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Top 15 Latin Cinema Movies to See

BingMag.com Top 15 Latin Cinema Movies to See

Latin cinema is less seen amid the hustle and bustle of Hollywood cinema and its globalization. Although Hollywood owes its worldwide fame to its powerful propaganda apparatus, it is this injustice and imbalance that extends to the social, political, and economic spheres, and the contrast between American and Latin culture, that is exactly what many Latin films address. It becomes. Contrary to popular belief, Latin cinema is not limited to the image of this influential part of its history and culture; Both the romantic dramas of these storytelling fathers, even in the limited space they have, are popular among cinema lovers and audiences, as well as in animation, documentary, and the comedy and crime genres, have proven that they can be successful.

1. Children of Men

BingMag.com Top 15 Latin Cinema Movies to See

  • Product 2006
  • Director : Alfonso Cuarn
  • Actors : Clive Owen, Julien Moore, Michael Caine

Synopsis: It is the year 2027 and all women in the world have become infertile. The youngest inhabitant of the earth has just passed away at the age of eighteen, and the people of the world are utterly disappointed. The crisis and turmoil have shaken the foundations of human civilization, and Britain, which is itself the scene of riots and clashes between hostile nationalist sects, is the last stronghold of the world. The flood of immigrants behind the gates of Britain is not allowed to enter the country, and the world on the verge of death and non-existence sees the last chance of survival in the presence of a black woman named Kay. Among these is a depressed man with a lost child named Theo (Clive Owen) whose mission is to protect this woman. "Children of Adam" is an important film in the science fiction genre, an adaptation of a powerful novel that should He saw it once. His Mexican director Alfonso Cuarn, who previously made two Latin feature films and a Harry Potter film, rose to world fame with "Children of Adam" and later with "Gravity" and "Roma". Roma) established its foothold in Hollywood and world cinema. In "Children of Adam," the art and power of Cuarn's directing and cinematography by his longtime colleague Emmanuel Lubezki, Mexico, depicts the believable dark world of the apocalypse, not far from us today in terms of time and content, with brilliant, fast-paced but fast-paced He grabs the audience and nails them to a chair. Of course, in the end, he does not neglect the injection of a little hope. "Children of Adam" was nominated for three Academy Awards for Best Cinematography, Adapted Screenplay and Editing, but won over the British public and won the BAFTA Award for Best Cinematography.

2. Selena

BingMag.com Top 15 Latin Cinema Movies to See

  • Product 1997
  • Director : Gregory Nova
  • Actors : Jennifer Lopez, Edward James Almos

Synopsis: The true life story of Selena Quintanilla Perez, a Texas singer, from her early days until her fame, performances, personal life and after her death.

Latin spoke and did not mention the Latin American queen of Texas America, Selena Quintanilla Perez. The drama, based on the biography of this popular Latin singer, is one of the most popular classics in Latin families. Starring Jennifer Lopez, one of the leading Latin American figures in American art and music, "Selena" depicts the glorious but short career of Selena Quintanilla, and a more intimate look at her personal life, her kind heart, and her passion for love. It was rooted. Selena's importance in Latin culture, apart from being a successful career in the American mainstream, is due to the fact that she made Latin artists enter the world of music. The bitter end of the American Latin artist's bitter ending doubles the impact of his life story.


BingMag.com Top 15 Latin Cinema Movies to See

  • Product 2017
  • Director : Lee Ankrich
  • Voice Actors : Anthony Gonzalez, Gail Garcia Bernal, Benjamin Burt

Coco must be seen by all; Not only because of the political message it conveys to America and the world, this film has a potential that can penetrate the hearts of all. Of course, the time of making and releasing the film cannot be ignored; As the former president of the United States desperately tried to build a wall between the United States and Mexico, Disney and Pixar focused on building a bridge between cultures and eliminating the cultural divide imposed on Mexico and the United States; An emphasis that did not escape the eyes of the members of the Academy Awards and brought him the award for best animation. This love letter to Mexico and its traditions with its breathtaking animation, vibrant colors and promising music highlights the importance of family, love and memory. Along with these concepts, the reality and dangers of becoming an artist, the self-sacrifice it requires and the people of different genders and colors that stand in the way, and the profession that lifts you up and down the emotional ups and downs. , Says.

4. The Book of Life

BingMag.com Top 15 Latin Cinema Movies to See

  • Product > 2014
  • Director : Jorge Guttierez
  • Voice Actors : Diego Luna, Zoe Saldania, Channing Tatum

Synopsis: Two boys named Manolo (Diego Luna) and Joaquin (Channing Tatum) in Mexico, one of whom dreams of becoming a bullfighter and guitarist and the other of becoming a champion and defending his hometown In love, are in love with a girl named Maria (Zoe Saldana). The goddess of the land of memories (the land of the dead whose survivors on earth are still remembered), Lamurta and her husband Zibalba, the ruler of the land of oblivion (the land of the dead who no longer remembers the living), bet on the end of the story. See which of the boys will eventually reach Maria.

