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Top 10 Horror Films Adapted from the Most Acclaimed Fantasy and Horror Writer Stories

Excluding Edgar Allan Poe, Howard Phillips Lovecraft is the Most Acclaimed Fantasy and Horror Writer with an undeniable influence on such great writers as Steven. "King", "Clive Barker" and "Ramsey Campbell". His works are epic, massive, and at the same time suffocating and suspenseful. Lovecraft stories quickly rose to prominence in the fictional literature, and he became the source of inspiration for tens and hundreds of leading writers.

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Pioneer and genius Writer Lovecraft is best known for creating the "mythical world of the cast", and Most of his stories are interrelated. In each of his stories, you will encounter many references to previous characters and events, and as you read each story, you will feel that humanity is one step closer to the end and there is nothing left until the world is conquered by the main negative characters of Lovecraft, the "transcendent ancient beings". With magnificent and ambitious illustrations and a different approach to horror, it is obvious that HP Lovecraft has a strong presence in the world of cinema and many films, directly or indirectly, from ideas and writings. And inspired. Of course, his unique and somewhat vague writing style has always been a problem for filmmakers, and there is still the idea that not all of Lovecraft's writing can be turned into a film. Lovecraft literature is mainly about the universe, cosmic terror, and powerful external forces that are sometimes not even easy to describe, let alone filmmaking seeks to portray them.

Cinema as a visual medium in the adaptation of Lovecraft It's a problem, but in recent decades, there have been bold directors who have tried to turn the author's stories into films. Some of the Films listed below, such as "Alien," are not based on a particular Lovecraft story, but are directly inspired by it to be a different experience for moviegoers.

10. Dagon

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>Horror</b> <b>Films</b> <b>Adapted</b> <b>from</b> the <b>Most</b> <b>Acclaimed</b> <b>Fantasy</b> and <b>Horror</b> <b>Writer</b> Stories

  • Publication year: 2001
  • Director: Stuart Gordon
  • Actors: Francisco Rabal, Macarena Gomez, Macarena Gomez, Brendan Price
  • IMDb users rating for movie: 6.2 out of 10
  • Raton Tomitoz rating for movie: 69 out of 100
from a love story. It is as believable and high quality as the wings of octopuses and other sea creatures. In this respect, Dagon is close to Lovecraft's descriptions of half-fish-half-humans. In A Shadow Over Insmouth, Lovecraft described these creatures as "shiny and slippery" with fish heads instead of human heads; These creatures are completely faithfully redesigned for the film.

Like the revivalist, Dagon insists on some unusual elements of the main story to make it more appealing to the audience; Like the unusual human relationship with the "deep-born," a strange idea that may not be suitable for all tastes.

Present in the short story, he is absent here. As mentioned above, the film's computer special effects were unsatisfactory at the time, and now they look even more cartoonish and weak, and the two main actors do not do very well, but Dagon is a film that Lovecraft fans should not miss.

9- The Haunted Palace

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>Horror</b> <b>Films</b> <b>Adapted</b> <b>from</b> the <b>Most</b> <b>Acclaimed</b> <b>Fantasy</b> and <b>Horror</b> <b>Writer</b> Stories

  • Release Year: 1963
  • Director: Roger Corman
  • Cast: Vincent Price, Debra Paget, Lan Cheney Jr., Elisha Cook Jr.
  • IMDb users rating for movie: 6.7 out of 10
  • 75 out of 100

Horror filmmaker Roger Corman in the 1960s once again made Edgar Allan Poe's writing world-famous; Based on the author's short stories, he made eight films, Most of which starred Vincent Price. Palace of Ghosts is one of those Films that was released in cinemas claiming to be "adapted from Alan Poe", but this film in It has nothing to do with Poe, and is a fairly faithful adaptation of HP Lovecraft's short novel The Case of Charles Dexter Ward. At the time, Corman decided to make a different film and distance himself from Alan Poe, but the producers changed his name to one of Poe's stories to falsely claim that he was a success, and falsely advertised it as an adaptation of the author. At first glance, the film's sensible is similar to Corman's other works (around Alan Poe) and includes similar elements: Vincent Price's familiar acting style, mansions on the verge of collapse, spider webs, torture chambers, and Gothic architecture. But if we take a closer look at the film, the Ghost Palace is undoubtedly Lovecraft.

In a coastal village near New England, there is a terrible secret: the villagers have been mutated by an unknown creature. Lovecraft's magic book, known as the Necronomicon, also plays a role in the story, and in Dexter Ward's dungeon you encounter familiar elements that are commonly found in Lovecraft's writings. He is familiar with Alan Poe and Lovecraft's story elements, but it is still an acceptable adaptation that has been able to show at least part of the author's style and context. The winner should be Charles Bimont's screenplay, which turns Lovecraft's ambitious ideas into a comprehensible Horror story. Demonstrates the power of screenwriting, and of course should not be overlooked by the good director Roger Corman, who is willing to give it a try and surprise the audience at times.

