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Top 10 Romance Movies of the 90s by Year

The '90s have been the decade of romantic drama and comedy films. Some of the best and most popular romantic comedy or romantic drama films belong to this period. In fact, this decade has been brilliant and memorable in many ways, with enduring fashion trends, TV series and TV shows, and the explosion of award-winning films in every genre. Although times have changed and some films have become obsolete, the jewelry of the nineties has stood the test of time and has remained popular with moviegoers, especially when it comes to romance movies.

Although the usual story of the boy's acquaintance And the girl and then falling in love and living happily ever after has been the dominant theme of romance films. In the 1990s, directors knew that the genre deserved more than that. The romance films that came out of the 1990s were the beginning of the career path of some of today's top actors, with beautiful stories that were not only compelling, but also balanced in the combination of fairy tales and the facts of life. Let's take a look at the best movie in Hollywood every year of this prolific decade.

10. Pretty Woman - 1990

BingMag.com Top 10 Romance Movies of the 90s by Year

  • Director: Gary Marshall
  • >
  • Cast: Julia Roberts, Richard Gere
  • Raton Tomitoz Score: 64%

The story of a wealthy man from the upper class who portrays a poor woman from the lower class as a duckling Ugly turns into a beautiful strong, a story that moviegoers have already seen in the classic musical "My Fair Lady". But "Beautiful Woman," inspired by a 1960s song by Orbinson, marks a turning point in the romantic comedy genre and the artistic careers of both lead actors, especially Julia Roberts. Roberts had previously acted on screen, but it was with this film that he became a global actor and stepped into the world of superstars.

This expensive film and the third best-selling film of the year, the love story of Edward Lewis , Played by Richard Gere, who has come to Beverly Hills for business, narrates with Vivian (Roberts), a street woman on Hollywood Boulevard. Edward, who heads to the boulevard to have a week-long escort, aims to be able to spend a week working without a comfortable emotional attachment, and from his point of view, a street woman is the best option. Unaware that after a week of being together and Vivin becoming a sensible woman with a well-groomed appearance, it is revealed that behind this street-looking woman is a beautiful and sensitive woman. The two fall in love after getting to know each other better, and thus, one of the most dreamy fairy tales in the modern world in the world of cinema becomes a reality.

Richard Gere then starred in films. There was a lot of romance, with Julia Roberts receiving the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress, and nearly ten years later, the same couple reunited in another popular film, Runaway Bride.

9. The Man In The Moon - 1991

BingMag.com Top 10 Romance Movies of the 90s by Year

  • Director: Robert Mulligan
  • Cast: Reese Witherspoon, Sam Waterston, Jason London, Emily Warfield
  • Raton Tomitose Score: 90%

Robert Phil Mulligan's last elephant The acclaimed classic director, To Kill a Mocking Bird, is a teen romance drama about love in adolescence and one of the best romance films of the 1990s. In her first film appearance, Reese Witherspoon plays Danny, a 14-year-old girl in a Louisiana village who is exploring puberty and growing up. Behaving like a boy, he becomes interested in Kurt Foster, the family's 17-year-old son, after a widow and her children come to a neighbor's house. But Kurt does not feel that way about Danny and falls in love with Danny's sister Maureen (Warfield). And for the first time in his life, Danny experiences the taste of emotional failure, loss, and finally the value of his family.

The Cutting Edge - 1992

BingMag.com Top 10 Romance Movies of the 90s by Year

  • Director: Paul Michael Glaser
  • Cast: DB Sweeney, Moira Kelly
  • Raton Tomitoz Score: 57%

Doug Dorsey with DB Sweeney and Kate Moseley with Moira Kelly meets by chance. Doug, a professional hockey player for the United States at the 1988 Winter Olympics, is injured and left out. On the other hand, Kate, the daughter of a wealthy family and a talented skater, hopes to win a gold medal. He also gets injured during his training sessions and loses his chance that year. Maybe he wants to skate again and enter the Olympics. After much trial and error, hours of practice, and much controversy, the two gradually became interested in each other, with nothing left for their chance to win a gold medal again (as usual) against a Soviet couple. Several serial sequels have been made based on this film.

7. Sleepless In Seattle - 1993

BingMag.com Top 10 Romance Movies of the 90s by Year

  • Director: Nora Afran

    Ryan and Hanks couple a few years later in another popular Hollywood romantic work, (You've Got Mail) once again remotely fall in love.

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    6. Forrest Gump - 1994

    BingMag.com Top 10 Romance Movies of the 90s by Year

    • Director: Robert Zemeckis
    • Cast: Tom Hanks, Robin Wright, Sally Field
    • Raton Tomitoz Score: 71%

    Overall, Tom Hanks played in the 1990s in He made memorable films and another of his most famous roles is Forrest in Forrest Gump. The film, based on the novel of the same name by Winston Groom, is unlike any other, and Tom Hanks has been the best choice to play his unconventional protagonist. Some may think that the film is more of a drama, but it also has a love story. Forrest Gump is a film that promises hope and love behind all the ups and downs and bitter realities of life.

