Top 12 Mafia Nights players from worst to best

Finally, the reality show "Mafia Nights" reached the finals of the finalists that the audience of this program has been wanting for a long time, and the fourteen best players of the exciting mafia game, who appeared in The program had shined well, they had found fans and it was possible for them to appear in this series of programs, they were placed next to each other. It was a good program; At least, as the audience guessed, it was a better program than the previous programs and even the finals of the previous finalists. Except for one or two cases, there was no rudeness, the players were almost all fairly smart enough to be on a show like this, and they generally managed to put on a fun and engaging show for their two-fire audience. Top 12 Mafia Nights players from worst to best

Finally, the reality show "Mafia Nights" reached the finals of the finalists that the audience of this program has been wanting for a long time, and the fourteen best players of the exciting mafia game, who appeared in The program had shined well, they had found fans and it was possible for them to appear in this series of programs, they were placed next to each other. It was a good program; At least, as the audience guessed, it was a better program than the previous programs and even the finals of the previous finalists. Except for one or two cases, there was no rudeness, the players were almost all fairly smart enough to be on a show like this, and they generally managed to put on a fun and engaging show for their two-fire audience.

If the episode Second, let's factor in this final series of finalists, in which a very important discussion was raised, the other two episodes, especially the last episode, can be given a good score. But the important issue of the second episode, which Hamed Angagi raised his heart to the sea, was the issue of cheating, which many audiences and professional mafia players have already mentioned and believed to happen in this game. Some people accused some players of "nighting", which means opening the eyes in the night of the game and identifying members of the mafia group in this way, and repeatedly asked its creators through the pages of this program in social networks to remove the mask. or use masks for game nights, which in the end, the producers did not agree to their request. The Finalists Finals series pointed to the same point, to the extent that the mafia role was revealed in the game and he was kicked out, naturally leading his mafia side to defeat in this way (a disaster that would have been shocking if it had been planned). It succeeded in making and of course annoying the audience, and if not, it managed to record an embarrassing and embarrassing moment in the history of television (sorry, home television network). Anyway, whatever it was, with Hamed Angai's apology and thanks to the ruboses and "Chakram Mukhlesamhai" "Backstage ended well and the actors tried to win the third game as usual with one We saw a week apart, let them put the finishing touches and they did. Naturally, these descriptions are from the audience/those who like this program and enjoy the mafia game and its verbal fights; For many, this game may seem pointless. There were also objections about the possibly unauthorized use of some underground singers' music in the program (music belonging to non-Iranian artists), which is right and the producers of this program should answer this questioning. Anyway, Saeed Abutaleb, after making several reality shows, finally managed to make a popular one, and it is natural that he would use everything possible to help his program and its continuation, which has a lot of applicants, even without permission. But if the progress of the directing team of this program during the last two or three years in production and production, more about where to place the camera, where to cut, when and where to use music, etc., which naturally had an effect on the program's greater appeal. Let's take into account, what was remarkable and controversial for the general audience of this program, and the topic we are discussing in this article, was the ability of the participants to present an acceptable game on both sides, i.e. citizen and mafia.

These audiences didn't even just accept good performance in a side game, which was more on the side of citizenship. The best player of "Mafia Nights" from the audience's point of view is the one who plays both sides skillfully and effectively. Obviously, not everyone had such an ability, and for that reason, only a few people stood out from this point of view, and this prominence led to a change in their professional life in at least one or two cases, which we will discuss below. A few people who the audience wanted to be in the finals, either couldn't or didn't want to be there; Or maybe no one asked them. Indeed, if time allowed, we would have liked a fuller list than just these few top players from "Mafia Nights" where we would have even checked the performance of the weak players; Good feedback was also given to the participants/actors of the program. Like a player who talks a lot, or someone who talks nonsense, but we will postpone this fun article for another time and in this article, we will classify and review some of the best players of this program based on several factors. Apart from the correct, attractive and acceptable performance as a citizen or mafia in the game, the criteria will be acting abilities, politeness, kindness, sense of presence in front of the camera, speaking ability, intelligence and the power of reasoning and humor, which of course not everyone has. Obviously, the classification of the list is personal and maybe you, dear reader, have another opinion that you can share with us in the comments section. This is you and these twelve players Top "Mafia Nights".

