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Top 10 films whose story is an imitation of the lives of their actors

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>films</b> <b>whose</b> <b>story</b> is an <b>imitation</b> of the <b>lives</b> of <b>their</b> actors

Sometimes the actors appear on the screen in the form of roles that are so similar to their real life that they practically do not need to try to get close and understand the character, and the directors. With this awareness, they approach the role with the life of the actor. The result of such a decision will be that the character will come to life in such a way that no other actor can be imagined in his form. This list includes 10 films in which the actors have acted in roles similar to their real lives.

There are many actors in the history of cinema who try to integrate with the role; actors like followers of the Methodist school who, like Daniel DeLouis, try to think and act like characters in life. The result of their presence on the screen is brilliant, but sometimes it is not necessary to achieve a brilliant result. It is at this point that the act of choosing an actor becomes important. Sometimes, if the director is right, he will find actors who do not need to knock on every door to get the right role; Because that role is similar to theirs.

In such a situation, the character on the paper will sit on the actor's body like a garment sewn exactly for a certain person, and he will continue to shine on the screen as the audience Can not imagine a better game than that actor. Of course, this type of actor selection has another advantage; Because the warmth it gives to the story is like defining the warmth of a personal story, with the same amount of intimacy and the same amount of honesty. So the audience easily communicates with what they see and finally leaves the cinema with satisfaction.

1. Betty Davis In All About Eve

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>films</b> <b>whose</b> <b>story</b> is an <b>imitation</b> of the <b>lives</b> of <b>their</b> actors

  • Director: Joseph L. Menkiewicz
  • Other Actors: An Baxter, George Saunders
  • Product: 1950, USA
  • li>
  • IMDb movie rating: 8.2 out of 10
  • Raton Tomitoz movie rating: 99.

Many name Betty Davis, along with people like Ingrid Bergman, as the best actress in the history of cinema. An actor who has all sorts of roles in his repertoire and shone so brightly in all of them that he became a unique star in the time of American classic cinema. Earlier than her peers, she appreciated complex roles and older, older women, and instead of insisting on playing young girls, she became a character actor capable of acting in any role.>

The story of the film revolves around the life of a prominent actor named Margo Channing on Broadway, who, with the entry of a person into his life, everything falls apart. The woman named Eve is fascinated by Margo Channing, and for this reason she seems very convincing and harmless at first.

Betty Davis plays Margo. A theater star who has many fans. One of them admires him the most. The woman slowly makes her way into her circle of friends until she eventually becomes Margo's rival. Margo has the character of a star. He is a full-fledged professional and enjoys acting, but Eve is not and she wants to reach the pinnacle of success as soon as possible. The difference between the two characters and the difference in their view of acting, and ultimately the difference in their way of life, drives the drama forward.

The other actors in the film are all great in their roles. George Sanders, Thelma Ritter, Celeste Holm, Hugh Marlowe and Marilyn Monroe in one of his first roles. Many of them were nominated for an Academy Award for the same film (All About Eve was nominated for a total of 14 Academy Awards), a record that only Titanic and La La Land could match./p>

It is not unreasonable to call Anx Baxter as Yves and Betty Davis as Margo the best play of both. Especially about Betty Davis, who has such a brilliant game in her record that it makes such a judgment difficult. In the film All About Eve, she was able to portray both the strengths and weaknesses of a successful woman. This movement between two different spectrums of a character and their perfect performance makes such a difficult judgment.

Apart from all this, the story of the film also refers to the change of generations; That the previous generation should finally give way to the next generation and accept that its era is over, but its credibility depends on its behavior. Although the filmmaker openly takes the side of the old actor and questions the position of the newer actor, there is no denying that such a view is underlined in the text.

