Top 10 Independent Independent Films by A24 in 2021 from Worst to Best

With each passing year, A24 becomes a bigger name in the world of cinema. The company was founded in 2012 by Daniel Katz in New York City, USA, and from the beginning produced films such as "Locke" by Steven Knight, "Under the Skin" directed by Jonathan Glazer and " The enemy by Danny Villeneuve made a name for himself. This list includes the top 10 films that were either made in 2021 or released in the same year. Top 10 Independent Independent Films by A24 in 2021 from Worst to Best

With each passing year, A24 becomes a bigger name in the world of cinema. The company was founded in 2012 by Daniel Katz in New York City, USA, and from the beginning produced films such as "Locke" by Steven Knight, "Under the Skin" directed by Jonathan Glazer and " The enemy by Danny Villeneuve made a name for himself. This list includes the top 10 films that were either made in 2021 or released in the same year.

Over the years, A24's name has been tied to quality compact films. As long as the potential audience can sit and watch a piece of them with peace of mind and be comfortable that he has not wasted his time in vain; Like the name of a well-known director or a select actor whose name appears in the title of the audience's relief from the final quality of the film.

They became the main giants of the film and entertainment industry in this country. These big companies were more concerned with making more money and money than anything else, and artistic issues were not a big obstacle. Years passed and cinema theorists called these companies and their films mainstream or commercial cinema. Personally, although I consider Hollywood cinema to be the mainstream of American cinema, I do not quite agree with these divisions because it suggests to the prospective reader that there is no art or artistry at the heart of this movement, and that all works are market-oriented. This is while the history of cinema says something else, and the masterpieces of American classical cinema have come from the heart of this studio cinema. Enhances filmmaking so that small films and directors outside the system have virtually no room to show off and are eliminated. It is in such circumstances that the existence of an independent current next to that mainstream is the way forward and both can help each other. While many ideas are not fundamentally useful to the general public, and if they are widely screened, companies will go bankrupt, so it is better to build them with reasonable budgets and reach their target audience in a compact screen.>

And this is exactly the gap that A24 executives have filled, and in the last few years they have shed new blood in American cinema by making films that are impossible for big companies to make. During this time, even the big stars have secretly visited the company to find their artistic prestige and have appeared in one or two of their films; Because they know that an audience will sit down to watch their films, which they are not easily satisfied with, and the display of the art of a smile will definitely bring a smile of satisfaction to their lips.

1. Soon Soon (C'mon C'mon) Top 10 Independent Independent Films by A24 in 2021 from Worst to Best

  • Director:
  • Actors: Wakeen Phoenix, Woody Norman and Gabby Hoffman
  • Product: America
  • IMDb site rating to movie: 7.5 out of 10
  • movie rating on Raton Tomitoz site: 94.

Mike Mills has written his simple but engaging story in black and white and brought Waken Phoenix back to theaters after nearly two years. The last time we saw this Oscar-winning actor was in the movie "Joker", in which the Oscar brought him the best actor and made him famous and special. But now he has shown new manifestations of his ability that we have not seen before in his repertoire, and this makes watching the movie "Be Soon Soon" a unique experience.

Watch "Be Soon Be Soon" Keep in mind Nova Bambak's "Frances Ha"; A theme that stems from a similar worldview of the two directors and makes New York City take on a different effect from what mainstream American cinema portrays. This is not about crazy narratives of criminals and cops or thrilling and adventurous stories, but this metropolis without borders becomes a world that brings two people closer to each other to better understand the world around them.

Character The core of the film is in search of a way to find happiness. This is one of the classic Hollywood stories, but the effects that Mike Mills has given to this eternal search are excitingly new and unparalleled, at least in the past year. From this point of view, at first it seems that we are dealing with a melodrama film that has used all the clichs of this genre, but the filmmaker has managed to escape from falling into the heart of these clichs and give a new shape to his work.