12. Ali Oji Top 12 Mafia Nights players from worst to best

Ali Oji was accused of cheating. A strong reason that the audience, and probably Hamed Angehi in the second part of this series of finalists, gave to cheat him in the game, was that the first night was over, it was day, and Ali Oji, without giving any particular reason, named the whole mafia group. was saying. If this claim is true, Ali Oji should have been expelled from the game itself or so-called "cake" and from this list. But we will assume that Ali Oji used his intelligence and did not cheat, and we will focus on his performance in the game. But we can't give him the title of "the most interesting player" in the mafia.

Ali Oji considers himself a comedian, he has appeared in many programs as a comedian. His first important appearance in front of the camera goes back to Mehran Moderi's "Shouki Karadm" series. Of course, he is also a film and music producer. But his sense of humor is something that he brings out even in a non-comedy show. Now, how successful he is in using his humor in this program, and at the same time, sitting in the heart of the audience, is not the subject of our discussion. How much he wanted to attract attention in this regard is more important to us.

Apart from his humorous spirit, it may be safe to say that he was the only player who opened his eyes when he spoke or even at night. He would get up, walk, make exaggerated facial expressions, and even make noise. When he was teamed with Iman Safa on every side, this spirit was more exaggerated. Or he was implicitly referring to his own roles and capabilities. Or when he was a professional, he would ask a professional during the day to hit a certain player at night, and he would do it himself at night and thank himself when he got up in the morning. Overall, it was crowded, and if it improved the game at all, it was by crowding. He didn't give any special argument, nor did he have the power to convince others to agree with his opinion. have, he could bring others with him. Of course, in the last game, he made an important sacrifice in the role of a dreamer, which, although it may not have had a special effect on the game process, but it was a request of Hamed Angi, who is a popular player in the mafia game, and Ali Oji knows well where to use his opportunities to attract more attention and sit in the heart of the audience. Anyway, if we make friends with him and don't give him the title of "the most fraudulent mafia player", the title of "the most attention-grabbing" will be suitable for him.

11. Amir Soleimani's lasso Top 12 Mafia Nights players from worst to best

Perhaps many people say that Amir Soleimani's lasso was not good enough for a player in the mafia game. The finalists will be placed. But a few points should be noted in this case. Anyway, this program fortunately needs a female player in the finalists section, and as we all know, with respect to the ladies participating in this program, only a few women were able to pass the filter to only appear in the program; Acceptable performance as a mafia player. These few people did not reach the number of fingers of one hand. But the last series of the women's program was able to introduce some good players to this program and the audience; Players who have at least a few of the criteria we listed. For example, he can speak well and correctly. have intelligence and the ability to reason. Don't turn from ignorance to rudeness, or if you do, at least be a good player who can forgive the former for the latter. In general, they should be in such a way that the audience will not be embarrassed by seeing them, that is, they will not be embarrassed in his place. In the mafia side, he was one of the few players and women who managed to hide his identity and deceive the citizens until the last moment. On the citizenship side, he had the ability to trust others who he thought might know the game better than him, he had a team spirit, and in general, he had a pleasant presence in the game, especially among women. Maybe he wasn't as emotional as a player like Maryam Momin and didn't have the spirit of a warrior or like Bahare Afshari the ability to change the course of the game. And in a role like a professional, he had the intelligence and courage to use the right ability where it was needed. His choice for the finalists was the right choice. We call her the "most beautiful player" of the mafia.