Is. He slowly approaches her. At first, he was just a stubborn fan who made his way into a star's circle of friends. He then works as Margo's secretary and gradually learns the art of acting under her supervision That it becomes a rival for him, but

2. Woody Allen in Annie Hall

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>films</b> <b>whose</b> <b>story</b> is an <b>imitation</b> of the <b>lives</b> of <b>their</b> actors

  • Director: > Woody Allen
  • Other Actors: Diane Keaton, Carol Kane and Shelley Duvall
  • Product: 1977, USA
  • >
  • IMDb to movie rating: 8 out of 10
  • Movie rating on Raton Tomitoz: 96.

Many believe that Woody Allen is the most important comedian in cinema after the decline of classical cinema. Most people know comedy cinema by the presence of one or more comedians on the big screen, and they see laughter and humor as the result of comedians' humor and not under the influence of a screenwriter's screenplay or the brilliant decoupage and mezzanine of a filmmaker.>

Of course, comedy based on historical comedy has a long history in cinema and its roots can be traced back to people like Max Lander and later Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton in the silent period to Jim Carrey in the present era, but in There have been many films that have given up this reliance and smiled or even laughed at their audiences by creating different situations or creating exaggerated situations in the critique of a phenomenon; People like Billy Wilder are one of those filmmakers with that ability to make comedic yet bitter films. He was able to reconcile these two forms of satire so much that he turned both into the identity of his work that no one before him or after him could achieve such a position. One of the manifestations of these abilities lies in his great power in his spirit of criticism. Woody Allen recklessly criticizes himself; What a critique of his appearance, his stature, his stature, his physique, and his critique of his thoughts and feelings.

Annie Hall's film is also based on her experiences of her emotional life. The complexities of emotional life and the inability to understand each other in a relationship are the starting point of the story and, of course, its central theme. This is Woody Allen himself. With the same mental and emotional conflicts he has gone through in his private life; By covering and depicting moments from your personal life. He easily breaks the fourth curtain and turns to the audience to talk about his life and ideas and recklessly criticizes the rules of life.

Which made him the most important American comedian of the last five decades. An intellectual director with a spirit of New York native culture who sees life as a bitter phenomenon and tries to look at it with a sarcastic look. . First, when Woody Allen talks about his beliefs about the relationship between a man and a woman, or where he starts talking in front of the camera in a movie theater. The final sequence of the film and the presence of Diane Keaton and Woody Allen in the cafe is also one of the most regrettable romantic sequences in the history of cinema.

Woody Allen won the Academy Award for Best Director for this film. Annie Hall became the best film of the year, and of course Diane Keaton won the Academy Award for Best Actress.

"Plum Singer is a comedian living in New York. Through his friend, he meets and falls in love with a girl named Annie, but their love affair breaks down due to plum obsessions. Annie moves from New York to Los Angeles and begins a new relationship with a filmmaker. Meanwhile, Alvi travels to Los Angeles to convince him and bring him back

3. Lamberto Majorini in Bicycle Thieves

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>films</b> <b>whose</b> <b>story</b> is an <b>imitation</b> of the <b>lives</b> of <b>their</b> actors

  • Director: > Vittorio de Sica
  • Other actors: Enzo Staiola, Lianella Carl
  • Product: 1948, Italy
  • IMDb movie rating: 8.3 out of 10
  • Movie rating on Raton Tomitoz: 99.

In the 1940s, with the outbreak of World War II and its aftermath, Italy was going through a difficult period. During this period, a new style of filmmaking emerged, one of the characteristics of which was the use of non-actors in the form of film characters. Italian filmmakers working in this way worked in search of ordinary people to look at the role of the Kurds. Years have passed since then and we know this method of filmmaking as neorealism.

The movie Bicycle Thieves is one of the most popular films of this school of filmmaking. Many of the actors are people who lived and worked in the vicinity of the filming location. The film's story is about the journey of an odyssey of a devastated father and son in the heart of Italy who spend a day together to find a stolen bicycle. They knock on every door, but find the thief, and the filmmaker, along with this difficult journey, gives an accurate picture of people's lives. Italy presents.

