Top 10 movies that fans of “Better Call Sal” series should see

A few months have passed since the end of the "Better Call Sal" series, but there is still a lot of discussion about it. The spin-off, which was supposed to bring back good memories of the "Breaking Bad" series, turned into a significant phenomenon and took a different path. In this list, we have reviewed 10 movies with a mood similar to the "Better call Sal" series. Top 10 movies that fans of “Better Call Sal” series should see

A few months have passed since the end of the "Better Call Sal" series, but there is still a lot of discussion about it. The spin-off, which was supposed to bring back good memories of the "Breaking Bad" series, turned into a significant phenomenon and took a different path. In this list, we have reviewed 10 movies with a mood similar to the "Better call Sal" series.

  • "Better call Sal" series; How did Sal Goodman's name become immortal next to Heisenberg?
  • The series "Better Call Saul" or "Breaking Bad"; Which one had a better ending?

The life story of Jimmy McGill or Sam Goodman starts with Kim Wexler where the two understand that they not only have a lot of ability to deceive different people, but also They also enjoy. If we consider the main theme of the story "Breaking Bad" to be Walter White's enjoyment of what he is best at (which is exactly what Walter White does from one point on. At other moments, money is not important to him, but making the best drug. present in the market is a priority for him), here the two key characters of the series get close to each other for this reason and for this reason they attract the audience. He likes to escape from the law somehow. This action gives him a feeling of rebellion and liberation. Humans know that the laws of any society are necessary for social life and preventing harmful actions, but it is human nature to escape from these customs and laws. It is human self-awareness that stops him from doing wrong. For this reason, the audience enjoys seeing criminal characters; Because they do what he can't do. But are Sal Goodman and Kim Wechsler running from the law or breaking it in the series "Better Call Sal"? At least until the final season, Sal and Kim play with loopholes and less directly break the law; What these two are doing is bending the rulebook to their advantage without breaking it entirely. In fact, with full knowledge of the hidden and visible angles of such instructions, they engage in mischief just to have more fun. White series "Breaking Bad", money is of secondary importance for these two people. Both of them, especially Kim Wechsler, are employed in influential companies, but going to work and making money alone does not satisfy these two, so they resign and look for another way. They like to have fun in their own way and in the end, that's what works for them.

From the beginning of the story, Sal Goodman knows no bounds to indulge in wrongdoing, but what or in fact The person who stops him and acts as a brake in his life is the presence of his brother. Sal or Jimmy's need for approval from his brother has made him study law and try to improve. After the death of his brother, it is Kim who has such a place in Sal's life. But as soon as Kim decides to give up on Sal, he does too and goes down the same path that leads to the ultimate tragedy. This desire for self-destruction is on the coin of the life of a man who enjoys playing with the lives of others.

Each of the films in the list below is somehow related to the "Better Call Sal" series; The story of one takes place in landscapes like New Mexico, one goes to the drug cartels and is related to their conflicts, one is about a man who wants to get money and a step in his pocket by fraud, and one is the story of a man who, whatever he does, cannot escape Get rid of his past. So each of them reminds the audience of that series in one or more ways. This is what makes watching the movies on this list interesting for those interested in Sal Goodman's life story.

1. Sicario Top 10 movies that fans of “Better Call Sal” series should see Top 10 movies that fans of “Better Call Sal” series should see

  • Director: Denis Villeneuve
  • Starring: Emily Blunt, Bencio Del Toro and Josh Brolin
  • 92%

You may ask what is the connection between a spy and action movie with a dark and of course comedy series like "Better with Is there a call year? Well, first of all, an important part of the series focuses on the functioning of the Mexican drug cartel organization in South America, and this is exactly what the movie "Sicario" is based on. Second, throughout "You Better Call Sal" the American police has less contact with the big cartel that operates in their protection area and is not even aware of the main branches of this organization; As far as the One of their high-ranking members is running a business and running a restaurant, and another member is captured by the police but escapes without revealing his identity. The reason why the police lag behind the Mexican cartel organizations can be seen in the movie "Sicario". Thirdly, the story takes place in the deserts of South America and North Mexico and has a similar atmosphere to Western cinema. The blowing of hot winds, and of course the Mexican men and women who are trying to reach the rich northern country by crossing these deserts, are part of both. So, visually, there are similarities between "Sicario" and "Better Call Sal".

Deny Villeneuve has created a dark world in the movie "Sicario". His characters are victims of their disturbed mind and psyche, which makes them make unexpected and irrational decisions. Here, there is a man in the form of a murderer, who managed to direct this troubled mind to a goal; The goal is to take revenge on the person who took the joy of life from him and destroyed his family. He cannot return to society, but he knows how to settle his account with the world.