10. Poriya Pourserkh Top 12 Mafia Nights players from worst to best

Puria Pourserkh was an ordinary player in the mafia game; His citizen game was better than his mafia game, but in the citizen game, like other professional players of this side, he could not have the necessary and powerful influence. It was good but well on the ordinary side, the kind of ordinary that everyone can love. He was human. He made mistakes, he had emotional reactions, he couldn't make up for his mistakes, he fought for the city, he was kind, he liked his friends, he liked good players, he led and was in the leadership team, even if there was news about it in the mafia side. If it wasn't for his fighting spirit and the self-confidence of his citizen, he could still be loved. Like a player like Iman Safa, his jokes and jokes did not approach the border of rudeness. Maybe a few times, not only in this final, he beat the citizens to the limit in the previous finals because of his wrong guesses, but the good thing was that he played fair. He watches and learns from his acting mistakes. For example, he will no longer be in the same team with someone like Alireza Tlischi, who can be called the most corrupt mafia player. He stands on his own feet and tries to go under the banner of someone else's guidance if no one wants his guidance. This was an issue for many players in many parts of this program; Going under another flag. It's as if they can't accept saying something else in front of the "silent" camera, even if it's for the benefit of the side and the citizens of the game. Poriya Poursarakh was among the players that the audience of "Mafia Nights" wanted to appear in this program, and he can be called "the good boy of Mafia Nights".

9. Maryam Momen, the best player of "Mafia Nights" fellow citizen Of course, he had mistakes, for example, one night when he was a citizen and his wrong guesses and arguments ended up harming the citizens, according to him, the game of other citizens had misled him. The most important characteristic of him was his courage, which of course also suffered from this blow. Because his boldness was close to impetuousness and aggressiveness at times, which caused repulsion in the players, especially in the women's programs, and in the audience. It was like if you were a little sensitive, you didn't like to join him. But he fought for his side and had the ability to hide his identity, which are all good qualities for a mafia player.

Of course, after the games, it was clear that he spent time and sat and watched his performance. Because in the first episodes, he was not careful with his behavior and laughed at other players' eccentricity, and if someone stood in front of him, he would "go into his stomach" and he was impatient. was doing But some things are temperamental, and Maryam Momen is known to have a fiery temperament. But because he loves the game, his presence is useful, after all, not everyone is going to be a discreet player like Asha Mehrabi. Both are necessary for a game and a fun program.

Besides, Maryam Momen in Side Mafia, at least in the last part of this final series of finalists, managed to keep the citizens in an aura of uncertainty about her identity at the end of the game. . Of course, he also got the title of "the best-selling mafia player", but this was a strategy that his mafia associates had considered, and basically, this strategy is necessary and one of the principles of the game in the mafia game to mislead the citizen. Therefore, he cannot be faulted in this regard. Because she lost her teammates very soon and had to fight for her side almost alone.

Her performance in both wrong and right sides, she was one of the few female players who made it to the finals from the previous series. Come on, of course, being in a popular and accessible show like "Mafia Nights" is not an opportunity that an actor can easily pass up. At the same time, due to the demand of the program, the creators of Mafia also need a piece like Maryam Momen. We also take it as a good omen that a female representative had the courage to not worry about her appearance like the majority of women in this program, to break the barrier dictated by her gender, to talk and sing. Maybe it would be better if the level of aggressiveness is reduced a little.

8. Khodadad Azizi, the best player of "Mafia Nights" Top 12 Mafia Nights players from worst to best

Khodadad Azizi in his first appearances in the series "Mafia Nights" It turned out amazing. Of course, only on the citizen's side. It cannot be hidden that he brings his popularity with the audience and other players with him to this program, and any other program. We and everyone love this "fast-footed gazelle" because of the goal he scored against Australia and took us to the World Cup in 1998. national sweat and collective happiness; Appears larger than life. Even if this popular footballer made fun of the honorable job of the joke writers. People, and certainly the audience of this program, forget these things.

