Top 10 sci-fi and fantasy movies of A24 company that you must see

The independent company A24 was able to make a name for itself among the film production companies very soon. Almost ten years have passed since the establishment of this collection, but until now they have become a reliable name for cinema audiences; In such a way that every person can trust their productions and feel comfortable that they will watch a standard and good movie anyway. This issue becomes important when we realize that this company has a hand in making science-fiction or fantasy films; Because these two genres were mainly monopolized by international companies with unlimited financial resources. In this list, science-fiction or fantasy films of the same company have been reviewed. Top 10 sci-fi and fantasy movies of A24 company that you must see

The independent company A24 was able to make a name for itself among the film production companies very soon. Almost ten years have passed since the establishment of this collection, but until now they have become a reliable name for cinema audiences; In such a way that every person can trust their productions and feel comfortable that they will watch a standard and good movie anyway. This issue becomes important when we realize that this company has a hand in making science-fiction or fantasy films; Because these two genres were mainly monopolized by international companies with unlimited financial resources. In this list, science-fiction or fantasy films of the same company have been reviewed.

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Let's take a look at the sci-fi and fantasy genres to see why an independent company is less likely to go for them. In science fiction cinema, technical developments and human life in another time (mainly the future) are at the center of the drama. In general, science-fiction films refer to a series of films in which the world is clearly different from ours today, and technical advances and scientific innovations and the filmmaker's imagination of these innovations are dominant in it, and it is considered an essential part of life, but the explanation The emergence of these developments (though unbelievable) is also present in the film. In other words, the origin of these developments is our present day, not a completely different world that has a different logic.

But fantasy cinema deals with other things; In this cinema, either the world is completely different from our world and is governed by a completely different logic, or a part of it has nothing to do with our situation. For example, the movie "The Lord of the Rings" and its sequels, which take place in a different world, are considered fantasy, or a movie like "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" even though And it has a shape similar to the world around us, it belongs to the fantasy genre because of the different life of the main character that cannot be justified by any scientific explanation. So the imagination in the fantasy genre is very far from the imagination in science-fiction cinema; Because these differences with our world cannot be justified by any scientific explanation.

But the point of commonality between these two genres is the high cost of their production process. Because both a large production team is needed and expensive and laborious technologies must be used to make a good film. So independent companies don't go to these types of films. But is it always like this? We all know that every good movie needs something other than money and a big production team. If all the wealth in the world is collected, there is no guarantee that an acceptable work will be made. First, there must be a vision behind a work, then there is a need to be able to portray that vision, or to find a suitable cinematic interpretation. Only in this case, money and wealth can be used to make the output a defensible work.

Again, we all know that good science-fiction films, only looking to make clever frames with the use of special effects. They are not expensive, these frames are necessary for this type of cinema, but not sufficient; All good sci-fi films seek to raise eternal human questions and have a philosophical point of view. The design of these questions is what makes movies like "2001: A Space Odyssey" a good movie, otherwise the design of the set and the building of the work is just a complement to the mentality behind the movie.

In fantasy cinema, the goal is to create a world that helps to understand a truth, a truth that cannot be defined in everyday and current language and actually escapes expression. For a long time, legends such as ancient mythology had such a use, it has turned on this heel and it is still the same. So, if there is a single worldview, good fantasy films can be made. In addition, not all fantasy films are expensive works like superhero films or "The Lord of the Rings".

A24 company's job is to find such directors; Men and women who have a unique view of the world and want to show it off. So the company allows them to do their work and ultimately both parties benefit from this trust. The reason for the rapid development of this company is the same trust in those who cannot implement their ideas in the mainstream of American cinema.

