Top 12 cult horror movies, from worst to best

The word "cult" means sect and in horror cinema it refers to sects that have scary beliefs about life and strongly believe in them. . It is this blind belief that prompts them to commit acts of violence and make those around them the unfortunate victims who are killed in a gruesome manner. In this list, 12 such important films have been reviewed. Top 12 cult horror movies, from worst to best

The word "cult" means sect and in horror cinema it refers to sects that have scary beliefs about life and strongly believe in them. . It is this blind belief that prompts them to commit acts of violence and make those around them the unfortunate victims who are killed in a gruesome manner. In this list, 12 such important films have been reviewed.

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The origins of horror movies centered around a criminal cult go back to the early 1950s. But it was in the late 1960s and early 1970s that this cinema was popular with the public. The reason for this was the increasing spread of sectarianism in the modern American society at that time. In those years, young people turned their backs on older beliefs and looked for a way to start a new life; A life that has new values. So, in such a situation, it was necessary to create new beliefs. In such a situation, it was natural for some people to go the wrong way and get caught up in radical thoughts that are far from human principles. It was in such a framework that extremist groups with strange ideas were born and the news of their crimes was at the top of the news programs. They criticized and added a new subgenre to the horror cinema, which, although it is placed under the other subgenres of the mother horror genre, but also has its own unique stereotypes. Like any other horror movie, there are two types of characters in these movies: one is the cause of terror or the killer and the other is the victim. But the difference comes from the fact that those agents of terror commit crimes based on generally religious beliefs. In addition, these people work in groups and always include a large number of different men and women who either live in secret or have managed to present a false image of themselves in society and look like ordinary people. /p>

At all, one of the reasons for the attractiveness of horror movies centered on the presence of a cult or a sect is due to the fact that the members of that sect look like you and me and have a normal life on the surface. In such a situation, the audience is well affected by watching the crimes in the frame; because he sees the victim being dragged to the slaughterhouse by one of his friends or relatives; Someone who seems harmless. In such a frame, the important filmmakers of this type of cinema try to create a friendly community in which something seems suspicious; Such an audience is looking for a person who will be the cause of the death of his friends in the future. So, in addition to creating an increasing suspense, the filmmaker can use the principle of surprise in horror cinema and kill two birds with one stone.

Therefore, the way of storytelling in horror cinema centered on the presence of a cult can be described as follows. Simplified: the story begins with a group of friends deciding to attend a party or go on a pre-planned trip. Then, upon reaching that place, the circle of friends realizes that unexpected events are taking place and that they are not alone. In this situation, there are others who behave friendly at first, but with the passage of time, it turns out that they are all members of a criminal cult. In the end, it turns out that these friends were the victims of a planned plan that was executed by one of their own, who is a member of that cult and was playing the role of a close friend all along.

The special feature of this type of movies is the way violence is shown. Unlike other horror movies where the victim is attacked by a person or a monster and killed, here the victim is killed with style; In such a way that everything is arranged by the members of the cult in such a way that the lucky person becomes a victim of a barbaric ritual and the filmmaker tries to show all the details of this crime. So, in addition to a bitter and painful death, the victim also endures various physical and mental tortures, and the place of his death is not an ordinary crime scene, but an altar. The scarier they become, the more blind and crazy beliefs the cult members have. That they commit crime not because of some kind of psychological satisfaction (like the killers in slasher movies), but because of serving an imaginary power or enforcing a deep-rooted belief. This is the reason why the roots of this type of movies go back to the past centuries and bring to mind local stories centered on evil members of a group who were believed by the ancients to be the servants of Satan.

Other features of cult horror movies are It goes back to the situation of the executioners of the movie. While performing their ceremony, they generally wear strange clothes that give them a scary face and It turns their ceremony into a satanic scene with the utmost cruelty. In addition, these clothes help the audience to believe how far these crazy people have planned to carry out their crimes and how far they can go. It is placed under other subgenres and is not one of the main subcategories of the horror mother genre. For example, the movie "The Invitation" is considered a slasher movie at first, then a horror movie, or "Hereditary" is one of the psychological horror movies that borrows a little from elements of supernatural horror cinema. So cult horrors can stick to any of the main subgenres of horror cinema and feed off of their elements. Of course, there is a movie like "Rosemary's Baby" in the middle, which upsets all predictions and goes its own way.

