Top 12 horror movies that have no limits in the display of violence

The level of violence in movies has always been a subject of controversy. Many believe with a moralistic view that the cinematographers should define a limit to show this violence. Some are worried about the effect of showing violent scenes or stories centered on the lives of unbalanced people, and have tried to limit cinema. But always pushing to limit something backfires, and there are people all over the world who deliberately go the opposite way. Over the years, stereotypes have been formed, which many people follow when they send their films to the cinema screen. Stereotypes that determine the target audience of the film. In this list, we looked at 12 films that go beyond these stereotypes and have no boundaries in the display of violence. Top 12 horror movies that have no limits in the display of violence

The level of violence in movies has always been a subject of controversy. Many believe with a moralistic view that the cinematographers should define a limit to show this violence. Some are worried about the effect of showing violent scenes or stories centered on the lives of unbalanced people, and have tried to limit cinema. But always pushing to limit something backfires, and there are people all over the world who deliberately go the opposite way. Over the years, stereotypes have been formed, which many people follow when they send their films to the cinema screen. Stereotypes that determine the target audience of the film. In this list, we looked at 12 films that go beyond these stereotypes and have no boundaries in the display of violence.

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Years ago, during the era of classic cinema, groups affiliated with civil and religious institutions were afraid of showing violent sequences. They believed that the showing of these sequences would cause the youths and teenagers to be misled and receive bad education. So they tried to stop the showing of such sequences by putting pressure on the government. Of course, don't think for a moment that the violent sequences, the blood and bleeding sequences of Tarantino's movies or a slasher movie were meant, but the same shooting sequences of classic gangster movies in which there is no red blood or dismemberment of body parts, the body of these human rights lovers.

Years passed and with the advent of the age rating system for showing movies, these concerns disappeared. But on the other hand, with the change of the world and the discovery of filmmakers who had a different view of the seventh art, the way of showing violence in cinema changed. Now there were filmmakers working in the world who made an aesthetic use of violence and used the display of human suffering to portray something else. For example, in the 1960s and 1970s, the display of war crimes was accompanied by the careless depiction of violence resulting from war, so that perhaps this time seeing violence will prevent its spread, not not showing it.

Years have passed and that's it. Small worries disappeared. Of course, there are still those who avoid the display of violence, there are still those who throw stones at others on the pretext of morality, there are still here and there those who are worried about their society and think that violent movies cause It can be used by teenagers, but on the other hand, there are directors who depict violence only for themselves and have no qualms about showing brutality in their frames. Today and in this article we are working with these filmmakers; With those who went beyond the boundaries of horror cinema and showed an image of violence and rapacity that can easily make the audience feel bad. So if you don't like watching horror movies, or you can't bear to see the fountain of blood, don't go to any of the movies on the list.

12. Audition Top 12 horror movies that have no limits in the display of violence

  • Director: Mike Takashi
  • Stars: Ryu Ishibashi, Eli Shina
  • Product: 1999, Japan
  • Score The IMDb site for the movie: 7.1 out of 10
  • The rating of the movie on the Rotten Tomatoes site: 83%

Mike Takashi He is a strange director in the history of cinema. One of those directors who are both prolific and don't deviate from standards despite being in trouble. He sometimes makes several movies a year and all of them are pretty much watchable. But among many of these works, sometimes a film is found whose fame spreads around the world and becomes a phenomenon. The movie "Acting Exam" is one of those that pushed the horror cinema of the 1990s to a higher level than the show of violence, and of course it made a director like Quentin Tarantino admire.

Japanese horror cinema has long been It has many fans. But most of these horror films centered on folklore stories had metarealistic roots and told stories of ghosts and goblins. For example, a masterpiece like "Kwaidan" by Masaki Kobayashi is such a movie, which, of course, without showing violence, is considered an extremely scary movie.

For this reason, the movie "Acting Test" deserves to be on this list. At the beginning, it involves a moral issue. A man has no ability to communicate emotionally and even verbally with women. He, who lost his wife years ago, plans to remarry at the insistence of his friends, but he cannot even talk to a woman. But the path he takes to find the woman he wants is a scary and very immoral path. So, in fact, we are facing a movie that, in addition to showing violent scenes, is also a reason Disgust becomes the audience.

It is a bit difficult to imagine that today, with the spread of egalitarian and justice-seeking movements, a film like "Acting Test" can be made. But what makes the movie so scary is the terrible metaphor it makes for married life. The story of the movie is actually the story of all the people on this earth getting to know each other and getting married, only that Takashi Mike considers everyone as a kind of game. From his point of view, all human beings play a role before choosing and being chosen to start a joint life, and being in the framework of a joint life is nothing but moving away from one's origin; It's just that in this director's cinema, everything is cast in a scary format and has a sick effect.