We will happily skip this topic and focus on his performance in the "Mafia Nights" program and hope that our beloved football player will never die. Stop talking about these issues, let alone making comments, even joking. Khodadad Azizi has been assigned this rank in this list only because he was popular with the people. Besides, he was calm, he was smart, assuming he wasn't cheating, because Like Ali Oji, he would wake up one morning and introduce mafia players for no particular reason. Maybe we can talk about him based on his intelligence and his ability to read faces and read games. Whenever he got stressed, Khodadad said he was a mafia and he was right.

But Khodadad no longer had this ability in the next programs, and when he was placed next to better players. As a citizen, he still had no argument to introduce the mafia, but he still guessed well. And in the position of mafia, except for the last game, he did not even try to participate in the game, he was satisfied with being eliminated at the very beginning of the game. But in the last episode, he seemed to come to his senses and wanted to fight, and he did. Again, he had no argument, but he was able to maintain himself until the end of the game by giving in to the favoritism, which he apparently did not like, and making a bit of a fuss and throwing the ball to another field, and doubting the citizens like Maryam Momen. But overall, it was boring. It was as if he had come because the audience wanted him and anyway, part of his job is to appear in such programs. And in general, it's good that he is, because everyone loves him and they can spice up some "sharp-footed gazelle" jokes with his presence.

7. Hossein Mehri, the best player of "Mafia Nights" Top 12 Mafia Nights players from worst to best

Hossein Mehri was a clear example of a declining player. He disappointed us all in his recent appearances on "Mafia Nights". What made him stand out in the first series of "Mafia Nights" was his flawless guesses and his boldness in using the ability of a role like a professional on the very first night of the game. He would get up easily and not one or two of the game mafia who introduced all four people, which caused the audience to attach the stigma of cheating to him. Considering that Mehri did not have this ability in the last series of "Mafia Nights" and the final game of the other finalists, it is a little doubtful. But since he himself objected to the issue of cheating in the game, we give him the credit that he probably didn't cheat.

His other big problem was his frequent pushes when he took the role of a mafia. Overall, it was not a good mafia. Usually, when he was on this side, he lost his concentration, made language mistakes, once he accidentally introduced himself, who was the mafia, with the loud voice of the game mafia, he lost his arms and legs, and when he was under suspicion, he could not He defends himself well. He mostly tried to use his past credibility, which was so clear when he was a mafia that no one believed him; Except, of course, in the last game, when he came into his own like the others and played a good game.

As a citizen, he was generally good. And because he had already gained the trust of others, if the players recognized him as a citizen, he could have an influence on the course of the game. In fact, his self-confidence as a citizen and confidence in his speculations and choices made others trust him. He was also a good player. No, he raised his voice. No, he would go to war. Of course, not having this fighting spirit and playing with other people's minds would make him not a good player in the mafia side and leave the field very soon, which is not desirable for anyone. But in the last game, he was finally able to maintain his mafia to some extent, and in the end, because he was a bodyguard, he left the game instead of the godfather who was shot. If Hossein Mehri works on his mafia skills, especially the power of speaking when he is in a precarious position of a mafia, he will become a first class mafia player. Of course, considering the circumstances that have arisen, if you accept, he will continue to appear in this program.

6. Iman Safa, the best player of "Mafia Nights" Top 12 Mafia Nights players from worst to best

If Iman Safa is ranked in this list This is because, firstly, he played the mafia game well on both sides, and secondly, he knew the rules of the game better than others and had previous experience. But in general, he was a dusty player; Of these, for example, they make so much dust on the football field that in the middle of the crowd and when no one sees anywhere, he puts his ball into the goal, which is also a trick for the game, but it is not necessarily pleasant.

It is pleasant. It is not, because it takes the game to the sidelines, it ruins teamwork. Iman Safa's immeasurable desire to be single-minded and insist on his personal point of view and method made him make enemies on both sides, even among those who were his friends. Apart from this, his slurs and chants tend to be rude in most cases and make the atmosphere of the program tense. He could not invite his teammates to relax with respect for others, not just rivals. He was impatient and when he saw his side in danger, he would attack them to buy their votes instead of hitting them with cotton, and this causes him to create repulsion instead of attraction, both in the audience and in the players.