12. Apostle (Apostle) Top 12 cult horror movies, from worst to best

  • Director: Gareth Evans li>
  • Actors: Dan Stevens, Lucy Boynton
  • Production: 2018, USA and UK
  • IMDb rating for the movie: 6.3 out of 10 Rotten Tomatoes rating for the movie: 79% Difference There is a violent sect between the movie "Forestadeh" and most of the horror works; In such films, the filmmaker generally walks with the victims and shows the story from their point of view. You and I, the audience, experience the events of the story with them, but here the filmmaker has used some stereotypes of detective and crime cinema and told his story.

    In many crime movies, there is a detective. . This searcher is either a professional police and detective or a person who, for personal reasons, sets out to solve a mystery. Thomas, the main character of the film is exactly such a man. After his sister is kidnapped, he goes to a remote island where people with strange beliefs live. Now he has to put together different clues to find his kidnapped sister.

    The story of the movie takes place in 1905. This issue gives the film a historical mood, which in combination with the characteristics of the island or the place where people of that sect live, helps to make the story mysterious. It is as if we are in the same mood as the stories of Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot; With the difference that this time this story has taken on a scary aspect and the Victorian atmosphere has been replaced with the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. Whatever Thomas investigates on the island, he finds information that is believable. are not. From here, "Sent" finds a similar trend to Robin Hardy's "The Wicker Man", which is on this list, and many of the familiar elements of that classic work can be seen here as well. So the director immediately pays homage to that magnificent work; To understand this issue, it is enough to read the synopsis of both films.

    All that has been said, does not mean that we are dealing with a less flawed work. Made by Gareth Evans, it's a good film, but it doesn't live up to its full potential. The director made a film that can obviously become a unique experience for his audience and even take the title of one of the best horror films of the last decade. But in the last breaths, it slows down and disappoints us.

    We remember Garrett Evans with the action movie "The Raid". The strength of those films was in the direction of the work. This technical ability made a film full of combat and violence into an unforgettable work, otherwise there would be no special story in it. Evans is also successful in directing the movie "Sent". A good atmosphere, along with the old look and feel of the film, helps to face a debatable work, but here the story of the work becomes its Achilles' heel; Because, unlike action movies, if there is a searcher in the center of the frame, a story full of ups and downs and less flaws is needed more than anything else to lift the film.

    "In 1905, After returning home, Thomas learns that his sister Jennifer has been kidnapped by members of a strange cult. He goes to that island to save his sister and finds out that the cult members have beliefs about sacrificing people. Thomas confronts Malcolm, the leader of this cult. But...

    11. The Ritual Top 12 cult horror movies, from worst to best

    • Director: David Bruckner
    • Actors: Raf Spall, Arsher Ali
    • Product: 2017, England
    • Score The IMDb site for the movie: 6.3 out of 10
    • The rating of the movie on the Rotten Tomatoes site: 74%

    The story of the movie "Ritual" is one of the clichd stories of such movies; A group of friends go on a long trip to a remote place, which makes them face their worst nightmares. They carry a burden of sorrow with them. This sadness is also directly related to their journey; So the filmmaker takes advantage of these conditions and turns the upcoming calamities into a kind of ritual mourns; A painful mourning that endangers the lives of all comrades.

    Here, like the movie "Midsummer" in the same list, the story takes place in Sweden. The cold region of northern Sweden and of course the wild nature there allowed Ari Aster, the director of that film, to tell his painful story. People belonging to a scary cult committed unbelievable crimes with complete composure, and their composure also indicated their deep belief and of course made them more frightening. There, Ari Aster showed a lot of restraint, the symbols were not there before the incident, and he sought to create terror by showing various events.

    But here, the filmmaker does not have the ability to create that increasing suspense; Because it depends too much on the display of scary symbols or strange images, and instead of telling an exciting story, more than anything, it seeks to frighten the audience by showing these images. All such potentials created by the images are destroyed and are not used. Because the audience gets vaccinated against this show of violence after a while. In such a situation, a story full of ups and downs and perfect is needed to refresh the audience again.

    Of course, the filmmaker has made efforts to solve this issue. These efforts also go back to drawing a dreamy and nightmarish space. It is as if there is an extraterrestrial force that controls everything and it is the same force that controls this particular world and this particular area of Sweden. Although this effort removes the movie "Ritual" from clichs, it can't make us face a great work.

    "Five old friends get together to plan a fun trip. A friend named Rob suggests that they go to Sweden and the mountainous regions of this country. At the same time, a robbery happens nearby and Rob is killed. Six months later, four friends travel to Sweden in memory of Rob. On the way, they suddenly encounter a heavy rain and decide to take a shortcut through a nearby forest and find shelter. But as soon as they enter the forest, they encounter strange symbols and signs that indicate the presence of crazy people. Finally, they hide in a cave, but the same signs are there. until..."

