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Top 10 Bahram Radan films; A box office actor or a stylish superstar? (Portrait of an actor)

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>Bahram</b> <b>Radan</b> <b>films;</b> A <b>box</b> <b>office</b> <b>actor</b> or a <b>stylish</b> <b>superstar?</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an actor)

Bahram Radan has come a long way to reach his current position in cinema. He is no longer the blue-eyed young man of the eighties and has valuable experience working with various directors. In addition to acting, he is now a producer and has tried to maintain his position and prestige in his profession over the years and has the image of a superstar.

Radan In cinema, it belongs to a period when eye color and facial beauty increased a person's chances of getting a role. Due to his physical characteristics, he also acted in his first film called "Passion of Love" in 1379, and after that he had an uninterrupted presence in Iranian cinema.

Talash Radan is commendable for advancing in cinema and not being limited to the youth-friendly films of the time. The low-profile actor of these years was not interested in limiting his presence in the cinema only to his appearance, so he tested his abilities by acting in various roles. Radan, who started his career with box office romance films, within a few years turned himself into an actor in the films of Masoud Kimiaei, Rakhshan Bani-Etemad and Dariush Mehrjoui.

10. Ashfetgi

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>Bahram</b> <b>Radan</b> <b>films;</b> A <b>box</b> <b>office</b> <b>actor</b> or a <b>stylish</b> <b>superstar?</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an actor)

  • Director: Fereydoun Jirani
  • Actors: Bahram Radan, Mahnaz Afshar, Mehran Ahmadi
  • Year Made: 1397

"Chaos" is one of those films that are less known in Iranian cinema. A film in the noir genre in which Bahram Radan, playing two roles, bears a large part of the burden of the film. Jirani has made "turmoil" in his favorite crime style and has given Radan two roles with complete confidence in him.

Radan plays two brothers in this film. He plays the twins who kill one of the other brothers and have to take his place in order to reach his brother's financial position. So far, several films have been made in the world cinema with this subject, and in order to make the work more attractive, great care must be taken in directing and screenwriting.

Although making such a film happened Mubarak is in Iranian cinema, but the film is easily lost due to many weaknesses in directing and script. Radan has a not-so-brilliant presence in the film, and if he could have played his role more subtly, he would have played one of the most enduring roles in cinema.


BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>Bahram</b> <b>Radan</b> <b>films;</b> A <b>box</b> <b>office</b> <b>actor</b> or a <b>stylish</b> <b>superstar?</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an actor)

  • Director: Rakhshan Bani-Etemad
  • Actors: Fatemeh Motamedaria, Bahram Radan, Baran Kowsari
  • Year Made: 2004

"Gilaneh" is a film that revolves around Fatemeh Motamed Aria and Radan has a minor role in the film, but the presence of this The actor in a different role has caused his role in this film to remain in the memories. Radan plays the role of a chemical veteran and, along with Motamed Aria, are the film's winning cards.

It shows us the sufferings of the world. Bani-Etemad fights hardships and destructions with "Gilaneh" and depicts the calamities that befell a family. This film is one of the best films made about the consequences of war, which from a human point of view, has a lot to say.

Although Radan's presence has a minor role, but gender His play and relationship with Motamed Aria has helped a lot in shaping the atmosphere of the film. In Radan's acting career, "Gilaneh" shines like a star and is a head and neck taller than the other films in which he played the main role.

8 . Four fingers

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>Bahram</b> <b>Radan</b> <b>films;</b> A <b>box</b> <b>office</b> <b>actor</b> or a <b>stylish</b> <b>superstar?</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an actor)

  • Director: Saeed Soheili
  • Actors: Bahram Radan, Jamshid Hashempour, Leila Otadi
  • Made in: 2007

Saeed Soheili When He was not yet involved in the "Guidance Patrol" series, he was looking for new ideas in his films. Using the idea of "sliding doors", the film narrates the film from two perspectives. That is, it shows once what the main character of the film would have done if the first event happened, and once again it shows what will happen to the same character when the second event occurs.

It does not do well to turn a good film idea into a weakness. If the film was directed carefully in detail and Fouad's character was processed properly, "Four Fingers" would find a special place in the country's cinema. With all the flaws and shortcomings of the film, Radan has tried to appear in a different role from his other films and has somehow dared to play in this film, which is commendable.