On the other hand, there is a woman who must come to an understanding of the darkness of the world. He, who is the elite force of a police organization, still believes in the existence of goodness in this world. But from the very beginning, he realizes that there is a world darker than his imagination in reality, which he has no understanding of. Villeneuve tries to share this perception and understanding of the harsh reality with us step by step and to draw the curve of character change in such a way that the audience is shocked to see so much blackness.

A federal police officer. The United States or the FBI is tasked to assist the Central Intelligence Agency or CIA in an interagency mission. The purpose of this mission is to take down a Mexican cartel that produces and distributes drugs. As the movie progresses, the dimensions of the story become more complicated to the point where those who were initially on the front of good, themselves become evil. The reason for this can be well seen in Villeneuve's attitude; The only way to fight evil is to become it yourself.

What makes the film dark is the absence of a reliable person throughout the story. Everyone is black and has an evil existence and only cares about their own interests or their desired organization and does not adhere to any principles. In fact, for them, the goal justifies the means, and the human sacrifices to achieve this goal are not worth their time. Tragedy occurs when the only person who believes in human principles and believes in values has no choice but to abandon his beliefs and accept these bitter and wretched conditions. In the end, he also understands that this is the only way to fight.

The story is told from the point of view of the FBI agent played by Emily Blunt. His isolation in his private life is mixed with his isolation in the mission, and his initial motive for revenge goes parallel to the motive for revenge of the story's killer, until the audience leaves the movie theater with a fundamental question: when to achieve a personal goal can Crossed the moral red line? Is the law basically capable of establishing justice?

"A special forces team from the FBI raids a house in the desert that seems to be the hiding place of drug cartel members, but the house explodes in the middle of the attack. And some get hurt. Now the authorities decide to go to war with the members of this drug cartel and bring justice. But because the drug trafficking network is widespread both in America and abroad, FBI forces are forced to work with intelligence forces. A female officer named Kate is assigned to be the liaison between the FBI and the CIA, a job she doesn't like at all...

2. No Country For Old Men Top 10 movies that fans of “Better Call Sal” series should see

  • Director: Joel and Ethan Coen
  • Actors: Javier Bardem, Josh Brolin and Tommy Lee Jones
  • Product: 2007, America
  • IMDb rating for the movie: 8.1 out of 10
  • Rating of the movie on the Rotten Tomatoes website: 93%

In the Coen brothers' film, like "Sicario", there are perspectives that immediately remind us of the "Better Call Sal" series. Here, too, the location is somewhere near the border of Mexico and the United States, and here too, the money of the drug cartels is in the middle. But from another point of view, there are similarities between "Better Call the Year" and "No Place for Old Men".

In general, this Coen brothers film can be somehow compared to Vince Gilligan's older brother in terms of storytelling and worldview. took into account The absurd world that Gilligan sets up and mixes darkness with bitter jokes comes from exactly the same place as this film. Here, the similarities are not only related to the theme of the story or the proximity and distance of the location, but the DNA of both works is the same and they present the same world in a different way. Perhaps some of the films on this list look more like No Place for Old Men than the series be closer, but in reality and inwardly, none of them are as compatible with the spirit of the series as this one.

The Coen brothers are masters of mixing different genres. In the movie "No Place for Old Men", they have used this ability and made a movie that has a little bit of western cinema, it is mostly criminal, it deals with a moral drama about the changing of the world and its rules, and the negative character of it also makes the audience It reminds me of the killer of the slasher movie. All of this can be seen in "Better call the year".

The drama of the film raises a moral issue: is our every action justified considering the circumstances in which we live? Will the result of today's wrong behavior take our neck one day? In such a situation, a person obtains money that belongs to drug traffickers and imagines that there are no consequences for taking it; Because the gang of criminals have killed each other and no one knows about his presence there, but he does not know that a psychological killer is looking for him from shadow to shadow. In this situation, three storylines gradually join together; The story line of the police who seeks to solve the mystery of the murders, the story line of the person who took the money and the story line of the killer who is looking for the money. There is also Vince Gilligan in the series. In "Better Call Sal", Kim has her own story line, Sal is looking for her own problems, Mike has his own separate story and finally all of these are connected by some smugglers.

