The rating of the movie on the Rotten Tomatoes site: 39%

      The story of the movie "Cleansing" is an original story and of course an epic one. On paper, he is dying to make a film that is deeply critical of the state of American society today, but like any such project in Hollywood, this one has become a disposable film that can be enjoyed for ninety minutes and then put aside. p>

      In a hypothetical America, a law has been passed where people can do whatever they want for one night a year. They can beat, kill, and no one pursues them. Only that at the end of a certain hour they must stop killing and return to their former lives. In this situation, we meet people who try to survive this night. So, the society is divided into two groups on a particular night: people who have nothing to do with others and are just looking for a place to hide, and people who are looking for murder by preparing tools.

      Well, that's it. See the summary of the story; It can be a way to criticize an autocratic system, it can dig into the evil side of human existence, it can talk about a capitalist system, and it can become a heroic work about a man's efforts to save the lives of others. Interestingly, the contexts of all these cases are also present in the film. The director has obviously tried to make his film not just an entertaining work, but it's clear that he doesn't have the ability to make a multi-layered film.

      So I wish he would choose the opposite way and make a completely entertaining film. In this case, we would definitely be faced with a more coherent work that could be visited and enjoyed watching; In the sense that instead of dealing with the political and social background of the case, he focused on making a one-handed story and empathetic characters and had nothing to do with making a deeper film. But does all this mean that "The Purge" is a bad movie?

      Absolutely not. You can still find the pure moments of those middles and enjoy it; Especially from the middle of the work onwards. From somewhere, the director finds his way, and when the invaders enter the house, he no longer has anything to do with those critical backgrounds. He focuses on his victim and victimizer and fortunately creates a world where the motives of both parties are clear; One takes advantage of the situation to quench his insane thirst for the pleasure of crime, and the other is looking for a way to just survive. sat down to its sequel. Several sequels were made, but this one is still the best. Although, if you have the chance, watch them too; This collection of works is at least entertaining enough.

      "The American government has passed a law that every year, one night from 7 pm to 7 am, all laws are canceled. In these 12 hours, everyone can do whatever they want; including murder and crime. The police and emergency are not available during these 12 hours and even they can be victims of this collective madness. In this situation, those who have made enemies for themselves are in more danger. For this reason, people use advanced security systems in their homes. Now, a man whose job is to install these security systems, along with his family, is attacked by some masked men and women..."

      17. You're Next Top 19 home invasion movies from worst to best

      • Director: Adam Wingard
      • Actors: Sharni Wilson, Nicholas Tucci
      • Product: 2011, USA
      • IMDb site rating for the movie: 6.6 out of 10
      • Rotten Tomatoes site rating for the movie: 79%

      Many movies are made with the focus of a killer or masked killers. Killers who use sharp tools to commit crimes. Quiet killers who do not have a clear motive for crime and seem to enjoy watching their victims die. And of course, many of these films are not worth watching once, but the difference between Adam Wingard's cinema and those films is his use of pristine situations in order to create fear in the audience. For example, here he arranges the situations in such a way that the sudden appearance of the killer makes the audience's hair stand on end.

      Adam Wingard made a slasher story and limited it to a single location so as not to leave any chance for the victims to escape. This creates an increasing tension in the film. On the other hand, the story of the film progresses in such a way that only one thing happens throughout it: some people are running away from those who intend to kill them. Making such a film, with this simple story, is very difficult; Because it may repel the audience. The moviegoer gets used to anything after a while, that's why the director has to be creative and always have something in his pocket so that he can surprise his audience. Especially in a horror movie.

      But Adam Wingard is a skilled director. He has compensated for this issue by putting different paths in front of the characters. In the sense that they constantly have to make choices to save their lives, and this not only saves the movie from boredom, but also causes the characters to manifest in a slow and continuous manner; This means that the audience at least identifies with the victims of the story until the end.

      On the other hand, many slasher films are not interested in explaining the motive of the killers; Because in this case they are placed in an aura of ambiguity to make them seem mysterious. Such villains seem unattainable and the movie becomes more frightening; Because the audience feels that one day they may face one of these crazy people. But if a motive is created for these criminals, they will immediately become tangible and tangible, and there will be no more of that mystery. In this case, the audience is less afraid; Because the killer has a specific and unique reason for committing the crime which is not related to him. Because it is not only useful for such a list, but it is also one of the best horror movies of this century.

      "A man and a woman enter their house. The woman finds the body of a girl with a note: You are next. Some people come in wearing fox masks and kill them all. Some time later, a group of friends started a party in a house. At the dinner table, two of them are suddenly shot by an unknown person. The others try to call the police but realize that there is no antenna and it is not possible to make a call. Meanwhile, a person appears with a fox mask on his face..."

      16. Them Top 19 home invasion movies from worst to best

      • Director: David Morrow, Xavier Paloud
      • Actors: Adriana Mocca, Olivia Bonami
      • Product: 2006, France and Romania
      • IMDb site rating for the movie: 6.4 out of 10
      • Rotten Tomatoes site rating for the movie: 63%

      The story of the film takes place in one night and deals with the lives of those who have to survive the night against the attack of unknown people. Many horror movies have been made based on the lives of people who live in remote places. To the extent that this issue has become a boring clich. The story generally goes like this: people without any special security have taken their place and moved to a place that is far from civilization and now they are attacked at night. When dealing with such films, the audience is immediately surprised by the stupidity of the characters and gets jealous of them. Because it provides a logical reason for the creators to justify not helping the victims. In addition, the fact that a few men and women are caught in the hands of a ruthless killer in a crowded and crowded city is not attractive, and naturally the story of the film should end in the first half hour with the arrest of the villains; Because the victim is only one cry away from salvation.

