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Top 10 films by Reza Attaran; Comedy and Drama Star (Portrait of an Actor)

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>films</b> by <b>Reza</b> <b>Attaran;</b> <b>Comedy</b> and <b>Drama</b> <b>Star</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an Actor)

Reza Attaran is back in the cinema again and this could be good news for those who are interested in this actor. Although Attaran is not as busy as before, his films can still be seen and sold well. Reza Attaran's sweet and charismatic personality has made him a unique figure in Iranian cinema. An actor whom directors and producers consider a unique face that people like to look at and enjoy seeing.

Although Attaran was in the mid-seventies He entered the cinema but waited several years to become a full-fledged star. It should be said that saying goodbye to television and not working with the radio did good things for this actor and made Attaran shine in movies and in many movies, a single trunk made him attractive.

After Attaran left the television with annoyance and unhappiness after the series" Bezangah "in 2008, the path in the cinema was paved for him. From now on, he put all his energy into cinema, which led to his busy schedule and the quality of his plays. So the last years of the eighties were the beginning of the comedian's brilliance in cinema.

But Attaran also had an important surprise in the nineties. He first appeared in a serious role in front of the camera to show some of his undiscovered acting abilities. In all these years, Attaran brand has become a credit for selling and watching movies. Acting and humor are in his essence and when you put these inherent qualities along with his intelligence in creating comic and writing situations, you will notice Attaran's pure talents in Iranian cinema.

On the occasion of the good release and sale of the movie" Solo ", in this article, we have taken a look at the Top 10 Atrat movies. However, among the many movies that the actor has acted in, it is difficult to choose the Top 10 movies.

10. Red Carpet

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>films</b> by <b>Reza</b> <b>Attaran;</b> <b>Comedy</b> and <b>Drama</b> <b>Star</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an Actor)

  • Director: Reza Attaran
  • Actors: Reza Attaran, Jamal Hashemi, Ali Sartipi
  • Made in: 2013

One of those films made with the special genius of Attaran Is. Iranian cinema needs films of this kind to separate itself from stereotyped and repetitive themes and genres. The idea of making such a film may come to the mind of any director, but not everyone has the courage to make it. But Attaran's pragmatism gave him the courage to put his idea into action and make one of the most diverse comedies in Iranian cinema.

Although "Red Carpet" in form , Does not have a complex shape, but this simplicity brings many difficulties to build. The film has a one-line story as a whole and is based on the same idea until the end, but the documentary form of the film has given the film a lot of charm. A young film lover plans to travel to France during the Cannes Film Festival to present his screenplay to Spielberg. It seems like a simple subject, but it gives a lot of charm to the film during the Cannes Film Festival, and it works in an instant and improvised way.

Examples of such filmmaking styles in We have witnessed world cinema and the works of the famous comedian Sasha Baron Cohen are his best examples. Iranian cinema also needs filmmakers like Attaran to make and experience such films. Iranian cinematographers must dare to deal with new styles and subjects, and they must prepare themselves to work in different styles and forms. Creating political and social jokes and being in a different position are other strengths of Red Carpet. Attaran bears the brunt of the film and remains a one-star from beginning to end.

His Comedy should be praised for its brilliant form and idea. "Red Carpet" is one of those films that Iranian cinema needed to inject a little creativity and courage into it.

9. Unintentionally

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>films</b> by <b>Reza</b> <b>Attaran;</b> <b>Comedy</b> and <b>Drama</b> <b>Star</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an Actor)

  • Director Abdolreza Kahani
  • Actors: Reza Attaran, Ahmad Mehranfar, Panthea Bahram, Negar Javaherian
  • : 1390

How much a pity that other priests in cinema Iran is not present and we are no longer witnessing the director's collaboration with Reza Attaran. The director and actor collaborated on three films, all of which are part of They are considered Attaran's good films. Priests constructed social subjects with the language of humor, sometimes approaching the grotesque. Priestly films were mostly in the style of absurdity, and we saw a kind of confusion and futility in the characters of his films.

As from The name of the movie comes out, everything in the movie is pointless. From fights to character struggles to weddings and incomplete furniture, everything is done spontaneously. In the end, when all the characters enter the house and close the door, it becomes clear that all their fights and conflicts are for nothing and that all this time has not been worth all this stress and unhappiness at all.

8. I'm dreaming

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>films</b> by <b>Reza</b> <b>Attaran;</b> <b>Comedy</b> and <b>Drama</b> <b>Star</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an Actor)

  • Director: Reza Attaran
  • Actors: Reza Attaran, Merila Zarei, Akbar Abdi
  • Made in: 2011

Attaran in his first film, again in the same genre And his favorite space is back. This time in the cinema, his hand was more open to creating Comedy situations than on television, and he was able to execute his ideas much better. The film was screened at the 30th Fajr Film Festival and won three Simorghs, one of which was Simorgh for Best Director in the New Look category.

Attaran in "I Dream" It puts a confused character in a difficult situation. Combining Comedy and tragedy, the film sometimes laughs and sometimes evokes emotion. Attaran is the main character of his film and he starts the film very well by using clever flashbacks. Akbar Abdi playing the role of Reza's mother is also another clever idea of Attaran to make the relationships between the characters believable. "I Dream" is full of comic and emotional moments. A pleasant film that conveys a good feeling to its viewers in the end.

