Top 12 films of Alidosti song; Always on top of the news (portrait of an actor)

Taraneh Alidosti is definitely one of the most important actresses in Iranian cinema and for many reasons has always been at the top of the news. The news of recent days was short and very strange! The follow-up of one of the news agencies indicated that Habib Rezaei had filed a lawsuit against Alidosti's song for republishing a post accusing him of harassment. This is one of the bitter fringes that has happened to Alidosti's song these days. Cannes Film Festival has been criticized. Top 12 films of Alidosti song; Always on top of the news (portrait of an actor)

Taraneh Alidosti is definitely one of the most important actresses in Iranian cinema and for many reasons has always been at the top of the news. The news of recent days was short and very strange! The follow-up of one of the news agencies indicated that Habib Rezaei had filed a lawsuit against Alidosti's song for republishing a post accusing him of harassment. This is one of the bitter fringes that has happened to Alidosti's song these days. Cannes Film Festival has been criticized.

He, who recently appeared on the red carpet, has been severely criticized by Iranian cinema officials and policymakers, and on the other hand, Persian-language media abroad have sharply criticized him. they had. For many, the song is still the same teenage actor who came to Iranian cinema with "I have a song for 15 years." During these twenty-one years, he became one of the most important actors in Iranian cinema; Of the few actresses who could not pass up her presence in a film simply. The audience safely chose the film in which he was present and left the cinema with satisfaction. In addition, he tried to pursue his social activities and not just be an actor, but a person who pays attention to culture and art along with the issues of his society. This is how she has gained a special place for herself in Iranian cinema, an actress who expresses her opinion on political issues, pursues her own activities to improve the situation of women, and these days is also on the five-member committee. They want to work to improve the situation of women in Iranian cinema. A committee representing 800 women in Iranian cinema who have protested and taken action against sexual harassment. In this article, we will have an overview of the top 10 films of Alidosti song. Acting Born on December 13, 1983, he is the son of Nadereh Hakimollahi - a sculptor and artist - and his father Hamid Alidosti - a football player and coach. An actor who has translated two books, "My Mother's Dream - Alice Monroe" and "History of Love - Nikos Krauss".

1. When the song became Leila in the movie "Leila Brothers" Top 12 films of Alidosti song; Always on top of the news (portrait of an actor)

  • Director: Saeed Roustaei
  • Production 1401

The first screening of the movie "Leila Brothers" was met with continued applause from the audience on the 4th of June in the big hall of Cannes Film Festival, and finally the director was awarded the Fiber Critics Award and also He won the Cannes Citizenship Award. A film in which critics of the world's media praised Leila's courageous efforts to change the status quo of her family and praised her performance. According to his director, at a press conference at the Cannes Film Festival, this time the film is supposed to point to factors beyond the ability of individuals.

Saeed Roustaei said: And it can not be solved, but it can no longer be said. When people are reminded of inflation three times a day, it can no longer be said that it is the family's fault. In my films, there is a girl who is trying to prevent the collapse of a family. In "Ever and a Day" maybe the family was to blame, but in "Leila Brothers" this is not the case and it is the society that is influencing and people, whether they make mistakes or not, are going in the direction they should not. We see a small part of society whose situation is getting better every day and a large part of society whose situation is not getting better. And Alidosti's song in the role of "Leila" does not want to let his father - opium and on the verge of Alzheimer's - lose everything he has gold to get the top position and godfatherhood in the family; It starts an effort. Leila has 4 brothers. "Farhad Aslani-Parviz" is responsible for cleaning the toilets and constantly forces his wife to have children in order to have a son. "Mohammad Ali Mohammadi-Farhad", another of his brothers, is only looking for muscles and body , His other brother "Peyman Maadi-Manouchehr" The only way he knows to make money is a scam that he longs to succeed in this way.

Another brother "Navid Mohammadzadeh-Alireza" is the only brother in the factory He is busy with work and activity, but due to the embezzlement of the factory manager, he is fired and becomes unemployed. Now Leila is trying to save the family from this situation in any way she can, by renting a boutique to provide better conditions for the family, but the decisions made by the government destroy all their aspirations. The film will be released in France from September. Of course, in Iran, it does not seem to have much chance to be screened. After the Cannes Film Festival, the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance protested against the behavior of the film's actors, saying that even the film might not be screened because they had not complied with the law. However, the Directors' Association issued a statement calling on the cinema organization to cooperate in granting permission to screen the film. Give. But considering the days of Muharram and the special circumstances of these days and the long time of the film, it seems that we should not be disappointed to see this work in Iranian cinemas at the moment.