      But it is not always bad to use stereotypes. If a director knows how to use them in a good way in his story, they happen to become the strength of the film. The movie "They" is one of those movies. The director has successfully used a dark and remote environment outside the city and scared his audience. On the other hand, due to the European origin of the film, it is far away from American stories, and despite benefiting from genre elements, it seems like a new work; Especially in the field of characterization and of course the way of storytelling.

      The entire duration of the film is spent showing the efforts of the characters in that hellish night to survive. If you are a fan of 90 minutes of pure excitement and enjoy watching cat and mouse play, then watch the movie "Them". They collide with each other. Those who are far from civilization and the city get out of the car to find a way to escape, but suddenly they are attacked by unknown people and killed. On the other hand, Clementine lives with her friend in a house in the outskirts of Bucharest, far from civilization. The day after that crime, while driving to his house, he passes by that car that crashed. Night falls and Clementine and her friend suddenly wake up with voices. They realize that they are not alone in their home..."

      15. Us (Us) Top 19 home invasion movies from worst to best

      • Director: Jordan Peele li>
      • Actors: Lupita Nyong'o, Winston Duke and Elisabeth Moss
      • Production: 2019, USA
      • Here a woman, man and children attack a house. The situation and noises around it are as if similar attacks are going on in other areas. So you can't count on the help of others. The similarity of the two sides has made the work even open to psychological interpretations, but apart from this, it has caused an aura of mystery around this attack. Now the audience is unable to understand the main motivation of these invaders. Because, like the victims, he is surprised to see the similarity of others with himself and does not know how to react.

        Apart from these, the movie "Ma" showed that the success of Jordan Peele's first movie was not a coincidence and now we can learn from something. It was named after Jordan Peele's cinema. Because he put all the elements of the first film in a new container and made a work that obviously has the signs of the first film and tried to expand that violent world. Here again, the victims of the story were the same black men and women who are trapped in a world full of misunderstanding and oppression, but they can no longer bear to play the role of the victim.

        In addition to that. By making his second film, Jordan Peele has shown that the issue of inequalities and discrimination is very serious for him, and like the first film, he does not try to make any concessions to his audience in showing it. The crazy narrative of the night attack of some outcasts on the home of wealthy people who are busy with their own pleasures regardless of the ugliness of the world is scary enough, now add an aura of mystery around the events of the story to realize that you are dealing with a smart movie. You are.

        Using the stereotypes of the slasher genre, in addition to dealing with the behavior of the attackers who are themselves victims, causes It creates excitement and tension, but the director is still not satisfied with this and has other ideas in his head. He tries to connect these elements to a mental space and, of course, to touch on other social issues, which Elite becomes the Achilles heel of the film and puts it one step behind "Get Out".

        Jordan Peel knows that in order to change a society and leave racial discrimination behind, you must first face its bitter consequences with all your heart. For this reason, in his film, he recklessly tells the audience about the consequences of continuing this situation and actually warns them. But all of these concepts make sense when there is an entertaining movie first, which has actually happened.

        "1968. A girl goes to the beach with her family to spend her vacation. In a room, he meets another girl who looks very much like him and seems to be his twin. Years pass and the girl grows up and now goes on vacation with her family. But his family is attacked at night by people who are very similar to them..."

        14. Home Alone Top 19 home invasion movies from worst to best

        • Director: Chris Columbus
        • Starring: Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern
        • Production: 1990, USA
        • IMDb site rating for the movie: 7.7 out of 10
        • Rotten Tomatoes site rating for the movie: 67%

        In the introduction of the article, it was said that films centered on the attack of a few people on a house can also be comedies. This one is perhaps the best example to understand such a situation. Two thieves intend to steal the property of a house and the only obstacle they have in front of them is a child who is left alone in the house. Surprisingly, this child can stop these two clumsy thieves every time and stop them from carrying out their robbery operation. This issue, in addition to creating funny and sometimes gut-wrenching sequences, makes the conflict between these two sides gradually become a personal issue for the thieves, and they decide to take care of this boy anyway.

        Pay attention to the year of the movie. This is the same year as Martin Scorsese's Goodfellas. In that movie, Joe Peshi gave the best performance of his life and appeared in the role of one of the most violent gangsters in the history of cinema. Now, in the same year, he played the role of a stupid thief in a comedy movie, which can only be done by a great actor. Here he is miles away from that Italian gangster living in New York City, and he is a man who, no matter what he does, can't handle a half-assed boy. No, no one is supposed to fight for his life or save his family from the clutches of a cruel man. If the villains in the previous films did not give anyone a chance and instead killed the owners of the house, here the robbers themselves are the victims of a child who, in complete innocence, seems to have found two accomplices and played with them.