In the movie "No Place for Old Men" as in "You Better Call Sal", no one is good enough to be considered a hero and even the sheriff in the story is so old and worn out that he is more concerned with the end of his term and It is time to push your place of residence towards salvation. The scenery of the film was shot in the same areas that were once the location of western movies. The same places, the same events and the same troubles.

Although the killer of the movie "No Place for Old Men" (the killer whose appearance is similar to the hard-hearted award winners of Western cinema, for example, Lee Van Cleef or the same bad character in the movie " Good, Bad, Ugly") cannot be considered its main character, but Javier Bardem is so perfect in the performance of this role that he easily overshadows the presence of the other two main characters. Anton Chigor's character is drawn by him in such a scary and emotionless way that upon recalling the film, his image is immediately imprinted in the audience's mind. It is not without reason that the Oscar award for the best supporting actor went to Javier Bardem for playing this role. By chance, he witnesses the killing of some smugglers and is heartbroken and goes to the scene of the crime. He finds a bag full of money on the spot and decides to keep it for himself, but he doesn't know that an experienced policeman and a dangerous killer are looking for him in two different ways...

3. Uncut Gems Top 10 movies that fans of “Better Call Sal” series should see

  • Director: Safadi Brothers
  • Stars: Adam Sandler, Julia Fox and Lockeit Stanfield
  • Product: 2019, USA
  • IMDb site rating for the movie: 7.4 out of 10
  • Rotten Tomatoes site rating for the movie: 91%

After making the exciting movie "Good Time" starring Robert Pattinson, the Safdie brothers in an attempt to complete And expanding the world of that movie, they went for the strangest possible option. They chose Adam Sandler to play the role of a scheming Jew whose greed and struggle to maintain his family's honor and visibility has turned him into a despicable man who plans to heal his repressed complex and climb the ladder of success overnight. slow This is an attempt to bring out the other link between the Safadi Brothers movie and the "Better Call Sal" series; Because Jimmy or the same year is trying his best to be taken seriously by his brother.

The more this man goes on this path and the more he tries, the more he sinks into the swamp that he himself created, until he finally suffocates in this swamp. The film does not have a straightforward story, and the filmmakers do not intend to make it easy for their audience to understand; For this reason, instead of telling a straightforward story, they focus on their character and move the story forward with him and his problems and decisions. The point is that their central character is not a simple person who makes rational decisions, that's why the narrative of the film moves towards absolute madness as the main character's decisions become crazy. America exists. A deadline that increases the tension of the film with the passage of time. In such a context, the fast rhythm of the film and the presence of an unbridled violence that increases moment by moment, along with a realistic styling by the filmmakers, turns "Uncut Jewels" into an exciting and attractive film that is full of fights and The bloodshed cuts to another brutal sequence.

Apart from the aforementioned, what makes the film a success and one of the best of the last few years is the good performance of Adam Sandler in the main role; In a way that you sometimes don't believe, this is the same Adam Sandler who is in comedies and sometimes low-level movies. Surprisingly, this performance was ignored by the Academy of Oscars and many other annual awards ceremonies in the United States. In 2012, this diamond was acquired by a Jewish jeweler living in New York named Howard. Howard is addicted to gambling and owes his brother-in-law $100,000. His brother-in-law, who runs a mafia organization, wants his money, and Howard knocks on any door to get it. In the meantime, a basketball star enters his shop by Howard's business partner. The star asks Howard to give him the diamond; Because he thinks it will bring him luck. But...

4. Nobody (Nobody) Top 10 movies that fans of “Better Call Sal” series should see

  • Director: Ilya Naishuler li>
  • Stars: Bob Edenkirk, Connie Nelson
  • Product: 2021, USA
  • Site rating IMDb to the movie: 7.4 out of 10
  • Rating of the movie on Rotten Tomatoes: 84%

Bob Edenkirk Previous He was not a well-known actor outside of America after playing in the series "Better call Sal". Even the "Breaking Bad" series could not make him an actor that a company would entrust him with the main role of its action movie. But after becoming known with the new series, he could now be counted on for bigger films; The movie "Nobody" is such a movie and probably other works will follow it. The edge and noise was lost, and both cinema audiences and critics paid less attention to it. A simple film with a compact story that was both a clear homage to older action movies and, in turn, played with their familiar rules and lost the entirety of action and espionage cinema. The story of the film has similarities with some successful action films of these years, but the existence of two basic points makes this one a completely different work.

The story is similar to many old action works. It is reminiscent of a movie like "Commando" starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and "John Wick" starring Keanu Reeves or "The Equalizer" starring Denzel Washington. But the first difference of the film with such examples comes from the choice of the main character. We remember Bob Edenkirk more as a hooded man in the same series than as a family man who decided to escape from a violent past and start a new story. In those series, he plays the role of a man who talks more than acts, and his strength in doing the wrong thing is his words. He can paint a donkey and make a canary for others.