So we are dealing with a non-stereotypical film that avoids telling a straightforward story he does. The main character's interviews are part of the film's story, his personal life is another part, and his niece's wishes and worries form another part of the story. But all of this connects in a way that forms a whole that is hard to dislike and hard not to associate with its characters.

The audience focuses more and more on the relationship between the two main characters of the drama, and the director has consciously eliminated the excesses. There are people in the story who may be clearly different in age and can not be shared, but they want to find something that can be called happiness and enjoyment of life.

Mike Mills dominates the rhythm of the effect as well as its mood. This is a basic condition for a film that is very dependent on its atmosphere. The filmmaker's release camera is responsible for creating this atmosphere to give the characters a unique effect. Characters who may seem like all New Yorkers like New Yorkers in the first place, but have something unique to enjoy watching them. . He sometimes appears even brighter than Phoenix, stealing the whole frame from him and making it his own.

Take care. Now these two fascinating and adventurous journeys start together around New York City and

2. The Green Knight Top 10 Independent Independent Films by A24 in 2021 from Worst to Best

  • Director: David Lowry
  • Cast: Dave Patel, Barry Cogan
  • Product: US & Canada
  • strong> IMDb movie rating: 6.6 out of 10
  • Movie rating on Raton Tomitoz: 89.

The movie "Green Knight" has a bold idea: the archetype of "Hero's Journey" is tied to a mental space and of course fantasy and mythology to create a heroic heroism for the audience like in mythology, but this, unlike the old reference stories, focuses more on the inside. The hero moves forward to focus on the heroes that require extraordinary and extraordinary actions. In such a context, the life of a man is portrayed as first consolidating his personality in order to find the necessary charisma and then doing things that will become his legacy in the future. If you pay attention to these few lines, you will notice that in terms of content between this film and its protagonist, the theme and hero of Danny Villeneuve's "Dune" starring Timothy Shalameh, which was released in 2021, but into the cycle of commercial cinema. There are many similarities, but it can not be denied that most of the glamor of that film has left the jury open, and aside from the fact that the film is basically not a complete work and in many ways it can not be called independent. , Because it's so attached to the next episode, and it's like a prelude to that movie; A film that has not yet been made, and this self-sufficiency of the film world is exactly what "The Green Knight" has enough of.

The story of the film is an acquaintance story. A man named Gavin, one of King Arthur's knights, goes through a difficult ordeal to pass Haft Khani and prove himself to everyone in the end. But like many ancient heroes, fighting and being close to the evil in existence and overcoming it makes him a different human being. Such a story seems to have appeared on the screen with a lot of controversy and publicity, but the creators refused to do so, and this factor caused the "Green Knight" to not be seen much, despite all its potential.

Of course All of this does not mean that "Green Knight" is a complete film (which film could make such a claim this year and last year at all), but in many ways it is a significant work whose presence among the Oscar nominees did not raise much of a question. And he could see his name there. Especially since at first Dave Patel's role-playing role does not seem like a good choice; Because he does not have a good face to play the role, and he has not played an acceptable role to date, but he has played such a major role that it is impossible to imagine another person in his place.

Film "The Green Knight" is inspired by a poem about this legendary warrior. For this reason, the rhythm of the story is so slow that the filmmaker has enough time to create the poetic atmosphere of the work and penetrate into his main character. For this reason, watching it can not be recommended to the impatient audience, but if you have the patience to sit and watch it, you will definitely not be disappointed.

"Sir Gavin, the niece of King Arthur, is a legend. He embarks on an exhausting quest to finally find the green knight with an emerald-like body that looks like a tree. Along the way, he faces many hardships and transforms into another human being by facing the dark side of his being as well as the evil in the world. It becomes. "

3. Val Top 10 Independent Independent Films by A24 in 2021 from Worst to Best

  • Director: Leo Scott, Ting Po
  • Actors: -
  • Product: USA
  • IMDb site rating for movie : 7.6 out of 10
  • Movie rating on Raton Tomitoz site: 93.