Lamberto Magurini, the protagonist of the film, was one of the poor people in the area. A man who had a difficult life, therefore, could play well the life of the character in which he was placed; All he needed to do was be himself and let the director do whatever he wanted. Combining her with that playful child in the film, she forms one of the best acting couples in the history of cinema. . A film that can be used in academic studies to examine a historical moment in the life of the people of a country; Because the spirit of life at that historical moment is present in all the frames of the film. At a time when the economic crisis had put so much pressure on people's throats that finding a way to escape death and hunger was a heroic battle. Bicycle thieves have directly or indirectly influenced all the films that deal with the life of the lower classes. Although De Sica was a professional actor, his use of non-actors remained brilliant and irreplaceable. The Bicycle Thieves is the most famous Italian film and neorealist movement in the world.

The Bicycle Thief is one of the most important films in the history of Italian cinema and tells a story that can take place anywhere; That's why, after all these years, it is still alive and well, and it can still be seen and deeply understood. p>

A father needs to buy a bicycle to get a low-paying job. He and his wife pledge their belongings to raise money to buy a bicycle. But on the very first day, his bicycle is stolen and his search for the bicycle begins in front of his son's eyes

4. Michael Keaton in Birdman

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>films</b> <b>whose</b> <b>story</b> is an <b>imitation</b> of the <b>lives</b> of <b>their</b> actors

  • Director: Alejandro Gonzalez Inarito
  • Other Actors: Zack Galifianakis, Edward Norton and Emma Stone
  • Product: 2014, USA
  • IMDb movie rating: 7.7 out of 10
  • Movie rating on Raton Tomitoz site: 91.

The casting of Bradman's film is unique because the film's story seems to be based on the personal life of Michael Keaton. He once played the role of Batman and was at the height of his fame. At that time, in the 1980s and early nineties, this fame had made him sit at the Top and his image could be seen everywhere. Until years later, his fortune star declined and he became an actor who was sometimes seen in roles here and there. All of this is exactly what is happening to the protagonist of Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu's film, Bradman.

He is a former actor. He has appeared on the screen as a superhero character and has climbed the peaks of success one by one. Many years have passed since then and he is no longer an actor. Now he is trying to gain another identity by shining in the field of theater and stage, while he still feels the heavy shadow of those golden days on his life.

This shadow Heavy has made him practically live in constant anxiety. The visual manifestation of this constant anxiety in the form of the same famous role of the superhero constantly speaks to him. Although this character from his old films is only present in his mind, he has taken over so much of his life and influenced his decisions so much that the filmmaker has given it an objective effect. The movement between this mental and objective space is one of the main strengths of Bradman's film.

On the other hand, the way all those involved in the film work is unique. Inarito knows what he wants and Michael Keaton is enough to be himself. In such a frame, what puts the film in such a position is that everything is put together in a precise way. To occur. We all know that this is not the case in practice, and with the help of special effects, things have happened that create the illusion of making the whole film in one shot. The brilliant work of Emmanuel Lubezki as the cinematographer of the work is not ineffective in creating this illusion. It presents the stars of cinema and also examines why a person appears and falls in his personal life and, of course, his profession. Inarito's portrayal of the brutality of the film industry, though bitter, has led to one of the best films in American cinema in the last 10 years. Bradman won the Academy Award for Best Picture and Best Picture. Directed the same year. Michael Keaton is also nominated for an award The Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role. he does. The actor slowly feels that he has the supernatural powers of this creature, but

5. Peter Fonda in Easy Rider

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>films</b> <b>whose</b> <b>story</b> is an <b>imitation</b> of the <b>lives</b> of <b>their</b> actors

  • Director: > Dennis Hopper
  • Other Actors: Jack Nicholson, Dennis Hopper
  • Product: 1969, USA
  • IMDb movie rating: .3 out of 10
  • Movie rating on Raton Tomitoz: 83.