"The Book of Life" is one of the Latin films that is rich because of its love of Mexican art, tradition, knowledge and culture. It may seem like a love story, but it goes a long way in depicting a sad subject with a beautiful twist and a combination of humor and music. The beautiful message of this magical animation wants to tell the audience that we should love the departed not only by remembering their memories, but also by examining their mistakes or regrets and learning from them. This film wants to remind us to embrace life, to love all the people around us, and to respect our culture, which makes us unique creatures.

5. Rita Moreno: The Girl Who Decided to Achieve Her Goal (Rita Moreno: Only a Woman Who Determined to Go for It)

BingMag.com Top 15 Latin Cinema Movies to See

  • Product 2021
  • Director : Mariam Perez Rieira
  • With: Eva Langoria, Gloria Stephen, Morgan Freeman, Whoopi Goldberg

Synopsis: Rita Moreno has been a source of inspiration and entertainment for seventy years with her performances and designs. Has been a fan of cinema and audiences. This documentary is a story from his childhood to the days of being a star.

Documentary by Puerto Rican actress, singer and dancer Rita Moreno, who has starred in such important works as "The Westside Story" and "Singing in the Rain" (Singing In the Rain), was shown at the opening of Sundance 2021. This extraordinary documentary chronicles the professional life of the Latin star of Hollywood cinema in his golden age, the prejudices he faced as a foreigner, his efforts and his successes. The film also shows a profound picture of the entertainment industry through the eyes of a Puerto Rican, who was proud of his roots and had to overcome many obstacles to achieve his dream.

6. The secret within their eyes (El Secreto de sus Ojos)

BingMag.com Top 15 Latin Cinema Movies to See

  • Product <2009
  • Director : Juan Jose Campagna
  • Actors : Ricardo Darin, Soldad Bijamil, Guillermo Franchella, Pablo Rago

Synopsis: A retired Argentine federal lawyer (Ricardo Darin) writes a novel based on an old unsolved closed case and tries to help his old friend and colleague (Soldad Bijamil) Solve the unsolved mystery of this case. The case concerns a young newlywed woman who was killed by rape in her home. The lawyer's emotional journey to his past memories leads him to a shocking conclusion. ojos, written by Eduardo Sacher, is one of the best films of the thrilling crime genre. The non-linear narrative of this film, which reveals a case of murder and rape, increases its effectiveness along with the consequences of the mistakes and missed opportunities of the film's characters. One of the many good features of this film is that it is not ashamed to show the best and worst parts of Argentine culture. On the other hand, the crime line combines the story with a romantic, artistic story. There is also a one-shot chase scene that raises the adrenaline so much that the viewer thinks he is on stage.

7. Beatriz at Dinner (Beatriz at Dinner)

BingMag.com Top 15 Latin Cinema Movies to See

  • Product strong> 2017
  • Director : Miguel Arteta
  • Actors : Selma Hayek, John Lisgo, Sony Kidney

Synopsis: Beatrice (Selma Hayek) is a Los Angeles-based masseur and therapist who goes to a beach mansion at the invitation of one of her clients, Katie. He breaks down on the way to his car and Katie invites him to accompany him to a business dinner. The guests are bewildered, and Beatrice finds herself in a verbal war with an influential real estate figure for whom money is more important than people.

Puerto Rican director Miguel Arteta, a film about several Mexican immigrants In an effort to build a career, he artistically directs alongside a therapist, who finds himself head-to-head with someone who is a collection of everything he hates. The result is one of the most tense discussions on the dinner table in the world of cinema. Selma Hayek's character in this discussion makes subtle references to American society's approach to race, class, and tradition. This sharp, chronologically timely interpretation is supposed to make the audience think about how they would act if they were in the position of Beatrice, in the face of Trump's American residents.

8. In The Heights

BingMag.com Top 15 Latin Cinema Movies to See

  • Product 2021
  • Director : John M. Chow
  • Actors : Anthony Ramos, Corey Hawkins, Leslie Grace

Synopsis: Three Days of Life People in the Latino (predominantly Dominican) neighborhood of Washington Heights in Manhattan, New York, about a grocery store owner who, after inheriting a considerable inheritance, plans to close his shop and spend his retirement days in the Dominican Republic. But there is doubt.