        It is natural that the film "Home Alone" builds its own world like any other good comedy. By reading this article, you will understand that unrealistic logic governs the film's story; The logic that comes from the fantasy world of the comedy genre, the same world that can lead to the creation of films in which, despite the presence of violence, no one's nose bleeds. For this reason, the plot and cause and effect relationships of the film are designed in such a way that the effect goes from one funny sequence to another; In this way, the robbers keep planning to enter the house and carry out the robbery, but every time they have to retreat and run away, because the boy read their hand. spend in Paris. The night before the trip, Kevin gets into a fight with two of his friends and is punished by sleeping in the attic. Disgusted, Kevin wishes his family would disappear and be alone. In the morning, Kevin wakes up to find that his family has gone on a trip and forgotten about him. Thinking his wish has come true, Kevin is overjoyed and rushes out to attend the Christmas party. While returning, he notices the presence of two thieves around the house. Instead of running away, Kevin makes a plan to make the thieves pay in their hands...

        13. Don`t Breathe Top 19 home invasion movies from worst to best

        • Director: Fede Alvarez
        • Actors: Stephen Lang, Jane Levay and Dylan Mint
        • Product: 2016, USA
        • IMDb site rating for the movie: 7.1 out of 10
        • Rotten Tomatoes site rating for the movie: 89%

        Sometimes the attackers of a house can be victims themselves. Sometimes it is possible to build a society and a city where even thieves can arouse the audience's identification. To achieve such a thing, the filmmaker must first design an environment in which a few petty thieves, have no other way to continue living, then go to their behavioral characteristics. It means to show the thieves as ordinary people who steal out of necessity. So, in the movie "Get Out" we are on the side of the attackers who are clearly different from the heartless killers of the slasher movies on this list.

        The movie "Don't Breathe" became a phenomenon in the world cinema immediately after its release, so there were whispers to make The second part will be strengthened. The second part of it was released just last year, which was not mouth-watering and made the audience regret watching it. In fact, the creators of the film had forgotten that the works of the horror genre are not empty ideas, and for this reason, the second film of this series had become an unwanted comedy, and it was more of an action film than a horror film.

        The story of the movie "Don't Breathe" is a one-line but interesting idea: after learning that a blind old man on the outskirts of the city has received a huge fortune from the insurance for the death of his child, three unlucky young men enter his house with the intention of stealing, but they realize too late that They are crippled, and although the old man is blind, this disability is his superiority, not his weakness.

        The story of the film takes place in the city of Detroit. The city of Detroit was once the industrial capital of America, and today, with the change in the way of trade, many of its marginal areas - which were once prosperous due to the presence of many factories - have become ruined and a new type of life has emerged in these areas; A kind of life that originates from poverty and deprivation. Once these factories were the source of income for families, the houses of the city were full of families of these workers and life was flowing. Although the hunter and the hunted are in trouble together in the surface layers of the text, this background is constantly showing itself and the importance of the loss of morals and humanity of the past is reflected in the work. In fact, both sides of the story are victims of that kind of new life where making money at any cost has replaced everything; A place where rich people are winners under any circumstances and others are their victims.

        The story of the conflict between good and evil in the film becomes complicated when the position of the victim and the executioner is confused with the presence of a fourth person and it becomes clear that the old man is hiding some secrets. has breasts The secrets they hide in the dark house of their existence and the presence of thieves may cause them to be found. So the reason for his resistance is not only to protect his property but also to protect the sinister past whose results are present in the basement of the present house. Two boys and a young girl make a living by robbing rich people's houses. The father of one of the boys works in a company that manufactures burglar alarms and home security issues, and they break into those homes in this way. One day, these three friends find out that an old man lives on the outskirts of the city in an uninhabited area. This old man, who is blind, recently lost his daughter in a car accident and was able to receive a large amount of money from the insurance. For this reason, stealing from his house seems an easy task, but the thieves don't know one thing; The point that..."

        12. The Strangers Top 19 home invasion movies from worst to best

        • Director: Brian Bertino
        • Actors: Liv Tyler, Scott Speedman
        • Product: 2008, USA
        • Score IMDb to the movie: 6.2 out of 10 Rotten Tomatoes rating: 48% "The effect is amazing and different. Under the movie "You're Next", it was mentioned that the directors of the slasher horror movies are not interested in explaining the motives of the killers in detail. But the movie "Strangers" goes even further and puts killers in front of us who don't even seem to enjoy killing. It is as if they do this only because they have nothing else to do. In fact, they are literally strangers to the residents of the invaded house.

          In such a situation, it doesn't matter what the motivation of the inhabitants is anymore, and the filmmaker doesn't waste his time to explain it; What becomes important is a more fundamental question: will the victims be able to escape? Who is the winner of this battle, which depends on the life and death of a group, at the end of the movie?

          Watching the movie "Strangers" is not suitable for the faint of heart. Here, the filmmaker scares the audience as much as possible and focuses on blood and gore sequences as much as possible. He draws the killers of the story as wild and predatory creatures and makes the presence of each of them appear formidable on the screen at any moment. It happened in the neighborhood of the filmmaker's residence, and the other murders of the Manson family in America, the most famous of which is the killing of Roman Polanski's wife, Sharon Tate. Some praised its tension and atmosphere, and some criticized its characterization and storyline. But the film met with the luck of the cinema audience and was able to, despite the budget of 9 million dollars, sell 82 million dollars worldwide and become a commercial success.