Now with this background, in the movie "Nobody" we see him in the role of a man who lives a normal life with a normal family. Everyday life is falling from his head and it seems that he is exactly the nobody that the title of the film refers to. The presence and absence of this man, except for his family, has no effect on his life and the world around him. But suddenly something happens and he turns from here to there and his past life comes to him. Now he suddenly becomes a trained killer who has been hiding and lying to everyone all these years. The lack of charisma and charm that exists in actors like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Denzel Washington or the ancient sadness that is present in the face of Keanu Reeves, in the presence of Bob Edenkirk, has given the hero of the film a simple and sometimes childish quality that is neither a savior like his predecessors nor like They carry a great and legendary sadness. He is an extremely ordinary person who only has a high ability to kill.

Second tip to good use. The filmmaker returns from the element of humor in the process of advancing his story; Because the movie "Nobody" does not take itself seriously. There is no news of that dark and sad atmosphere of the movie "John Wick" here, nor is the world and country in danger. The bad guys in the story have only sided with someone's bad side and he is supposed to be ashamed of them. The filmmaker is not going to give this story an extra leaf, nor is he going to put devastating crises in front of him. From this point of view, we are dealing with a movie that can be watched, enjoyed and entertained, and praise be to its makers. It was supposed to be released in 2020, but due to the closure of cinemas, it was postponed to 2021.

"A man named Hutch lives with his family in the suburbs of the city. He lives a quiet, if boring, life and seems to be doing his best to keep it that way. One day, thieves try to break into his house, but he loses his patience and confronts them. Now it turns out that Hutch was a trained agent who hid his identity for years, even from his family. From now on, he tries to find the head of the band of thieves, but the situation gets out of control and...

5. Fargo Top 10 movies that fans of “Better Call Sal” series should see

  • Directors: Joel and Ethan Coen
  • Stars: Frances McDormand, William H Macy and Steve Buchemi
  • Product: 1996, USA and UK
  • IMDb site rating for the movie: 8.1 out of 10
  • Rotten Tomatoes site rating for the movie: 94%

The recklessness and clumsiness of some people in carrying out a plan in the "Better Call Sal" series is very similar to the criminals in this Coen brothers story. Here some people lie and cheat as much as they can to get a lot of money. In the end, nothing catches their hands and they have to answer to the law, just like Sal Goodman.

The next point is that the Coen brothers' world of storytelling and creating an absurd environment in films like "Fargo" over other directors. Especially the creators of the series "Better call Sal" have had a great impact. In "Fargo", like in that series, everything falls apart when the characters forget the meaning of life and how to enjoy it and replace being together with money.

On the other hand, the emphasis of the Coen brothers On the perspectives or the behavior of the camera in dealing with the characters, it is strangely reminiscent of Vince Gilligan's series, and the fake playing of the guilty man "Fargo" also reminds the audience of Sal Goodman of the series. Family relations, pranks and frauds, people who do anything they say, they eat behind closed doors, and finally the progress of the story is due to luck, as if it was directly from "Fargo" to "Better Call Sal".

The story of "Fargo" can also be seen in the film "Terrorized" (Blood Simple), the first film of the Coen brothers. Years after "Fargo", the same idea is repeated in another movie like "The Man Who Wasn't There", but none of them are as good as this one. This issue has various reasons, but one of them is the absurdity of the film's atmosphere. Not that there is no such nonsense in those movies. By the way, "Terrified" is a successful film in depicting this absurdity, but the problem is about the perfection that this film has achieved. Again someone hires others to do wrong for him. He imagines that his plan has no words and in this way all his problems will be solved. But again, the gathering of a bunch of scum gets together and ruins everything.

One of the charms of the movie "Fargo" is the police character played by Frances McDormand. He is the one who finally solves everything and settles his peace, but he is nothing like the familiar policemen of the cinema; This woman is not very smart and not very smart. She is a very ordinary policeman who happens to have a weakness which is her pregnancy. It's as if the Coen brothers tried to play with all the audience's expectations by creating such a character, so that it is impossible to imagine that he will be the savior while watching the film.

Frances McDormand's performance is one of the main strengths of the film. . The same game brought him an Oscar award, and of course, the precise script of the film made the Coen brothers not leave the Oscar night empty-handed that year. This movie was so successful that years later, based on its original idea, a multi-season series with the same name was made, and the Coen brothers, in the role of producers, were able to return to the same atmosphere again.