    10. The Void Top 12 cult horror movies, from worst to best

    • Director: Steven Costancy, Jeremy Gillespie
    • Stars: Aaron Poole, Kenneth Welch
    • Product: 2016, Canada
    • IMDb site rating for the movie: 5.8 out of 10
    • Rotten Tomatoes site rating for the movie: 78%

    In most cases, the presence of a police officer in a horror movie makes the audience feel relaxed; Unless that horror movie has a supernatural monster. But if the cause of terror is one or more murderers, the police officer can make them run away or at least make them disappear. But here, both of these events are supposed to take place, there are some people in the filmmaker's image and monsters, each of which has its own characteristics. . A man runs away towards the forest and the audience has no idea what is happening. The filmmaker does not give any explanation. But then the events are lined up one after the other as if there is a complicated plan going on.

    This is where the strength of the film lies. The film "Void" changes very quickly in its beginning compared to other so-called cult films. While some men and women are surrounded by some sectarians in a hospital, other things are happening in the hospital itself. At first, it seems that we are going to face a clichd movie in which some people are trapped in the same environment, and it is supposed to show the two sides facing each other at the end. This environment is also a hospital, with all the familiar people who are present in such an environment. But suddenly these same people do things that are inexplicable; They suddenly become insane and, for example, cut their faces.

    From here, the filmmaker shows that he has no interest in ransoming his audience in the show of violence. Showing the protruding heart and intestines or the mutilation of people puts the film among the reckless works. But another feature separates this movie from other works in this list; In the film "The Void", the cause of terror is not only some people who are members of a cult, but also supernatural events that appear to originate from a parallel world called the void.

    So if you watch multi-genre movies You will enjoy watching The Void if you enjoy the fact that they keep changing routines and their monsters don't follow any earthly logic. But this issue has caused us to be on the side of a fragmented film where each part plays its own instrument. Such a subject takes "vacuum" away from coherence, so that instead of a first-class film, we end up with a wasted film.

    "A man named James escapes from a burning farm and into the forest goes. Screaming woman She chases him but is suddenly shot dead. A police officer finds Daniel James running around a street corner. He takes James to the hospital but realizes that strange things are going on in the hospital. A group of masked people are looking for a victim, and Daniel must take care of his life in the meantime. He hides himself there with other people in the hospital. But...

    9. V/H/S/2 (V/H/S/2) Top 12 cult horror movies, from worst to best

    • Director: Simon Burt, Adam Wingard, Eduardo Sanchez, Greg Hill and...
    • Stars: Lawrence Michael Levine, Adam Wingard
    • Product: 2013, USA and Canada
    • IMDb website rating for the movie: 6 out of 10
    • Movie rating on the website Rotten Tomatoes: 70%

    The series of V/H/S films should be categorized under the found footage subgenre of the Mother of Horror genre. This subgenre refers to movies in which a person or people come across a number of tapes and by watching them, they realize scary things that they have no idea about. These tapes, which are either recorded by ordinary home cameras or obtained from the recovery of CCTV cameras, have an amateurish state, but they have been compiled by creative directors, and the aim of these directors is to create a realistic feeling, towards unreal and violent things in the audience. p>

    In 2012, the movie V/HS was released and it got a good success, but the second movie was even better than that. A number of prominent directors of horror cinema gathered and turned their short scenarios into short films to create horror; Stories that are somehow related in the overall structure of the film and a bigger picture than what they painted on the victims of the past. Here, talents such as Adam Wingard, Simon Brett Garrett Evans and others, each of them have visited one of the important subgenres of horror cinema and made a film that can be considered a complete luxury for traditional horror cinema fans.

    That part of the V/HS/S2 movie that is related to our article forms the third part of the movie. Directed by Timo Jahanto and Garrett Evans, this part tells the story of a group of 4 people who traveled to Indonesia to make a documentary about the members of a cult. While interviewing the leader of the cult, who is referred to as "Father", they realize that there are scary things going on, but Father believes that he is leading his people to the gates of heaven.

    In this There is also a moral narrative section that refers to the pregnancy of a member of the film crew. But regardless of all this, watching this movie makes the audience realize the insane ability of these directors to come up with ideas in the horror genre; If these filmmakers are not pressured by the box office or the producers, what creative minds do they have and what they can do.