          The success of the film did not remain in the initial sales, but over time it became a cult work that has its own special fans. The reason for this is the serious criticism of the film and the filmmaker's view of the isolated and so-called "pasteurized" folk lifestyle of the main characters of the story. They are unaware of the world and people and only think about their own comfort, and this may be the reason why they are in that terrible situation. Because in contrast to their ignorance of the state of the world before the incident, no one comes to save them and it seems that the world is unaware of their misfortune. The original version, its sequel also became a defensible work. The film "The Strangers: Prey At Night" (The Strangers: Prey At Night), which was released in 2018, is only behind its original version in terms of atmosphere; Because the space of the original version was limited to the walls of a house, it conveyed a feeling of being stuck and fatalism, which the spacious environment of this new version does not benefit from. James and Christine arrive at their childhood summer home. They have encountered a difference in their private lives; Because Christian has not accepted James' marriage proposal. Night comes and while they think that life will not get worse, three killers with masks on their faces enter the house to...

          11. The Last House On The Left

 Top 19 home invasion movies from worst to best

          • Director: Wes Craven
          • Actors: Sandra Peabody, Lucy Grantham
          • Product: 1972, USA
          • IMDb site rating for the movie: 5.9 out of 10
          • Rotten Tomatoes site rating for the movie: 63%

          Wes Craven is one of the gods of horror cinema and he has almost given the masterpiece of this popular movie genre. His name is familiar enough to the audience of this genre, and it makes each of his films become a phenomenon in the world of cinema. "The Last House on the Left" is an important film from this point of view; Because it was the first film that made his name known as an important director and made this great filmmaker's foot open to the world of cinema. The seventies was the decade of the American cinema's transformation and the world became a different place. With the loss of sensitivity in the display of violence at that time, the directors of this genre started making violent sequences without any restrictions and made films that were not possible to produce before. It was during this period that filmmakers such as George Romero or Wes Craven started experimenting and became great directors of the horror genre.

          On the other hand, the 1970s was also the time to criticize established social structures. The horror genre is always ahead of any other genre in criticizing the time and society around it. This gave Wes Craven the opportunity to portray the sharp blade of his criticism without any veils through the display of violence and portray the rebellious youth of that time as insane madmen who either victimize or become victims themselves.

          There is a difference between this movie and other works on the list. Here, home invaders themselves become victims of others. If you read the synopsis of the movie, you will understand what I mean. The moral world of the film is so complicated that it is impossible to put the name of the victim on either side of the story.

          After committing the crime, the master and the gang go to a house. The thing is, they don't know that this house belongs to the family of their crime victim. This issue causes the residents of the house to take bloody revenge and make each of those criminals become victims. Perhaps no movie on this list makes the audience feel relieved that the invaders are dead like this one.

          In 2009, Hollywood tried to remake this movie and, as usual, it failed to revive the memories of this one. The only use of these reconstructions is that the audience realizes the value of the original work.

          Two young girls go to the city to attend a music concert. On the way back, they meet people and go to their apartment, unaware that these people are psychopaths and criminals with a history of murder and rape. After some fights, these two girls are attacked by criminals. After harassing and assaulting the girls, these hard-hearted people kill them and leave the bodies in a forest. Some time later, the members of this group go to a nearby house to spend the night. Unaware that this house belongs to the father of one of the girls. After understanding the crime of this group, the father designed a revenge plan Bloody busy...

          10. Vacancy

 Top 19 home invasion movies from worst to best

          • Director: Nimrod Antel li>
          • Actors: Kate Beckinsale, Luke Wilson
          • Product: 2007, USA
          • Site rating IMDb to the movie: 6.2 out of 10
          • Rating of the movie on Rotten Tomatoes: 55%

          Is it for this To include a film in this list, surely the victims must be living in their own homes or can a film whose story takes place in an inn be considered part of this type of cinema? If we consider every private environment as a place for peace and the invaders disturb the comfort of its residents or an altar where a number of corpses are dumped after an attack by killers, then the movie "Guesthouse" is also a part of these movies.

          A number of characteristics of other films in the list can also be identified here; including the remoteness of the inn and the cry for help not being heard or the motive of the criminals not being clear to the viewer. In this case, the haunted guest house in the movie can be considered like the house of movies like "Strangers" or "Them", because the victims are a couple who, like the characters in those movies, are looking for a place to relax.

          Getting off the road that the characters are not familiar with and staying at a strange inn have long been familiar themes in slasher cinema. Right now, you can go back to the memory and recall a few horror movies where it all started with a wrong turn on the road or getting lost in a remote place or a car breaking down on the way. In fact, such a narrative can be found in the movie "Psycho" by Alfred Hitchcock in 1960 as the initiator of this genre. This narrative is so intertwined with slasher movies that even if we don't know that we are dealing with a horror movie, turning on a wrong road or detouring to a side makes the audience anxious.

          It was not a simple solitude and The revelation of the plan of the executioners of the film puts the man and woman in the story of this film in a position to defend themselves, but what they do not know is the level of rapacity that these attackers are capable of. The movie "Guesthouse" avoids showing violent scenes and extreme blood and gore as much as it can. This factor caused the movie to attract the attention of the general cinema audience more than other slasher works, and the critics also pay more attention to it. Because instead of focusing on how people die, the filmmaker has focused on the tension in the frame and the pursuit of the main characters and the survivors. It is periodicals. Because it has the ability to attract an audience who is not interested in horror cinema. The actors of the heroes of the film were not chosen from among unknown actors, unlike such works, and the budget of the film is higher than the usual amount of horror films. Besides, there is a romantic theme in the story, which is generally not heard of in horror cinema.