10. High Life Top 10 sci-fi and fantasy movies of A24 company that you must see

  • Director: Claire Denny
  • Actors: Robert Pattinson, Mia Gat and Juliette Binoche
  • Product: 2018, France, Germany, Great Britain, Poland and America
  • IMDb rating for the movie: 5.8 out of 10
  • Rating Film on Rotten Tomatoes site: 82%

Claire Denny is one of the greatest European filmmakers of the last few decades. He has amazing ideas about filmmaking that do not have many buyers in Hollywood. But the fact that he made an American film in collaboration with A24 shows the risk-taking of these organizations and the importance of special and unique views on cinema among them; That they are willing to invite radical filmmakers and work with him.

Claire Denny made a science-fiction film and put a father and daughter at the center of it and focused on the human relationship between the two. The story of the film is one of the most mysterious stories of science-fiction cinema in the past few years, and without being too dependent on the environment outside of a spaceship, it uses this environment outside the Earth's atmosphere to show deeply human things.

Jane Paul Fargo, Claire Dany's regular collaborator, helped her write the screenplay, and together the two have written a nested and multi-layered screenplay that can evoke different emotions in the audience. In addition, these two together have a strange ability to show things that cannot be expressed through words and should only be felt with all one's heart. Another collaborator of these two in writing the screenplay was Jen Cox, who is very interested in metaphysical elements; If you see the presence of this factor in the heart of the story, it is because of the presence of this English writer.

Another point is the presence of Robert Pattinson in the main role. Fortunately, he is one of the best actors in the world of cinema today and has moved away from the teenage roles he used to play. Pattinson can also give life to a psychopathic character in a movie like "The Lighthouse" by Robert Eggers and he can't be a good Batman for the cinema with a great actor like Willem Dafoe. Now, by playing for Claire Dany, he strengthens his foothold in unconventional cinema.

"The story of the film is the story of a father and his young daughter who are the last survivors of a dangerous space mission. Their ship has been sent to a place outside the solar system to be subjected to various tests. Now there is a fear that this ship will be pulled towards a black hole and will be destroyed forever..."

9. After Yang Top 10 sci-fi and fantasy movies of A24 company that you must see

  • Director: Kugonada
  • Stars: Colin Farrell, Judy Turner Smith and Justin Maine
  • Product: 2021, USA
  • IMDb site rating for the movie: 6.7 out of 10
  • Rotten Tomatoes site rating for the movie: 89%

Kugunada used a science-fiction story and put a robot in the center of his drama to reach human emotions. Here, the dearest creature of a little girl is a robot that she is very attached to. Now that the robot has a technical fault, the father starts repairing it. This action makes the father think that he wants to be closer to his family. The fact that a man realizes that he does not know about his family's feelings and becomes alarmed and tries to get closer to them is a repeated story in the history of cinema. But the filmmaker makes good use of this discarded idea and advances his drama in such a way that it takes on a new form and remains a new film at all. The director has managed to turn a story about deep human emotions into a thought-provoking film. From this point of view, we are dealing with a commendable film.

On the other hand, the film is not very close to the familiar sci-fi cinema. The role of the robot, which was played by a skilled actor, and in the rest of the elements of the film, there is not much presence of the advanced worlds of high-budget sci-fi cinema or blockbusters. In short, the movie "After Young" is one of those movies that can prove that there is no need for huge budgets to make a good sci-fi movie.

Colin Farrell also shines in the main role of the movie. . He has been able to build a bridge between acting in high-budget productions and the mainstream with independent cinema and experimented in both fields. This made him a respectable actor who is loved by both regular movie audiences and critics.

"A man is repairing a robot named Yang, who was supposed to be his daughter's nurse. While repairing this robot, he thinks about his life and tries to improve his relationship with his family..."

8. Swiss Army Man Top 10 sci-fi and fantasy movies of A24 company that you must see

  • Director: Daniel Cowan and Daniel Scheinert
  • Actors: Daniel Radcliffe, Paul Deno
  • Product: 2016, USA
  • Perhaps while watching the movie, you will come across the question why it is called "Swiss Army Man". You are probably familiar with the versatile knives known as Swiss Army knives. It is known that these knives are suitable They are for anything and they can start the work of people who are stuck in a place without facilities; In this way, each of its parts is useful and a person can overcome various problems. In the movie "Swiss Army Man", there is a corpse that has such a use for a helpless and widowed person.