The movie "Acting Test" is based on a book of the same name written by Ryu Murakami.

p>"A man has lost his wife for a long time. He does not have the ability to communicate with women and he cannot choose anyone due to his friends' insistence on remarrying. One of his friends, who is a movie producer, organizes a fake acting test to choose a man's future wife so that different women can participate in it. But...

11. Hostel (hostel) Top 12 horror movies that have no limits in the display of violence

  • Director: Eli Roth li>
  • Actors: Jay Hernandez, Derek Richardson
  • Product: 2005, USA
  • Score IMDb website to the movie: 5.9 out of 10
  • The rating of the movie on the Rotten Tomatoes website: 61%

Definitely the series Have you seen the Korean "squid game"? There, some rich people are enjoying the slaughter of people who have reached the bottom of the line. There, the simplistic approach of the creators of the series turned its heartbreaking sequences into unwanted comedies that did not evoke any emotion. The story of the movie "Mosaferkhane" has similarities with that series, with the difference that the filmmaker is aware of the brutality of the depicted crimes and does not pay the audience any ransom in the blatant display of violence.

Films that torture the victims and show The details of such actions are from the diverse range of stories of slasher cinema. Among its most famous examples, we can mention the collection of "Saw" works, but none of them come close to "Mosaferkhane" and the image presented by Ayala Roth of the misery of a person.

In such films, individual Or a group of people, by benefiting from the environment and strange spaces, ruin the complexes caused by the loading of their misfortunes on the victims from all over the place without knowing that they were busy with their normal lives until recently. This is the reason that in these films, the thin line between normal life and being stuck in a terrible situation is taken into consideration and makes the audience realize what terrible consequences a simple decision can have.

From On the other hand, the murderers of the story may appear to be reasonable people with the benefit of a normal social life, who do not appear to suffer from any special problems. By the way, the picture that the film paints of the privileged class of the society can be interpreted as the exploitation of the people of that class from the weaker class. In such a situation, the audience feels more insecure, and to be honest, "Mosaferkhane" is a better movie from the "Saw" series for these reasons; Because neither the victims of the story are guilty people who deserve their suffering today nor the murderers of the story like the villain "Saw" is full of clear and obvious complications.

Quentin Tarantino is one of the old fans of Eli Roth's cinema and after Roth's previous film asked him to work with him for the next project. Roth, who at the time was working on an idea centered on paying poor people's families and then killing or torturing them, accepted Tarantino's request and made "Inn", with Tarantino accompanying him as a producer.

"Mosaferkhane" with a budget of nearly 5 million dollars was able to sell more than 80 million dollars all over the world. This factor, as well as the film's reputation for violent and reckless scenes, caused a weak version of it to be made as a sequel two years later, which is by no means an acceptable work. This second one did not appear bad at the box office and had such a powerful presence that it tempted the companies like the first version to spoil the memories of the fans from watching the first movie and make a third part of those adventures.

A factor The main reason for the attention and distinction of the first version of the film. Every original horror movie responds directly and without veils and faster than any other genre to the current events and anomalies in the world, and "Inn" is no exception to this rule; "Mosaferkhana" was made in direct response to the terror and mistrust of the people of America and Europe after the terrorist incidents of September 11 and the bombings in London and other parts of Europe, and it tries to convey the result of this distance and mistrust with the language of cinema and that too It shows the most horrible way, so it might be a shock for some audience.

"A group of American and European students across the continent They set foot and are busy traveling and having fun. They stay one night in a hostel located in Slovakia; While they have no idea what the hell is waiting for them..."

10. The devil`s rejects Top 12 horror movies that have no limits in the display of violence

  • Director: Rob Zombie
  • Stars: Sid Haig, Sherry Moon Zombie and Bill Moseley
  • Product: 2005, USA
  • IMDb site rating for the movie: 6.7 out of 10
  • Rotten Tomatoes site rating for the movie: 55%

Here Rob Zombie made a strange movie; The killers in the story are wild people who easily kill and kill and do not feel guilty at all. But as it appears from the movie, even the devil rejected them, let alone the society. So Rob Zombie portrays his killers as outcasts that you can feel sorry for! And this may be an exaggeration and makes the film worthy of being on such a list.

Restless camera, people from decay, remote and dirty places, rolling in one's own blood and scaring others are some of the visual characteristics of this best film. Rob is a zombie. He consciously makes Pirang a victim of the violent and at the same time absurd atmosphere of his films in order to build a relationship between crazy people who have reached the bottom line.

