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Top 10 sci-fi movie robots from worst to best

BingMag.com Top 10 sci-fi movie robots from worst to best

In this article, we have put together and ranked the top 10 sci-fi movie robots, robots with unique and lovable features that are often characters. Humans Movies are more vivid and empathetic than water, and we love them.

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Robots are everywhere these days. You can see them in Boston Dynamics YouTube videos, either on the streets in the form of self-driving cars or even at home in the form of automatic vacuum cleaners. And, of course, you can see countless different and varied robots in movies.

And there were a lot of artificial people in the movies, and their history dates back to 1907. The popularity of robots has grown over the years, and over the decades, their design and construction have undergone many changes. From the big, heavy, dry, motionless robots of the 1950s, we have come to robots, many of which do not shave with human hair and can be seen in newer cinema.

They are different. They are often portrayed as filthy and dangerous machines that aim to destroy the human race, but there are some who come to the aid of humans and have a loving and kind personality. Since these robots were also created by us humans, they are in a way a reflection of ourselves, indicating the inexhaustible human quest to create something better. A search that blurs the line between scientist and God. And will remain in the hearts of cinema lovers for many years to come. The following robots are of the same genus.

10. R2-D2 and C-3PO in Star Wars movies

BingMag.com Top 10 sci-fi movie robots from worst to best

choice between the two One of the most famous and popular robots in the history of cinema is really hard and impossible, so we have to bring them both together. R2D2 and C3PO are in themselves lovable and attractive robots, but it is this funny relationship that has earned them a special place in the hearts of fans.

Most people like R2D2 and the reason for this is simple. He is a small and funny robot, but also a close, loyal and intelligent friend. C3PO, on the other hand, is a whimsical robot who is constantly worried about strange anxieties and is almost the only one who understands R2D2 skills. These two robots, both alone and when they are together, capture some of the best moments of Star Wars movies and have always been recognized as two of the best movie robots.

9. Tarsus in the Interstellar movie

BingMag.com Top 10 sci-fi movie robots from worst to best

When we say Tarsus is one of the most influential and memorable characters in this Christopher Nolan is a science fiction film, our level of humor is set at zero percent and we are quite serious. Between the stars, there were both exciting and engaging scenes, as well as a very emotional and warm story. In addition to all this, it also had a grade robot that was designed to be the best it could be. To his appearance. In the usual style of Nolan's work, this robot is also realistically designed, from its simple and effective model and appearance to the role it plays among the members of the spacecraft.

And it reaches others, not because it has a hidden and perhaps filthy motive, but simply because it is designed and tasked to do so. In order for Tarsus to castrate with the members of the spaceship, they have designed a system inside that gives him the ability to joke, and as a result of this funny ability, he says funny sentences and taunts in some parts of the film. Tarsus does not belong to the group of filthy and evil robots and happens to have a heart (processors?) Of gold.

8. Robbie in the movie Forbidden Planet

BingMag.com Top 10 sci-fi movie robots from worst to best

50s full of science fiction movies Imagination that all had fascinating and unique robots, but probably none are as enduring and memorable as the Forbidden Planet. This spectacular B-Movie is a bizarre adaptation of William Shakespeare's Storm play starring a young Leslie Nelson. But the real star of this movie is none other than Robbie, the robot of the story. Robbie was a smart car with a strange wisdom and was considered the best and most attractive part of the film. He became such an impressive robot that he later appeared in other films.

Maria in the movie Metropolis

BingMag.com Top 10 sci-fi movie robots from worst to best

Some might say that Maria in the movie Metropolis by Fritz Lang is exactly It is not a robot, but almost everyone agrees that its design and shape have had a profound cultural impact on the future of science fiction cinema. In this classic 1927 film, Maria is kidnapped by an inventor and transformed into a Maschinenmensch (which means machine-human in German). There were examples of asexual machine people who had a feminine appearance. This was not necessarily a good thing, but it certainly set in motion a new trend in science fiction cinema. Even today, many real-world robots and AI are made with feminine appearances, and poor Maria certainly played a role.