Easy Rider with Bonnie and Clyde, directed by Arthur Penn, and The Graduate, directed by Mike Nichols, marks the beginning of an era that divided the history of cinema into before and after, and a new world. New created in American cinema. The era when American cinema peeled off and was influenced by European art cinema, as well as the various events that took place in this country over the past decade, and these events slowly opened the way to the text of cinema and showed a different image of American society. Easy Rider is a tradition-breaking work in all its aspects; Whether in the production stage, in execution or in terms of content. This apparent contradiction between escaping past structures and free thought with traditionalism and living the old-fashioned way has been Dennis Hopper's starting point in designing and making Easy Rider's own film. And it was in the seventies that he became interested in the life of hippies and introduced the same themes in the story of his film and praised it. In this way, people with similar thoughts were with him; People like Jack Nicholson and Peter Fonda. Peter Fonda's lifestyle is very similar to the one portrayed in the film; Peter Fonda lived a free life in the 1960s and, in addition to using drugs, traveled with symbols of the New World, such as members of the Beatles.

Come on, we're having fun, but watching a movie that immediately shows a part of the time spent depicting that time in great detail is another pleasure. Easy Rider is such a film, and watching it can be as effective as reading a history book to understand a moment in time and lifestyle in America in the late 1960s.

Peter Fonda is the son of Henry Fonda, a legendary and great star in the history of cinema. His father was one of the symbols of the old cinema and one of the men who kept the order of the past. But his son distanced himself from that lifestyle, and even during his career he made a film like The Hired Hand, which was a tradition-breaking Western, and his protagonist had an astronomical distance from what his father presented in the cinema. In such a context, his role in Easy Rider was not in the role of a fictional character and penetrating into it and discovering its unique features, but in fact it was a continuation of the same daily life in front of Dennis Hopper's camera.

"Two motorcyclists with Bailey's letters And the Wyats live their lives in a way that is completely free and free from bondage. "After a cocaine deal and putting money in the tank of their motorbike, they hit the heart of the desert and hit the roads with their motorbikes."

6. Adam Sandler in Funny People

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>films</b> <b>whose</b> <b>story</b> is an <b>imitation</b> of the <b>lives</b> of <b>their</b> actors

  • Director: > Judd Aptau
  • Other Actors: Seth Rogen, Leslie Me and Jonah Hill
  • Product: 2009, USA
  • IMDb movie rating: 6.3 out of 10
  • Raton Tomitoz movie rating: 69.

We all know that Adam Sandler was once a successful stand-up comedian in America. His plays were well received by the people and his fame was increasing day by day. So, playing the role of a person who lives in this way and is also a successful and famous person, is in fact playing the role of a person like himself. Adam Sandler has been known for many years for repeating his acting style in comedy films. In comedy films, he always repeats himself and therefore never goes beyond a certain level. For this reason, unlike the general public, it is not popular among cinema critics. Of course, this was somewhat moderated by his brilliant performance as a Jewish man in the movie Uncut Gems. But it should be noted that this shine on him It was a serious, tragic film, not a comedy.

What sets Adam Sandler in the film Funny People different from his other works is the closeness of the role to his own life. For this reason, his acting is more appealing than any of his other comedy films and takes us with him. It is in this context that a successful director like Jad Aptau rushes to his aid. The filmmaker's view of comedy cinema and the genre is markedly different from that of his other American colleagues. In his works, there is always a human view of life and the serious concerns of the characters are always a priority. In fact, to achieve a comic and funny situation, Jad Aptau does not seek to create a fantasy, abstract space away from the everyday realities of life, but tries to draw laughter from the heart of these simple everyday life.

On the other hand. There are traces of black comedy in his works. His characters are always faced with a bitter situation. Situations that may arise for anyone. What transforms these people and gives them a different perspective on life is the passage through the fire of this bitter bitterness. In this movie, the main character is aware that he will die in less than a year. This makes him look at life with a new perspective. But interestingly, both Adam Sandler and Judd Aptau manage to pull out of this bitter, first-rate comedy situation.