    The name of the movie refers to the usefulness of this corpse for a lonely man stuck on a remote island. But what is this use? He looks at that creature as his only thread of communication with the world of living beings and human emotions, and he can feel something in this human emptiness. In fact, this dead man makes the man feel that he is still alive and breathing.

    But this relationship is two-way. On the other hand, the dead person is gradually influenced and reacts through this expression of feelings. This is where the film enters the world of fantasy and the logic of this type of cinema rules it. The emotional exchange of two people towards each other becomes an emotional base that is both the driving force of the story and its leader, and also arouses the audience's surprise. For years, Paul Dano has proven to be brilliant in the role of married people and psychopaths. It is as if he was born to play the role of men on the verge of collapse. Even though Daniel Radcliffe is not as good as him, he has managed to pull himself out of the water and at least not leave the field for a great actor like Paul Deno. You can only watch the movie "Swiss Army Man" once to enjoy the acting of its actors.

    "A man like Hank is stranded on an island, alone and lost. After despairing of being rescued, he plans to commit suicide. But at the last moment, he sees the body of another man by the beach. Hank establishes an emotional relationship with that corpse and becomes dependent on it. It seems that as this relationship deepens, the corpse comes alive and reacts. until..."

    7. Under the skin Top 10 sci-fi and fantasy movies of A24 company that you must see

    • Director: Jonathan Glazer
    • Actors: Scarlett Johansson, Adam Pearson
    • Product: 2013, UK and USA
    • IMDb site rating for the movie: 6.3 out of 10
    • Rotten Tomatoes site rating for the movie: 84%

    Certainly, all these differences have led to the making of a different movie. Focusing on this character, that is, an extraterrestrial being, the director sought to ask questions about the rejected people of Abudeh, and sometimes he answered and sometimes he remained confused in his questioning; The film itself gives way to these metatextual interpretations. By the way, if there is a flaw in the film, it is due to the efforts made by the director to make his film appear more important than it is. . Many were unable to understand its story and many took the film too seriously. But with those fevers sleeping and of course in a re-review, we see that the movie "Under the Skin" does not have all those deep philosophical views that it once claimed and many maneuvered it. Now we can make sure that all the power of the film came from the fear that was running in the frames of the filmmaker, otherwise it is not a deep effect that will occupy the mind for a long time.

    The main role of the film is played by Scarlett Johansen.

    "A space alien has come to earth and lives among the inhabitants of this planet in the form of a young and beautiful woman. He roams the roads and streets of Scotland and preys on young and single men but

    6. The Green Knight Top 10 sci-fi and fantasy movies of A24 company that you must see

    • Director: David Lavery
    • Stars: Dave Patel, Barry Coogan
    • Production: 2021, USA and Canada
    • IMDb site rating for the movie: 6.6 out of 10
    • Rotten Tomatoes site rating for the movie: 89%

    In such a framework, the life of a man is depicted who first strengthens his character to find the necessary charisma and then starts doing things that will become his legacy in the future. If you pay attention to these few lines, you will realize that in terms of theme, this film and its hero are similar to the theme and hero of a film such as "Dune" by Denis Villeneuve and starring Timothe Chalamet, which was released at the same time as "The Green Knight". But it belonged to the cycle of commercial cinema, there are many similarities, but suddenly that film was seen due to extensive advertising and more impressive special effects, and despite its many merits, this film was left without a hat.

    The story. The film is a familiar story. A man named Gavin from King Arthur's knights is put on a difficult test path to pass the seven houses and prove himself to everyone in the end. But like many ancient heroes, the conflict and closeness with the evil in existence and overcoming it makes him a different person. Such a story seems like it should appear on the screen with a lot of controversy and publicity, but the creators refused to do this, and this factor made "The Green Knight" not be seen much despite all its potential.