          "David and Amy are on the verge of divorce and separation. After their car breaks down on a remote road, they hit the road on foot and after reaching a motel, they are forced to stay there to relieve fatigue. In their room, they notice some video tapes and a device to play them, and they decide to watch movies to pass the time, but suddenly they realize that the images in the movies are dedicated to the brutal torture of the previous guests in the same room..."

          9. Panic Room

 Top 19 home invasion movies from worst to best

          • Director: David Fincher
          • Stars: Jodie Foster, Forest Whittaker, Christian Stewart and Jared Leto
          • Product: 2002, USA
          • David Fincher is very interested in understanding the point of view of criminals. From the same movie "Seven" until now, he has dealt with the life of killers or detectives who are present in the story as hunted and hunters. In a film like "Zodiac" that goes further and tells a story in which the effect of a number of murders over time is shown on a society. So if he goes for a story centered on the attack of some criminals on a house, the result must be a different work. He knows. But his weakest films are head and shoulders above the usual Hollywood works. Here, the story does not take place in a remote neighborhood or somewhere outside the city, but one of the busiest places on the planet has been chosen as the location of the drama; Manhattan, New York.

            David Fincher has turned the moving of a mother and daughter into a luxurious house into an attractive thriller that, instead of creating momentary fear or momentary surprises, increases its excitement moment by moment. Mother and daughter after three robbers attacked the house They take refuge in a room built by the former residents of the house; This room has all the necessary facilities to prevent the entry of thieves, but there is a problem: it is not possible to communicate with anywhere from inside this place, and for this reason, both mother and daughter are caught in the clutches of some thieves.

            Such a story in the hands of another director could become a boring work; Because being in an impenetrable room and the presence of thieves outside it for many hours is not attractive. But the filmmaker plants some small ideas in the story at the very beginning to harvest them at the right time. For example, the girl is suffering from an illness and when the mother and daughter run away to the shelter, she does not have a chance to take her medicine. The same idea expands and expands in the heart of the story to bring excitement to the film. On the other hand, it is said many times in the film that this room is impenetrable, but the thieves try different methods to enter. They touch it. This issue creates suspense and the audience feels every moment that this time the door will open and the mother and daughter will be captured in the clutches of those men. Rauf is kindhearted among thieves. He who thought this robbery would be easy, now he doesn't want to kill anyone and become a murderer, while his trainmates don't like to leave a witness. The confrontation of this man with two other people, as well as his efforts to help the prisoners trapped in that room, has been David Fincher's best trick to create tension and excitement in his story. Is. From Jodie Foster to Jared Leto and Forest Whittaker, they have shone in their roles. This has caused us to deal with a film whose story takes the audience with it and the acting of its actors puts them in the heart of various situations. Moves in Manhattan, New York. Meg has recently separated from her husband and this new life as a single mother is new to her. Sarah is also depressed because of this change and this has put her mother in a difficult situation. In their house, there is a room that is separated from the rest of the house. This room, which has concrete walls, is equipped with the latest facilities to escape from others. It is impenetrable and has multiple monitors connected to CCTV cameras inside the house. This kind of person who is present in the room can monitor the whole house. In the meantime, three robbers, who still think the house is empty, enter there. Meg and Sara manage to get to the shelter in time, but the problem is that the phone there is cut off and there is no way to communicate with the outside..."

            8. Parasite

   Top 19 home invasion movies from worst to best

            • Director: Bong Joon Ho
            • Actors: Song Kang Ho, Lee Sun Kyun
            • Product: 2019, South Korea
            • IMDb site rating for the movie: 8.5 out of 10
            • Rotten Tomatoes site rating for the movie: 98%

            Review the story of the movie in your mind for a moment; By the way, the behavior of the poor in this movie towards their victims is more terrible than the behavior of all the negative characters in other movies; They intend to take over a house, without its inhabitants realizing their plan, they do not shy away from any terrible act to achieve their goal, while the role of the killers in other movies is clear. In the meantime, the presence of a secret in that house will shake everything up and cause this plan to turn into a complete massacre.

            In "Parasite", the filmmaker pays attention to both sides of the story. Is. At the same time, he focuses on the characterization of the residents of the house and puts the other party under the microscope and shows their behavior to the audience. Bong Joon Ho makes a completely different work like this; Because his film is more than a crime or horror film, it is a film about class differences and the identity crisis of today's South Korean society. For the same reason, there is a bitter and dark humor in the film, which reduces the poison of the film so that the audience, instead of being intimidated by the behavior of both parties, thinks about what they saw on the screen. Since it is about the invasion of a few people in a house, it is about the class difference and also the cultural problems in the advanced society of South Korea today; A work about crazy effort Some people to climb the stairs of progress and reach the upper classes of society. Because of this, Bong Joon Ho made a film in which he warns of the loss of human values and their replacement with material values, money and wealth. In this way, the director looks at the cultural self-loss of his country and criticizes the influence of Western culture in today's South Korea. But the problem begins when none of these messages leave the surface of the film and do not find their way deep.