7. Friday Soldiers

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>Bahram</b> <b>Radan</b> <b>films;</b> A <b>box</b> <b>office</b> <b>actor</b> or a <b>stylish</b> <b>superstar?</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an actor)

  • Director: Masoud Kimiaei
  • Actors: Mohammad Reza Forootan, Bahram Radan, Merila Zarei, Pejman Bazghi, Polad Kimiaei
  • Year of construction: 2003

Opportunity to be in front of the camera of a veteran director named Masoud Kimiaei of good luck Radan was in his early years as an actor. Playing in "Friday Soldiers" was a good opportunity for young Radan to become more mature and mature in cinema. In the following years, Radan collaborated with Kimiai again in the film "Hakam", but the experience of playing the role of Asif was very precious for a young actor like Radan.

Kimiai in "Friday Soldiers" sought to distance Radan from the characters in his previous films, testing him for a different role. Wearing military uniforms and being friends with the other three soldiers create a different situation for Radan throughout the film. Although Radan comes from a wealthy family in the film, he is not a painless young man. He has the courage to face bullying characters and can defend his rights. Asef's boldness leads to the formation of friendships with three other soldiers and prepares them for Mehrdad's revenge.

Radan's successful presence in "Friday Soldiers" showed that this The actor has the ability to play different roles. Asef's role in the film has its own difficulties, which Radan was able to master very well.


BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>Bahram</b> <b>Radan</b> <b>films;</b> A <b>box</b> <b>office</b> <b>actor</b> or a <b>stylish</b> <b>superstar?</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an actor)

  • Director: Behrooz Afkhami
  • Actors: Ezatullah Entezami, Bahram Radan, Bahareh Rahnama

That in the third year of acting, an actor is offered a role in a movie like "Bloody Cow", one Another of the high fortunes and chances of that actor. Playing alongside Ezatullah Entezami and the opportunity to appear in a different film brings good experiences for a young actor. Afkhami has also tried to direct the creativity and elegance of the film. Radan is not physically present in half of the film and we only hear his voice in a dull way. From the second half of the film onwards, we encounter the character of Radan in the film.

Afkhami narrates young nightmares based on the story of Jafar Modarres Sadeghi The memories of his dead father, his hometown of Isfahan and the Zayandeh River have brought him to the brink of distress. Twenty years after the film was made, "Blood Cow" can still be watched and enjoyed by "Blood Cow".

5. Candle in the wind

BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>Bahram</b> <b>Radan</b> <b>films;</b> A <b>box</b> <b>office</b> <b>actor</b> or a <b>stylish</b> <b>superstar?</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an actor)

  • Director: Pouran Derakhshandeh
  • Actors: Bahram Radan, Azita Hajian, Shahab Hosseini
  • strong Year of construction: 2003

Bahram Radan soon saw the reward of his efforts in cinema and was able to work with the film "Candle in the Wind" by Simorgh Crystal to win Best actor in a Leading Role. Radan once again dares to take risks and plays an addicted young man in the film. The film may not be very dazzling in terms of direction, but Radan's role as Farzin was very prominent and showed another part of the actor's abilities.

Radan's portrayal of an addicted young man was so good that he persuaded the judges of the 22nd Fajr Film Festival to give him a Crystal Simorgh. Duel "and Hassan Pourshirazi were seen in front of you for the movie" Mom's Guest ".

Be careful not to overdo it. .


BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>Bahram</b> <b>Radan</b> <b>films;</b> A <b>box</b> <b>office</b> <b>actor</b> or a <b>stylish</b> <b>superstar?</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an actor)

  • Director: Mehdi Karampour
  • Actors: Bahram Radan , Mahnaz Afshar, Mehran Modiri, Tehrani gift
  • Year of construction: 1390

After the events of 2009, some directors, by making protest films, showed their complaints and dissatisfaction with the political and social situation of the country. Karampour also made the most political film of his filmmaking career under the direction of "Wooden Bridge" and was met with opposition.

Radan in the 90s is not. In the 80's, he made a good fortune for himself by starring in more than 20 films. Radan plays the lead role in this film and he has been able to play well the pains and sufferings of a man whose life has been shattered. In the film, Karampour's actor Radan's play is eye-catching and has become one of the film's strengths. It is up to a carbald actor to portray the bitterness of a young man who is on the verge of extinction in a short period of his life, and Radan is the one who was able to do so.