    None of the filmmakers shy away from showing violence. There are depictions of protruding hearts and intestines, or streams of blood or mutilated body parts, throughout the film. It seems that these filmmakers have sometimes even gone beyond the initial expectations of watching a terrible movie and have consciously started creating a movie that has no other purpose than to disturb and shock the audience.

    " Two private detectives search for clues to find a missing student. The investigation leads them to a seemingly abandoned house where there are some VHS tapes. Watching these movies reveals a terrible secret...

    8. Kill List Top 12 cult horror movies, from worst to best

    • Director: Ben Whitley
    • Actors: Neil Maxwell, Michael Smiley
    • Product: 2011, England
    • IMDb rating for the movie: 6.4 out of 10 Rotten Tomatoes rating for the movie: 74% Sometimes There is a fine line between crime cinema and horror. The presence of a killer can put the movie under the crime genre or turn it into a horror movie. It depends on the filmmaker to focus the story on murder and crime and how it is presented, or on solving the mystery and arresting the killer, or on how the criminals follow the clues. Sometimes a movie is made that combines several genres. For example, in the movie "Kill List", the filmmaker has tied a typical action and crime story to horror cinema.

      "Kill List" begins with two men who work as contract killers for a living. . In their last mission, they are supposed to rescue three people, but the third case brings them to the ceremony of cult members who are sacrificing humans.

      One of the main problems of the film starts from here. . The first half of "Kill List" is more like an action film with criminal elements, and the second half suddenly changes its approach and becomes a slasher. Such a subject to It is not bad in itself and can even raise a work to the level of a masterpiece. But for this, a few things are needed first.

      First, the filmmaker must be able to put small and even invisible details in the first half that have a direct connection to the second half. There are a few hints here and there, but unfortunately not enough subtlety to save the film. The second point is that the sudden twists must fit organically in the heart of the story, otherwise it will not achieve anything other than surprising the audience and the sudden effect, and it can even cause the effect to fall and confuse the audience. In "Killing List", these twists find their place in the work to a large extent, but not enough to find a correct logic in the cause and effect relationships.

      But all this does not mean that with We are facing a bad movie. Only that "Kill List" with its pure idea could become an unforgettable work. The director has tried his best and has succeeded to a large extent. But all the final potentials of the work are not used to make the audience regret.

      "Jay and Gol are two ex-soldiers of the British army who work as contract killers. When Gol quits his job and doesn't intend to work as an assassin anymore, Jay goes on a mission in Ukraine. After Jay returns, it becomes clear that they are struggling financially and have to take another job. The two hitmen meet a new client who asks them to kill three people. After the first murder and during the second phase of the mission, things happen that make Jay and Gol suspicious of the whole story, so they decide to hold off. For this reason, they go to their client, but he informs them that if they do not finish the work, both of them will be killed along with the whole family..."

      7. The Invitation Top 12 cult horror movies, from worst to best

      • Director: Karine Kusama
      • Actors: Logan Marshall Green, Tommy Blanchard
      • Product: 2015, USA
      • IMDb rating for the movie: 6.6 out of 10 Rotten Tomatoes rating for the movie: 89% to The peace of coming after a tragedy and digesting what has passed is one of the constant staples of literature and cinema. Such a story gives life to mess up everything so that the character after enduring a difficult period can reach the values of life and hope for the future or be redeemed to continue living; Salvation by passing through the blood bath. A father is invited to his house long after the death of his child and separation from his wife. From the beginning, this invitation seems strange. After some suspicious happenings, the man tries to keep an eye on everything. His guess turns out to be correct and he finds his ex-wife sadder than before, contrary to his claim. But nothing is in place and the man has fallen into the trap of a superstitious sect who intend to sacrifice him.

        The primary fear of the main character is understandable for every human being Because it has happened to all of us to be in a place where we know we shouldn't be there. The situation gradually becomes so complicated that it seems that there is no escape so that this seemingly peaceful period does not turn into a bloodbath. Everyone acts contrary to their appearance and every word has a meaning other than what it seems.

        The interesting point of the movie "Dawat" lies in the place where the events take place. Unlike most films in the list, the members of this murderous cult do not perform their bloody ritual on an isolated island or in the heart of a remote place, but the crimes take place somewhere in a busy place, in the heart of a prosperous neighborhood of the city of Los Angeles. For this reason, the man's attempts to escape and his successive failures raise a sigh from the audience. Because deliverance seems so close, an open door or window or even a shout is enough. In such an environment, the tension rises slowly and continuously and flows in the fabric of the film until one of the most terrifying endings is achieved. Khobi used the elements of slasher cinema to make a flawless film. For this reason, "The Invitation" is not only one of the best horror movies released in 2015, but also one of the best movies of that year.