"I dream" is one of the good and pleasant comedies of Iranian cinema. Many who watched the film said that it was better for Attaran to come to the cinema from the TV to work with more leisure and more peace of mind. Everyone took Attaran's entry into the cinema as a good omen and rejoiced at the arrival of a clever and clever comedian.

7. Expropriation

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>films</b> by <b>Reza</b> <b>Attaran;</b> <b>Comedy</b> and <b>Drama</b> <b>Star</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an Actor)

  • Director: Mehran Ahmadi
  • Actors: Reza Attaran, Hooman Sidi, Babak Hamidian
  • Year of construction: 2017

And why Iranian cinema has been established and the sale of his films is a sign of the popularity and success of this actor. "Confiscation" is another of those films that revolves around Attaran's cock and his satires have made the film attractive. It is quite clear that Ali Forghani wrote the screenplay based on Attaran's abilities and opened a special account for his film being seen because of his main character. The idea that worked very well and made the film a bestseller at the box office. . Attaran is skilled in creating such characters and is well able to draw such roles. He plays a character named Ismail Yarjanloo who seeks to revive his confiscated land after the revolution but has many problems reaching his land.

New subject And the attractiveness of the film, along with Attaran's good acting, has made Ahmadi's first directing experience an acceptable film. Much of the film's success lies in Attaran's abilities, and it is he who has made the body of the film attractive.

6. Absolute rest

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>films</b> by <b>Reza</b> <b>Attaran;</b> <b>Comedy</b> and <b>Drama</b> <b>Star</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an Actor)

  • Director: Abdolreza Kahani
  • Actors: Reza Attaran, Taraneh Alidosti, Babak Hamidian
  • Year of production: 1393

Kahani in "Absolute Rest" reduced the humorous language of his film and focused on the bitterness Added his social. Unlike previous experiences of Kahani and Attaran, this film is not based on Comedy situations and even most of its moments are bitter language. It is biting and critical. The film is about low-income and marginalized people who are not seen much in the text of a crowded city. . Kahani's idea enabled him to bypass some of the common red lines in Iranian cinema and make the atmosphere of his film more realistic. Although Attaran's acting is not very comedic, traces of that humor can still be seen in the actor's speech and behavior.

Attaran in this film as a quorum Satellite and receiver dealer offer 4 acceptable games. The same emptiness and meaninglessness can be seen among the characters, with the difference that this time this emptiness has little meaning in the form of helping a helpless woman. "Absolute Rest" is Kahani's most realistic film, and this has been achieved under the shadow of its actors.

5. Atrium

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>films</b> by <b>Reza</b> <b>Attaran;</b> <b>Comedy</b> and <b>Drama</b> <b>Star</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an Actor)

  • Director: Behrouz Shoaib
  • Actors: Reza Attaran, Hanieh Tavassoli, Saeed Changizian
  • Year of production: 2013

Watching Attaran in a serious role was the biggest surprise of this film. Behrouz Shoaib suddenly tested this popular comedian in a very serious role and accepted a big risk. Before "Atrium", few people had seen Attaran in a serious role, and his acting in this film was considered a habit.

Attaran's brilliant role in " Atrium " showed the innate talent of this actor. With the right direction and characterization, Attaran can be the Star of both serious and non-comedy films. He had done this once before with Quarantine, and this time his cooked game in the Atrium was a testament to his abilities. Attaran's good acting persuaded the judges of the 31st Fajr Film Festival to nominate him for Best Actor in a Leading Role. The award that eventually went to Hamid Farkhonejad for the film "Return". Show great ability in creating non-comedy roles. Despite Attaran's good acting, filmmakers still insist on playing him in Comedy films. It was only Ruhollah Hejazi who once again tested Attaran in a serious role with the film "Roshan" and kept him away from the usual Comedy characters.

4. The horse is a noble animal

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>films</b> by <b>Reza</b> <b>Attaran;</b> <b>Comedy</b> and <b>Drama</b> <b>Star</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an Actor)

    Director: Abdolreza Kahani
  • Actors: Reza Attaran, Habib Rezaei, Parsa Piruzfar
  • Made in: 2010

The first collaboration between Kahani and Attaran from something that everyone They thought it was much brighter. "The horse is a noble animal" is the beginning of a new round of Kahani's filmmaking, and he and Attaran moved in this direction.

Attaran as Behrouz Shakiba, a criminal Has been released from prison for a 24-hour leave and is looking for an opportunity to harass people in the short term. He acts as a police officer in the heart of the city and traps people by abusing them.

The subject of the film is very bright and less The director has the courage to address it. Kahani directed this film with his vision and courage to make one of the most different Comedy films in Iranian cinema. Kahani developed this style of filmmaking in his other works and took a different look at social issues.

3. Forbidden Gentlemen

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>films</b> by <b>Reza</b> <b>Attaran;</b> <b>Comedy</b> and <b>Drama</b> <b>Star</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an Actor)

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