There is nothing impossible in his cinematic world. He easily kills the people in his films and even shows no limits in showing unbridled violence. Rob Zombie has been making horror movies for years, and for years he's only been delivered from the horror genre. So, if you are not among this group of viewers, don't go for this one, and if you enjoy watching some crazy and predatory people who have no limits in committing crimes on the screen, you should definitely watch the movie "Devil's Outcasts". /p>

The movie "Outcasts of the Devil" is the sequel to the movie "House of 1000 Corpses". The psychotic family of the first film, who took their names from the supporting characters of the Marx Brothers films, are surrounded by the police after mutilating and killing 74 people. But they manage to escape and this is the beginning of their road trip while they are being chased by a policeman worse than themselves who is burning with thirst for revenge for his brother's murder. Of course, it should be noted that you don't need to have seen the movie "House of 1000 Corpses" to watch the movie. The film begins and continues in such a way as to create its own world.

The vistas of the state of Texas provide an opportunity for the filmmaker to blend genres while also turning to western cinema, especially its revisionist kind in Hit the 1970s (the visuals are reminiscent of Peter Fonda's Good Western for Hired) and take The Devil's Outcasts to a step beyond mere blood and gore horror.

The main strength of the film. Constantly changing the place of the protagonist and antagonist of the story. From the beginning to the middle of the film, the audience is with the character of the police and the sadistic crimes against the heroes leave no way for empathy, but since the police think that killing these evil creatures is allowed by any trick and the law cannot do justice to them, slowly the officer The police become more brutal than the criminals, and the audience's feelings turn towards the ill-fated anti-heroes in the same way, so that in the end, the filmmaker goes so far as to celebrate their death as a sacred ritual by paying homage to "Bonnie and Clyde". Arthur Penn.

The unbridled violence of "The Devil's Outcasts" makes the film bearable only for horror fans, but the constant references to America's post-9/11 pessimism are what you'd expect from a genuine horror film. It fulfills Miroud: the full-length reflection of Doran's suffering in the mirror of the film.

"The farm of a criminal family is surrounded by the police after committing many murders. One member of this family gets into a fight with the police and sacrifices himself in order to get a chance to escape and buy time. Meanwhile, other family members are escaping through a secret route. Now this murderous family is displaced on the road until they take another family hostage in a hotel on the way. Meanwhile, the police officer is looking for them door to door because his brother was already killed by these criminals. Without knowing the law, he secretly hires several people to find the traces of the killers, but...

9. Raw (raw) Top 12 horror movies that have no limits in the display of violence

  • Director: Julia Ducourneau li>
  • Actors: Garance Mariler, Ella Rumph
  • Product: 2016, France and Belgium
  • IMDb site rating for the movie: 7 out of 10
  • Rotten Tomatoes site rating: 93%

When the movie "Raw" was released at the Cannes Film Festival, many people left the theater and there were even reports of people going to the hospital. Of course, we know that the residents of Ken are more devoted than that to watch a horror movie, but watching "Raw" is not really for everyone. The director of the film, Ms. Ducourneau, has no qualms about showing violence, even cannibalism.

In the movie "Raw", an internal problem finds an objective pink and becomes a terrible thing. A transformation turns a girl into a dangerous creature and the filmmaker stands by her side to talk about a new world. In the meantime, the director moves from innocence to violence and puts the troubled world of adulthood in front of the innocence of childhood so that the main character's temptations on the way out of his safe space, in a very violent frame, from a mental state, find an objective form. p>

The issue of cannibalism has long been one of the favorite themes of horror cinematographers. You can see such a theme in many movies, especially in the slasher subgenre or body horror cinema, which deal with psychopathic killers who are engaged in slaughtering unfortunate people. In such a frame, instead of accompanying the victims of such stories, Julia Ducournau turned her camera towards those who commit murder and made of them people who are victims of the society that has rejected them, not victimizers. So, instead of being disgusted by their actions and behavior, the audience of the film stands by them and sometimes even identifies with them.

This is Julia Ducournau's first film and many elements of her next film, Titane, can be seen. ) in which he won the best film award at the Cannes Film Festival. From the presence of the family and its changing meaning in today's world to the huge amount of violence that challenges the ability and tolerance of many audiences. The changes of the main character and his internal conflict and his inability to face new desires become a symbol of a rebellion against a society that has predetermined and conservative expectations of its people. In fact, this main character rebels against the system and a society that wants nothing more than to be on the road and accept everything without question. America is doing is clearly different, and of course it's not just that it turned its camera towards the cannibals. He made his terrible scenes an allegory for the loss of things that a human needs for a normal life; Things like losing security and becoming vulnerable to society and the pressure of other people's expectations. Years ago, horror filmmakers created allegorical films by encouraging stories centered on zombies, in which familiar people of a neighborhood, a city or a larger place, instead of being together and empathizing with each other, fell to each other's lives and tore each other apart. In this type of cinema, zombies and their insatiable desire to sacrifice others and eat their flesh was a metaphor for living in a society where no one trusted the other.