    Of course. All this does not mean that the movie "Green Knight" is a perfect work. The film lacks enough cohesion and as a result some of its good potential is wasted. As an example, the main character could have become a multi-layered and more complex person by passing through the shadow part of his existence, but not only this did not happen, but the show of his step-by-step change was not very convincing. But in any case, despite the fact that initially choosing Dev Patel as the main role does not seem like the right choice (because he does not have the right face to play the role and has not presented an acceptable performance to date), but such a main role He has acquired such that it is impossible to imagine another person in his place.

    The movie "The Green Knight" was inspired by a poem about this legendary knight (the same Sir Gavin). For this reason, the rhythm of the story is extremely slow so that the filmmaker has enough time to create the poetic atmosphere of the work and penetrate into his main character. For this reason, it cannot be recommended for the impatient audience to watch it, but if you have the patience and sit down to watch it, you will definitely not be disappointed.

    "Sir Gavin is the legendary nephew of King Arthur. He begins a grueling search to finally find the Green Knight, who has an emerald-colored body and looks like a tree. Along this way, he faces many hardships and becomes a different person by facing the dark side of his existence as well as the evil in the world."

    5. The Lobster Top 10 sci-fi and fantasy movies of A24 company that you must see

    • Director: Yorgos Lanthimos
    • Stars: Colin Farrell, Rachel Weisz, Olivia Colman and John C. Reilly
    • Production: 2015, Ireland, UK, France , Greece and the Netherlands
    • IMDb site rating for the movie: 7.1 out of 10
    • Rotten Tomatoes site rating for the movie: 87%

    Many romantic dramas have been released throughout the history of cinema. On the other hand, cinema has a long way to show strange worlds and inhuman dystopias. Yorgos Lanthimos' film inherits these two completely different types of cinema. The combination of these two types of stories certainly reminds us of the great writings of the great writers of the world such as George Orwell or Aldous Huxley; Those who, with brilliant novels such as "1984" or "A Beautiful New World", recorded the danger of love in a sinister dystopia on paper and created a dark world that uses all its power to destroy human emotions. and train apprentice slaves.

    Now at the center of Lanthimus' drama is a man who just wants to get married. If he fails to do so within a limited time, he will be punished. So what is neglected in such marriages is the power of love and its charm and beauty. The result of such behavior has been a castrated and apathetic society whose people look like the moving dead. Meanwhile, two people decide to break the rules of the game and live together after understanding this seductive force. It cannot loosen the foundations of that anti-utopian city and change the rules of the game; For this reason, these men and women should be stopped as soon as possible so that others do not want to live like this. Lanthimus has succeeded in drawing this apocalyptic world and has been able to give tangible dimensions to both sides of the story.

    This is Colin Farrell's second film on this list. This shows the mutual respect between A24 and him. Farrell is here too His performance has given the film the warmth it desperately needs, and together with Rachel Weisz, he has created one of the most attractive couples in cinema in the last few years.

    "Sometime in the future, single men and women will only They have a day to find a wife for themselves, otherwise they will be turned into an animal and left in the forest. They can increase this time through several different ways, none of which are easy. David, who has recently separated from his wife, enters a hotel with his brother, who is a dog. He plans to find a wife here, but...

    4. Enemy Top 10 sci-fi and fantasy movies of A24 company that you must see

    • Director: Denis Villeneuve li>
    • Stars: Jake Gyllenhaal, Sarah Gadon, Isabella Rossellini and Melanie Lauren
    • Production: 2013, Canada, Spain and France li>
    • IMDb site rating for the movie: 6.9 out of 10
    • Rotten Tomatoes site rating for the movie: 71%

    Denny Villeneuve was an up-and-coming and talented director who made a name for himself in Canada before he stepped into Hollywood and made high-budget movies. In the same years, he made a film called "Incendies", which is still his best film, and it caught the eyes of the world and made him famous at the international level. It was the same movie that made him able to work with an actor like Jake Gyllenhaal in the movie "Enemy", that too in the days when he was still dependent on independent cinema and had not made headway from high-budget studio movies.