2. Swimming champion in the movie "Orca" Top 12 films of Alidosti song; Always on top of the news (portrait of an actor)

  • Director: Sahar Mosayebi

Alidosti's song in the movie "Orka" plays the role of a swimming hero who can overcome world difficulties and participate in world competitions. The sports film is inspired by the real life of swimming champion Elham Sadat Asghari, whose record-breaking performance was not approved by the Ministry of Sports. This film can be considered a woman's work. Even its producers were Mahtab Keramati and Tahoora Abolghasemi. The film depicts Asghari's attempts to set a Guinness World Record for freestyle swimming. It is the responsibility of women not to record this record by considering it illegal.

Now, many years later, this effort will be recorded in the movie "Orka", and of course, lying about this claim and not accepting this record are also parts of this record. Is a movie. Even the character of the president of the Swimming Federation is somehow included in this film. Mahtab Keramati and Mahtab Nasirpour have also starred in this film. But Taraneh was the one who traveled to various festivals with the film and talked about the situation of Iranian women athletes and the problems they face. The remarks were strongly opposed by the conservative political spectrum. The film was screened at the Doha Film Festival in Qatar and received the Audience Award.

3. Home raid in the movie "Seller" Top 12 films of Alidosti song; Always on top of the news (portrait of an actor)

  • Director: Asghar Farhadi
  • Year of production 1394

The film "Seller" was the third collaboration between Taraneh and Asghar Farhadi. The film begins with the demolition of the building where Taraneh Alidosti-Rana and Shahab Hosseini-Emad live. In this challenge and confusion, viewers become acquainted with some of the moral characteristics of the two. This causes the couple to move into a small, almost dilapidated apartment where the previous tenant's belongings - the deer - were still. The two also star in Arthur Miller's "Death of a Salesman." He is a male teacher and in his classroom he teaches the works of Iranian fiction such as "The Cow" by Gholam Hossein Saedi. But their whole lives are falling apart with the rape of a woman in the bathroom. They talk about the tenant and the customers he had, and it turns out that the friend who introduced the house was aware of the nature of the woman's life. The film was originally called "Reach the Deer" and was later renamed "Jupiter" in France. In this film, years before issues such as "Mito" and the protest against the attacks on women in the cinema were published in the media, it dealt with men's attitudes and their encounters and women's helplessness.

In the movie "The Salesman", one of the people accused of sexual harassment is asked many questions. The "seller" team was present on the red carpet in May of the same year with the song of Iran Mohammad Reza Shajarian and was welcomed, and Shahab Hosseini was able to win the Palme d'Or for his acting. The film had a successful start and also managed to sell more than two million dollars in the United States and about one million euros in France. He is the producer of "Alexander Malohgi" and the film was finally announced as one of the five non-English language films at the Oscars. At the same time that Trump announced that the people of Iran and six other countries have no right to enter American territory. Taraneh Alidosti, known as a collection of social activities, announced earlier than other factors that she would not travel to this country and would boycott the Oscars. Shortly afterwards, Asghar Farhadi issued a statement announcing that he would not travel to the United States in support of his countrymen. The event was organized at the invitation of Sadegh Khan, a Muslim and Pakistani mayor of London, in support of Asghar Farhadi. Anousheh Ansari and Firooz Naderi, two prominent Iranians living in the United States, represented the film at the Oscars. This film is one of the best works of Iranian cinema, it was able to win the second Oscar for its director, Asghar Farhadi, in 2017, an event that caused the name of this director to be placed next to Bergman and Fellini. Although Alidosti's song was considered in many critics, it did not bring him any awards.

4. In the effort for independence in the movie "Absolute Rest" Top 12 films of Alidosti song; Always on top of the news (portrait of an actor)

  • Director: Abdolreza Kahani
  • Produced in 2015

The collaboration of Taraneh Alidosti and Abdolreza Kahani and Reza Attaran became the film "Absolute Rest". Films that have a special place in the works Kahani won, but it was not a big step for "Taraneh". He was a newly divorced woman who came to Tehran from Damghan to rebuild his life without a violent husband. In the meantime, like other works of "Kahani" in which the people of the lower class suffer from moral decay in addition to daily bitterness and failure, the narration of the jealousy of the husband's friend to "Taraneh-Samira" or the extravagance of men who are in the path of his life in this film Is depicted. The screenwriters of the screenplay are Saeed Ghotbizadeh and Kahani, who seem to have narrated this screenplay based on many reports that we read about women's daily life in newspapers, and we are going to see a film with the same position based on the acting abilities of Reza Attaran and Taraneh Alidosti. The two collaborated for the first time in this film. In this film, Taraneh is supposed to represent all independent women who have thousands of desires for happiness and better life for themselves and their families, and in the meantime, they have to face the obstacles that beauty and being a woman have created for them.