Adam Sandler's career has seen many ups and downs throughout his career. Of course, it can be said that most of his career as an actor has been on an artistic slope. But if we are to name one of the bright spots of his career, this is the film of funny people in the form of a role close to his life. Of course, he also has good colleagues in this way. Seth Rogen's role alongside him is the best in the career of this not-so-talented actor, and of course Jonah Hill has done well despite his short presence.

"George Simmons is a successful stand-up comedian. Who realizes he will die in less than a year due to a rare illness. He meets a young rookie named Ira who tries to get somewhere in solo comedy but has not been successful so far. George allows Ira to inaugurate his performances and also helps him improve his work style and become a better comedian. In this way, the two become best friends. As Ira ascends the ladder of success one by one, George realizes that

7. Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>films</b> <b>whose</b> <b>story</b> is an <b>imitation</b> of the <b>lives</b> of <b>their</b> actors

  • Director:
  • Other Actors: Robin Williams, Ben Affleck
  • Product: 1997, USA
  • IMDb site rating for movie: 8.3 out of 10
  • Movie rating for Raton Tomitoz site: 98%

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck climbed the ladder of success overnight with the release and release of The Good Will Hunting, and quickly became well-known figures in the film industry; It is at the peak of youth. In fact, Will Hunting's compact independent film made them both actors and screenwriters, and introduced director Gus Van Sant to the world of cinema. From then on, all three of them became prestigious names in the field of cinema and reached the position of a star in their field of activity. Ben Affleck excelled in both acting and directing, Matt Damon became a credible actor for great directors, and Gus Van Sant became a weightlifter in American independent cinema.

The story of Will Hunting wrote Well by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon is very famous in the world of cinema. The resemblance between Mate Damon and Will Hunting lies in their simple lives with friends in the Boston area. (One of Ben Affleck's friends who plays a role similar to his own in the film) Matt Damon has used his lifestyle and experiences to design and build this character.

The story revolves around where he lives. Screenwriters pass. Matt Damon, who was himself a student at Harvard University, took the story to MIT and put a woman in the story who becomes his favorite character. The girl's character and Will Hunting's relationship with her are inspired by Matt Damon's real relationship with a girl in her senior year of college. The character's personal life is something like Matt Damon's life. Matt Damon's parents divorced when he was two years old, and he is virtually deprived of a normal life. Is. So when we see such a thing in the character of Will Hunting, we should be aware that the actor of that character, Matt Damon, is actually performing his personal experiences. He becomes a talent that is destroying and wasting his life. He does not appreciate his talent and complains about the world and man. Imagines in the world to He has not received his right, but he does not realize that he must take his right. That's why he suffers from a pent-up anger that may erupt at any moment. In this way, an old man stands in front of him. A man like a mentor who teaches him how to live well and makes him reconcile with himself and those around him.

The acting is great. Matt Damon has done well and Robin Williams is brilliant. Directed by Gus Van Sant, it's great, and it sits like the heartfelt content of the film. Van Saint did not try to show himself anywhere and only thought of defining the story as well as possible. All of these factors made Will Hunting's film shine that year and he was nominated for seven Academy Awards. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, and Robin Williams won the Golden Statuette for Best Supporting Actor.

"A young man named Will Hunting at MIT Works as an employee. He has a brilliant talent in mathematics, but because of his lack of self-confidence, he has hidden this talent from others. One of the university professors raises difficult issues on the university board for his students to solve. But each time it is Will Hunting who secretly solves them. The professor, realizing that none of the students, such as the genius, are capable of solving these problems, searches for this mysterious person until </</p>

8. But Stone in La La Land

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>films</b> <b>whose</b> <b>story</b> is an <b>imitation</b> of the <b>lives</b> of <b>their</b> actors

  • Director:
  • Other Actors: Ryan Gosling, JK Simmons
  • Product: 2016, USA
  • IMDb to movie rating: 8 out of 10
  • Movie rating on Raton Tomitoz site: 91.