        "A man named Will, after the death of his son, He sees his life together as lost. A few years have passed since that time and now his ex-wife is apparently happy and enjoying her life. She lives with another man and has decided to invite her ex-husband to a party. At first, Will doesn't understand why he was invited to this party, but eventually he decides to show up and find out about his ex-wife's life. Everything seems normal until the woman's fake happiness catches Will's attention. The rest of the guests also look a little suspicious until...

        6. Mandy (Mandy) Top 12 cult horror movies, from worst to best

        • Director: Panos Kosmatos li>
        • Starring: Nicolas Cage, Linus Roche
        • Production: 2018, USA and Belgium
        • IMDb rating for the movie: 6.5 out of 10
        • >
        • Film score on Rotten Tomatoes site: 90%

        Nicolas Cage's films have been received less by critics in these years. But the movie "Mandy" is not one of these categories, and by the way, many critics also received it; Although such an achievement did not lead to the resurrection of Mr. Cage and he continues to act in the same low-level films. The story of the film tells the story of a man who, after his lover was stolen by a strange cult, starts a bloodbath. The interesting thing is that the filmmaker pays a lot of attention to characterization; Something we rarely see in horror movies. For this reason, we are facing a completely different work in which the character is as important as the story. But there is something else in "Mandy" that makes it more different.

        Besides the character, the director pays a lot of attention to the atmosphere of his work. The use of colors, as well as unconventional framing and editing, along with the first-rate soundtrack created by the late Johan Johansson, helped the director achieve the desired atmosphere. The importance of atmosphere creation is so much that it practically becomes the main reason for the existence of the film. Although "Mandy" is full of violent and scary scenes, all these scenes have served to create the atmosphere desired by the filmmaker to create a work that remains a mourning full of pain. It's as if the main character is struggling with a great sadness after his wife leaves, from which there is no way to get rid of it, and even taking revenge in that violent way does not reduce a bit of his power.

        In such a situation. It is that the story also serves this atmosphere. The film's one-liners are very predictable, but this is quite deliberate. The filmmaker doesn't like to cause any damage to his first priority, which is to reach the desired space. For this reason, he puts everything he can to serve it.

        "Mandy" is full of carefully arranged images. But it has neither a fast rhythm nor a rush to line up the events one after the other and collect the beginning and end of the story. If you are not a fan of watching such movies and have different expectations from horror movies, you probably won't enjoy watching "Mandy". But if you like to sit down to watch a different movie that knows what it wants and happens to get it, then you have chosen the right movie to watch. It is in such a situation that you not only enjoy watching the movie, but also listening to its epic music can become an unforgettable memory. But members of a strange cult attack them and kill Mandy. With the intention of revenge, Red tries to destroy each and every member of this group, but...

        5. The Endless Top 12 cult horror movies, from worst to best

        • Director: Justin Benson, Aaron Morehead
        • Stars: Justin Benson, Aaron Morehead and Callie Hernandez
        • Product: 2017, USA
        • The directors of the film "Endless" have tied their cult horror story to the familiar elements of science-fiction cinema to create a different work. Of course, this is not something new in itself. For years, horror movie directors have been doing this and using the unknowns of science or space to scare their audience.

          Here, the story is tied to the relationships of the members of a secret sect, who appear to have abilities and have a supernatural power. And they have work. Sometimes the characters are in a timelessness and placelessness that has made its way here directly from the world of science-fiction cinema.

          The interesting thing is that the filmmakers here, unlike many of the films on this list, They do not openly display violence. The factor of horror casts a shadow over the whole elephant bit by bit, so that we can face a suspenseful work that does not seek to create momentary surprises and requires the creation of a lasting fear. This is one of the reasons why "Endless" is placed in this place in the list; The creators of the work have succeeded in scaring the audience without showing blatant violence and mixing the logic of the science-fiction genre with the logic of the horror genre.

          There are always people in science-fiction cinema who seek self-knowledge. This issue can be seen in the important masterpieces of this genre; From "2001: A Space Odyssey" by Stanley Kubrick to "Solaris" by Andrei Tarkovsky. Even lesser-known films of this genre benefit from such characters, and this is one of the constant clichs of the science-fiction genre.