5. Happy Midnight in the movie "Mother of the Atomic Heart" Top 12 films of Alidosti song; Always on top of the news (portrait of an actor)

  • Director: Ali Ahmadzadeh
  • Year of Production 1393

Taraneh Alidosti is one of the actors who usually carefully and obsessively chooses to act in films, perhaps because his first film was met with great success and acclaim by critics and the public. In a way, he did not want to make the wrong choice in his resume. One of the films in which Raha has acted a lot is "Mother of the Atomic Heart". She plays the role of "Arineh" who, after "Kami"'s party, goes to the streets of Tehran with "Pegah Ahangrani-Nobahar" and now they face various adventures due to their shape, driving style and happiness.

6. A woman who does not want an owner in the movie "Mr. and Mrs. Mahmoudi's life together" Top 12 films of Alidosti song; Always on top of the news (portrait of an actor)

  • Director: Ruhollah Hejazi
  • Year of production 1391

The film "Mr. Mahmoudi and Banoo's life together" with the arrival of Sanaz - Taraneh Alidosti - and his companion - Peyman Ghasemkhani - The latest model car starts at the house of Mr. Mahmoudi - Hamid Farkhonejad and his wife - Hengameh Ghaziani. From the very beginning of the film, the contrast between the two forms of life is obvious. A traditional life for a different woman. Sanaz, who repeatedly emphasizes the role of a seductive, independent woman who does not need the rules of cohabitation, does not need an owner. On the other hand, it is "Muhaddatha" who plans all the details of her family life, even controlling how her husband treats Sanaz and his daughter's movement every second.

The film is about the difference between the two forms. It is life and these two women and their choices and the way they behave are judged in the mirror of the daughter of the family. Seeing this film, the question arises whether the song could have been a good choice for a seductive woman or more of her independence and non-dependence on men as the owner and caretaker of the writer and director? This role was less seen in Iranian cinema after the revolution and was constantly avoided. That a woman is not married and lives with a man, that a woman determines from the beginning that she will leave whenever she gets tired. The fact that a woman ignores even the eyes of her cousin's rosary in her hand and does not get upset about it, that a woman smokes in public and does not hesitate to express her desire, was part of the role in this film. Was photographed. This woman and this role is defined in the confrontation with another woman, a woman who, according to her husband, is not modern, is constantly in the kitchen and looks like a bully. Although in the end, with Sanaz leaving, everything seems to be going back to normal, but things are broken in this family and some questions have arisen.

7. Humiliation with money in the movie "Simple Hospitality" Top 12 films of Alidosti song; Always on top of the news (portrait of an actor)

  • Mani Haghighi

The second collaboration between Alidosti and Mani Haghighi as a director is a political film entitled "Simple catering." A work whose creators and author, Amir Reza Kouhestani, strongly refuse to accept this issue. But the film tells the story of a young man and woman scattering money in difficult-to-cross areas and how people deal with them.

When they bow before their greatness and self-esteem. Although none of the creators wanted to mention it in any conversation, these images are reminiscent of Ahmadinejad's presence at provincial tours and carrying bags of money that were distributed among applicants. Even after its screening at the 1990 festival, Hamzehzadeh, one of the directors of the art field, published a critique and addressed Ahmadinejad, saying, "Why should a film be criticized that criticizes your economic policies and targeted subsidies?"

The film premiered at the Berlin Film Festival. "Alidosti's song" in the film, along with "Mani Haghighi - both actor and director", is supposed to humiliate the crisis-stricken people who live in this mountainous region. The film is full of scenes where people in need have to choose between receiving money and humanity, and they usually choose money. In the graveyard scene, where a father forgives his child instead of money, it is one of the hardest games for a true song and song. It's not like this is a movie, it's like they wanted their father to make another decision, and from then on the movie takes a different form. The film was boycotted by Hozeh Honari along with several other films, thus losing a third of the country's cinemas. Acting in this film for "Taraneh Alidosti" Simorgh Blorin was nominated for Best Actress. However, from his song and social activities, it was unlikely that he would even participate in the festival.