8. Castle Freak

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>Horror</b> <b>Films</b> <b>Adapted</b> <b>from</b> the <b>Most</b> <b>Acclaimed</b> <b>Fantasy</b> and <b>Horror</b> <b>Writer</b> Stories

  • Year of publication: <1995 director: stuart gordon actors: jeffrey combs, barbara crampton, jonathan fuller
  • IMDb users rate for movie: 5.9 out of 10
  • Raton Tomitoz rating for movie: 57 out of 100
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    Stuart Gordon's third film adaptation of Lovecraft, which is a different film than the previous two. The Strange Castle unfolds the adventures of the "Stranger" short story; The story was about a man who touches his reflection and realizes he is a monster. Gordon, of course, is not very faithful to this story and goes his own way.

    In fact, unlike the revivalist Films of Fraso, Gordon does not even mention that the strange castle is based on the writings of HP Lovecraft; The name of the film and its new story have almost no specific reference to this author. Gordon did not seem to know if he wanted to make another adaptation of Lovecraft or come up with a new idea, so he did both at the same time!

    A distinct difference between the film and Gordon's previous two works Putting aside the soft tone and eliminating the "slapstick" comedy. With this change of approach, the film happens to be closer to Lovecraft's writing style, which was a master of creating gloomy, dark spaces. They are caught in a personal hell. We have a drunken father who has an accident one night and causes the death of a little boy and the blindness of his daughter; He can not cope with this now. We have a mother who can not forgive her husband and with extreme love makes her daughter feel suffocated. The blind little girl in the story also has to listen to her parents' endless arguments in complete darkness. The worst situation is experienced by Giorgio, who has been imprisoned, beaten and turned into an inhuman being all his life in a cell.

    Strange is a tragic Lovecraft movie that exudes courage and is not afraid to drown the audience in its infinite darkness.

    7. The Evil Dead

    BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>Horror</b> <b>Films</b> <b>Adapted</b> <b>from</b> the <b>Most</b> <b>Acclaimed</b> <b>Fantasy</b> and <b>Horror</b> <b>Writer</b> Stories

    • Year of Publication: 1981
    • Director: Sam Remy
    • Actors: Bruce Campbell, Ellen Sandwiches, Betsy Baker, Magda Konopka
    • IMDb User Rating To the movie: 7.4 out of 10
    • Raton Tomitoz rating to the movie: 95 out of 100

    The evil dead in Iran is also known as the "House of Horrors", it's apparently nothing to do with Lovecraft, and even if we use their names in one sentence, it seems strange, but in any case, this production by Sam Remy is one of the pinnacles of Lovecraft cinema. set. The Evil Dead is perhaps the first film to combine contemporary visceral Horror style with Lovecraft's writing, which is of excellent quality and equates with ancient texts. It is more than a reference to an imaginary magic book. Indeed The subgenre "Cottage in the Jungle" to which this film belongs is born from the fantasies of HP Lovecraft. Lovecraft, a short story published in 1920 by The Picture in the House, was a kind of prediction of the future and had the same structure that was later used in the jungle cottage subgenre in the late 1970s. . Apart from annoying teenagers and second-rate actors, the indoor photo has other signatures of this subgenre: an old hut deep in the woods, strange and scary furniture, corpses and cannibalistic creatures.

    This idea is the story of the evil dead. That an ancient evil force has returned to reclaim what it once owned is reminiscent of the tales of the mythical world. HP Lovecraft has used this idea many times, and the way Sam Remy demonstrates it is close to that of the author. Another similarity of the film is the force that is present in the forests and its existence is felt but we never see it; Lovecraft also used this structure in his writings to allow readers to dream.

    Dealing with these indescribable evil forces is undoubtedly costly for individuals and they must pay the price. Like the characters created by Lovecraft, wicked dead people go to the brink of insanity because they have seen things that no human being should see. Sam Remy has managed to convey this sense of madness to the audience as well, so that the Evil Dead can be placed next to Lovecraft's best stories, even though it is not a direct adaptation of any of his writings.

