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The top 10 battles in the anime world; From "Attack on Titan" to "Demon Slayer"

BingMag.com The <b>top</b> 10 <b>battles</b> in the <b>anime</b> <b>world;</b> <b>From</b> 'Attack on Titan' to 'Demon Slayer'

Battles in the anime world are probably the most well-known feature of these works. Regardless of how well-done the action aspects of anime are or how good the overall quality of the animation is, many fights tend to follow a certain formula. Shounen anime, in particular, often have aspects in common that can turn a great fight From an exciting experience to something rather boring.

However, some anime have managed to take these common traits and make them Change to your own style. These animes knew exactly what tricks to take the repetitive and sometimes boring battles to another level that the audience will never forget, now these tricks may be introducing new movements and actions in the fights or adding a lot of emotional charge.

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10. "Attack on Titan" shows the true power of humans to the female titan

BingMag.com The <b>top</b> 10 <b>battles</b> in the <b>anime</b> <b>world;</b> <b>From</b> 'Attack on Titan' to 'Demon Slayer'

Leiva From the same The first moment in the anime "Attack on Titan" (Attack on Titan) introduced a super talented and powerful captain of the special operations squad. During his brief fight with the Female Titan, he proves that his skill is truly amazing. Levai's unusual fighting style is too much for the Titan and the legendary captain can defeat the Feminine Titan instantly.

Lewai's fighting skills are extremely entertaining for the viewers, but what really makes his fight with the Feminine Titan unique. , how to make this section. As Levi looks for the Female Titan, countless soldiers are shown killed by her, so it's all the more shocking to see Levi's skills bring the Titan to its knees and save Eren.

9. "Naruto Shippuden", Uchihara Madara's battle with the shinobi alliance will blow the minds of viewers

BingMag.com The <b>top</b> 10 <b>battles</b> in the <b>anime</b> <b>world;</b> <b>From</b> 'Attack on Titan' to 'Demon Slayer'

Naruto during this It has had an amazing series of fights. While Madara's fight against the shinobi forces in Naruto Shippuden isn't the best, it's definitely the most unique. The creation of Madara's character and his background took a considerable amount of time, so his first moments in battle were very important. It is an incredibly smooth fight that has something to say among the battles of the anime world. The tension between the forces before Madara's attacks and the use of combined jutsu to take on just one person really makes this fight exciting. This fight is the most obvious example of the extent of Madara's power, which completely amazes fans.

8. Sabiko Bisco Milo and Bisco defeat Tetsujin with mushrooms Sabikui Bisco, also known as Rust-Eater Bisco, is underrated and doesn't have many fans, but it has incredible battle scenes. The characters of this collection use mushrooms to fight their enemies instead of throwing punches or using weapons. This may sound strange, but it makes perfect sense considering that mushrooms are used to treat diseases called rust. This is what made the battles of this anime stand out among the battles of the anime world.

When a giant rusty monster named Tetsujin tries to attack the city, the characters of the story stand in front of him using arrows impregnated with mushrooms. The fight is surprisingly tense and emotional and does a great job of creating tension. This fight may not be good because of the mushrooms, but they certainly make the fight more unique.

7. Jujutsu Kaisen Goju's Powers Are Unlimited ) are incredible, but the fight between Gojo and Jogo is head and shoulders above all the fights in the series. This scene is not only the first time fans get to see Gojo's true powers as a magician, but also the first time they are confronted with the truth of how beyond this world his powers are.

Gojo with his curse technique. , without any restrictions, he can control the space around him to the atomic level. With this power, he can make the space around him infinite, making it impossible for Jogo to touch him. Additionally, his inherent range of motion makes scenes look like manga panels come to life. Jogo may look superior when he challenges Gojo, but the fight between them is sure to surprise fans. Is. This battle is definitely one of the most exciting battles in the anime world.

6. Yo-Yo Hakusho, Yusuke's fight with the mad doctor

BingMag.com The <b>top</b> 10 <b>battles</b> in the <b>anime</b> <b>world;</b> <b>From</b> 'Attack on Titan' to 'Demon Slayer'

Watch most of the fights in the anime "Yo-Yo Hakusho" (Yu Yu Hakusho) are fun, but not that unique. Normally, no matter how powerful opponents Yusuke faces, he still emerges victorious despite coming close to death. But his fight with Dr. Kamiya is very different.