But here this act was done by predators. There is no bloodbath. The main character of the story is not the one who is caught among the cannibals, but the one who commits this act. He goes through experiences that are not very natural and the filmmaker is not interested in realism. As if this action of the hero of the story is the only thing left for him in this upside-down world and he has no choice.

The movie "Raw" is one of the best works with the background of physical horror in the last decade, and this is completely it is normal. The genre of body horror is more abandoned among the subgenres of horror cinema than other subgenres; The reason for this comes back to the director's ability to turn an ordinary person into a reason for panic; An ability that not everyone can afford. Of course, in this type of cinema, the director is forced to focus on his character and explore his inner states, something that the audience accustomed to ordinary horror movies does not like.

"A girl named Ella in He is studying veterinary medicine. Being a vegetarian, one day he is tempted by his sister to try raw rabbit meat. This experience makes him enjoy eating raw meat, but...

8. Cannibal Holocaust Top 12 horror movies that have no limits in the display of violence

  • Director: Rogero Dodato
  • Actors: Robert Kerman, Carl Gabriel York
  • Production: 1980, Italy
  • In such a framework, the film "Cannibal Holocaust" became a symbol for cannibalism films. If today we know cannibal cinema with a movie like "The Silence of the Lambs" which can be doubted as scary, "Cannibal Holocaust" movie has no qualms about showing violence. In fact, the movie "Silence of the Lambs" wraps this terrible act in a beautiful format and introduces the bloodthirsty of the story as a man who appreciates every good thing. But there is no such news here.

    The story of the film begins with the loss of some documentary makers in the Amazon forests. Finding their camera reveals the events that happened to these unlucky people; Getting caught in the hands of some cannibals and being killed and mutilated. The filmmaker does not leave anything short in the show of predatory behavior and shows all these sequences in a realistic way. This is the strong point of the movie, but this kind of shooting has made watching the movie really difficult. So I strongly recommend that you think twice before watching "Cannibal Holocaust" and if you are not a fan of this kind of work, don't go to it. . The officials in many parts of the world banned watching the film and this ban remained until the head and shoulders of its smuggled versions were found in different eras. Directors such as Mario Bava and Dario Argento in the cinema. Italy showed violence in an exaggerated way. But there was a difference. In their films, this violence had a fantasy and theatrical aspect, and the audience was always aware that they were watching a film made up of actors and production crew, and nothing of it was real. But here the director has gone the wrong way. There is a legend that a court was held in Italy after the film was released. This court wanted to make sure that Mr. Dudato did not actually kill his actors. I don't know how true the occurrence of such a court with such a subject is, but even if this story is a lie, it shows the effect that this film has on its audience. Others, expecting their return after their delay, send a group to travel to the Amazon. In this search, the camera of one of the documentary makers is found. The recorded images report scary events that cannot be believed. Apparently, the members of the group have been captured in the clutches of a cannibal tribe..."

    7. Bone Tomahawk Top 12 horror movies that have no limits in the display of violence

    • Director: Craig Zeller
    • Actors: Kurt Russell, Patrick Wilson
    • Product: 2015, USA
    • IMDb site rating for the movie: 7.1 out of 10
    • Rotten Tomatoes site rating: 91%

    Here we are dealing with a movie about cannibal tribes, but there is a difference between this movie and "Cannibal Holocaust"; Here, the director gives more importance to his main character and although he does not reduce violence in the end of the show, this does not make him distance himself from the hero of the drama. For this reason, the movie "Bone Tomohawk" can be called a horror and character-oriented western work that examines the impact of the usual events of the horror genre on the traditional hero of western cinema. The tradition of the horror genre has also been abandoned. Probably because no one imagines that it is possible to merge the Western genre and the horror genre. In imitation of classic westerns, in this film we are on the side of the police station, which has both a dark soul and a bright existence. Everyone in the city under his control is busy with their lives until one night, everything falls apart. They take some people with them. Now the cowboys and gunslingers of the film must find the "savages" before their countrymen are bitten. . There is no mention of supernatural forces to use special effects and change the tone of the film. It's just that the monsters of the work are some Indians who feed on humans instead of hunting animals.