    The story of the movie, It is a fantasy story about the life of a man who suddenly meets a person who is exactly like him. This familiarity makes him think. At first, he imagines that he might have a twin brother that he didn't know existed. But as the story moves forward and delves into his past and present, the filmmaker becomes less interested in giving straight answers and by trying to penetrate inside the mind of the main character, he tries to turn the finding of the male twin into the push he needs. had to sit down and think about what he left behind and what he wants.

    In such a framework, instead of following different clues and becoming a mystery, the film becomes a film about raising questions. Esli Abdi about the reason of human life becomes like that he wants to reach the truth by burrowing into the human soul. Although it is impossible to reach such a truth and the filmmaker considers this to be good, but asking the same question makes the movie "Enemy" a work that can make the serious cinema audience think.

    Jake Jellinhal's performance in The format of two men with two different spirits is one of the main strengths of the film. He is one of the reasons why you can watch "The Enemy" and enjoy it; Because the movie is very dependent on the acting of the main actor and without a great acting, it becomes an ordinary movie.

    "One day, Adam watches a movie in which an actor who is very similar to himself, plays Adam imagines that this man is his twin and looks for him. After a little searching, he finds out that the actor's name is Anthony. Adam starts looking for different clues and suspects that maybe this man has a relationship with him. After entering an acting institute, everyone mistakes him for Anthony and...

    3. Everything Everywhere All At Once Top 10 sci-fi and fantasy movies of A24 company that you must see

    • Director : Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert
    • Actors: Michelle Yeoh, Stephanie Suh
    • Product: 2022, USA
    • IMDb site rating for the movie: 8.1 out of 10
    • Rotten Tomatoes site rating for the movie: 95%
    • li>

    The movie "Everything everywhere at once" suddenly became a global phenomenon this year and achieved very high ratings for months on a site like IMDb, for this reason, a fever was formed around it and Many praised him with an outpouring of emotions. Now that the noises have subsided and the dust has settled, one can judge a film with more calmness and an open mind and say with certainty that "everything everywhere at once" is not the unique masterpiece that everyone imagines. and it is not so brilliant that some people call it the best movie of the year.

    The movie "Everything everywhere at once" is a good movie that can entertain you and of course make you think that A24 company is entering new areas and has a little more money to spend. Here we have the story of a woman who suffers from problems in her personal life in the midst of her married life and on the verge of reaching old age. - Open imagination and fantasy to the film at the same time in order to make a journey from this woman's story and finally give her a baggage from this journey that will help her gain a better understanding of the meaning of life and living with her family. p>

    "Everything everywhere at once" as the name implies He has a lot of ideas. The filmmakers have put many ideas in a pot and are busy stirring them. Some of these ideas have gained enough consistency and have found a place for themselves in the heart of the story in an organic way, and some ideas have gone astray. This issue has damaged the final coherence of the work and made the output of the work not become a lasting film. Whatever the result, the film "Everything everywhere at once" is an important work for A24 company; Because it can both help the success of this company to reach new horizons and it can also cause them to move away from this path, which they have traveled so far. Because in this movie, you can see a lot of getting close to the atmosphere of the time and accompanying market tastes; A topic that could be troubling for independent news cinema audiences.

    Part One (Everything): Evelyn is a Chinese-American woman who runs a laundromat with her husband. At the same time that he has problems in his personal life, the inspector is going to visit their laundry. At the same time, his father comes to visit him from China. In this situation Evelyn gets acquainted with parallel worlds and gets the opportunity to travel in them... Part II (Everywhere): Evelyn can identify other worlds and actually has a multidimensional mind. This theme allows her to travel in several different worlds at the same time... Part 3 (All at once): Evelyn and her husband's life has improved a bit and they can spend more time together. Their son is also satisfied with the new conditions...