Yosuke is obviously stronger than Kamiya, but because Kamiya can control his body chemistry, whenever Yusuke fights him, since the doctor doesn't feel pain, Yusuke Can't beat him. Before realizing this fact, this is Yusuke's first time fighting a human, and the thought of killing the doctor as a human makes Yusuke not fight with all his might. Yusuke's internal battle with himself and the doctor's chaotic behavior made this fight interesting and memorable.

5. "My Heroic School", the fight with Deku helped Bakugou's mental recovery

BingMag.com The <b>top</b> 10 <b>battles</b> in the <b>anime</b> <b>world;</b> <b>From</b> 'Attack on Titan' to 'Demon Slayer'

The second fight between Bakugou and Midoriya in My Hero Academia is not only an amazing fighter, but also an example of great character development throughout the story. While most of the fights in this series are morally or emotionally debatable, this one perfectly shows how the characters feel about each other and their situation.

Watching the fight between these two because one It has one of the best animations of the whole series, it will really surprise you. However, what really makes this fight stand out is the emotional development of the characters. This episode represents the peak of Bakugou's emotional turmoil as well as the moment he begins his journey to becoming a great hero, which is why fans love Bakugou's character so much.

4. "Black Clover", the dramatic fight between Asta and Ladros

BingMag.com The <b>top</b> 10 <b>battles</b> in the <b>anime</b> <b>world;</b> <b>From</b> 'Attack on Titan' to 'Demon Slayer'

It is true that Asta's fight with Ladros in "Clover" Black Clover starts off as a typical shounen fight, but quickly turns into a mix of weird colors and visuals. At moments when this fight is going on it almost looks like the scenes are From another animation, but that's exactly what makes it so great.

The bright colors and music play a great role in building up the tension. They create in this fight and show the battle between two characters bigger and more intense. Of course, several moments of this battle also have rather poor animation, which makes you feel confused. However, this scene may not be the best fight in the "Black Clover" anime, but it must be admitted that it is definitely the most unique of them.

3. "Kizumonogatari", parts of body parts fly during Kiyomi's fight with Shinobu

BingMag.com The <b>top</b> 10 <b>battles</b> in the <b>anime</b> <b>world;</b> <b>From</b> 'Attack on Titan' to 'Demon Slayer'

No doubt, the fight between Koyomi and Shinobu in the third part of "Kizumonogatari Part 3: Reikets" is strange. While anime fans are used to seeing characters fly between buildings unscathed, this movie defies all of those rules. They grow back when severed, can continue to fight after heavy hits. As the fight continues, severed heads and hands are constantly thrown around in one of the bloodiest fights in anime. This scene is definitely worth watching, even because of the ridiculous nature of the fight, From the battles of the anime world.

2. "Kokoro Basketball", Kagami pushes his limits to defeat Aomine

BingMag.com The <b>top</b> 10 <b>battles</b> in the <b>anime</b> <b>world;</b> <b>From</b> 'Attack on Titan' to 'Demon Slayer'

While most of the fights In anime, there are physical fights, some fights can be called battles of determination. Since Kagami and Aomine are the best basketball players in the world of Kuroko's Basketball, a battle between them is inevitable. Even those anime fans who find the sport of basketball boring will hold their breath in this episode of Kagami and Aomine's battle.

The other anime characters can only stand back and watch as these two characters Their determination pushes them past their limits and achieves skills that no other player has before them. They may not exchange physical blows in this fight, but the excitement of the fight between them is intense and encourages everyone to try basketball once.

1. "Demon Slayer", Tanjiro fights a demon as well as his surroundings at the same time

BingMag.com The <b>top</b> 10 <b>battles</b> in the <b>anime</b> <b>world;</b> <b>From</b> 'Attack on Titan' to 'Demon Slayer'

Many anime characters They have never had to fight a villain and their surroundings at the same time. When Tanjirou attacks the evil house of Kyogai in the anime "Demon Slayer", he quickly realizes that this demon with his abilities Not only can he change the location of the rooms, but he can also change their direction.

As Tanjiro tries to attack the demon, the room continues to twist and turn, clearly It makes for one of the most stunning fights in the anime. The animation and the environment itself is the reason for the uniqueness of this fight.

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