    In such a framework, the aim of the filmmaker is to show the behavior of the sheriff and his group, who are desperate to get the rights of the usurpers in their hands at any cost. let them To achieve this goal, the filmmaker's camera puts the tribe in long shot and in the final scene paints a terrifying picture of them that you have seen in very few horror films in the last decade. The previous red-skinned men in the film are nothing like the red-skinned men in other films. They don't even have mercy on their women and children, and by the way, one of the scariest frames of the film comes back to the time when the director suddenly turns his camera towards the women of the tribe. and the reason Filming in this list also goes back to the same issue. You can watch the first half of the movie and enjoy watching a well-made Western movie, but if you plan to watch "Bone Tomohawk" until the end, think again; There are events ahead that you don't expect.

    "The police station in a city in the wild west is responsible for maintaining order. On the surface, the sheriff complains about something in his life, and this has caused him to be always grumpy and complaining about the land and time. While he solves the normal problems of such a town, at night some townspeople are kidnapped by cannibalistic redskins. The sheriff saddles his horse and promises to bring them back...

    6. Martyrs Top 12 horror movies that have no limits in the display of violence

    • Director: Pascal Logier li>
    • Actresses: Marjane Alavi, Milan Zampanoi
    • Product: 2007, France and Canada
    • IMDb website rating for the movie: 7 out of 10
    • Movie rating on Rotten Tomatoes website: 64%

    The movie "Shahada" ", like the movie "Raw" in the same list, is a movie belonging to the extreme modern French cinematography. The life story of two women who decide to find the people who abused them in their childhood and take revenge for those days and nights full of fear. In the meantime, the filmmaker tries to make a sharp criticism of the formation of a heartbreaking cycle of violence by showing an increasing violence. But the movie "Shohda" is considered a violent work even among them. The director has placed several of the most heartbreaking violent sequences of the 21st century next to his film and has turned such a revenge story into a work that he likes to disgust his audience. It does not return to show violent scenes. Here, the director has linked his violent sequences to a philosophical approach and used unbridled violence to impress the audience. His goal is not only to scare the audience, but also to leave the movie theater with a bitter feeling. After finishing a horror movie, we all leave the movie theater empty-handed; Because we enjoy being in our safe space and we are happy that everything that happened on the screen was just a movie, but the impact of "Martyrs" goes beyond these and does not disappear even after leaving the hall.

    Just like watching a bitter and tragic movie that has empathetic characters and the audience is worried about their fate and in the end is affected by what happened to them. Now transfer such a feeling to a horror movie and mix it with the current horror in the frame to know what kind of movie "Shahda" is. In short, again, like previous films, I will conclude my article with the advice that you must think again before watching the film and don't rush it. . Because it was forbidden to show it to people under 18 years old. This was the first time that such an incident happened to a film in France, and this caused the producers of the film to reach out to the French Minister of Culture. A child has suffered, is in agony and still has not been able to forget those days and nights. He plans to take bloody revenge on the perpetrators of those evil events. Another girl named Ana joins him because she has similar experiences from her childhood..."

    5. The Green Inferno Top 12 horror movies that have no limits in the display of violence

    • Director: Ilai Roth
    • Actors: Lorenzo Izzo, Ariel Levy
    • Product: 2013, USA
    • Rating of the movie on IMDb website: 5.3 out of 10
    • Rating of the movie on Rotten Tomatoes website: 38%

    Another movie that takes the audience by the hand and takes it to the Amazon forests. Here too, a cannibal tribe comes in the middle, but the filmmaker has another idea in mind: showing the brutality and hypocrisy of those who are so-called civilized, but they are not what they show.

    From this point of view, the film " "Green Hell" fits exactly to the pain of you and me today, who are trapped in the virtual space. Those of us who are under heavy bombardment of information that others falsely convey about the world and people to advance their evil goals. It is enough to look at how many people we know in cyberspace every day, after some time it becomes clear that they are not who they show and have created a false life in front of the camera, which has a profit behind it.

    This is where the audience of the movie "Green Hell" remains in recognizing the negative pole of the story. On the one hand, there is a cannibalistic tribe in the film that has no qualms about killing intruders, and on the other hand, there are people who have set foot in the Amazon forests and have hidden their main goal; Contrary to their claims, they have no desire to save the Amazon forest and only use this issue to deceive the world. These good people They know that the general public reacts to an issue like saving the earth, and they have concocted such a lie in order to accompany them as much as possible; Just like what fraudsters do in cyberspace and gain profit and wealth by toying with the emotions of their followers.