The American-Taiwanese musical-drama, based on a play of the same name by Lynn-Manuel Miranda, tells the story of people who each aspire to a better life. Contrary to many criticisms of the film, "In Heights" depicts the Latin tradition in a way we have never seen before. We mostly see Latinos with damaged or a handful of characters in Latin films or in the presence of Latins who are damaged and ignored in some way by their traditions in contrast to American culture, but in this film we see young people who are proud of their roots and Their tradition and culture feel good. This Latin film is by no means a clich and is just a celebration of the diverse Latin cultures.

9. Language Lessons

BingMag.com Top 15 Latin Cinema Movies to See

  • Product 2021
  • Director : Natalie Morales
  • Actors : Natalie Morales, Mark Duplus

Synopsis: A woman named Carino (Natalie Morales), who has trouble trusting others but is looking for love, and a man named Adam (Mark Duplus), who is shy but lovable but a He has a tragedy in his life that he seeks to escape, they get to know each other through online contact. Carino becomes a Spanish language teacher and gradually develops a friendship.

A drama about the epidemic, without mentioning the epidemic, is directed by Natalie Morales, an American-Cuban who made her world premiere at the 2021 Berlin Film Festival. Morales and Mark Duplus are both the actors and creators of the film's two main characters. The two created the characters separately and then pitted them against each other to see how they interacted. Duplus, who has previously worked on films that clearly show the days of the global outbreak of corona, says that in "language classes" no one uses the terrifying word "pandemic", but the distance between the characters in the film says it all.

10. Bad Hair (Pelo Malo)

BingMag.com Top 15 Latin Cinema Movies to See

  • Product 2013
  • Director : Mariana Rondon
  • Actors : Beto Benitez

Synopsis: A nine-year-old boy lives in a dilapidated apartment in Caracas with his widowed mother and younger brother. She has bad hair (Pelo Malo, a Latin term for African curly hair) that she is unhappy with and tries to straighten in various ways. His mother is upset about this, because she considers the boy's excessive attention to his appearance to be a girlish thing.

Although Latin people have beautiful traditions, there are issues in their culture that are not very pleasant and beautiful; Aversion, sexuality and racism are some of the issues that Venezuelan director Mariana Rondon has addressed. A boy who watches a decent girl with his girlfriend and is dissatisfied with her hair and is constantly trying to transform it in a way that makes her look like other boys as well as her favorite singer, causes a lot of problems in the family. The filmmaker uses this seemingly simple subject to criticize apostasy, fear of LGBTism, and taboos in Latin (and many other cultures).

Within the Time of the Butterflies

BingMag.com Top 15 Latin Cinema Movies to See

  • Product 2001
  • Director : Mariano Barroso
  • Actors : Selma Hayek, Mark Anthony, Edward James Almus li>

Synopsis: The Mirabal sisters become fighters after their family members are killed by the forces of the dictatorial regime of Terjo in the Dominican Republic, and in this way they lose their lives. The Mirabal sisters have become a symbol of the revolution because of their stubborn opposition to and struggle against the dictatorial regime of Rafael Targio in the Dominican Republic. The voice of opposition and their activities against Tarragio, which eventually led to the death of three of them, completely changed the historical past of this nation. The names of these martyred sisters on the way to the homeland are prominent among those who lost their lives defending the country against oppression and aggression. And this movie tries to keep their memory alive.

12. Dog Love (Amores Perros)

BingMag.com Top 15 Latin Cinema Movies to See

  • Product 2000
  • Director : Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
  • Actors : Gail Garcia Bernal, Goya Toledo

Synopsis: Three different stories related to a car accident in Mexico City. Each of these three stories independently depicts the cruelty of human beings to each other and the dark and destructive side of life. Refers to certain aspects of life in Mexico. Apart from its heavy idea and blatant violence, it is an ideal example of a parallel narrative of several stories through one event, as well as a rare descriptive expression of class inequality. "Dog Love", which is annoyingly feminine, stays in the audience's mind and is therefore one of Inarito's best films.

13. Fish life (La Vida de los Peces)

BingMag.com Top 15 Latin Cinema Movies to See

  • Product 2010
  • Director : Matthias Bayes
  • Actors : Santiago Cabarra, Blanca Levin

Synopsis: Andre, a Berlin-based travel writer who seems to have a good life on the world stage, returns to Santiago for years for some reason and has a tragic accident there.


Leaving home and family to pursue goals and aspirations is an integral part of life; But what happens when you return home after a long absence? . .

14. (I Am a Director)

BingMag.com Top 15 Latin Cinema Movies to See

  • 2012
  • :
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( ) . . . (Mockumentary) . .

15. (Like Water for Chocolate)

BingMag.com Top 15 Latin Cinema Movies to See

  • 1992
  • :
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: ( ) ( ) . ( ) . .

. . . . ( ) . (A Walk in the Clouds) .

  • 12

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