Some sequences of Today's films have become well-known sequences that many refer to in this not so long time; including the sequence of killing a person with a wood chipper, which both surprises and scares the audience.

"Year 1987. Jerry is having financial problems. He plans to hire two men to steal his wife. Jerry thinks so His father-in-law will pay all the money without getting a whiff of his plan. Jerry's repairman introduces two people to him, and Jerry asks them to steal his wife. Meanwhile, Jerry manages to make a big deal and solve his problems. He quickly decides to cancel the plan to kidnap his wife but it is too late...

6. Witness For The Prosecution Top 10 movies that fans of “Better Call Sal” series should see

  • Director: Billy Wilder
  • Actors: Marlene Dietrich, Charles Lawton and Tyrone Power
  • Production: 1957, USA
  • IMDb site rating for the movie: 8.4 out of 10
  • Rotten Tomatoes site rating for the movie: 100%

Billy Wilder designed a maze and then placed his characters inside it. In this labyrinth, everyone thinks about himself, and of course, some people use the situation to sew a hat for themselves from this felt. The story of the work takes place entirely in the courtroom, and a lawyer is at the center of the drama, who tries to acquit one person and another.

Everything falls apart when it becomes clear that those intend to sacrifice someone and this issue is not acceptable for Mr. Vakil. All these cases can be seen in the "Better call Sal" series. Even the lawyer made by Billy Wilder, like Sal Goodman, loves his profession and enjoys it, but unlike him, he is an honest person and seeks justice, and since he is also very famous, most of the audience remembers Sal's brother in the series. rips; Even the looks of the two actors have similarities.

The movie "Witness for Prosecution" is undoubtedly one of the best court dramas in the history of cinema. With a twisting and ups and downs story that requires a lot of attention and requires all the audience's senses to understand the story. Here, the audience constantly touches the filmmaker. Because no one is what they seem and everyone has something to hide.

If you think that a movie should mention the bitterness of war, directly and indirectly, then you are very wrong. War is such a terrible scourge that it definitely affects the smallest events in the lives of people involved in it. Billy Wilder and his co-screenwriter Harry Kornitz have done exactly this and have linked the story of a criminal case that apparently has nothing to do with war and just a simple love story to this scourge of women. In the heart of this complex drama, the filmmaker places concrete people with human problems and adjusts their motivations so that the cause and effect relationships proceed according to their wishes. Now the lawyer of the case must try to understand these motives in the heart of the story. This is the only way he can solve the case.

This is where the story of the movie separates from the story of a series like "Better Call Sal". In that series, no one is looking for the truth and just wants to pocket money, but what is not important for the lawyer in "Witness for Prosecution" is the material aspect of the story. This attention to property and clinging to wealth is left to other characters to bear the burden of this ruined part of a person's life.

It was said that the lawyer in this movie has similarities with Sal Goodman's brother, Chuck. These similarities are not only superficial. Both of them suffer from illness and this makes it bitter and difficult for them to be in court, both of them need someone else's care and this makes them vulnerable in life, both of them have succeeded in their careers but never They have not been satisfied with their fate in their personal lives.

In this magnificent masterpiece, Billy Wilder provides an opportunity for all his characters to express their heart's desires. Everyone has the opportunity to defend themselves and talk about what happened to them; But in a brilliant way, this happens in such a way that even for a moment, the story-telling does not suffer a stroke and its process is not disrupted. From this point of view, we are on the side of a completely humane film that gives the right to speak even to the Germans who were oppressed in the war, and unlike similar examples, it does not portray them as evil.

The acting of the film's actors is excellent. Nothing but this is expected from English Charles Lawton and Jasangin. He is in the form of a well-known and charismatic lawyer, and of course, he was able to carry the comic burden of the story well. On the other hand, Marlene Dietrich as a wounded woman and professional lover is unique. She has managed to play a balance between dignity and desperation of a helpless woman who was someone for herself in the past. The sequences in which these two great actors in the history of cinema are present are epic sequences and do not compare to each other at all. so that the audience is left to look at and which one to accompany; Watch a dignified but rebellious woman or the warm presence of a male lawyer.

"Sir Wilfred Roberts is a famous lawyer who has just suffered a stroke. He is going through his recovery period and should be away from excitement and rest slow Even according to the doctor, it is better that he no longer undertakes criminal cases. Meanwhile, he accepts the defense of a man accused of murdering a widow. It seems that the man is innocent, but suddenly the prosecutor of the case does something that no one expects; He uses the accused woman against himself..."