Roy Betty in Blade Runner

BingMag.com Top 10 sci-fi movie robots from worst to best

Killer and Philosopher Replicant Ridley Scott's sci-fi, Blade Runner, is best known for its concluding and shocking monologue, but it deserves more attention. This artificial man has a really complex personality with the brilliant role-playing of Rutger Hover, and it is not limited to this monologue alone. But his sad and tragic past has made him find a deeper and more complex personality and will be remembered. Humans have created zinc to be their slaves and risk their lives in space wars. Although he kills several people on his journey to find the Creator, he knows very well what a short life he has. A short and meaningless life. The legacy of this robot will never be lost like tears in the rain in the tumult of time.

5. Eva in Ex Machina

BingMag.com Top 10 sci-fi movie robots from worst to best

in Alex Garland sci-fi trailer with a We are a super-intelligent robot that has complex emotions and motivations. Eva was created by a narcissistic inventor (Oscar Isaac), and now she is going to face the Turing test and strangely passes all the components of this test.

Eva's mysterious motives and goals Which makes such a character look engaging and attractive. When we see him, we constantly ask ourselves, is he just a murderous robot with sinister intentions, or a homeless prisoner who has been severely persecuted and is now doing everything he can to survive?

Because of these complexities? And Eva's multi-layered character, the audience and the other characters in the film do not know how to deal with her. We never know when he talks about his feelings, he is telling the truth or he just wants to play with our soul. Here's what we know: Eva has undoubtedly established herself among the best robots in the history of cinema.

Bishop in the movie Aliens

BingMag.com Top 10 sci-fi movie robots from worst to best

Familiar with some of the best movie's in the movie franchise We became. Ash and David were both clandestine robots with hidden motives who became famous thanks to influential role-plays by Ian Holm and Michael Fassbender. But Bishop had a different character in the second part of the Alien franchise. It was a vicious trait, and it was considered an empathetic robot. Unlike other alien movie robots, Bishop was programmed to protect human lives, even when tasked with studying xenomorphs. He does not forget this responsibility. Bishop is apparently a numb machine with superior intelligence, but there are also traces of emotion in him, and when we see them, we understand that he has more human characteristics than he seems. It is because of these traits that he finally succeeds in gaining Ripley's trust (who is very pessimistic about the robots because of what happened in the first part).

3. Iron Giant in The Iron Giant animation

BingMag.com Top 10 sci-fi movie robots from worst to best

Robot with a kind heart and sacrifices It brought tears to everyone's eyes. During the 90 minutes of this spectacular and enduring animated film, we discover that the Iron Giant is the story of an innocent, heartbroken robot who behaves like a child and has exemplary honor and conscience, even more than humans.

The threatening appearance is misleading and frightens many, but the friendship he forms with the young Hogarth is truly warm, intimate, and lovable. He also teaches us through his actions that "you are the one you choose to be." The Iron Giant was created for the purpose of mass destruction and is in fact a great weapon, but he decides to be a kind-hearted and kind creature, one who sacrifices himself to save the life of his dear friend.

2. WALL-E in WALL-E animation

BingMag.com Top 10 sci-fi movie robots from worst to best

This little garbage-collecting robot It captured our hearts that perhaps no other character could. While cleaning a haunted area, Wall-E usually gets stuck in funny situations, spends time with his best friend who is a beetle, and cherishes the little souvenirs he finds every day.

Wall It may not say two or three words in the whole film, but it still shows a wide range of emotions and conveys them to us. His big eyes, which are always full of wonder and passion of life, fascinate us and his heart wants us to hug him tightly and respond to his kindness so that his delicate and sensitive heart does not break. Wall-E is probably the most lovable, kindest, and funniest robot we've ever seen, and perhaps no other creature like it will be created.

T-800 in The Terminator movie

BingMag.com Top 10 sci-fi movie robots from worst to best

More advanced and more dangerous terminators are also present in Sky They have, but none is more influential and relevant than this version. The T-800, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, is alive and well in the memory of generations of moviegoers and will always be alive. Did not have. He would go ahead and kill anyone standing in front of him. But in the second part, deeper and more complex layers were added to this robot. We were now on the side of a robot that was programmed to protect John Connor, sacrificing everything and even sacrificing himself. The Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator 2 was still the same numb robot and man who showed no emotion on his face, but his behavior was completely different. The parts of the second part were Terminator. John Connor saw this cheerful robot as a replacement for his father and became increasingly dependent on him. It is this strange father-son relationship that makes the final farewell scene of the film painful and sad.

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