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Top 15 actors in the comedy-romantic genre from the worst to the best

BingMag.com Top 15 actors in the comedy-romantic genre from the worst to the best

Throughout the history of cinema, romance films have quickly become very popular among moviegoers. Some classic movies are about mythical love stories, while others have more modern features. But there is also a more popular genre alongside romantic movies that can cater to more tastes. Comedy-romances are fascinating and entertaining films that both comedy fans enjoy and can meet the romantic expectations of friends. Likewise, actors who act in this genre are especially popular. Let's take a look at 15 actors who have transformed and are still changing the most lovable genre of film.

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But who are the best among them? Who cries in the rain, secretly sends love letters, sings in the kitchen, and dances at a party like a professional? Who wears the most symbolic clothes and leaves a legacy in fashion and cinema? And most importantly, who warms the hearts of moviegoers the most?

15. Lana Kander

BingMag.com Top 15 actors in the comedy-romantic genre from the worst to the best

Lana Kander with a few projects in her art file has a memorable effect Has left. Lana, as the star of the hit Netflix movie "To All The Boys I Loved Before" and its two sequels, proved her skills not only in the teen film genre but also in the comedy-romance genre.

In addition, Kander, along with his co-stars such as Noah Centino, Israel Brusard and Jordan Fisher throughout the series, showed that he can be successful in any comedy-romantic scenario that these films provide. But the best aspect of Konder is his potential for the future of comedy-romance as a whole. The best comedy-romantic stars have a great mix of connectivity, while at the same time playing the extraordinary elements of the love story they hold, the same talent that Kander is generally known for. When you look at his comedy and his charm, you can easily see why he is a fast-growing comedy-romantic star.

Queen Latifa

BingMag.com Top 15 actors in the comedy-romantic genre from the worst to the best

When it comes to Queen Latifa playing in the comedy-romantic genre, she It breaks stereotypes in different ways. Playing in many memorable films, including "The Last Holiday", "Just Wright" and "Bringing Down the House", Quinn Latifa has consistently proven to be a rival in the comedy-romantic genre. does not have. Quinn Latifa is commendable for her collection of iconic costumes, quotes, and sequences, and for playing in the genre far more than she should.

However, the real magic in Latifa's artistic activity is her ability to Staying unique is no matter what role you play. Every romantic role of Queen Latifa has shown that she is not only a lovable person, but also an absolute movie star.

She represents the women who are often overlooked in this genre, or as a Assistants or best friends are demoted. But Quinn is a joke beyond that. When confronted by her equally beloved teammates, such as LL Cole Jay, Kamen and Jimon Honso, there is no denying that Queen Latifa is a cinematic goddess from head to toe.

13. Drew Barrymore

BingMag.com Top 15 actors in the comedy-romantic genre from the worst to the best

Drew Barrymore, one of the queens of the 90's, this decade with unique beauty The person described his gentle demeanor, and kindness. Although he has starred in many films outside the comedy-romantic genre, it is his projects in the genre that continue to impress viewers.

From his iconic collaboration with Adam Sandler to many Other romantic films, such as "Never Been Kissed", "Ever After", and "Fever Pitch", prove to be a great and lovable complement to any cinematic love story.

However, what really makes Drew a iconic comedy-romantic star is his serious nature, which is captured in the movies. Whether Drew is in the role of a songwriter waiting to be discovered, whether a failure looking to live with his Cinderella story, or a wedding falling in love with a singer, he has always included his original spirit in these roles. A quality that makes the romances within the said films more believable, and when combined with his natural glow and precious smile, it is hard not to fall in love.

12. Jennifer Lopez

BingMag.com Top 15 actors in the comedy-romantic genre from the worst to the best

Jennifer Lopez with her stunning features, eternal glow and dreamy beauty, a professional actress It is comedy-romantic. From her roles in 2000 classic films such as The Wedding Planner to her recent work in Second Act, Lopez has continued to prove that she is making her way into the world of romantic films in a number of ways.

While he has played as much as himself in unforgettable failed films, when confronted with the right romantic comedy couple, the results can be seen as the real magic of the film.

Jennifer's roles in films such as "Maid in Manhattan" and "Would You Like to Dance?" (Shall We Dance?) Demonstrates her skill, and makes the fantasy of the film center believable no matter how silly. To put romance up for auction can be seen. Jennifer goes on to prove that she has the talent to command a comedy-romantic army by going to a party to meet a senator or direct Richard Geuer on the dance floor.