    2. A Ghost Story Top 10 sci-fi and fantasy movies of A24 company that you must see

    • Director: David Lavery
    • Actors: Casey Affleck, Rooney Mara
    • Product: 2017, USA
    • IMDb site rating for the movie: 6.8 out of 10
    • Rotten Tomatoes site rating for the movie: 90%

    This is David Lavery's second film on this list after The Green Knight. He has a habit of connecting his love stories with strange subjects and by entering the imaginary and fantasy world, he draws a world that cannot exist in the real world, but by telling it, he can answer important questions about life and human beings. Here we are dealing with something called the sadness and loneliness of a person after the death of a loved one, and the filmmaker is looking for a way to penetrate the hard core of such feelings in an unconventional way and show a new image of separation and separation. /p>

    The director has designed a cold and soulless atmosphere to tell his story. The decors and location, the colors used in the frame of the filmmaker, the slow movement of the camera or the empty stare, the monotonous voices that announce a deadly silence, and finally the calm and calm behavior of the actors give the film a coldness that can be felt with all its heart. did All these measures are taken so that the audience gets close to a feeling of separation and distance and can relate to the pain that the characters endure and understand it. This amazing atmosphere is the most important reason for the brilliance of the film and the most important factor for the audience to come along; Because the filmmaker is focused more than anything else on getting the atmosphere right, and a full story is not very important to him.

    The first screening of the film was at the Sundance festival. Critics took over the film and "The Story of a Ghost" became one of the most important symbols of A24 company. Films such as "The Story of a Soul" have become the reason for this company's fame; Whether we like this movie or not, we can't deny the courage of the producers in taking risks and making a romantic movie whose protagonist is a ghost who, like in children's stories, stays on a bed with two eyes pierced. Interestingly, this film is neither a comedy nor a horror film, but a calm and gentle drama about a soul that returns to its lover, and by the way, it is also bitter and cold. The car is killed. His wife tries to return to a normal life. This is while the soul of the man returns home and watches his wife..."

    1. Ex Machina Top 10 sci-fi and fantasy movies of A24 company that you must see

    • Director: Alex Garland
    • Actors: Domnell Gleeson, Oscar Isaac and Alisha Vikander
    • Product: 2015, USA and UK
    • IMDb site rating for the movie: 7.7 out of 10
    • Rotten Tomatoes site rating for the movie: 92%

    The movie "Framachine" is not only at the top of this list, but it can also be a candidate for the best movie of A24 company in its lifetime and in all genres. The author even goes further and allows himself to call it the best science fiction film of the second decade of the 21st century; Because everything is just right and the director has been able to safely tell the story and ideas he had in mind, without having to worry about selling his film because of huge budgets and advertisements, and finally being forced to harmonize his work with the taste of the general audience and the expectations of the market.

    In the first encounter with the movie "Faramachine" we encounter a complex world that is both the modern narrator of the story of Adam and Eve and the narrator of the life of a person who God is resting in the universe. A man who controls everything in the technological world in his hands and is able to direct mankind in any direction he likes like a god. From this point of view, we are facing a warning work about the type of power in today's world.

    The power of the movie "Supermachine" in addition to raising such religious questions, is the creation of a completely philosophical world that looks for a way to the basic question of man. Answer about the beginning of life and the reason for its emergence and its ultimate goal in life. The theme of the film becomes interesting when the payment of such a platform is combined with Nietzsche's theory about "Superman" to take "Framachine" to a film beyond a suspenseful and entertaining film.

    Alex Garland All these thoughts seem to Diriyab was cast in a futuristic story with a criminal and sometimes scary content to tell the story of man's descent from heaven and his being driven to earth in the age of technology. He considers relying on technology and man's dependence on it as the emptying of man's back as a result of losing his faith in God. In such a frame, the end of the film is the most awesome ending that can be imagined for a science-fiction movie, and of course, it also has the most awesome ending of all the movies on this list.

    The success of this movie is especially among the audience. The seriousness of cinema led Garland to get a license to make another sci-fi movie: the good movie "Annihilation". He wins the company's annual contest. The prize of this competition is to spend a whole week in the private villa of the legendary CEO of the company...

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