    It is in such a framework that the cannibal tribe of the movie, unlike the movie "Cannibal Holocaust", is a killer. They don't look like a womb. As if they are the real defenders of the forest and the only thing they do is to defend their place of living and customs; customs that threaten the name of seemingly civilized man. In fact, they live in a constant war for their life and death, and naturally, there is no tenderness or beauty in war, and the occurrence of violence and increasing casualties seems obvious.

    That is why this movie I have placed the Italian film in a higher position than that. In "Cannibal Holocaust" the director tried to make a very violent film and he achieved his goal. There, the realistic display of violence does not stop the audience, but in Eli Roth's film, in addition to the violence, the audience also faces a moral issue; You and I wonder who is to blame for all this violence: civilized humans or a cannibalistic tribe that just rejects intruders?

    This is Eli Roth's second film on this list. We know him by playing in Tarantino's films, and interestingly, Tarantino himself is a fan of his recklessness in the display of violence.

    "A group of researchers and students are trying to save the Amazon forests. They travel to this forest but after a while they realize that they are not alone and cannibalistic tribes are watching them..."

    4. evil dead Top 12 horror movies that have no limits in the display of violence

    • Director: Sam Raimi
    • Actors: Bruce Campbell, Betsy Baker
    • Product: 1981, USA
    • Rating of the movie on the IMDb website: 7.5 out of 10
    • Rating of the movie on the Rotten Tomatoes website: 95%

    The movie "The Wicked Dead" is a little different from the other works on the list. In all the above films, the cause of terror is completely human. A murderer, a person or people follow others and commit a crime. This makes violent sequences more tangible and have a greater impact on the audience; Because there is no news of a non-human factor that makes the movie dramatic by itself. Everything is different here and a supernatural agent starts killing. But the director arranges so many heartbreaking scenes one after the other that the audience is forced to steal their eyes. The reason for placing this film on this list is the same.

    Sam Raimi is an old specialist in horror cinema and one of the respected gods of this genre. In terms of the number of scary scenes, no other movie can match this one. What makes "The Evil Dead" have such a status is that it has such a high number of heartbreaking scenes, without losing its impact on the audience over time. Because a person is repulsed against anything after watching it many times and instead of being afraid of watching horrible scenes one after another, he is vaccinated against them.

    The reason for such an achievement is the presence of the heavy shadow of a belonging Zazaindeh is in front of the film. On the other hand, the director has arranged the atmosphere of the film in such a way that there is a danger of a deadly monster in every corner. Another thing that helps to create a lasting fear in the film is putting a sense of courage in the main character after facing many dangers. In other words, what may happen to the audience and ruin the experience of watching the movie and after seeing many scary scenes, they no longer have a feeling for them, is created in the hero of the movie. From somewhere, he decides to defend himself instead of running away, and the evil incarnate of the film challenges him to fight. Its main part is included in the popular culture and even various computer games are made based on it. Such a success comes from breaking his habit of injecting bravery into his hero. Even today, a series called "Ash vs Evil Dead" is being made, which is due to the success and popular popularity of Sam Raimi's movie hero. In fact, today the movie "The Evil Dead" can be called a cult movie with all its coordinates. It is the presence of a kind of crazy comedy that goes back to the tradition of making b movies. In such films, the filmmakers' love for cinema and making films becomes a madness that mixes with their mischief, and because there is no news of the producer and there is not much money, and for this reason, the director's hand is more open, the director's mischief can have a crazy effect. slow But Sam Raimi uses this tradition in a conscious way and fills the head and form of his film with the usual exaggerations of such films. If you have never seen such a movie that emotions Don't miss watching it if it awakens something strange in you. In addition, the success of this film led to the revival of a story in horror cinema that today has many fans all over the world: the journey of some young people away from the eyes of society to spend a vacation and encounter a creature that takes victims one by one. /p>

    "Evil Dead" is also known as "Horror Hut" in Iran.

    "A few young people travel to a hut in the middle of the forest to spend a vacation. After settling in, they go to the basement and come across a tape and a book. Playing the tape causes an evil spirit to wake up and dissolve in each of them..."