    6- from Fraso (From Beyond)

    BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>Horror</b> <b>Films</b> <b>Adapted</b> <b>from</b> the <b>Most</b> <b>Acclaimed</b> <b>Fantasy</b> and <b>Horror</b> <b>Writer</b> Stories

    • Release Year: 1986
    • Director: Stuart Gordon
    • Actors: Jeffrey Combs, Barbara Crampton, Ted Searle , Ken Urgent
    • IMDb users rating for movie: 6.7 out of 10
    • Raton Tomitoz rating for movie: 78 out of 78 100

    The return of the revival filmmaker (Gordon as director, Brian Yuzna as producer and Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton as actor) promised a compelling Lovecraft affair, and the film's fans Did not disappoint. Beyond is another unique, sentimental adaptation of HP Lovecraft that proves that revival success was not accidental. Lovecraft's exaggerated thrills, which are evident in some of his works, have been translated into cinematic language in the 1980s, thanks to Gordon's skills. AD and, like Dagon, is close to the author's descriptions. In the film, you are confronted with a variety of extraterrestrial beings as if they came from another world, and you wonder what difficulties the creators have endured to design them. What effect does meeting these beings, who come from another world, have on the human psyche, and how does it bring them to the brink of extinction? Since we are dealing with a movie from the 80's, it is obvious that the characters' madness is not easy; Their variations are presented in an extreme and morbid way to impress the audience.

    Jeffrey Combs has become a zombie that eats human brains and a strange cone protrudes from his head. Barbara Crampton also transforms from an ordinary doctor into a psychic whose screams you will not forget in the final episodes. The film also uses purple and pink colors and lighting to create illusory and extraterrestrial spaces.

    5- The Thing

    BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>Horror</b> <b>Films</b> <b>Adapted</b> <b>from</b> the <b>Most</b> <b>Acclaimed</b> <b>Fantasy</b> and <b>Horror</b> <b>Writer</b> Stories

    • Year of release: 1982
    • Director:
    • Cast: Kurt Russell, Wilford Brimley, TK Carter, Keith David
    • IMDb users rating:/8.2 out of 10
    • Raton Tomitoz's rating for the film: 83 out of 100

    Available despite an adaptation of the short novel "Who goes there?" By John W. "Campbell" and has a look at "Something from Another World" by Christine Naibey, but John Carpenter was also inspired by HP Lovecraft. The overall idea of the film bears many similarities to the novel "In the Mountains of Madness", both of which deal with an evil species of space creatures emerging from under the Antarctic ice and facing the main characters of the story.

    This apocalyptic idea takes on a different hue when it comes in a smaller format, and we join a research team that has to face something in remote areas. They have no idea how to defeat it and gradually, they can not even trust each other. Paranoia has been one of Lovecraft's themes, and in his novels we sometimes encounter harmless and even positive characters who are in fact allies of evil beings.

    Lovecraft's closest story to existence is perhaps "whisper. In the dark "where it is revealed that the narrator's close friend is a supporter of space creatures. The original design of the film, which can be deformed and can not be trapped, is also lovely. Another similarity of the film with the works of this author should be considered the vague end that the viewer is not sure whether the characters are safe or not.

    4- In the Mouth of Madness

    BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>Horror</b> <b>Films</b> <b>Adapted</b> <b>from</b> the <b>Most</b> <b>Acclaimed</b> <b>Fantasy</b> and <b>Horror</b> <b>Writer</b> Stories

    • Release year: 1994
    • Director: John Carpenter
    • Actors: Sam Neal, Jrgen Prosheno, David Warner, John Glover, Charlton Heston
    • IMDb users rating for movie: 7.1 out of 10
    • Raton Tomitoz rating for movie: 57 out of 100

    One of the lesser-known Horror Films of the 1990s, in which John Carpenter invites you to experience a true Lovecraft nightmare. In Com Madness is one of the few works that has succeeded in bringing the incomprehensible and indescribable fears of HP Lovecraft to the world of cinema. The apocalyptic atmosphere of the film is so precise that when you watch it, you get the feeling that the transcendent aliens have come to earth and used the carpenter to take on a physical form.

    As expected, here too with a We are confronted with a narrator who recounts unspeakable fears, fears that have driven him to the brink of insanity. The film begins with strange events and is like a suspenseful dream, but then turns into an inevitable nightmare in which even reading a book can lead to the destruction of the world. New England); Where monster-like sects are hiding, the door opens to another world, and demons are secretly plotting to return to Earth and rule over humanity. To complicate the film, Carpenter combines dreams and reality with truth and myth to further astonish the audience. Who is sitting in a movie theater watching a movie in a frenzy; It is at this point that the real world falls and the world, as we know it, ends to begin the reign of the ancient transcendent protagonists.