Wooden Bridge In terms of story and genre, it was a great opportunity for Radan to test himself in such a role again. "Wooden Bridge" had many weaknesses in directing, but Radan's acting style and his romantic adventures throughout the film cover some of the film's shortcomings.


BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>Bahram</b> <b>Radan</b> <b>films;</b> A <b>box</b> <b>office</b> <b>actor</b> or a <b>stylish</b> <b>superstar?</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an actor)

  • Director: Saeed Asadi
  • Actors: Bahram Radan, Jamshid Hashempour, Sara Arian
  • Year of production: 1379

It is true that Radan entered the cinema with "Passion of Love" but this movie was "Swan Song" Which strengthened his foothold in cinema and showed his abilities. Radan's performance in "Passion for Love" does not appeal to him, and his performance can not convince the viewer that a pure talent in acting has entered the cinema. But "Swan Song" takes Radan one step further in cinema and somehow covers the actor's failures in his first film.

"Swan Song" in His time became one of the loudest films and Radan became a symbol of the voice of protest of the youth of that generation. Radan's acting in this film, which he rebelled against the status quo and preferred to stay rather than stay, was new to many cinema audiences at the time.

Radan as a young man The rebel is tired of living in Iran and its impositions and seeks his happiness in another geography of life. With the opening of the political and social atmosphere of the society after the June 2 elections, several films were made to protest the conditions in the cinema, among which "Swan Song" was one of the best.

Radan's chases to flee the country and the dramatic ending of the film had made" Swan Song "a popular youth film for years. Radan's good performance in this film caused his name to be nominated for Best actor in a Leading Role at the Cinema House Celebration. This is an important event for a young and newcomer to the cinema.


BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>Bahram</b> <b>Radan</b> <b>films;</b> A <b>box</b> <b>office</b> <b>actor</b> or a <b>stylish</b> <b>superstar?</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an actor)

  • Director: Hamid Nematullah
  • Actors: Bahram Radan, Leila Hatami, Reza Rashidpour
  • Year of construction: 2009

Hamid Nematollah has shown with his films what a great ability he has to play the actors of his films. Radan plays one of his best roles and plays in "No Money" and confirms his abilities under the shadow of Nematullah's correct director.

"No Money" is one of the best Iranian cinema films are in the eighties. After shining with "Boutique", Nematullah once again showed how well he knows cinema and how well he makes films. "Moneylessness" is the story of a proud and rich young man who remembers The occurrence of a series of events, his financial situation is getting worse every day.

The loss of a person's social status due to lack of money is well shown in the film And Radan has helped to create this space with his play. Radan's fast-paced film and good acting make "No Money" a memorable film for moviegoers.


BingMag.com <b>Top</b> 10 <b>Bahram</b> <b>Radan</b> <b>films;</b> A <b>box</b> <b>office</b> <b>actor</b> or a <b>stylish</b> <b>superstar?</b> <b>(Portrait</b> of an actor)

  • Director: Dariush Mehrjoui
  • Actors: Bahram Radan, Golshifteh Farahani, Massoud Raegan, Roya Teymourian
  • Year of construction: 2006

Playing in "Santouri" is a turning point in Radan's acting career. A talented and experienced director with an interesting story and correct acting of his actors was able to put Radan at the Top of acting in Iranian cinema. Certainly, working with a director in the stature of Mehrjoui and acting in a film like "Santouri" is the dream of many actors, and again Radan got a chance to play the role of Ali Santouri.

Playing the role of Ali Santouri had its own details and difficulties. For this film, Radan had to go from the cover of a famous musician to the cover of an addicted young man, and how well he has done that. It is not clear that Radan will be able to appear in such a capable role again in his acting life, but his presence in the same film is enough for a young actor.

Ali's character in "Santouri" It was designed in many dimensions and the actor played such a role very carefully. Designing the sensitive spirit of a young artist who has a talent mixed with pride and does not easily compromise with society and its people has its own difficulties. Also, being drawn to addiction and isolation and falling in with others was another part of Ali Santouri's character that Radan showed well in his play. Radan won Best actor in a Leading Role for his role in "Santouri," and his performance was critically acclaimed.

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