Billy Crystal

BingMag.com Top 15 actors in the comedy-romantic genre from the worst to the best

Although many of the actors on this list look almost like supermodels, Billy Crystal never This shape is not described. However, even with the unconventional appearance of his movie star, Crystal is one of the most nostalgic actors in the comedy-romantic genre./ul>

Like many of the greats of his time, he has an innate connection to his performances that continues to fascinate audiences with the most enjoyable performances. Despite iconic films such as When Harry Met Sally, it is easy to see why Crystal has made such an impact in the genre.

But perhaps the most important reason for this is Why Bailey is on this list has to do with his ability to be annoying and encouraging at the same time. There is no denying that Crystal is a lovable member of the comedy-romantic world when he sits next to people like Meg Ryan in the cheapest oversized fishing jackets.

Mark Rafflow

BingMag.com Top 15 actors in the comedy-romantic genre from the worst to the best

Although most people now know him as Bruce Banner, Mark Rafflow once He was known as the secret member of the comedy-romantic world. The handsome actor, who dominated films from the early to mid-2000s, brought his unique talent to films such as "Just Like Heaven" and "Rumor Has It" (Rumor Has It) and brought a wide range of perspectives. Romantic film screened.

Even with more subplots like "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," Raffles brings the right emotions without destroying the magic of his role. But from his entire comedy-romantic artistic career, no character like Matthew in "Going on 30" is remembered by the audience. Raflow is a modern comedy-romantic myth in the role of a schoolboy who became a professional photographer. With her teammate Jennifer Garner. In addition, it is hard not to love a man who tries to shake any genre.

9. Angela Bast

BingMag.com Top 15 actors in the comedy-romantic genre from the worst to the best

Angela Bast is always the best part of any movie with her outstanding beauty and artistic career. However, when his cinematic career led him to star in several romance films, Bast not only produced important roles, but also acquired roles.

He inherited a legacy of memorable heroes. It leaves them to take control of their destiny in a number of ways, while looking from head to toe like glamorous lights. "Waiting to Exhale" to a more iconic role as Stella Payne in "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" proved that she could play any comedy-romantic role and shape it even better than expected. When placed next to some memorable teammates such as Tai Diggs and Wesley Snipes, Bast shines even brighter on the screen, balancing the romantic and dramatic elements of his roles.

8. Doris D

BingMag.com Top 15 actors in the comedy-romantic genre from the worst to the best Doris D, because of the defining roles of her career in classics such as "Family Profession" ( Known as "Pillow Talk" and "Love Me or Leave Me", he left a lasting impression on American cinema not only with his charming smile but also with his charismatic personality.

Speaking of the comedy-romantic genre, there is no denying that it had an impact that many other actors aspired to. With a serious look, bright eyes and blonde hair, his energy was famous and it is easy to believe why each of his teammates on the screen fell madly in love with him.

Films, such as Rock Hudson and James Garner, allowed him to truly flourish in the genre. His comedic timing was very precise, his brilliance was even more apparent, and his romantic chemistry was indescribable. Made a real movie star for all time.

7. Reese Witherspoon

BingMag.com Top 15 actors in the comedy-romantic genre from the worst to the best

Reese Witherspoon with iconic blonde hair and glowing eyes like a diamond, always one of the queens It will rule the world of comedy-romance. From his professional roles in films such as Legally Blonde and Sweet Home Alabama to his latest project, Home Again, Witherspoon continues to take a unique path in the realm of romantic comedy. While some may think that he is a one-dimensional actor, he is really a talented multifaceted actor who can accept almost any story and present it in the most entertaining way possible. What makes Witherspoon great is his ability to add charm and simplicity to any of his comedy-romantic roles. Whether he plays someone trying to take revenge or someone trying to improve himself and prove the impossible, he always impregnates his performances with a comparable aura and makes you like to watch his movies and performances over and over again.

With such skills, it 's not hard to see why Witherspoon's teammates have such great chemistry with him. In general, Reese Witherspoon is, and always will be, the definition of the sweetness of cinema.

Tom Hanks

BingMag.com Top 15 actors in the comedy-romantic genre from the worst to the best

Although Hanks may not have the usual attractive face of movie stars, but something completely There is fascination about him. Sure, many remember him for his more family roles, such as Woody from the Toy Story franchise, but Hanks' great success came from his work in the romantic comedy genre.

From the nostalgic films of the decade From "Splash" fantasy to his successful 1990s films such as the Oscar-winning Forrest Gump, Hanks seems to dip his toes in the pool of romantic comedy over and over again. However, the true genius of Tom Hanks' romantic comedy showed off what he did with iconic writer/director Nora Efron. Hanks began with the popular winter story "Sleepless in Seattle," followed by the fall 1990 romance novel You've Got Mail.