But his guesses were right and the techniques he used to find the mafia's pieces were also right. Despite these features, he should have been able to gain the trust of others, but his busyness prevented him. In the end, he was able to bring himself to the water and fire and his tumult when he was a citizen Do something for his side and play. He himself said that all this is for the game, outside of this game we are all friends and he respects everyone. But all the players, especially women or in some cases women's wives, do not show this behavior and make the issue personal. All this is part of the charm of the mafia game and a reality show. People stand naked in front of the camera. Anyone who has more intelligence and opportunism will use it to increase the excitement of the program and attract more attention. Now this excitement and attracting attention is either positive or negative. What is certain is that one must have an aspect to participate in such games and programs.

Anyway, Iman Safa may not get a good score in terms of morals, and if he was a bad or even average player, he would not be on this list. But there have been few players in "Mafia Nights" who know the technique of the game, who care about playing on both sides, who came to play at all, and who don't complain if they win. As he himself said, even in the mafia side, he wanted to become a citizen. Even if he has offended everyone on that side. Maybe it's because of his kindness; He doesn't like to get hurt. However, we give the title of "the busiest player" to Iman Safa, and if he wants his mafia game to be more visible and at the same time add to the excitement of the game and attract attention himself, if he appears in the next seasons of this program, we will invite him to Qol Hamed is a song that calls for peace and of course more patience.

5. Amir Ali Naboyan, the best player of "Mafia Nights" Top 12 Mafia Nights players from worst to best

When Amir Ali Naboyan first participated in this program, He did not know the game. Of course, like all the preliminary games in the group, it was not good. He had few strong companions. Maybe only one or two people like Puria Poursarakh and Buroz Arjmand. Therefore, he did not appear well in any way, he was not placed in the position of the mafia, and he had serious mistakes in the position of a citizen. until he gradually learned the game better and more and was able to use his intelligence and reasoning abilities in this game. He did what almost no one had done before him; That is the accuracy of the voting statistics in the events of the day and the analysis of what happened at night. This method of reasoning based on his math, because it was a solid document, was not to be doubted, so he was able to quickly and easily bring alert players with him, as well as register him among the audience as a good mafia player.

Suddenly, he went from being a weak player among the audience to the main option of their proposed list for the finals and champions games. And finally, he participated in one of the finalist programs. Basically, his face attracts young audiences, he himself does not do anything special to attract attention. Of course, he is polite, observes politeness and tries to speak well and correctly. His speech is not bad either. Sometimes, this effort and desire to stay within this framework is a bit limited in a game like Mafia. This program and a reality show needs more liberation from the base. That's why when he goes out of context and wants to sing Kerry, he goes a little out of character, so to speak, he gives a flash sound. A side of excessive self-belief and self-complaining emerges from him, which of course can be guessed in him, but it only reveals his attempt to hide it in such a situation. He is a good player in the mafia. Maybe he doesn't play Side Mafia well. Of course, he still hasn't played mafia enough to show himself. That one time when he was on the mafia side, if he had not gained the trust of Pouria Poursarkh, who was a citizen of the game, from the previous games and had not misled him for that reason, and especially if he did not have Bahareh Afshari by his side as a mafia, he would not have been able to last. bring, let alone win the game on the mafia side. So, he's a good player who needs another good player by his side to do right on whatever side he's on, citizen or mafia. His reasoning methods, which have been proven, are useful for the game. We give him the title of "the most self-deprecating player" in the game.

4. Hossein Soleimani, the top player of "Mafia Nights" Top 12 Mafia Nights players from worst to best

Hossein Soleimani, like Amir Ali Naboiyan, made a short appearance in the series "Mafia Nights" "Mafia" That is, we saw him for one season, and then he was chosen for the finalists and we did not see him again. But if he wasn't so reserved and didn't carry that "mother's seal" spirit with him and had the special recklessness that this game needs, he could have gone to the higher ranks of this list because of all the good qualities he has shown in this game. . Of course, fourth place is not bad either. It is higher than many of the pretentious ones in this game. This opinion is personal and a direct result of his goodness, kindness, respect and politeness.