When playing Wal Kilmer We knew him in the role of Batman. He appeared in Joel Schumacher's "Batman Forever" as Bruce Wayne/Batman, and immediately starred as a member of Michael Mann's "Heat" crime gang. 1980s and 1990s were familiar names to cinema audiences. Because a large part of the emotional burden of this Michael Mann trailer was on him and his role, his performance alongside greats such as Robert De Niro and Al Pacino was seen enough and made him one of the stars of Hollywood. Years passed and his stardom slowly faded until in 2017 it was reported that Wall Kilmer had cancer and lost the ability to speak and could not even eat easily. The news shocked the world of cinema and shocked many until the news came that he had recovered but the effects of his illness still remained. Now people have been found to go to him and make a film about his life that is a soulful narrative of loneliness, professional life, suffering and in short everything related to the life of a Hollywood star, as well as a work about struggle and non-surrender.>

The creators of "Wall" have used many archival sources related to Wall Kilmer's life to create an accurate portrait of his life. These archive images include scenes from his childhood, images from his personal life and relationship with his ex-wife Joanna Vali, behind the scenes of his films, the death of his brother Wesley and his children Mercedes and Jack.

To reach this product The final and unique directors have reviewed nearly 800 hours of archival footage to tell the story of a human life with all its ups and downs in the best possible way, and finally Wal Kilmer's son, Jack, has been chosen to narrate the story of his father. Define yourself. So we are dealing with a first-hand work that is not only about a human life and its hardships, but is also emotionally intertwined with effects that only those close to the person in question can express.

It's such a framework that A24 can be commended for their outstanding work. They embarked on a project and made it possible to realize it, which of course has a high risk in production, but they believed in their work so much and put so much effort into its implementation, that "Wall" became not only one of the best films of the year. But also shone at the Cannes Film Festival in 2021, earning a reputation for documentary cinema.

You will have a very emotional experience. A well-made film that both maintains its rhythm well and tells the golden moments of the life of a man who both had the face of a star and could artistically find a place for himself up there.

"The documentary Wall is a story about the life of Wall Kilmer, an American actor and movie star. This documentary depicts his life from his childhood to his battle with cancer

4. The Tragedy of Macbeth Top 10 Independent Independent Films by A24 in 2021 from Worst to Best

  • Director: Joel Cohen
  • Cast: Denzel Washington, Francis McDormand
  • Product: America
  • IMDb movie rating: 7.2 out of 10
  • Raton Tomitoz movie rating: 93.

Years And for decades, various films have been made inspired by William Shakespeare's plays. From Macbeth to Romeo and Juliet and of course Hamlet. But none of them can match those brilliant performances, and of course this may be very natural; Because these plays, both in terms of dramatization and narrative, and in terms of characterization, are so complete that even the slightest change or transfer to any other artistic medium takes them away from that absolute perfection.

A good film has so far been made from a Macbeth play, including the names of great filmmakers such as Arsen Wells or Roman Polanski or Akira Kurosawa. Each of these greats in the history of cinema has somehow approached the glorious work of that English genius through their own eyes and presented their own personal narrative. Now, for the first time, Joel Cohen is working without his brother Ethan, and he has made a completely personal film of this unique story. The story is familiar and slightly different from the original script, but Mr. Coen's film has a certain genius that can not be watched and enjoyed.

Here, too, can be found A24 Praised for their work; Because Joel Coen certainly could The presence of Denzel Washington in the lead role and Francis McDormand in the form of Lady Macbeth should be budgeted for, but in that case the effect was certainly not so radical and he might have had to comply with some specific rules of commercial cinema. This list gives Joel Cohen complete freedom of thought.

Joel Cohen deliberately did not want the audience to forget that he was dealing with a theatrical work while watching his film. It may be a little confusing to say this; Because we have generally seen and heard that films with concentrated theatrical aspects are not taken very seriously by critics. Whether we accept this statement or not, the filmmaker has deliberately tried to keep the audience constantly reminded of the source of the adaptation; Because it seems that any attempt to distract the audience from such a source of adaptation of celebrity work is extremely wrong. But there is one thing in between that reflects the same genius of the filmmaker. So that if you are reading a play after watching a movie, it is impossible to imagine the lighting of the different screens of the play in a way other than expressionist lighting. But that is not all; "Macbeth Tragedy" uses a kind of cinematic camera that makes the audience do not forget while watching those highly minimalist sets, which is a cinematic film by a great director. No more is expected of Joel Cohen. He is one of the creators of some of the best films we have seen in the last four decades.