    • 10 landmark Horror Films that revolutionized the genre li>

    3- (Re-Animator)

    BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>Horror</b> <b>Films</b> <b>Adapted</b> <b>from</b> the <b>Most</b> <b>Acclaimed</b> <b>Fantasy</b> and <b>Horror</b> <b>Writer</b> Stories

    • Release year: 1985
    • Director: Stuart Gordon
    • Actors : Jeffrey Combs, Bruce Abbott, Barbara Crampton, David Gill
    • IMDb users rating for movie: 7.2 out of 10
    • strong Raton Tomitoz's score for the film: 94 out of 100

    Herbert West: The Revival is perhaps the Most unusual writing by HP Lovecraft, and can be considered a compilation of popular English tales of the century. Nineteen (Penny Dreadwell) and science fiction about crazy scientists. This story is not in any way in line with Lovecraft's other writings (more precisely, Cosmic Horror) and approaches Horror from a different perspective, and that is exactly why its cinematic version became a good adaptation.

    Horrorgenres. Thanks to the idea of resurrecting corpses and bringing them back fromthe underworld, the film has literally become a zombie-centric work. In addition, Gordon's take on Lovecraft is innovative and differs fromall previous adaptations. He goes through the 80's to stand next to the evil dead and the "return of the living dead". Of course, the film not only follows in the footsteps of these works, but also surpasses them because the level of violence and unusual sequences is so high that it creates a special kind of humor. The reviver for the unusual sequences first received an "X" rating (the highest rating in the former American Animation Association rating system) and was eventually adjusted to remove some scenes, with The "adult" age rating (R) was made available.

    The revivalist satire stems from Herbert West's trial and error, which seeks to bring the dead back, and his efforts end in ridiculous and insane events each time. Thanks to the good play of Jeffrey Combs, we understand Herbert's arrogance and soon realize that he is a genius and determined but doomed to failure.

    The resurrection short story was not very popular. And this film does not follow Lovecraft, but the signs and signatures of this author can still be seen in the work; from the all-encompassing madness of the main character and the locations (Arkham) to the morbid humor that exists in it.

    2- Alien

    BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>Horror</b> <b>Films</b> <b>Adapted</b> <b>from</b> the <b>Most</b> <b>Acclaimed</b> <b>Fantasy</b> and <b>Horror</b> <b>Writer</b> Stories

    • Year of release: 1979
    • Director: Ridley Scott
    • Cast: Sigourney Weaver, Tom Skright, John Hurt, Ian Holm
    • IMDb users rating for movie: > 8.5 out of 10
    • Raton Tomitoz Score: 98 out of 100

    Alien Although not an adaptation of HP Lovecraft But it is one of the Most beloved Films in history. On the surface, the film is a sci-fi thriller like "Something from Another World," but at the heart of the story is a vast mythological world that is only mentioned. This world, the vastness of which does not allow the film to cover all its parts, is exactly in line with myths; A fictional world with rare details that Lovecraft never fully explained but is vividly present in all of his writings. . Like mythology, these dimensions of the film are vaguely presented, exciting the audience and asking many questions but not answering. But it can not be denied that it evokes the audience's dreams and generates hundreds of theories. More than 30 years later, Ridley Scott returned to Prometheus to explore the roots of this mythical world, which is an astonishing event.

    It is in the mountains of madness, where explorers encounter the abandoned ruins of a lost alien race. Thanks to the surreal artist's extraordinary designs, "H.R. Geiger, these moments are visually similar to Lovecraft's descriptions. After reading the writings of this author, it is pleasant to watch this movie again with a fresh look.

    1- The Call of Cthulhu

    BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>Horror</b> <b>Films</b> <b>Adapted</b> <b>from</b> the <b>Most</b> <b>Acclaimed</b> <b>Fantasy</b> and <b>Horror</b> <b>Writer</b> Stories

    • Year of publication: 2005
    • Director: Andrew Lehman
    • Actors: Matt Foyer, John Bollen, Ralph Lucas, Barry Lynch
    • User Rating IMDb to movie: 7.2 out of 10
    • Raton Tomitoz rating to movie: 100 out of 100

    Summon one It is a modern adaptation made in the style of silent Films of the 20s. All cinematic adaptations of HP Lovecraft are unusual, but this one by Andrew Lehmann shows a new level of strangeness and is perhaps the Most faithful adaptation possible. Unlike other films, the summons in relation to the original source does justice; It also does not want to add anything to the story or deviate from the structure designed by the author. While other adaptations with special effects, color, refresh, and sound try to bring Lovecraft's writing to life, Summon summaries all the focus on what matters most: the story. Summon Summaries Detailed abstracts It is from the main story and tells its story through photos, actors' facial expressions and texts. Silent Films are inherently unusual, which is why they respond well to Lovecraft writing. The unpleasant feelings in the story are also enhanced by the unusual camera angles, the design of the space creatures and the spaces inspired by German Expressionism, so that the suspension reaches its peak.

    There is also a monster in the film. Which is made as a stop-motion and because it has abnormal movements, it has given a new meaning to the dreamy atmosphere. Summoning may not be the best movie on this list, but it is the Most popular.

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