            Bong Joon-ho before he became famous and special with the movie "Parasite" and his name spread to the world. Dernard had made a name for himself among more serious cinema audiences by making the movie "Memories Of Murder". They try to put themselves in the place of other people and take advantage of the simplicity of a rich couple. They tend to stick to this life like a parasite and take advantage of it with dose and cunning, but then they find out a terrible secret in the house of these people..."

            7. Cape Fear

   Top 19 home invasion movies from worst to best

            • Director: Martin Scorsese
            • Stars: Robert De Niro, Nick Nolte, Jessica Lange, Gregory Peck and Robert Mitchum
            • Product: 1991, USA
            • IMDb site rating for the movie: 7.3 out of 10
            • Rotten Tomatoes site rating for the movie: 74%

            Gradually we are getting closer to movies in which the attack of someone or people on a house is an excuse to show other things. Here, Scorsese created a complex world in which a man intends to blacken another man's life. In the middle of the story, the filmmaker focuses on the first man's attempts to enter the second man's house and shows the consequences of this attack. By the way, in terms of the direction of this season of the movie, it is the best part of it and it can stay in your mind for a long time. In this season, Scorsese shows that he can touch his audience and by choosing the correct mise-en-scne and decoupage, he can make the audience cling to their seats with excitement.

            But the story does not end there. . The villain of the story still had other dreams for his victim after that terrifying attack. He can continue this crazy game somewhere outside the home. For this reason, in the end, like the other films on the list, he postpones his attack to a place outside the city so that no one will hear the voices of the victims; This attack also happens in a private environment; Where the victim's family has struggled to escape problems and find peace for themselves.

            The story of the film is the story of a man's revenge against his lawyer. He thinks that Mr. Vakil did not defend him properly in the court and that is why he intends to take revenge. On the other hand, after some time passes, it becomes clear that this man is dangerous for the society and should stay in the same prison. In such a frame, Scorsese tries to raise a moral question: should Mr. Vakil, despite the possibility of proving the man's innocence, allow such a dangerous being to go free and commit a crime, or was it right to put him in prison? /p>

            Such a question gives life to address metatextual issues. But apart from these, Robert De Niro's performance in the negative role of the film shakes the audience. We know him more in the form of introverted men, but this game shows that De Niro is also capable of playing energetic and extroverted roles. The main story and the opposite person is Robert De Niro. He couldn't keep up with Robert De Niro, and as scary as De Niro is, he can't play a scared man who is incapable of committing a crime. Nick Nolte, this movie is more of a born coward than a scared human, captive in the clutches of a mad man.

            "Max Cady is a man who has been in prison for 14 years and now after his release he blames his lawyer. He follows Mr. Vakil to the city where he lives and constantly threatens him. The lawyer thinks that Max can be bought with money, but he has other ideas. until..."

            6. Funny Games

   Top 19 home invasion movies from worst to best

            • Director: Mikhail Hanke
            • Actors: Ulrich Mohe, Susan Lothar
            • Production: 1997, Austria
            • IMDb rating for the movie: 7.6 out of 10
            • Rating of the movie on Rotten Tomatoes: 63%

            We said Sometimes the negative characters of the story, the ones who attack a house, do not give any explanation to understand their motivation. But sometimes it is the filmmaker who intends to say something by telling their story. If that filmmaker is someone like Michael Haneke, he might want to annoy his audience a bit. Or he can go a little crazy and achieve a work in the form and style of narration so that his film becomes a completely different work in the history of cinema. Few examples can be found for it.

            On the other hand, Mishael Hanke makes me and you, the audience, get greedy from him as a director, not from the invaders. But how has he managed to do this? He involves the audience in this endless cycle of violence by playing with the rules of cinema as well as using different distancing techniques. In this way, you and I share in that environment, and it gets to the point where we put ourselves in the place of several murderers for a moment. To actively follow and by putting yourself in the place of different people, imagine what you would do and what decision you would make if you were in the place of these people. Mikhail Hanke is a master of playing with the audience's emotions and making him disgusted by the behavior of his characters on the screen. Watching the crimes of the villainous youths and what they want from the family of the film's unlucky victim is not an easy task, but the director has no intention of backing down and paying a ransom for the audience's release. But in an interesting way, the film does this by not showing violent scenes.

            Hanke doesn't see this display of abuse only for the events inside the frame, but tries to use it in the form of his work as well. For example, in the same opening sequence and the family moving towards their private villa, the camera deliberately shows a behavior that makes the audience feel dizzy. But that's not all, he goes further and plays with the stereotypes of the horror genre. For example, when we imagine that the hero of the story has won and defeated one of the torturers, the image goes back and this time the torturer takes the lead and wins. This action causes the audience's expectations of the upcoming events to be constantly confused and they cannot guess anything.

            Michael Hanke has always sought to discover the roots of violence in his films. He has tried to find an answer to why a person engages in crime in a seemingly modern society. For this reason, he went to the story of the invasion of some young people in a different way so that the audience will think and think about other things besides being entertained. The least amount of change was reconstructed. But his movie didn't have the warmth and power of this one.

            "A rich family goes to a lake for a vacation to relax. Everything goes awry with the discovery of the heads of two seemingly ordinary young people...

