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The top 10 smartest characters in the world of anime

BingMag.com The <b>top</b> 10 <b>smartest</b> <b>characters</b> in the <b>world</b> of anime

The third season of Kaya-sama: Love is War showed that anime fans still have a good appetite for genius characters who use their intelligence to overcome others. they do. It doesn't matter whether we are on the side of a romantic story or a darker story, the debate about which anime character is smarter than the rest has always existed among fans. Whether we are dealing with battle, or we have geniuses who are masters of design and planning like "Office of Death" or "Code Geass", anime gamers have many options to check and choose the top ten options of this list. This list is the result of tens of thousands of votes of anime players on the Ranker website. It should be kept in mind that this survey is current and there may be changes in its ranks after some time.

10. Shikaku Nara Naruto (Naruto)

BingMag.com The <b>top</b> 10 <b>smartest</b> <b>characters</b> in the <b>world</b> of anime

Shikaku Nara is always under the shadow of her son, but as the leader of the Nara clan, she is not one to be trifled with. His scarred face and rough temper might give the impression that we are dealing with a great fighter, but later when Shikamaru defeats his eldest son in a strategy game called shogi, we realize what a smart guy we are dealing with.

Also, Shikaku is famous for being responsible for designing the strategy for the Allied Shinobi during the Fourth Shinobi world War. It is in this battle that he shows off his mental abilities. For Naruto fans, one of the most beautiful aspects of the series is the strategies that people use during battle. And Shikaku is a unique competitor in this regard.

9. Kurosense - Assassination Classroom (Assassination Classroom)

BingMag.com The <b>top</b> 10 <b>smartest</b> <b>characters</b> in the <b>world</b> of anime

Some teachers prefer to lecture to students, some prefer to lead their lessons by example. But for Kurosensei, this yellow-skinned monster who teaches his students the skills of assassination, the threat of the destruction of the earth is the motivation that he uses and makes him able to draw out the maximum potential of his students. This may seem like a risky strategy, but Kurosensei has definitely thought of everything.

If you haven't watched the anime yet, you may doubt that this teaching method can work. But Kurosensei achieves its goal very well. He is one of the popular characters of "Assassination Class", it is not surprising that he managed to enter this list so easily.

8. Norman - The Promised Neverland (The Promised Neverland)

BingMag.com The <b>top</b> 10 <b>smartest</b> <b>characters</b> in the <b>world</b> of anime

Although in "Promised Nowhere", Emma appears as one of the smartest heroines in shounen anime, but in this anime she is overshadowed by her students. Takes. One of these students is Norman, a math genius whose thinking powers not only scare the other kids, but even the adults.

Although many of the smart characters in Promised Nowhere are portrayed as selfish But Norman, in addition to his extraordinary intelligence, also has a lot of kindness and forgiveness. This makes his fate sadder than others. This anime ended last year, but its characters are still in the hearts of fans, Norman is one of the most popular characters in this anime.

7. Shikamaru Nara Naruto (Naruto)

BingMag.com The <b>top</b> 10 <b>smartest</b> <b>characters</b> in the <b>world</b> of anime

Shikamaru Nara shows that even in the conflict-ridden world of Naruto, a person can succeed without having to dedicate their entire life to fighting. slow If he has reached a position, it is thanks to his extraordinary mental power. Although he constantly receives low marks due to his lazy nature, he has a hidden extraordinary degree of intelligence.

He constantly uses this trait on the battlefield, paying attention to the position of each person on the scene and Even the smallest details are not hidden from his sight. He uses this ability to destroy seemingly invincible enemies. For "Naruto" fans, Shikamaru is an unrivaled character.

6. Ray The Promised Neverland (The Promised Neverland)

BingMag.com The <b>top</b> 10 <b>smartest</b> <b>characters</b> in the <b>world</b> of anime

He is the only student at Gracefield Orphanage, next to him, even Emma and Norman seem like ordinary students. If it's about grades, Ray is a perfect student, he always gets the highest possible score in tests. His successes, which have been achieved due to his intelligence, have made him one of the Gracefield is popular with the students, but when it comes to more serious matters, he lacks the confidence to step into it.