7. A History Of Violence Top 10 movies that fans of “Better Call Sal” series should see

  • Director: David Cronenberg
  • Stars: Viggo Mortensen, Maria Bello, Ed Harris and William Hart
  • Product: 2005, USA, Canada and Germany
  • IMDb site rating for the movie: 7.4 out of 10
  • Rotten Tomatoes site rating for the movie: 87%

Sometimes, whatever you do to escape from your past, it won't work. Sometimes a person should stay on his choices and decisions and not move; Otherwise, the hand of fate will return and grab his collar. Sometimes a person needs an emotional support to let go of the past and find a new way in life. Sometimes you can't go on like this and when you get tired, you suddenly change direction and start all over again. Someone should be behind you so that you don't give up and ruin yourself. This is the whole theme of the final season of "You better call Sal" series. All the man's longings after being abandoned and left without support by his wife are summed up in these few lines, and his presence again in the final moments plays the role of a savior for the man.

David Cronenberg is also in this Ja went to find such a person, but the family of the man in his story, unlike Sal Goodman, does not know about his past. But this man has the emotional support to stay on the right path and not reduce it; The same support that redeems the year in the final moments to keep Kim and gallop it with her free but troubled life. The same touching the prison cell and smoking in the house of a woman who is more important than anything in life and Sal understands its meaning too late. Cronenberg, however, is not very cruel like Vince Gilligan and his companions, and at least gives his hero a chance to fight to save his family. Symbols and metaphors are not news, but it is very exciting and has strong characters that the audience will worry about and feel sorry for. In the story woven around the axis of a man who has a past full of question marks and wrongdoings, there are several important moments that can provide a good definition of the right characterisation.

These moral moments are another link that the film relates to the series "You'd better contact Sal". In both stories, there are men who have lived in a quiet corner for years and pretended to be someone else. Both have dark pasts that suddenly come to light and they are forced to deal with the consequences of those mistakes. Both men have secrets in their chests that they are not interested in revealing, but they are forced to tell them under difficult circumstances.

The display of violence is another facet of the "History of Violence" fictional world, which is related to the series we are discussing. will find. The main character of the story uses any kind of violence to achieve his goal, and Cronenberg doesn't pay any ransom to his audience in the way he shows it. Here we can see the manifestations of Cronenberg's interest in psychology, which is also present in Sal's character. It's just that David Cronenberg's protagonist directly engages in violence, but Sal Goodman indirectly harms others with his actions.

But regardless of all this, the movie "History of Violence" is a well-made work, with a suitable rhythm and Directing and acting are amazing, which will definitely satisfy the audience. In this film, Cronenberg shows that he has a good ability in designing and making action scenes; Of course, when you succeed in creating heroic characters, the audience will automatically join those action sequences.

The film has three heroic games. First, Viggo Mortensen, who became Cronenberg's favorite actor with this film. He has managed to play both the troubled side of his character well and overcome the dark side of the role. After that, Ed Harris, who appeared well in the role of a demon incarnated and shook the back of the audience, and thirdly, William Hart, who is exactly the thick neck of the mafia that the movie needs.

"History of Violence" In many polls, it is considered one of the best films of this century. Critics have taken it over since its release, and a consensus has formed around it, and pens have been written in favor of it, and it has received rave reviews. Although it was not taken seriously at the Oscar ceremony, its reputation increased day by day and is still increasing.

"A man lives a good life in a small town with his family. He is respected and seems content with his life. One day, someone creates trouble in his place of residence, and this man succeeds in removing that trouble from the city. From now on, people refer to this man as their hero. But spreading the news of his bravery causes another man to arrive in the city, who apparently He was familiar with the protagonist in the past and was looking for him for years..."

8. The Sting Top 10 movies that fans of “Better Call Sal” series should see

  • Director: George Roy Hill
  • Stars: Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Robert Shaw and Robert Earl Jones
  • Product: 1973, USA
  • >
  • IMDb site rating for the movie: 8.3 out of 10
  • Rotten Tomatoes site rating for the movie: 92%

If I am going to name the best movie in the history of cinema based on the fraud of some people, I will definitely choose the movie "Nish". The story of the movie is the story of a few people who want to put a hat on someone's head and make him a joke. To do this, they design a detailed plan that includes various steps. First, they set a trap for him and then they make the person in question fall into that trap. After that, they start creating a false identity for themselves and create a detailed past for their characters. In the next stage, they try their best to make others believe their plan in addition to the victim. Isn't that all Kim and Sal Goodman do to a lucky guy like Howard Hamlin in "Better Call Sal"? Or all the things they do to trap their opponent in court?