Hossein Soleimani was a good player on both sides. He was a smart citizen, and if he had better friends in the mafia, he could have deceived the friends of the citizen and made the mafia side win the game with his good spirit and good manners that gained trust. But both in the mafia and in the citizens, side by side with hustlers and thrill-seekers and He would miss the attention grabbers and cheaters, and although he tried his best to play and play, but if he saw that it was not working, he would give up. He was withdrawing. And he was laughing, his laughter was his best feature.

Furthermore, it seems that he also believed that cheating happens in the game and this motivated him to try harder in the game. Because according to those who have experienced this game, cheating ruins everything. It destroys the game bag and destroys all the efforts, especially in the mafia. Perhaps this was the reason for Soleimani's lack of effort in some parts. But he was attentive to the "gaffes" of the players, he had the power to analyze the game, he had the intelligence to recognize the mafia game, he did not mess up the city, and he did not play the so-called ax. In fact, he had all the qualities of a good player. His void was felt in this final season of the finalists. We give him the title of "the most unobtrusive male player" in the mafia and ask him to come and show off his mafia playing abilities if there are "Mafia Nights" again.

3. Majid Vashghani, the best player of "Mafia Nights" It became more visible. He has appeared in many serials before this program, but he was never included in the category of noisy actors. "Mafia Nights" actually made an Instagram and home network star out of him and a few other actors, all of whom turned out to be the top players of "Mafia Nights." Even this fame had an effect on their faces. The makeup that was designed for Majid Vashghani in this program is the best and most suitable form of facial makeup that could be considered for him.

Majid Vashghani was one of those mafia players who came to play. He did not come to participate in this program just to get his salary and take advantage of the opportunity to be seen on the home network. He and a few others respected themselves more, who took the game seriously, or if they didn't know it beforehand, they studied it, watched other games, and in short, we assume that they had their hands full. The result was the presentation of an acceptable game as a citizen and decisions about Bezengah that informed the citizens about the state of the game about Majid Vashghani. He was a good leader, he could gain the trust of others as a citizen, he gave good suggestions to capable citizens, changed the course of the game and changed the strategy of smart mafias. It was not good. He tried his best, but he was not very successful in hiding his mafia identity. He would lose his arms and legs, the power of speech and self-confidence that everyone knew about him as a citizen and that is why they respected him. Like Hossein Mehri, he revealed himself and sometimes his side. He would lose strength and lose his temper. He interfered in the area of authority and decision-making of the referee, on both sides. When he shouldn't have spoken or acted, he did the opposite, and because of this, he received many warnings and disciplinary punishments, and was expelled from the game several times.

But all these exciting games of his , because he didn't go towards rudeness (of course, if we factor in the case of Iraj Nozari, because anyone can provoke and anger someone like him), he added to the charm of the game and made him one of the best players of "Mafia Nights". So that there is a dispute among the program's audience about his skills and abilities compared to other top players of "Mafia Nights" such as Hamed. In general, this camaraderie outside the program of the two, which resulted in sometimes serious jokes in front of the camera and sometimes friend games and for the benefit of playing together during the game, became one of the positive points of entertainment in the program and controversial among the audience. To the extent that both of them or one of them had to come and explain about this so that people don't worry about the jokes between the two of them in front of the camera. He also wanted to make up for the previous game in which Hamed Anghi had probably accused him of cheating. So he tried his best to pay attention to the game, and put his jugular vein in the middle where necessary. Duel Vashghani song in this episode helped a lot to the flow of the game and also left a memorable moment from "Mafia Nights" for the audience. Anyway, people came to have fun, to see excitement, they didn't come to watch some tasteless actors who don't even know how to play, like Maktabkhane, which some people seem to have confused with the game and the show. In this sense, Majid Vashghani was a good participant. We do not give him a nickname. Just a suggestion; And now that he is a good citizen in this game, considering the high demand of this program and his person and the possibility of continuing to make it in the future, he should also improve his mafia capabilities.