However, his ingenuity and sheer dedication when it comes to plotting a plot make Ray a powerful presence. in this anime. He shows off his power very well, especially in the school escape plot. Not all "Promised Nowhere" fans are in love with Ray, but his quiet genius is something we can't ignore.

5. Kiyotaka Ayanokuji - Classroom of the Elite (Classroom of the Elite)>BingMag.com The <b>top</b> 10 <b>smartest</b> <b>characters</b> in the <b>world</b> of anime

Peaceful and unassuming and always getting average grades in exams, if you look at Kiyotaka Ayanokuji from a distance, he could easily be ignore However, when it turns out that he was deliberately getting average grades and actually has a very high intelligence, we come across a completely different story. Hidden from view, but still using his intelligence and creativity to survive and help others in the brutal environment of Kudo Ikosi High School, as the series progresses, Kiyotaka displays these traits more than before. Despite Kiyotaka's great efforts to hide his genius, fans have always been fascinated by his mental prowess.

4. Senko Ishigami - Dr. Stone (Dr. Stone) img src="https://bingmag.com/picsbody/2208/22359-8.jpg" alt="BingMag.com The top 10 smartest characters in the world of anime" loading="lazy">

Senko Ishigami as a loner with an extreme interest in science, after realizing that he is in a stone world, realizes a He has a great opportunity. He is in a primitive civilization and can transform it only with his own knowledge. While many people are still wondering how they can apply their technical knowledge in this primitive world, Senko is quick to get down to business.

His love of science is contagious, he Thanks to his charm, he can quickly impose his thoughts on others. He is both intelligent and thoughtful, that's why he can use anything in this stone age. For the most intelligent character "Dr. Stone", there is no insurmountable obstacle.

3. Light Yagami Death Note (Death Note)

BingMag.com The <b>top</b> 10 <b>smartest</b> <b>characters</b> in the <b>world</b> of anime

Although Light Yagami's plan to make the world a better place to live in using the Death Note has many moral flaws, it cannot be overstated by ingenuity and ambition. Ignored this wonderful character. "The Office of Death" is the story of a mental battle between two of the smartest people in the world, and Light Yagami uses his utmost strength to win this battle. needs, but his mental strength is revealed later in his attention to detail. This feature makes him difficult to identify even for the greatest detective in the world. He always plans his plan regardless of possible obstacles, it's no wonder that one of the most evil heroes in the anime world has reached such a high position on this list.

2. L Lovelit Death Note (Death Note)

BingMag.com The <b>top</b> 10 <b>smartest</b> <b>characters</b> in the <b>world</b> of anime

Defeating an enemy that can destroy anyone with a demonic notebook seems impossible, even on paper. But if anyone stands a chance in this dangerous mission, it's none other than Al Lovelit, the world's greatest detective. El shows strange and embarrassing behaviors, things that are incomprehensible even to his colleagues, but this unusual way can be seen in his way of thinking and that is what made him successful. It's one of the best anime ever, and both El and Light Yagami have huge fans. Their efforts to overcome each other have made these two great rivals for each other. But since El has encountered a unique phenomenon that history has never seen before, he is forced to immediately adapt to new methods, and this feature shows the strength of his mental abilities.

1. Lelouch Lamproge Code Geass (Code Geass) src="https://bingmag.com/picsbody/2208/22359-11.jpg" alt="BingMag.com The top 10 smartest characters in the world of anime" loading="lazy">

"Code Geass" may not be as popular as "The Office of Death", but for his die-hard fans, Lelouch Lampard is one of the most fascinating characters in the world. It is anime. He has the power to force others to obey his orders, his tactical mind brilliantly leading a massive revolution against the oppressive British Empire in Japan.

This brings Lelouch into a battle with The most powerful military army in the world, a group of military brains He is experienced and even people who have similar strength. If many characters in the story find the current situation hopeless, but for Lelouch there is always another option. This is his approach that makes his intelligence higher than many intelligent characters in the world of anime.

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