The story of Emma Stone's life and her successes is a strange one. When he was only fifteen years old, he moved with his mother to an apartment in Los Angeles to become an actor anyway. "I signed up to audition for all of Disney's young girl roles and I was always there," she says. I also appeared on the stage of every sitcom starring a young girl to try my luck, but in the end I had no success and no one was willing to give me a role. During this time, she developed her acting skills through online classes, as well as working part-time in a bakery.

These are exactly what Mia, her character in La La Land with They are struggling. A girl who, despite trying to get a role in a performance, never succeeds and therefore works in a coffee shop instead of shining on the stage or on a TV screen or screen. Mia dropped out of law school because she thought she would succeed in acting, which made her feel more pressured by life. Because if he does not succeed, his life will be wasted.

All these features have made Emma Stone play the role well. His interest in Hollywood classical musical cinema is not ineffective in creating these successes; Because here, too, we are faced with a film belonging to the same genre. This is where the director's foot is drawn in the middle of his brilliance on the screen. Damon Chassell is a meticulous director of dance and music; For this reason, he was able to direct a musical well.

Damon Chassell is the youngest director to win the Academy Award for Best Director in the history of cinema. He made a name for himself with the film Whiplash and with La La Land he managed to bring many eyes back to him. The common denominator of both films is the importance of music in them. In La La Land we are dealing with a musical film and in Whiplash we are dealing with a character who is trying to succeed in the field of music. Of course, in terms of content, both films focus on the concept of striving for success and the price to be paid in this way. La La Land was able to shine that year and won the Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role at Emma Stone. Meanwhile, this successful work by Damon Chassell blew new blood into the veins of the dying musical genre and again took the audience into their pockets to watch a film of this genre.

"A young actress named Mia is trying. To succeed as soon as possible. Despite his constant presence in acting tests, he fails to play any role and that is why he works in a coffee shop. He meets a pianist named Sebastian. Sebastian aspires to open his own personal club. The collision of the two leads to an ideal love, but there are serious challenges in the path of their love

9. Sylvester Stallone in Rocky

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>films</b> <b>whose</b> <b>story</b> is an <b>imitation</b> of the <b>lives</b> of <b>their</b> actors

  • Director: John Jay Avilsen
  • Other Actors: Taliya Shire, Brett Young
  • Product: 1976 USA
  • IMDb movie rating: 8.1 out of 10
  • Movie rating on Raton Tomitoz: 91.

In the early 1970s, Sylvester Stallone, who was not in the mood to make his way into the film industry, wrote a screenplay that became Rocky. The story was about a boxer who, instead of trying to succeed, lost his whole life and was a complete loser. Eventually the power of love, as well as a great deal of luck, came to him and pulled him out of a deep swamp and to the heights of success. In fact, the story is about the importance of effort and perseverance and is supposed to lead the audience to the conclusion that one can always hope and only strive to achieve happiness. However, all these successes are the result of pure luck, and not everyone can suddenly face an important position like the main character, it does not matter at all.

In fact, Rocky is one of those classic American stories. Is. The film clearly sells the dream and the audience shakes hands with the protagonist and forgets his misfortunes for a few hours and leaves the cinema with this dream that one day it may be his turn. Although the film's story is about a boxer, Sylvester Stallone wrote it based on the paddles and problems he dealt with. And of course, since no one wants to see a film about a writer's problems and his quest for success, replacing a writer's role with a boxer seems not only wrong, but wise.

A battle is about to break out. The main character in the ring is going to face someone who is a world champion, while he is just an amateur boxer. It will certainly be an inequality battle, but the hero takes off the heel of his shoe, puts on his gloves and tries to gain prestige. He knows that this opportunity will come to him only once, so he decides that if he is going to fail, he will do it with dignity.