          Now in the movie "Endless" we are on the side with such characters who are searching for a path. are to reach self-knowledge and find a purpose to live. The path suddenly becomes full of boulders and puts them in a position where they can lead to their death. This creates excitement and tension and puts the work among the good horror movies of the past few years.

          "Two brothers named Aaron and Justin receive a tape from Camp Arcadia after many years. They spent some time in that camp when they were teenagers. Justin doesn't have good memories of that place in his mind and imagines that they were a group of strange people who believed in aliens, but Aron doesn't have such an image in his mind and by the way, he remembers that group as a friendly group with friendly behavior. Finally, Aaron convinces Justin to go back to the camp, with the motivation that maybe they will find a good job there. Aaron and Justin are met with a warm welcome as soon as they arrive, but at the very beginning, something strange about the appearance of the cult members catches their attention; Despite the passage of almost a decade, the appearance of none of the members has not changed much..."

          4. Midsummer (Midsommar)

 Top 12 cult horror movies, from worst to best

          • Director: Ari Aster
          • Stars: Florence Pugh, Will Poulter and Jack Raynor
          • Product: 2019, USA and Sweden
          • IMDb site rating for the movie: 7.1 out of 10
          • Rotten Tomatoes site rating for the movie: 83%

          In the introduction, it was mentioned that one of the familiar elements of cult horror cinema is the trip of some friends to an unfamiliar area and meeting people who at first seem like friendly people, but gradually show a different side and Each of the circle of friends makes victims of bad luck. The film "Midsummer" uses exactly the same familiar pattern but in a different way.

          Awesome is the right word to describe this film, which looks colorful and glossy but is terrifying inside. Ari Aster paints the story of the transformation of a young girl in the heart of an ancient culture with the delicacy of an impressionist painter. Dani is a modern and educated girl who, after the untimely and mysterious death of her family, travels to Sweden with her friends to meet Pele's family, another friend of theirs, and participate in an ancient ceremony. From the beginning of the journey, everything seems normal except for Danny's troubled interior, until it turns out that they all did not come there by choice, but are victims who go to the slaughterhouse. It is placed with the simple environment and apparently bright hearts of the villagers. But on the other hand, this depiction of the moment of entering the village and the beginning of the adventures, finds a clear contrast with the distress of the main characters throughout the drama. The always bright atmosphere (due to Sweden's geographic location, which is lit all day and night in the summer) and the simple and clean location of the film make the audience share with Danny in this contradictory experience so that we don't think like him, we should have an open view of this subculture. accept or reject it and look for an escape route.

          The confusion of the heroes, which comes from this contradiction, justifies their passivity during every incident. Being caught in the clutches of these people who are outwardly kind, but inwardly fanatical, has made Danny, who lost his family and lost his mental capacity and is looking for an escape for comfort, find a new family by losing everything he called life until now.

          A family that sanctifies her like a queen and appreciates her. It is because of his slow and steady acceptance that the end of the film does not give the audience a chance to breathe. Revisiting the end of the film, a new point becomes clear: everything was designed by Pele and others to make Danny make that terrible final decision. So his harmony with the life cycle that others claim was not due to his luck.

          He is not the chosen person of the God of the people, but a means for these people to reach their goal. But for Danny, it doesn't matter anymore, he blindly accepted this apostasy like others and will not try to return. This slow evolution of the character goes well with the gradual change of the film's music. At the beginning, the music is rhythmic and happy, but then the composition of the stringed instruments with each draw of the bow brings to mind the sorrows of a woman who is searching for release, so that her inner anxiety becomes believable through this passage.

          "A girl named Danny has recently lost his loved ones and is suffering from mental problems. There is a boy in her life who is going to break up with the girl because of Danny's strange behavior, but he eventually gives up. They live in a friendly community, including a Swedish boy. One day, this boy asks his friends to go to Sweden with him to see an ancient ceremony; A ceremony held in the summer. The comrades agree and travel there, but this ceremony is not what they imagine..."

          3. Hereditary

 Top 12 cult horror movies, from worst to best

          • Director: Ari Aster li>
          • Actors: Toni Collette, Alex Wolff
          • Product: 2018, USA
          • IMDb site rating for the movie: 7.3 out of 10
          • Rotten Tomatoes site rating for the movie: 89%

          The sect present in the movie "Inherited" is different from the sect of the movie "Midsummer". There, Ari Aster is not very interested in linking the beliefs of the Swedish people to psychological issues and making his film a work about human problems in the modern age and world. The members of the "Midsummer" cult know what they want and believe in what they do. But the psychedelics of the strange sect of the film "Hereditary" are so messed up that it cannot be separated from the cinema of psychological horror. In addition, the presence of children here is more prominent than other films on the list.