Sal and Kim have the opportunity to make these plans over and over again throughout the series "Better Call Sal". Because we are finally dealing with a 6-season series, but in a two-hour movie, we can only deal with a detailed plan. The way of narrating both stories has similarities. For example, at any moment, the plans of the parties may be revealed, but at the very last moment, everything comes together to make the result of the characters of the drama.

Another point is that it seems that the execution plan One of Sal Goodman's maps has made its way straight from "Bite" to "Better Call Sal". At the end of the series, Sal, who now lives in another city, plans to rob rich people with the help of two other people. He first traps his victim in a mikdeh and tames them after warming up. In the movie "Nish", the whole plan and desire of the heroes is to seduce a rich man, and Paul Newman, in the role of Henry as the main designer of the story and plan, is supposed to tame the man to visit his gambling house. Both manage to make their victims raw in the same way.

Another similarity between these two works is the revenge of the always losing characters against the pretentious people. These men and women treat their victims as if they are stinging an unjust system with every sting. Both Sal and Kim and the criminals of the movie "Bite" are married and spoiled people who are trapped by wealthy and pretentious people. They don't want to fit in this time and only play the role of the loser, but they have been looking for a way to at least do justice in their own way.

But perhaps the main similarity between these two works is the presence Be the characters who are the best in their work and enjoy it. Both Kim and Sal in the series and the gang of criminals in the movie "Nish" are not involved in scamming and talking and playing with people, and they themselves are aware of this. But it seems that money is of secondary importance to them and they enjoy role-playing and cheating more than pocketing money. Both parties are not of the type for whom the end justifies the means, but savoring the journey and enjoying every moment of it is the main goal of their actions.

One of the main strengths of George Roy Hill's film. It is a combination of excitement and fun. The exciting and tension-filled story of the film is told with great irony and the characters are constantly enjoying life. For this reason, the audience always has a smile on their face while watching the movie. On the other hand, sometimes the intelligence of the characters takes away the audience's intelligence, they manage to do mind-boggling things as if it were a very simple task.

George Roy Hill, before this film, Paul Newman and Robert He also directed Redford in another masterpiece called Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. There, the epic story of two men was accompanied by first class humor by these two actors, and these three people together created a spectacular work. Now, the juxtaposition of George Roy Hill with Robert Redford and Paul Newman has created another work that, although its story takes place a few decades later and takes place in a civilized city, is still as intelligent and brilliant.

"Johnny and Luther are pickpockets in a small town in the state of Illinois, USA. In addition to pickpocketing, they also commit fraud and in one of their jobs, they remove the hat of a thick-necked man and the head of a mafia organization named Doyle Langan. This causes Luther to be killed by Doyle's gang and Johnny to escape and go to Chicago with Henry Gandorf. Johnny tells Henry that he plans to get revenge on Doyle, but Henry refuses at first This way be with him. But in the end, since Henry and Luther have been old friends, he agrees to cooperate with Johnny...

9. The Long Goodbye Top 10 movies that fans of “Better Call Sal” series should see

  • Director: Robert Altman
  • Actors: Elliot Gold, Sterling Hayden
  • Product: 1973, USA
  • Robert Altman, like the creators of the series, has created an absurd world that the only way to enjoy it is to trust yourself and personal instincts; A world where nothing belongs and everyone is playing games with others and plotting. Meanwhile, the detective Philip Marlowe in "The Long Goodbye" played by Elliott Gold loves to wander. This is also one of the similarities between him and Sal Goodman.

    Robert Altman, who previously messed up the rules of war cinema by making a movie like "Mash" and also criticized his country's policies in It was during the war, and with the movie "McCabe and Mrs. Miller" (McCabe and Mrs. Miller), he did the same thing with Western cinema and began to demythologize the Wild West and its heroes, now with the movie "The Long Goodbye" The American myth and idol destroys detective and noir cinema and refers to his own life time and actually depicts the revolutionaries of the time.