But the strengths of "Macbeth Tragedy" do not end there. The film has two great actors in the form of its main characters. Denzel Washington plays Macbeth, and he has done well in a role that has disgraced many and determined their fate. Because of this good performance, his name is among the Oscar nominees. On the other hand, we have Francis McDormand in the role of Lady Macbeth. Lady Macbeth is one of those roles that every actress wishes to be in one day. This, given Lady Macbeth's long monologues, as well as the camera that constantly framed the actor's big picture, gave Francud McDormand more opportunity to show off. Joel Quett has presented us with one of the most memorable wizards in the history of cinema with this film.

Defeat Scotland. On his return from the battlefield, three wizards appear to him and promise him that he will soon become King of Scotland. The King of Scotland is waiting for him to celebrate his victory, but Macbeth has a different dream and wants to be the king of his country anyway

5. Zola Top 10 Independent Independent Films by A24 in 2021 from Worst to Best

  • Director: Yanica Bravo li>
  • Cast: Taylor Page, Nicholas Brown
  • Product: USA
  • IMDb Movie: 6.5 out of 10
  • Movie rating on Raton Tomitoz site: 88.

Ms. Yakinza Bravo so far Either he has only made short films or worked on television projects, and this is his only feature film. His experiences working with various groups outside of Hollywood cinema have enabled him to handle independent projects well and tell his own story in his own way. Since A24 was founded in New York and is primarily artistically dependent on New York cultural and artistic circles rather than Los Angeles cinema, it's a place for those like Ms. Bravo who are accustomed to these artistic circles. This is one of the reasons why they invest so much in anti-market cinema projects.

In recent years, more female filmmakers in the United States have been able to make films, and Fortunately, their situation in independent cinema is better than elsewhere; Where Hollywood works without the usual pressure and can show their genius and prove their values. After all, sometimes in Hollywood it does not matter what gender the filmmaker has or even what his thoughts are, and if a blackbuster is to be produced, the filmmaker, whoever he is, has to follow a set of pre-determined patterns. Because "Nomadland" wanted to follow her instincts with that feminine world, the result was a disappointing and failed film like "Eternals".

"Zola" is a comedy It is black that influences the internet, cyberspace and social networks in shaping our lives. Here we are faced with two women who go on a road trip to get some money without knowing each other well. These two adventures are going through and the filmmaker is taking this opportunity He uses it to look at the real America he knows and the problems that exist in it. Of course, he has been aware that he is dealing with a comedy work, so despite the crushing of his critics, he also makes his audience laugh and does not fall into the abyss of chanting until his work becomes a disposable film that wants to look important but is empty./p>

In fact, many of the concepts in the film are not new, and it can even be said that they have been addressed and scribbled many times, but "Zola" survives because of his filmmaking approach and, of course, the good story he tells. The American dream in Ms. Bravo's hands does not turn into an absolute American nightmare, but the filmmaker sets foot on a path that ends in the American nightmare. So in fact he is playing this way, just as the story of the film goes on a journey and allows the audience to imagine the end of the road.

The Sundance Film Festival kicked off in 2020 and opened in 2021 worldwide. The film is based on the 148 tweets from 2015 and has a real basis.