            5. Wait Until Dark (Wait Until Dark)

   Top 19 home invasion movies from worst to best

            • Director: Terence Young
            • Actors: Audrey Hepburn, Alan Arkin and Richard Kerna
            • Product: 1967, USA
            • IMDb site rating for the movie: 7.7 out of 10
            • Rotten Tomatoes site rating for the movie: 96%

            Here we are dealing with a criminal story about drug trafficking. The protagonist of the story is a blind woman who lives in a house where there is a lot of drugs; Without being aware of it. Now imagine the presence of a blind woman, alone in a house where men are going to enter to find their drug shipment; It is natural that we are dealing with an exciting and action movie.

            A man is seduced by a woman to take a doll out of the airport. This man has no idea about the contents of the doll, but because he is seduced by the woman, he accepts. From here on, the director creates a labyrinth in front of us, in which everyone is trying to put a hat on the other's head. They have shoes except for a poor woman who cannot see. This is a dark world that may seem a bit bitter, but the filmmaker never intends that his story can be interpreted to give way to metatextual interpretations; He wants to make an entertaining film that keeps the audience guessing, and by the way, he has succeeded in this.

            This awareness of the goal has made us face a coherent film that is also an attractive story for It is defining, it has well-developed characters that bring the audience along, its moral world is complex and it has the increasing suspense that such a film needs.

            Terence Young, like most directors of classic cinema, , is focused on defining his story as best as possible. He has spent all his power so that you and I don't notice the passage of time and enjoy watching the movie. Of course, there are some plot holes here and there, but Terence Young's sharp direction and the good acting of the actors make these flaws not so noticeable. In addition, the final scene of the film is also a technical masterpiece of the director in providing dark and dimly lit sequences. The characters move from room to room as they each execute a plan. The name of the film also refers to the final chapter of the work, when a blind woman has more power than normal men and can have the highest.

            Audrey Hepburn's performance in this movie is one of her best performances in her career. She doesn't lack a first-class performance, but here she really shines in the form of a blind woman.

            "A woman named Lisa seduces a man to pass a doll through airport customs. The man does so, unaware that the doll is heavily loaded with drugs. Lisa wants to put a cap on her partner, Ruth, and turn her around. But when he goes to that man's house to get the doll back, he is killed by Ruth. Now, just when the man has left his house and his blind wife is alone there, Ruth devises a plan to enter there and get the doll, unaware that the doll is missing for an unknown reason... /p>

            4. In Cold Blood

   Top 19 home invasion movies from worst to best

            • Director: Richard Brooks
            • Actors: Robert Blake, Scott Wilson and John Forsyth
            • Production: 1967, USA
            • IMDb site rating for the movie: 7.9 out of 10
            • Rotten Tomatoes site rating for the movie: 83%

            The movie "In Coolness" is based on a book of the same name written by Truman Capote, which is the best work of this great American writer. Hollywood has made another first class movie based on another book by this author: a movie called "Breakfast At Tiffany's" directed by Blake Edwards and starring Audrey Hepburn.

            Story of movie and book It is based on a true story. Once, two young men attacked a house and after killing all the members of the house, escaped with a small amount of money. The police searched for them for a long time and after finding them, the court sentenced both of them to death. Interviewed these two young people. He saw the story of these two young people as an opportunity to understand the new America. Finally, the result of all his research became this book. Of course, a film based on the efforts of this author was made in 2005 called "Capote" in which Philip Seymour Hamphen played the role of this author and was able to win the Oscar for the best actor. /p>

            In his adaptation of this story, Richard Brooks has remained faithful to the structure of the book and at the same time has made a first class movie. This issue becomes important when we know that we are dealing with an ignorant book, not an exciting work based on clear cause and effect relationships. For this reason, the structure of the film will be a little dumb for the impatient audience. But on the other hand, the narrative of these two young men and their experiences of chasing with the agents and then being arrested is so attractive that it will captivate the audience. It should be noted that the final sequence of the film can also become one of the scariest movie experiences.

            Filming is one of its strong points. The images of the film put the audience in the heart of the situations. In addition to that final sequence, it is enough to pay attention to the filming of the work in the interrogation sequence of the two young men. This sequence shakes the back of the audience so that both the police's brutality and the confessions of these two young men are surprised. Brooks has become a formidable work. Brooks maintains Capote's creative narrative style and adds nail-biting visuals that will leave any audience in awe. His pictures tell the horrible truth; That crime can have a home anywhere, nearby.

            "Two ex-prisoners, each serving their parole, meet. They want to get rid of their miserable life. They hear that a family named Clutter keeps ten thousand dollars in cash in their house, which is attached to the farm. The two young men enter the house, but to their surprise, they do not find much. But the situation gets out of their control and..."

            3. Straw Dogs

   Top 19 home invasion movies from worst to best

            • Director: Sam Peckinpah
            • Actors: Dustin Hoffman, Susan George and Del Haney
            • Product: 1971, USA and UK
            • If there's a director who can handle violent scenes, it's Sam Peckinpah. He is considered a poet of violence and one of the films that made him worthy of this title is the film "Segha Poshali". Peckinpah is an extraordinary director and is able to attract the audience very well. In the 1960s and 1970s, he made films that criticized the society of his time and chose men as heroes who had to sacrifice many things for liberation and salvation, sometimes even their lives.

              Here, he has put the opposition of two views on life under his microscope. A man of science and intellectual enters a culturally backward environment, an environment where people only drink and eat, and if they do something, it does not require any intelligence; Work like labor. In fact, these people do everything to escape from thinking.