    3. Orange cookie (a clockwork orange) Top 12 horror movies that have no limits in the display of violence

    • Director: Stanley Kubrick
    • Stars: Malcolm McDowell, Patrick McGee, Miriam Carlin
    • Product: 1971, USA and England
    • IMDb site rating for the movie: 8.3 out of 10
    • Rotten Tomatoes site rating for the movie: 87%

    Many may think that the movie "Orange Cookie" cannot be considered a horror movie. Review the events of the movie for a moment; From the events that take place at the beginning of the film by that infernal group, to the main character going to prison and performing various experiments, and finally to the glorious ending, it tells us that we are facing a deeply scary movie. Even the fact that this masterpiece of Stanley Kubrick became a banned work in many countries due to the fear of spreading immorality seems to be more justification for the governments; Personally, I imagine that the government officials in these countries did not like to admit that the film was scary, because it would encourage many people to watch the film, and this announcement of the ban would become an advertisement for "Orange Cookie" and help it to be seen. /p>

    Nothing in this movie is more important than the main character and the troubles that befall him. He is an evil and passionate youth who has nothing to stop him. The filmmaker draws him by showing astonishing details; From his pet giant snake to the classical music he listens to. It is because of this presentation of details that Alex Delarge in the movie "Orange Cookie" played by Malcolm McDowell looks like one of the most terrible characters in the history of cinema in the first half of the movie, and one of the most pathetic in the second half. A man who, like many of the characters created and treated by Stanley Kubrick, slowly moves towards an unbridled madness and through experiments becomes a laboratory rat stuck in a scary cage.

    Kubrick reaching these points. From the life of this character, he has portrayed this character with strange precision and obsession, and has shown everything so openly that it can easily repel the sensitive audience. For this reason, its inclusion in such a list seems inevitable. Just watch the movie; It is not possible to safely watch the scene of the invasion of a lucky woman's house at the beginning of the film and not be disgusted, nor can you see the tortures that Alex endures and pass them by. Most importantly, Kubrick tried to generalize this situation to the whole life of modern man; So everything is a metaphor for the situation of you and me in today's society, and the only thing the director has done is to give a flick to wake up from the slumber.

    "Orange Cookie" from a book by Anthony Burgess. The name was made and today it is one of the most famous and of course the most controversial films of Stanley Kubrick. Because at the time of the release, due to the fear of many governments of its destructive effect on the minds of young people, it was not allowed to show under the excuse of bad education. He well awakens the feeling of disgust in the audience in the first half of the film, and in the second half, he gives the character a pathetic dimension. In such a framework, if you want to know where the roots of psychopathic characters like the Joker are, be sure to watch the movie "Orange Cookie" and pay attention to the graph of Alex's behavior change.

    "The movie Orange Cookie tells the story of fifteen-year-old Alex It follows him living in a London-like anti-utopian world. He is the leader of a gang of criminals who recklessly rape and steal. When he is arrested, they take him to therapy sessions to make him a normal person, but instead of warning Alex, they steal his identity and leave him like a deformed robot..."

    2. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Top 12 horror movies that have no limits in the display of violence

    • Director: Tobe Hooper
    • Actors: Marilyn Burns, Gunnar Hansen
    • Product: 1974, USA
    • IMDb site rating for the movie: 7.4 out of 10
    • Rotten Tomatoes site rating for the movie: 89%

    More than any other film on this list, or perhaps in the history of cinema, "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" portrays human evil. The cannibal family of the movie made an escape from killing others in order to endure the complications caused by being rejected by the society and to beautify their miserable life! In fact, they are showing the ugly side of a society that looks beautiful on the surface; A society that instead of finding a solution to its problems, likes to sweep its ugliness under the carpet and forget that its world has a dark side. But this ugliness comes out of the carpet somewhere and shows itself, and the only thing that can be done against it is to run away. His bitter words are accompanied by images of mutilated corpses. In the following, we see five young people who are going on a journey to visit the house where they spent their childhood. Their wandering in their memories makes the past fall on them like debris.

    In the first act, one of the characters mentions his family members working in the slaughterhouse and the stories he tells about how to kill animals are parallel to the crimes. The family of the movie's killer is placed. This is why the result of wandering in the past is so bloody; These young people, without knowing it, are pushing aside the carpet that has been spread over the filth in the society for a long time. The whole house is decorated with skeletons and human skin, and the camera constantly takes inserts of objects to make this space as effective as possible. The rooms and the atmosphere of the house are less shown with medium shot or long shot.

    Photography along with the editing, the suffocating fear ruling the road and the strange family correctly depict the story and the chases. This space creation has a warning aspect until the middle of the work. From the middle of the film, with the discovery of the leather-faced serokele, the merciless killer and the child character of the film, the film's unbridled violence continues, which does not stop for a moment, and everything that happens increases its intensity.