"Zola is a woman who works as a dancer and waitress in Detroit. He meets another woman named Stephanie, who claims that good money can be made in a certain part of Florida. The two immediately became friends and trusted each other and traveled to Florida together, but

6. Red Rocket Top 10 Independent Independent Films by A24 in 2021 from Worst to Best

  • Director: Sean Baker
  • Actors: Simon Rex, Barry Alrud
  • Product: USA
  • Site rating IMDb to Movie: 7.2 out of 10
  • Movie Ratings on Raton Tomitoz: 90%

Sean Baker at His short tenure in filmmaking has shown that he has a great deal of ability to deal with the problems of American adult life. The same movie "Red Rocket" and of course "the Florida project" (the florida project) show this claim. He represents a new voice in American independent cinema, a voice that has been heard for years and can be heard in the work of other filmmakers such as Nova Bomback or Richard Linklater. These filmmakers symbolize a kind of maturity and a desire to escape from a cinema that is more and more immersed in glamor and empty plays and forgets that its stories should be about human earthly feelings and not in the heart of empty and shallow myths. . The presence of filmmakers like Sean Baker shows that one can still hope for the emergence of independent voices in American cinema, and that several different films can be seen from the original each year.

The story of the film is about the life and problems of a man who At first glance, you can not accompany him in any way. For this reason, the audience and I first stand in the direction of the people of the city and understand them well. But Sean Baker has set himself a difficult test: he sets out with himself and his audience to advance the story in a way that makes the main character, the man, tangible and understandable at the end. Of course, the city of film is not one of those cities that will appeal to you. It is more useful for a person to escape from it at the first opportunity. His people are constantly wandering around, as if they are stumbling in a mire that has left them no way back, no way forward and nothing to do. "Red Rocket" is a movie that is fun and, of course, based on its character, which gets all its magic from the exact design of the character and the path he takes.

In such films, a wrong move or a design A mistake in the script or a wrong behavior of the actor causes everything to be lost; Neither the filmmaker can create the character as planned, nor can the audience accompany the film. So everything has to be in place. From this perspective, we are dealing with a first-rate film that not only tells an unusual story, but also has an ambitious design.

Simon Rex plays the main character in the story of "Red Rocket" " Is. Simon Rex has been able to both remove the pathetic aspects of the character and bring his charms to the screen. He plays a man who has been in front of the camera for years and has never been embarrassed and has reached a state of carelessness and learned to live in the moment, but apparently things are not always going to go that way. From this point of view, it is unfortunate for the members of the Academy why they did not choose him as one of the nominees for the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role.

It can be argued that "Red Rocket" is a more attractive character than the film "Power of the dog" has dealt with social crises better than "do not look up" and is a better romance than "licorice pizza", which All were built in 2021. So we have one of the best films of 2021, which is easily ignored by the Oscars.

"The story of the film is the life story of a man who used to be a star of adult films have been. He has now returned to the small town where he was born, but no one is willing to communicate with him and he is rejected on all sides

7. The Humans Top 10 Independent Independent Films by A24 in 2021 from Worst to Best

  • Director: Steven Cream
  • Actors: Amy Schumer, Steve Yeon, Richard Jenkins, Bini Feldastin and Jane Hoodischel
  • Product: USA
  • IMDb movie rating: 6.1 out of 10
  • Movie rating on Raton Tomitoz site: 92.

"Humans" is one of the great works of 2021, which unfortunately has been largely abandoned everywhere and could easily have been hailed as one of the best works of this year. In our country, which was not seen at all and was even less discussed among the critics. A first-rate film about a family in New York City during a move. The story of the film is so ingenious and the characters are so paid and the dialogues are so precise that it is not easy to understand this invisibility. One reason for this volume of inattention to this film does not come to the writer's mind anymore, and that goes back to the fact that the whole film takes place in a tightly closed location and the director shows the ups and downs of his drama without any effect and busy work. The term is not intended to impress the audience.

The story begins when a girl's family comes from a small town to a New York metropolitan area to move furniture to help her and her fianc. . Meanwhile, the girl's grandmother and her older sister, who herself lives in New York, are there. The confrontation of all these people causes the old wounds to be opened and, of course, the confrontation and difference of views between two different generations and two different cultures, one of which is related to a small city and the other is accustomed to a big city, is visible. The clash develops this view of drama so that eventually seemingly deeply connected families can come to an understanding of each other's problems and realize how far apart they are, and this is one of the greatest tragedies of modern human life.>

Where the movie "Humans" becomes scary is when each of these humans seems to be happier in the absence of the other and alone; This may be a horrible conclusion, but the director prefers not to ransom his audience; Because he knows full well that these different lifestyles and ignorance of each other and the excuse to stay away from each other are sometimes accompanied by such complex reasons that clarifying these reasons causes more distance and even long-term annoyance and anger.