              In such a framework, these people cannot tolerate someone who does not understand them. This also causes violence that takes up almost half of the film's time. During this time, the main character of the drama, who is not very tall and lacks physical strength, must use his mental strength to defend himself and his family, while the other party has nothing but brutality and force of arms. . These are the differences that become the driving engine of the movie and move the story forward. He has been able to play the role of a todar man very well. At the same time, with the passage of time in the film, his character moves away from that politeness and shows a harsh appearance. Dustin Hoffman also pulls off this step-by-step change correctly and does one of the best roles of his brilliant career.

              Years passed before Hollywood remade this movie. If you are looking to watch movies, definitely go for this one. The remake is not even worth watching once.

              David is an American mathematician who is married to an English girl. To focus on his research, he goes to his wife's native village and settles on a farm. The farm has a lot of problems to live with and a lot of things don't work, so David hires some local directors to fix the problems. Later, David realizes that the people of this area are not very cultured and they harass the retarded young man who is accused of murder. He supports this young man, and this gives the residents an excuse to attack his house, but...

              2. Rosemary's Baby

     Top 19 home invasion movies from worst to best

              • Director: Roman Polanski
              • Actors: Mia Farrow, John Cassavetes
              • Product: 1968, USA
              • IMDb site rating for the movie: 8 out of 10
              • Rotten Tomatoes site rating: 96%

              You can imagine The story of this movie has nothing to do with this list. You might imagine that there is no rush at all to include the movie in this list. But hold on for a few moments, here everything is related to some people's invasion of an innocent woman's privacy; Neither his house is safe from the attack of Satan's representatives, nor his soul. For this reason, this film deserves to be included in this list.

              In all the films on the list, the invaders have a very physical presence. They attack a house and either become a victim themselves or make a victim. But here, this presence can be considered hypothetical and subjective; Because the woman or the main character behaves like a madman from one point on, to the extent that you and I imagine that everything is going on in her imagination.

              The fact that a pregnant woman alone with an army Facing wolves in lamb's clothing is scary in itself, but Polanski is not satisfied with that and intends to portray a man in a world where he has no control over the world around him and his own decisions in life.

              The monster or the cause of terror in this movie is invisible. In fact, it is connected to a place and power beyond human ability, but Polanski knows well how to present its heavy shadow throughout the film so that not only the main character, but also the audience is not safe from it and constantly feels its presence. .

              Another factor lists "Rosemary's Baby" here; It is the presence of a deeply Hitchcockian suspense that, in addition to reminding the great filmmaker, turns fear into a subsurface factor, not something that appears at the moment, scares the audience and then loses its effect.

              "After marriage, Rosemary and Guy move to an apartment in New York despite the opposition of their friends. Everything seems normal in their apartment, and the old couple next door has the air of this new family. But with the death of a woman in the neighborhood, this apparent peace collapses and everything takes on a terrifying effect until...

              1. The Desperate Hours

     Top 19 home invasion movies from worst to best

              • Director: William Wyler
              • Actors: Humphrey Bogart, Frederick March and Arthur Kennedy
              • Product: 1955, USA
              • IMDb rating for the movie: 7.5 out of 10
              • The rating of the movie on the Rotten Tomatoes site: 86%

              "Hours of Despair" is one of the movie icons that we reviewed in this list. Here we see the story of men who take refuge in a house to escape from the police and take the members of the house hostage. Their goal is to get money that they can use to hide themselves. But they have conflicts with themselves and the plan does not go well. In addition, there is a family on the other side of the story who challenges these fugitives with their behavior. The conflict between these two poles moves the story forward.

              The director introduces both sides of the story equally and spends the same amount of time on both. Both sides struggle with problems. All these problems are shown in detail. So the audience gets to know everyone well. There is even so much opportunity to add a love story to the film and in the end it will become one of the main factors of unraveling the knot. All of these cases have caused all the characters to become empathetic, even the men of the negative pole of the story. is one of them. The story of men paddling to escape from a swamp in which the more they try, the more they drown. The conflict between a normal life and believing in American principles and values and under the protection of the law and living in the shadow of escaping from the law and accepting its risks, affects both the representative spectrum of these thoughts so much that in the end none of them, that person They are not the same as at the beginning of the film.

              Wyler considers being in a fixed location as an advantage for him to implement his perfectionist form. The use of depth of field for the image of the conflict between good and evil and the use of the background to show several simultaneous events reminds us of the cinema of Orson Welles and his best. And, of course, the performance of the two main actors in the film helps a lot to show these encounters in the film.

              Frederick March is at the peak of his career and work, and he is comfortable in the role of the father of a family whose lives are threatened. . But the main stage director is Humphrey Bogart, who has appeared in the role of a man who has reached the bottom of the line. A man who has nothing else to lose but his life and is too tired to get involved with the police and destroy the remnants of his conscience. In those days, Bogart appeared on the set despite suffering from cancer, and in addition to making the film bitter, it helped him to play the role of a helpless human being. And of course, this part of the story is very bitter despite such a brilliant result. It is strange that this brilliant performance was not even nominated for an Oscar.

              "Glenn is the leader of a gang of three criminals who escape from prison and take the members of a family of four hostage and hide in their house. . Glenn is waiting for a package from a friend that contains money that will help him and his gang escape. On the other hand, the police is looking for them and...

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