2. Bahare Afshari, the best player of "Mafia Nights" Top 12 Mafia Nights players from worst to best

Bahare Afshari has this He had to single-handedly advance the game in any side and bring the winner out of the field. The fact that he is not on the first place in this list and Hamed Anghi has assigned this rank to himself, based on the criteria of this list, is the lack of humor in him, which is in Hamed Anghi and is considered a bonus for him and the program. Otherwise, Bahare Afshari bought the reputation of all the women who participated in this program and collectively delivered the worst and most boring and sometimes the most embarrassing games of this program to the audience (it goes without saying that many men are also included in this category, but if there is a lifetime left We will discuss some of them on another occasion). It didn't seem like he was making a special effort for this or that he already knows the game very well. She only used her intelligence and did not worry about the face and frames like most women.

Wherever it was necessary, she directly attacked other players, whether they were her teammates or rivals. If he was on the citizen side, he would be a little aggressive, not rude, with the courage that is needed to be in this game, he would seriously deal with the ax player to save his side. If he was on the mafia side, he would bully, sell his friend when necessary, and support him when necessary, and he could defend himself well to change the opinion of others. The game did not have emotional and excitement; It was logical. So much so that it could appear reasonable even on the mafia side. He didn't lose his arms and legs and he didn't lose his self-confidence. And if he was accused somewhere in the mafia that his game has changed, he knew enough to be able to show the dullness of the game and the bad game of others and not listening to his own opinions, in fact the lack of team spirit of others, as the reason for his inaction and to change the procedure at once and completely change the flow of the game. In fact, no one could compete with him. Of course, not everyone has the necessary intelligence to participate in such a game, or if they have, they cannot use it in front of the camera. Neither the camera nor any other external factor prevented someone like Bahare Afshari, and this makes him a top player in "Mafia Nights". The title of "the most unrivaled female player" of the mafia is also fitting for her.

1. Hamed Anghi, the best player of "Mafia Nights" It has been until today. He has been both a good mafia and a good citizen. He has been polite and courteous. He did not cheat and even protested against cheating. He has brought his sense of humor to the game, and in several cases, this has created sweet moments for the program and reduced the bitterness of some players. He managed to present a clean and good game by studying the program and game of his teammates and probably knowing this game in advance and the intelligence that he shows that he has basically for the game and this game in particular. Since his behavior attracted more attention than others and this is the basis of his characteristic - he thinks about his stunts in advance - he was often attacked and accused and sometimes jealous, but he had the capacity and ability not to lose himself. Nothing will give him a stronger motivation to play better. His game was so good that he could bring not everyone, but the majority, at least those who were not able to recognize the mafia and understand the game process, and take him on the "bus" as he said.

Invitation to calm down. His actions when, as a citizen, he felt that two citizens had grabbed each other's collars for no reason, both created interesting and influential situations in the game and played an important role in the game's path. His suggestions to other players and his non-artificial humility, while knowing he was a good player, both made him more popular with the audience and tempered the wave of claims from others, all thanks to his intelligence and years of experience on stage as a stand-up comedian. originates He knows how to control the crowd and he knows how to gain the trust of others by admitting his mistake when he makes a mistake. This trick worked for him on both sides of the game.

"Mafia Nights" became the stepping stone for Hamed Angi's ascension to the world of entertainment. From this program onwards, we see him everywhere and we see his circle of fans growing in social networks. Of course, he had a good presence in "Joker" and if we ignore some of his jokes, we can say that a good comedian has been added to our entertainment industry, which has room for improvement. Of course, his best performance so far has been in this "Mafia Nights" program. It seems that his set of abilities in this game can bring out the best results from him. And the honesty that he has in his game and his behavior towards others, has been a very important factor in this superior performance that seems to have been accepted by everyone.

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