Steven Cream uses a purely theatrical decor to accurately express these emotional contrasts that the characters face, emphasizing the presence of the roof and the cramped spaces so that the audience is well placed in that environment. Of course, he was aware that he was making a film, so he made good use of the possibilities provided by the camera and made a completely cinematic work that also makes good use of its theatrical roots; Because "Humans" is originally adapted from a play by Steven Karam himself. All are well represented in the form of their plans; In particular, Amy Schumer as the older sister, Richard Jenkins as the father, and Jane Hoodischel as the mother of the family have both elevated the warmth of the work and borne the emotional burden of the drama. In short, watching "Humans" is essential to understanding independent American cinema in 2021.

"A girl is moving into an apartment house in New York City. In this way, her fianc accompanies her. The father, mother, daughter's older sister and grandmother come to help the two with the furniture. The foundation of the house has not yet been reached by Babri Company and these people decide to use this opportunity and hold a small celebration for their health and that of their family. But each of them has a secret that does not want to be revealed, and it is possible to reveal all the secrets on this very night

8. Minari Top 10 Independent Independent Films by A24 in 2021 from Worst to Best

  • Director: Lee Isaac Chong
  • Actors: Steve Yeon, Han Yeri
  • Product: USA
  • IMDb site rating To the movie: 7.4 out of 10
  • Movie rating on the Raton Tomitoz site: 98.

Lee Isaac Chong Original He is from South Korea but was born in the United States. His work is very much inspired by his East Asian roots, and of course the culture of his native America has had a reciprocal effect. He is aware of this cultural duality and has made the film "Minari" based on the opposition of these two perspectives and two different cultures; An almost autobiographical work that deals with the lives of people from South Korea in the United States.

Over the years, South Korean cinema has greatly influenced Western culture, especially American culture. Movies like "Parasite" (parasite) or even a series like "squid game" (both in level and depth) have pointed to the destructive effects of this interest in the West, but now we can see the case and the story from the other side; From a family that has its roots in the Pacific but lives in a place where the birthplace is the same value and the same culture that is sometimes denounced in Korean films.

The issue becomes interesting when we know that films South Korean cinema mostly denounces Western consumerist culture, and less about the clash of traditions and modernization today. But Li Isaac Chong has dealt with just such a confrontation. In fact, the film "Minari" deals with the difficulties of taking root in a strange and different culture and life; How hard it is for people with different faces and lifestyles to be accepted into a new culture; Knowing that they will never be fully absorbed in this new culture and will always remain an outsider. Because in the end, this land of dreams does not destroy the family's hope and allows them to make dreams come true by working and working hard. A work about the realization of the American dream that can open its arms to anyone. So not all films that deal with two opposing perspectives always end in tragedy. Although sometimes it seems naive. The filmmaker is aware that such melodramas can easily slip into the abyss of intense sentimentality and bring tears to the eyes of the audience, but the filmmaker has put everything in his work sufficiently and allowed everything to go its normal course and state. Organic, it's as if he's not involved, and the story unfolds without prior coordination. At the Oscars, he also received several nominations, including a nomination for Best Picture.

"1983. Jacob and Monica are Korean-American parents who work in a hatchery. They move to a small town in Arkansas to run a large farm together. Many things happen to this family on this farm, and sometimes these events test their endurance. But they are determined to make their dreams come true

9. Souvenirs: Part 2 (The souvenir part two) Top 10 Independent Independent Films by A24 in 2021 from Worst to Best

  • Director: Joanna Hague
  • Actors: Tilda Swinton, Honor Swinton Berne
  • Product: US & UK
  • IMDb movie rating: 7.3 out of 10
  • Movie rating on Raton Tomitoz site: 91.