Hanks died He portrayed complacency and anxiety as a real profession. But no matter how annoying some of Afron's drawings on paper are, Tom's skills in depicting the romantic transformation of these imaginary people can be enjoyable. When you add the chemistry he has with Meg Ryan to the dialogue with his ability to give more shine to the particle, the result is pure cinematic magic.

5. Eddie Murphy

BingMag.com Top 15 actors in the comedy-romantic genre from the worst to the best

Although many know him as a comedian for his masterful skills, Eddie Murphy is perhaps one of the most underrated actors in the comedy-romantic genre. Murphy infuses his magical style into each of his roles by starring in iconic classic films such as the Coming to America franchise and The Nutty Professor.

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But the real magic is to watch him focus on their realistic moments by downplaying the exaggerated elements of his characters. No film allows him to do this better than the highly underrated "Boomerang" jewel. In his role as Marcus, Murphy embodies the character's charismatic charm, and At the same time, it undermines the selfish traits of this romantic bad comedian. However, when Murphy plays alongside absolute powers such as Halle Berry and Robin Gions, his transformation as Marcus from an unbearable adult to one who discovers how true love feels is spectacular. While Murphy has not played as much in romantic comedies as the others on the list, his performance in "Boomerang" shows that this trend must change.

Richard Gere

BingMag.com Top 15 actors in the comedy-romantic genre from the worst to the best

Richard Gere, with his arrogant and dreamy eyes, introduced the romantic comedy genre in several ways Defined. Not only did she star in some of the most popular films of all time, but she also shared the screen with incredible women. From Susan Sarandon to Winona Ryder, Debra Winger to Jennifer Lopez, the list goes on.

However, none of them can match her collaboration with Julia Roberts. Because there is something very mesmerizing about watching an actor who usually behaves arrogantly and arbitrarily, his acting, along with that of a beautiful actor like Roberts, turns them into the most attractive cinematic couples.

Richard Guyer's most magical element His ability to get better with age. Not only was she one of the few movie stars to become more successful (and attractive) by opening up to her mature natural features, but it seemed that after "Pretty Woman", her romantic roles became more attractive to watch. From films like Runaway Bride to the hugely resurrected Autumn in New York on his resume, it is not surprising that Geer continues to capture the hearts of many fans.

3. Audrey Hepburn

BingMag.com Top 15 actors in the comedy-romantic genre from the worst to the best

Audrey Hepburn starring in some of the most classic films in the history of cinema Provided the modern romantic comedy genre. From his first role in Roman Holiday to his mesmerizing portrayal of Sabrina as Hepburn, Hepburn portrays the fantasy of a legendary princess in a modern yet sophisticated quality.

Perhaps the most fascinating thing about Hepburn's comedy-romantic filmography is the actors he sits with. From Humphrey Bogart to Gregory Pack, Hepburn's professional suitors were often as aggressive, bold, yet graceful as he was, which made them a fun and attractive couple. But in Audrey's brilliant performance, there is a calming belief that is hard to ignore. Even the most pessimistic viewers can get a little involved with Hepburn's countless romantic characters. Because they, like Hepburn himself, have a warm and loving personality.

Julieta Roberts

BingMag.com Top 15 actors in the comedy-romantic genre from the worst to the best

with fiery red curly hair and a bright smile, saying that Roberts can Give any film clarity and appeal is the simplest claim of the century. When he's on the right side, he's the result of pure film magic. (My Best Friend's Wedding) takes over from the moment it enters the box office to the end.

While most filmmakers love Julia's glamorous comedy-romantic roles, this one It is his natural and lesser-known characters that continue to have a lasting impact on the audience. From her role as the lovable Maggie in "Runaway Bride" to the heartbroken Tinkerbell in "Hook," Roberts infuses them all with vulnerabilities that can be easily dealt with at various levels, even If they are fairies! In general, Julia Roberts makes each of her roles incredibly beautiful, lovable, and memorable, regardless of the love story she plays.

1. Meg Ryan

BingMag.com Top 15 actors in the comedy-romantic genre from the worst to the best

Meg Ryan, with her innocent face and comedic skills, is the eternal queen of Hollywood comedy-romance . From his starring roles in "When Harry Met Sally" and "Sleepless in Seattle" to his later work in "You've Got Mail" and "Kate and Leopold" Kate and Leopold), Ryan has a comedy-romance resume that many actors dream of.

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However, these are not the countless films in Ryan's career that have topped the list, but it is a comprehensive fact; .

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