          This speaks to the ability of the director of the film, Ari Aster, who can create a different mood in two separate films with the presence of fixed elements. slow It is clear that he is well acquainted with horror cinema and has lived with this genre for years and watched its flagship works many times. Now, he took all those films, internalized them and passed them through his mental filter and created a work that, although it contains some of those lasting masterpieces, is a film that creates its own world. This is the reason why the first time we watch the movie "Hereditary" it is as if we are faced with a new and original work that we have never seen a film like, and it is only in subsequent viewings that the subtleties of the work become clear and its references to the best works in the history of cinema are evident. becomes; References to masterpieces like "Rosemary's Baby".

          The film is about a family torn apart by a ghost spell. A woman loses her mother and is mourning with her family. But it seems that this woman and her young daughter have ties to the spirit world, and the recently deceased mother also has a sinister history, whose memories are hidden in the attic. The director makes brilliant use of the audience's ignorance of the family secret. In the sense that instead of creating frightening but fleeting scenes, this lack of awareness becomes a means to create a lasting suspense. The event and its spectacle plays with the soul and spirit of the audience, and in the continuation of the story, everything becomes terrifying when the woman goes to a teenage party with her son. The events from now on go hand in hand in a way that turns the movie into a modern "The Exorcist". Henry became. Some critics even criticized the Sands festival for not participating in the competition section. But what happened after the nationwide screening made Ari Aster to be introduced as one of the brilliant talents of horror cinema in the world. On the other hand, Toni Collette's performance as the main character of the story is unique. We moviegoers are used to remembering horror movies with ordinary and sometimes weak performances. But Toni Collette is both the main cause of suspense and the main cause of horror in this film.

          "When the grandmother of the Graham family dies, her daughter, Annie, imagines that the spirit of the deceased, with the presence of her son, Charlie It is related. The grandmother's funeral is held, but her daughter has a scary secret that she cannot share with her family. Meanwhile, Charlie seems to have really connected with his grandmother's spirit. until..."

          2. The Wicker Man

 Top 12 cult horror movies, from worst to best

          • Director: Robin Hardy
          • Stars: Edward Woodward, Britt Eckland and Christopher Lee
          • Production: 1973, England
          • IMDb site rating for the movie: 7.5 out of 10
          • Rotten Tomatoes site rating for the movie: 89%

          "The Wicker Man" is a handbook of cult horror cinema. All the things that have become clichs of the genre today have their roots in this film and you can see signs of them here. Even the Saboite rooted in the negative characters or members of the sect, which today has taken on a bloody aspect, can be identified here; That too at a time when showing violence was not very common, but the filmmaker, although a bit of a stickler, does not shy away from showing violence.

          Another point is that here the members of the cult are all the residents of a village who They live on an isolated island. The lucky victim is alone among them. From here, we can see the influence of the movie "Fastaradeh" from "The Straw Man" which is in the same list. The story of cults who sacrifice for their beliefs, which is present in all movies. But the interesting point is our companionship with the main character, who is actually a detective sent to that island to solve a crime case. He goes and learns about all the things and events at the same time as him. This caused the change in the tone of the film from crime cinema to horror cinema. to find a natural shape and in addition to creating a surprise, it also created a stable suspense.

          Another point is the brilliant atmosphere of the film. The director has been able to step by step turn a clean and tidy village into a scary and dark place and take the audience by the hand and introduce them to the terrible corners of that place. This issue is important from the point of view that if this space is not created correctly, the audience would not understand the process of changing the tone of the film and "The Wicker Man" would become a wasted film.

          "The Wicker Man" once Cinema magazine Cinefantastique was introduced as Citizen Kane of the horror genre. "The Straw Man" is one of the rare films of the horror genre, which is recognized by critics as a film for all times, along with the masterpieces of cinema history.

          An island in Scotland is inhabited by strange people who have strange rituals. The apple tree is their sacred tree, and whenever it does not bear fruit, they sacrifice a human being to the sun god to bless their crops. At such a time, the inspector enters the island to follow up on the case of the disappearance of a teenage girl.