    Forrest Gump is an Alabama man who has difficulty learning, but shows that anyone with any A level of ability if he tries can achieve his dreams. After spending his childhood surrounded by his peers and years of bullying, the Vietnam War, running around the country and becoming a successful ping-pong player, Forrest is all he really wants from his childhood sweetheart, Jenny Koran, a woman It's messy (Robin Wright), let it be. Jenny's current turmoil does not matter to Forrest, and the film shows how long determination and true love can last. The 1990s brought some very successful films to cinema and its fans, but "Forrest Gump" is undoubtedly one of the films that defined cinema. The film received six awards from the Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Actor in a Leading Role.

    5. Before Sunrise - 1995

    BingMag.com Top 10 Romance Movies of the 90s by Year

    • Director: Richard Linklater li>
    • Cast: Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy
    • Raton Tomitoz Score: 100%

    The first part of the famous and popular Richard Linklater trilogy is one of the best and most subtle Romance movies are the history of cinema. There is no news of myths and the overwhelmingly emotional themes of romance movies, and that is exactly what the film is all about, that in real life it is a dream. Jesse (Hawke) is an American tourist in France who meets French Celine (Delpi) on the train. Jesse, who is on a trip around Europe, is scheduled to return home the same day, but his acquaintance with Celine becomes so deep that he suggests that they spend the whole day before the flight.

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    4. Romeo and Juliet (Romeo + Juliet) - 1996

    BingMag.com Top 10 Romance Movies of the 90s by Year

    • Director: Baz Lorman
    • Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Claire Deans, Paul Rad
    • Raton Tomitoz Score: 73%

    The nineteenth-century tragedy of William Shakespeare in modern times with The presence of the young Leonardo DiCaprio, who at the time was a good choice for tragic romantic films because of his face and emotional play, contrasts the simplicity of youthful love with traditional and family prejudices and hardships, and shows how prejudice and restraint can create tragedy. Romeo (DiCaprio) and Juliet (Dinz) from the small suburb of Verona fall in love despite family disputes, and this love, instead of connecting, marks a tragic end for the two figures. The film is different from Shakespeare's play, but it is an important work in its own right.

    Titanic - 1997

    BingMag.com Top 10 Romance Movies of the 90s by Year

    • Director: James Cameron
  • Raton Tomitoz Score: 89%

DiCaprio in another romantic drama It not only surpassed all the films released in 1997 and the nineties, but also became one of the best-selling and most popular romance films in the history of cinema. Director and writer James Cameron combined his love of the tragic story of the sinking of the Titanic in 1911 with the fantasy love story of two people from two completely different classes and paths, and made one of his most important works.

Rose Dwight Bookiter (Kate Winslet) is a young woman about to marry a man older than herself (Billy Zayn). She is traveling to America with her fianc and mother on the Titanic and is very unhappy. Jack and Rose (DiCaprio) start a strange relationship after a chance meeting on the deck of the ship, before the Titanic suffers its fate, and this is how "Titanic" and the career and superstar path of DiCaprio and Winslet take shape. Takes.

2. Meet Joe Black - 1998

BingMag.com Top 10 Romance Movies of the 90s by Year

  • Director: Martin Brest
  • Cast: Anthony Hopkins, Brad Pitt, Claire Forlani
  • Raton Tomitoz Score: 45%

"Meet Joe Black" Movie It is unique about death, love and life. Joe Black (Brad Pitt) is dead, dressed as a man to follow a media giant named William Parish, played by Anthony Hopkins. Along the way, Joe turns his attention to Susan, William's daughter (Claire Forlani), who delays William Parish's transition to the afterlife. It is then that Joe gradually becomes interested in the earth and what lies ahead.

This very unique storyline is a free adaptation of the 1930s film When Death Goes on Holiday. Death Takes a Holiday), an Italian play from 1924, never gets old for fans of romance movies.

Notting Hill - 1999

BingMag.com Top 10 Romance Movies of the 90s by Year

  • Director: Roger Michel
  • Cast: Hughgrant, Julia Roberts
  • Raton Tomitoz Score: 83%

Yet another romantic comedy, and again Julia Roberts, this time alongside Hugh Grant, who is one of the most popular actors in the genre. "Notting Hill" tells the simple story of a bookstore named William Tucker (Grant) and a famous actress named Anna Scott (Roberts). Anna enters William's bookstore and their lives change forever. After this meeting, in the next few days, the two meet again and fall in love subconsciously. William can not believe that he has attracted the attention of one of the most beautiful women in the world, but he also realizes that being with a woman like him means being in the spotlight all the time.

Some movies of the nineties are somewhat They're old-fashioned, but Notting Hill is still a great romantic comedy. "Nothing At All", one of the most popular soundtrack songs of the BAFTA Award at the time, was performed by Ronan Keating, the lead singer of the pop group "Boyzone", which is one of the most enduring songs in cinema. .

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