    The image of violence in this film. It is different from other horror movies; A leather face does not kill for pleasure, but it seems that it has no choice but to do so. His crazy father and brother do not help him and he is responsible for the treatment of this family. That is why he always wears a mask with a woman's face on his face. She washes and cooks to fill the void of the mother in the family. Only his cooking tools are different from others and he uses human meat instead of animal meat. Blood, realistic portrayal of the mutilation of others, hideous and ugly people, and some young people from all over the world who just went out for a walk, made the movie difficult for the tender audience to bear.

    Today's leather face is one It has become one of the symbols of slasher cinema. A character inspired by a real killer named Ed Ginn, who has been the source of inspiration for the killers of films such as "Psycho" by Alfred Hitchcock, the silence of the lambs by Jonathan Demy, and "Outcasts of the Devil" by Rob Zombie; A man in leather with a scary and noisy chainsaw in his hand, who wants to kill people.

    Unfortunately, this masterpiece of Tobe Hooper has been remade many times, one worse than the other. If you feel like watching "Chainsaw Massacre in Texas", watch this version of the movie.

    "Five young people go on a road trip to visit their childhood home. On the way, they meet a crazy man who enjoys cutting his own hand with a razor. He attacks these young people and scares them. After getting rid of this man and reaching their destination, two of them go to a neighboring house to get some information and get help. But they don't know that this house is the residence of a cannibal family, where a ruthless killer with a leather face is present...

    1. Salo or the 120 days of Sodom Top 12 horror movies that have no limits in the display of violence

    • Director: Pier Paolo Pasolini
    • Stars: Paolo Bonacelli, Giorgio Cataldi and Aldo Valti
    • Product: 1976, Italy and France
    • IMDb site rating for the movie: 5.8 out of 10
    • Rotten Tomatoes site rating for the movie: 69%

    The movie "Salvo" is one of the most marginal movies in the history of cinema and of course one of the strangest. When old Paolo Pasolini was killed a few weeks after the making of this film (the case of his death is still unsolved), some attributed his death to this film, that some people were influenced by this film and disgusted by it. have hit This theory is enough to be sure of the film's place in this list. "Salvo" is a movie full of heartbreaking scenes, which increases its violence at every moment, and of course, the scenes involving women are not short of the worst kind. Continuous torture or eating dirt is a common occurrence in this film by Pier Paolo Pasolini.

    But he made all this for a reason. Pasolini intended to show the exploitation of human beings by governments in the most poignant way possible. He was a left-wing intellectual who was tired of fascist or right-wing governments have been. This could be seen both in his poems and in his films. For example, when he goes to the story of Jesus (pbuh) and makes the movie "The Gospel According to Saint Matthew", he first paints the face of Christ as an intellectual man who is challenging the beliefs of the people on the streets and alleys. Then he mentions his spiritual aspects.

    "Salu" was his last means to challenge society's beliefs. He saw the economic system based on the free market as a way to exploit people, and in "Salu" he portrayed this exploitation in different ways; From sexual exploitation to torturing a person and influencing his behavior like a robot. These symbols and metaphors look scary and affect the audience because of the deep beliefs of the creator.

    In the following article about the movie "Cannibal Holocaust", it was mentioned that the filmmaker portrays the scenes of cannibalism in a realistic way. ; Because it has a greater impact on the audience. Here too, old Paolo Pasolini depicted the torture sequences like this, but there is a difference between these two films. There is no specific story here and the filmmaker keeps moving from one scene to another. It is as if we are dealing with the daily life of people in which there is no end point until death; So, unlike the movie "Cannibal Holocaust", there is no hope, even to the smallest extent, in "Salvo".

    But the movie "Salvo" has another strong point; The director knows very well that it is the ruling system that exploits everyone, not some people. Therefore, he depicts the privileged class as decadent and then as a victim of this situation. The only difference between them and others is the degree of their satisfaction with the illusion of power they imagine and the lesser amount of torture they experience.

    In summary, by making the movie "Salvo", old Paolo Pasolini forces the audience to There is something that can be called crazy manifestations of fascism. In this film, he went to the story of men and women who do not know anything called self-esteem and have gone all the way to the gates of hell. Watching the movie is very difficult and there are no shortage of disturbing scenes. So don't go for it if you are faint of heart.

    Some speculate and link Pasolini's murder to other things besides this movie. Some have considered it a self-defense and some believe that the opponents of the Communist Party killed him. Even if one of these is the true account of the incident, still the emergence of the theory that considers the movie "Salvo" as the cause of this death, shows the disgust that watching this movie caused at that time.

    "In 1944, in a place occupied by Germany, a number of people are captured by men who introduce themselves as president, bishop, highness and duke. What happens next to these unlucky people is nothing but mental and physical torture..."

    • Top 10 horror movies and dramas that are hard to watch again

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