8. Auction of a girl in the movie "End of Eighth Street" Top 12 films of Alidosti song; Always on top of the news (portrait of an actor)

  • End of Eighth Street
  • Alireza Amini
  • 1389
  • 98 minutes

Alireza Amini is undoubtedly one of the best directors in Iranian cinema in the field of making social works, which in recent years And its activity is limited and diminished. In "The End of Eighth Street", families seek consent to prevent their brother from being executed. . One for his brother, the other for his friend. This role is very similar to the roles that the song plays in its real life and intends to play. Taraneh is one of the few actors who cares about political and social issues and shares his concerns with the people. In this film, it is difficult to find a large amount of money, many ways to get money and speculate and borrow are tried. The father of the family silently watches the girl's efforts, and Musa-Hamed Behdad takes the lead in boxing and betting in the same stalls where he works. The girl also tries the only way left and goes to the end of the eighth street on the stage at the girls' auction. That sad, yet confident look of the song is one of his most enduring moments as he draws in and prepares to go out in the crowd. Taraneh had previously acted in the movie "Beautiful City" with the same theme of pardoning an executioner. In that film, he and his father were the ones who had to forgive the killer and prevent his execution. Now, about 8-9 years later, he was in a different position and had to raise about 70 million in less than three days to save his brother and his forgiveness from his parents. This time, too, he was able to play a tough role full of details and details.

9. Innocence drowned in the movie "About Eli" Top 12 films of Alidosti song; Always on top of the news (portrait of an actor)

  • Director: Asghar Farhadi
  • Year of Production 2008

Asghar Farhadi had a special place in Iranian cinema during the production of "About Eli" as another well-known filmmaker. This time he went to the middle class, a class that knew their joys, hobbies, and concerns. The floor, which does not forget to give alms on the eve of the journey, screams in the tunnel and rejoices, if necessary renting the ruined villa so that it will not be empty-handed in the journey ahead.

Three families go on a journey Among them, Eli (playing a song) is a stranger, he is the teacher of Sepideh Kindergarten (Golshifteh Farahani) and he has joined them at his invitation and without the permission of his family and a very strict candidate. Everything is going well, Sepideh's intention to do everything the same way is to get acquainted with Ahmad (Shahab Hosseini). A man from Germany believes that "a bitter ending is better than an endless bitterness." Eli wants to return to Tehran very soon, worried about his mother, but Sepideh stops him by turning his bag upside down. Suddenly everything falls apart, one of the children is drowning and suddenly it turns out that there is no news of it. Three families and a friend of several years suddenly face a difficult situation. How to get this news Inform the fianc and family? What justification should they give for the reason for his presence in their gathering? The film is full of difficult situations and difficult choices. The spectator's task with Eli is not clear, he does not know if he has betrayed his fianc, who came to this trip, and whether this death is the punishment for this mistake or not? Even finding his body remains unanswered. His innocent face is supposed to explain our commitment to him, and even when his fianc asks these three families if he has spoken to you about me and they decide to hide it, we understand his loneliness. . "The Open End" of this film became a feature of Farhadi's works, and the viewer also knew that after watching each of Farhadi's films, he would be faced with unanswered questions that would occupy his mind for a long time.

The production of his works caused disagreements among the members of the group during the filming. Golshifteh Farahani, whose departure from Iran had made it difficult for the film to be screened, was coldly accepted by the group at the Berlin Film Festival. After this film, Haghighi and Farhadi did not work together again, although the song continued its friendship and relationship with Haghighi. The film was critically acclaimed for its brilliant acting and grossed $ 7 million worldwide.