    Robert Altman took his character from a novel of the same name written by Raymond Chandler. But he changed the pessimism and sharp language of that bitter-thinking detective with a man who accepts the successive problems of life and the hypocrisy of people and only has a cat for happiness. In those now classic stories, we were faced with heroes who were ready to answer and who knew how to get out of difficult situations and sometimes their charm helped them. They were stubborn men who could not turn away from the trouble due to their moral codes and had to get to the heart of the matter so that they would at least not be ashamed in front of their conscience. Robert Altman is satirized; This is because his era is no longer the innocent world of the thirties and forties when the border between good and evil is clear and everything seems more innocent. There is no news of those well-dressed and well-spoken detectives who could be trusted to knock down all the enemies with their bravery. There is no news of that optimistic society that accepts such things. So Altman, like in the new era, chooses his hero as a man who is not bound by morals, but in a strange way believes in the goodness in people. The atmosphere of his work is clear in this film and his other works, he left the hands of the actors free for creativity and sometimes improvisation. The presence of Elliott Gold in the main role of the film is spectacular. He has used the carelessness of the character very well and played well his confusion in the winding path he is on.

    With all this, this movie is based on one of Raymond Chandler's books; So the elements of his unique world are found in it. On the other hand, the era belongs to the seventies, so it is natural that nothing is as it seems at first. There is a character in the movie who is played by the great Sterling Hayden. He is a writer and he suffers exactly from everything that this new society has brought upon him. Fanatic fans of Chandler's literature may not like these changes in the film compared to Chandler's book, but what Robert Altman has done to update this brilliant story is unmatched.

    On the other hand, there is humor in the heart of the film. It is different from the humor found in the cinema noir of the past, as well as the humor found in Raymond Chandler's book. If the humor of the book is of a biting type and sometimes puts a smile on the audience's lips, here this humor comes from the funny situations that the hero of the story finds himself in. It is enough to look at the author and the detective himself in different situations to know what I am talking about. The bitterness of this humor is the similarity of Robert Altman's work and this magnificent film with the series we are discussing.

    "Detective Philip Marlowe is a private detective. Marlowe is trying to help a man wanted for his wife's murder. This man is apparently his friend. In this way, he gets involved in a conspiracy, one end of which is tied to a philandering writer and the other end to a group of criminals. And of course, the police force, which is always a hair on his nose..."

    10. Nebraska (Nebraska) Top 10 movies that fans of “Better Call Sal” series should see

    • Director: Alexander Payne
    • Cast: Bruce Dern, Stacey Keach, Bob Edenkirk and Will Fort
    • Product: 2013, USA
    • IMDb rating for the movie: 7.7 out of 10
    • Film score on Rotten Tomatoes site: 91%

    Here too Bob Edenkirk as one of The main roles are present; Although the film and the story are closely related to the character played by Bruce Dern, we can see the performance of Bob Edenkirk or our own Sal Goodman in the role of a half-crazy person. "Nebraska" is a character-oriented and road movie in which a confused and devoted person is trying to find a meaning for his life, and like any other road movie, the journey is of fundamental importance.

    The main character is an old man. who mistakenly believes he has won $1 million in cash from a lottery contest. This makes him and his son to travel to the office of this company located in the state of Nebraska. But this trip is not going to be a normal trip for this old man. He gets to know the life he has lived and also a new concept of friendship, life, experience and humanity, which is worth more than the one million dollars he thinks he has. " can be compared with the end of the series "Better Call Sal". In the end, both main characters find another reason to survive and live. A reason that is never material and cannot be exchanged for any money. They realize the value of something that has always been near and around their lives but they didn't appreciate it. Therefore, both works begin with the importance of money and wealth in people's lives, and the discovery and intuition of the whole story will change the characters to live for something else.

    On the other hand, the perspectives, black and white images of the film , pausing on pristine nature, endless roads in endless deserts, the importance of seemingly insignificant objects and events beyond the control of the characters bring these two works together. It is these spaces and the way of looking at life that transforms the heroes of such dramas into confused and lost people, who in their lives are faced with a closed door and in the end, they find salvation in a place where they do not expect it at all. /p>

    Bruce Dern's acting as the main role of the movie is epic. He played the role of a tired and confused old man as if he has been living like this for years. After a long time, the movie "Nebraska" made him famous so that he could become a reliable actor for perfectionist directors such as Alexander Payne and later Quentin Tarantino.

    Alexander Payne also with the movie Nebraska" has done his best directing. His storytelling is at its peak here and there is an organic connection between the content and the form of the work. The camera is what it should be and the acting is amazing.

    "Woody is an old man who travels with his troubled and isolated son from a town in the state of Montana to reach the state of Nebraska. One day, he received a lottery ticket and mistakenly thought that the ticket was the ticket to win a million dollar lottery. Now he plans to travel this long way so that he can receive his one million dollars from the office of that company. Unaware that there is no winner at all. Woody is on his way to a new experience in life and...

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