The summary of the first part of "Souvenir" in 2019 received a lot of attention, and its director Joanna Hague was able to make a name for herself. The success of that film eventually led the director to make the second part of the film. "Souvenir: Part II" begins where the first film ends. The main character, who had a bitter experience there, is now an adult and now wants to have a fresh start in his life. Inspired by the story of their relationship in the previous episode, Julia, the main character of the film, makes a short film to present it as a final exam. In fact, it seems that Ms. Hogg, the director of "Souvenirs: Part II," has made a film in which the character she is, in fact, is making a film about her falling in love at the age of 25.

Joanna Hague It maintains its character and does not include a story with a coherent plot throughout the drama. In fact, his character goes from one situation to another, and the filmmaker subtly transforms his process of change and maturity throughout this time. But all this does not mean that we are dealing with a perfect work that can turn into a brilliant film like the first part. The first is that this second part is not a completely self-sufficient work and is strongly dependent on the first part, and if anyone Has not seen well does not understand the events and the central character of one. Secondly, despite a lot of effort, the filmmaker has not been able to transfer that current warmth and emotion in the frames of the first film to this one, so this film stands far behind the previous one; But if you have the time and watch both films in a row, you will have a lot of fun and enjoyment.

"Julia is still mourning the loss of her love after her death. A filmmaking student, he tries to make a 25-minute film inspired by what has happened to him, so that he may be able to alleviate his grief. In the meantime, he leaves London and goes to his family and goes through new experiences, realizing that he is no longer the old man and has a new perspective on life

10. Saint Maud Top 10 Independent Independent Films by A24 in 2021 from Worst to Best

  • Director: Rose Glass
  • Cast: Morfid Clark, Jennifer L.
  • Product: UK
  • Site rating IMDb to movie: 6.7 out of 10
  • Movie rating on Raton Tomitoz site: 93.

This is the first movie Long Rose Glass is the director, which was made in 2019, but due to the outbreak of coronary heart disease, it was released in 2021. A work in the psychological horror genre that has received a great deal of attention and has been praised by critics around the world, and this has raised the expectations of the audience.

British horror cinema has a long history. Rose Glass is an English director who made her film in this country. There is a difference between British horror cinema and American horror cinema, which also stems from the different temperaments of the British. In British horror cinema, characters are especially important, and filmmakers focus more on them than their American counterparts. At the same time, one can clearly see the attention to the atmosphere and the environment in which the characters are located. In this cinema, there is mainly a background for the actions of people, which explains the behavior of the characters during the drama.

Rose Glass started her career with short and experimental films. In his short works, he focuses on the loneliness of human beings and their efforts to know themselves. Repressions, worries, and repressed desires were an integral part of those short films, and now Glass has incorporated them all into his first feature film. In such a context, it is natural that the film "Holy Media" is more of a psychological work that also has elements of horror cinema; Because, as the name implies, the filmmaker focuses on the mental state of the main character of the story. So when a horror film is highly praised by them, does it always cause the audience of the horror genre to worry that the film is not entirely related to the horror genre and has used the elements of horror cinema to achieve another goal? Unfortunately, "Holy Media" is such a work, and the filmmaker is more inclined to penetrate into his characters and, of course, use the elements of horror cinema to serve the stylistic elements of his work. In fact, what comes to the mind of an audience interested in horror cinema when they see the film "Holy Media" is a cold and deadly effect that has controlled violence.

But this does not mean that it is not possible to watch the film. enjoyed. You will definitely be disappointed if you choose to watch the all-terrifying horror film "Holy Media", but if you like to see a good movie that has tangible characters and is a bit scary, you will definitely enjoy watching it.

"Faithful and pious nursing tries to help its dying patients and bring them salvation. "He who works in a sanatorium is very sensitive to saving the souls of his patients until he gets sick and wants to save his soul anyway, but something terrible happens"

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