10. A Woman's Ambitions in "Canaan" Top 12 films of Alidosti song; Always on top of the news (portrait of an actor)

  • Director: Mani Haghighi
  • Year of production 2007

The film "Canaan" is directed by "Mani Haghighi" and co-written by Asghar Farhadi and Mani Haghighi. Previously, Haghighi and Farhadi collaborated on writing Syrian Wednesday and had a good event, but this time it seemed that this success was not going to be repeated. The film was based on the story of Alice Monroe's "Ax". However, she had become completely Iranian and portrayed the concerns of a modern-day educated Iranian woman. Forgets himself - Ali (Bahram Radan) - and wants to separate after 10 years of marriage with his teacher - Morteza (Mohammad Reza Forootan) and emigrate to achieve his dreams. In the meantime, it does not matter to him whether he aborts his child or announces it to Aziz (his wife's sick mother). But everything goes differently with the arrival of his sister, Azar-Afsaneh Baygan. In this film, the song is at the crossroads of going and staying, and based on the vow he has made, he seems to have to give up his will. The song's role in the film was not well received. She herself believed that because everyone still considers her the 15-year-old girl in her first film. In this film, the song is confronted with contradictions. This role was a kind of escape of the song from the role of the roles it had played before, and its entry was to play the role of women of the next class, and it was a passage through the specific concerns of that class. This time, instead of watching the events that take place in this class, he himself had those concerns and is trying to get them.

11. Watch an unannounced betrayal in the movie "Syrian Wednesday" Top 12 films of Alidosti song; Always on top of the news (portrait of an actor)

  • Asghar Farhadi
  • 2005

In her second collaboration after "Beautiful City" or Asghar Farhadi, Taraneh again played the role of a woman from the lower class . This time he was a "spirit" who in the last days of the year enters a chaotic house full of wars and fights in order to improve the situation a little by arranging it. The house where Hamid Farkhonejad, as the wife of Mozhdeh (Hedyeh Tehrani), is trying to hide his betrayal. Those who are going to travel to Dubai for vacation are still confused by all the conflicts and contradictions. Hedyeh Tehrani appears throughout the film, in the same 24 hours, in a black dress, angry and full of worries and nervousness in the role of an oppressed woman. He is suspected of having an affair with his wife, who plays Pantheon Abram. Even with a chador borrowed from "Rouhi", he secretly chases after his wife and beats her. The title was a dilemma. The song in this film is a young girl on the verge of a wedding who plays the role of a servant and is confused in the face of the situation, although she is so wise that she does not reveal her knowledge of understanding a man's betrayal to her husband and takes it with her as a secret. The man also tries to take responsibility for the loss of the tent in the face of the song's fianc so as not to damage his trust. In this film, he lost his brother because of Syrian Wednesday, but he was absent from the filming scene for only one day. Behavior that Asghar Farhadi mentioned many times. He was honored by the judges of the 24th Fajr Festival for playing this role. This work has been performed in various festivals such as Nantes, Hamburg and Locarno and participated and were honored.

11. Only in front of the society in the movie "I have a song for 15 years" Top 12 films of Alidosti song; Always on top of the news (portrait of an actor)

  • Rasoul Sadr Ameli li>
  • 2002

The first cinematic appearance of Alidosti's song was "I am 15 years old". A film directed by Rasoul Sadr Ameli, who was known as a social filmmaker in those years and had previously made the film "A Girl in Sneakers" starring "Pegah Ahangrani". This time, Sadr Ameli wanted to narrate the life of a wise, lonely, problem-solving and independent girl. The talented screenwriter, Kambozia Partovi, had written the plot before, and ironically, Alidosti's song of the same name was wise and good. Amin Tarakh introduced him as one of the students of his school. However, Habib Rezaei had previously visited several schools to find an actor.

More than 80 people were tested to find an actor who goes through three different stages: studentship, pregnancy and motherhood. . He worked on the song for about two months to control his voice and behavior, and during this time he did not know if it was still approved or not. 48 hours before his role in the first scene of the film, in Rajai Shahr prison, he was informed that he had met his father. Taraneh played a very good role in this film, resisted the abortion of her unwanted child and decided to get the best for him. This was the beginning of the presence of "Alidoost" song in Iranian cinema, which continued with success and obsession.

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benefited from the experience and suggestions of important people such as Asghar Farhadi and Mani Haghighi. Of course, Taraneh also made mistakes in the selection of his films, such as the film "Whatever God Wants", which he accepted very soon and announced so that no one would be harmed if he went to watch the film. He has received numerous international awards, including Locarno, has been a judge at the Vesuvius Festival in France, and has appeared on the red carpet at major world festivals. During these twenty years, she has been proud of being a feminist many times and has used her position as a world-renowned actress to express the problems and limitations of her compatriot women. He accompanied the people with grief over issues such as the executions and the Ukrainian airstrikes. Alidosti has been sentenced for defending Enghelab Street girls and protesting against the conduct of Irshad patrols and has been released on bail.

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