          "The Straw Man" is a brilliant example of mixing horror, musical and criminal genres, and it works better than its predecessors in carrying out this combination. At the beginning, the singing of the villagers is accompanied by atheistic songs, but listening to them makes the happy atmosphere of the beginning become mysterious to raise the inspector's suspicion. As he progresses, he realizes this more, but he has a hard time believing that these kind people would commit crimes. He realizes late that they are not very friendly and if their beliefs are in the middle, they have the possibility of any violence. In such a situation, the loneliness of the hero is emphasized. He is stuck among bigoted people who do not understand the meaning of their words and the nature of their actions is unknown to him. The nature of the island also makes this loneliness more obvious. The inspector himself is a lonely and abandoned island among this crowd, no matter how much he tries to find a logical reason for the behavior of these invaders, he cannot. He is in the crowd, but he is alone. In the crowd of fanatical people, it reflects a part of the artist's soul of the 70s. An artist who wants to change a society that still has old ideas and is not ready to move towards freedom with an open vision. By portraying this story (the film is an adaptation of the novel "Ritual" written by David Piner), Robin Hardy carves a hero model for his chosen man who has an ideal and in the end sacrifices his life for this ideal.

          In 2006, Neil Labitt tried to remake the film with Nicolas Cage and give it a new era; The result was an all-out failure that destroys the good memories of this one.

          "A girl gets lost on a remote island located in Scotland. A detective is sent there to follow up on the case. On the surface, everything is normal and these people seem to be the kindest people in the world who have strange beliefs. But this issue does not make the detective think for a moment that they can commit a crime against a little girl. until..."

          1. Rosemary's Baby

 Top 12 cult horror movies, from worst to best

          • Director: Roman Polanski
          • Actors: Mia Farrow, John Cassavetes
          • Product: 1968, USA
          • IMDb rating for the movie: 8 out of 10 Rotten Tomatoes rating for the movie: 96% Roman Polanski for Making the movie "Rosemary's Baby" creates a new world. It is true that members of a sect have settled around a woman's home and life and take care of her until she bears a child, but the behavior of these members is not similar to other sectarians on the list; Because they are not there to make someone a victim of a scary ritual and take someone's life, but they are there to take care of someone, who they believe is the Dajjal. The fact that Dajjal will be born and will collect the life of believing people from the earth has long been the concern of various directors. Now, Roman Polanski has tied the same issue to the struggles of a woman during pregnancy to create a human work.

            For a pregnant woman alone to face an army of wolves dressed as lambs is scary in itself, but Polanski is not satisfied with this and intends to depict a person in a world where he has no authority over the world around him and his own decisions in life. The monster or the cause of terror in this movie is invisible. In fact, it is connected to a place and a power beyond human power, but Polanski knows how to make its heavy shadow prevail throughout the film so that not only the main character, but also the audience is not safe from it and constantly feels its presence. .

            This heavy shadow is cast over the work by cult members who are not dangerous people in appearance, but according to their beliefs, they are waiting for the appearance of Satan to guide them. It was mentioned in the introduction that one One of the causes of horror in such films is the normal appearance of negative characters in normal and everyday life. Here, they can even be a simple and kind old man and old woman who live in the same neighborhood.

            Another factor puts "Rosemary's Baby" at the top of this list, and that is the existence of a deeply Hitchcockian suspense that In addition to reminding that great filmmaker, he turns fear into a subsurface factor, not something that appears at the moment, scares the audience and then loses its effect. "Rosemary" is to go beyond a typical horror film and move towards intellectual cinema, especially of the European type at that time. Similar to modern European cinema, Polanski sometimes places the story in the second level of importance and pays attention to the moods and moods of his first character. The gathering of these two factors together is a great blessing not only for a horror film, but basically for any film.

            One point should be noted here, because Polanski makes good use of it. ; Sometimes it's a deeply scary movie that develops its characters properly; Characters that the audience can get along with and be aware of the hidden angles of their behavior. It is in such a situation that his placement in a terrifying situation becomes attractive and brings the audience with apprehension and fear. Because the importance of his choices becomes important in China; It is as if the audience is constantly surprised about the behavior of the character in the new situation, because he thought he knew him. For this reason, the ending of the movie will not leave your head for a long time. It is not wrong to claim that the ending of the movie "Rosemary's Baby" is one of the most awesome endings in the history of cinema.

            "After marriage, Rosemary and Guy move to an apartment in New York despite the opposition of their friends. Everything seems normal in their apartment, and the old couple next door has the air of this new family. But with the death of a woman in the neighborhood, this apparent peace collapses and everything takes on a terrifying effect until...

            • A look at the 5 main subgenres of the horror genre; From Gothic to Slasher

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