There is a girl next to this man. A girl whose love force warms a man's heart and makes him strive for a better life. So, in fact, Rocky's film is about the transition of the main character's life from childish stupidity to responsibility and choice of adult life. Although this transition is about passing through the fire, the hero of the drama is finally confronted with a pleasant sweetness of martyrdom; The martyrdom that makes him know that all his efforts were worth this success.

Rocky's name's name was Sylvester Stallone. Just like the protagonist, he was no longer a displaced person struggling to make a living. Now the actor was going to become one of the icons of American cinema in the next decade. One of the heroes of American cinema action whose name alone is enough to guarantee the success of a film. Rocky's film itself was a huge success, selling more than $ 220 million despite its $ 1 million budget, becoming a sequel franchise. Rocky shone at that year's Academy Awards, winning the Academy Award for Best Picture and, of course, an Oscar nomination for Sylvester Stallone as screenwriter.

"Rocky Balboa, a young man of Italian descent in the city Philadelphia is a former boxer who has won several championships here and there. He loves a friend's sister, but because he has no income, he can not hope to live with her. Meanwhile, the world heavyweight champion named Apollo Creed is looking for a suitable opponent to compete. His program manager chooses Rocky to fight so that Apollo does not have too much trouble and can only satisfy the sponsors. Everyone thinks that Apollo will win easily, but Rocky does not think so "

10. Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>films</b> <b>whose</b> <b>story</b> is an <b>imitation</b> of the <b>lives</b> of <b>their</b> actors

  • Director: Sydney Pollack
  • Other Actors: Jessica Lange, Bill Murray, Terry Gar and Sydney Pollack
  • Product: 1982, USA li>
  • IMDb site rating for movie: 7.4 out of 10
  • movie rating for Raton Tomitoz site: 90%

Dustin Hoffman is known as one of the best actors in the history of cinema. His hard work is well known and everyone knows him as a committed person. There is a famous story behind the scenes of John Schlesinger's Marathon Man, in which Dustin Hoffman stayed awake for three full days to work out the main character's insomnia. The same example shows how much he is willing to dedicate himself to understanding the character in order to achieve the best possible performance. It does a lot. He is a theatrical actor and is paddling in New York because he fights with everyone and can not find a companion for himself. Slowly For this reason, his talent and, of course, his efforts remain fruitless and are not seen. In the meantime, he makes a strange decision and appears in the role of a woman on a small TV screen and immerses himself in his work so much that he quickly becomes popular.

In this way, he realizes that he can play with People get along well. Changing her appearance and immersing herself in the role of a woman causes her to discover spirits that she was not aware of before. His new character opens new horizons for him and that makes Michael Dorsey a better person.

You must have read the lines above to realize that we are dealing with a comedy film. The presence of these comic aspects makes Dustin Hoffman's play more visible. The character she is playing is supposed to appear secretly in the form of a woman, which is why she has to dedicate herself to her work, and that is why this character is close to a man like Dustin Hoffman who does everything he can to achieve the best possible performance. .

Tutsi's film was nominated for an Academy Award in 10 categories. Nominations for Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor, Best Director, and Best Supporting Actor were among those, but only the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress went to Jessica Lang.

Broadway is New York. He fights with his program manager when he finds out that his favorite role has passed to another actor. The program manager tells him that with this ethic he will never succeed in any project and no one is willing to play him. "Mike changes her name to Dorothy Michaels to show her that she's wrong, she changes her name to Dorothy Michaels and plays a female school principal on a TV show."

Source: taste of cinema

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The movie "Brother and Sister" directed by Arno Depression, starring Golshifteh Farahani, did not succeed in satisfying the critics, contrary to expectations. 10 important films of Cannes 2022 that

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Jack Nicholson is considered by most moviegoers to be one of the greatest actors in the history of cinema; Especially after his brilliant performances in big works such as "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's