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Tokyo Corruption Series; Michael Mann returns to TV with a fascinating crime trailer

BingMag.com <b>Tokyo</b> <b>Corruption</b> <b>Series;</b> <b>Michael</b> <b>Mann</b> <b>returns</b> to TV with a <b>fascinating</b> <b>crime</b> trailer

What should be the name of the crime drama series written by Michael Mann? The title of Michael Mann's latest project, "Tokyo Vice," refers to links to his "Miami Vice"; Now he is either referring to the 1980s series he produced, or to the formalist remake of the same series he directed in 2006. It should be noted that Michael Mann also co-directed the pilot version of the series in the recent series and continued to appear as a producer on this HBO Max project. But Tokyo Corruption has little to do with the atmosphere of the previous series or the film's contrasting textures; Things that have been the signature of previous works and have defined them. According to critics, for whom five of the eight episodes of the first season before the show aired, the later episodes of Tokyo Corruption have far fewer features than the first episode (directed by Michael Mann); Overall, the first part is visually different from the rest of the series.

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The story is based on Tokyo Corruption: An American Reporter About Police Beatings in Japan by Jake Adelstein, who moved to Japan from Missouri as a teenager and, unexpectedly, became a reporter for Yomiuri Shimbon.

The story is based on the book "Tokyo Corruption: An American Reporter on Police Beatings in Japan" by Jake Adelstein, who moved to Japan from Missouri as a teenager and, unexpectedly, became a reporter for Yomiuri Shimbon. Jake Edelstein was for 12 years the secretary of the criminal division of Yomiuri Shimbun, Japan's largest newspaper, and documented criminal investigations in the 1990s. So you can guess that the protagonist of the story is neither the police nor the criminal. Ansel Algorth plays Jake Edelstein, an American journalist who tries to make a living in the strange atmosphere of the Tokyo press. The real Adelstein (and, of course, the producer) seeks to make the most of the impact by linking the usual neo-noir space of our creations with his recollections of years of research on Japanese yakota activity. A weak connection that in practice looks more like a cinematic effect.

GT Rogers' writing is like a house with a minimalist and simple interior design, and as a result, most directors are overwhelmed by his style. However, what connects the two corruptions (Miami and Tokyo) is nothing but the magic of Michael Mann. The hard work of men who do difficult and detailed work reflects the main effect of a series that focuses on the subtleties of the journalistic and police work process. Like the rest of Michael Mann's films, in Tokyo corruption, the wall between the police and the gangsters is thin, as both factions respect each other and the expertise of the opposing group. Fans loyal to the style filmmaker will be thrilled to learn that Michael Mann has maintained his work ethic and still has his own standards in the Tokyo Corruption scandal. Inherently spectacular. The series draws everyone's attention to the fact that this American actor has learned to speak and write Japanese well just for this series. In the series, having a complete command of this language is very important to get a new job. However, Jake's ability to create a compelling story depends more on his style of journalism as well as his ability to cope with complex social processes that are not covered in his textbooks.

BingMag.com <b>Tokyo</b> <b>Corruption</b> <b>Series;</b> <b>Michael</b> <b>Mann</b> <b>returns</b> to TV with a <b>fascinating</b> <b>crime</b> trailer

Detective Katagiri with Ken Watanabe, who also has a very powerful presence, takes Jake under his wing and a complex network of lies Explains to him that they have been accepted to maintain a fragile peace between warring gangsters. The lies that prevent an all-out conflict with so many casualties, the lies that have actually taken the place of the daily work of the police. When Detective Katagiri accepts the same three men that oyabun, the leader of the family, offers him as a force to carry out his new mission, Adelstein's job demands that he create waves in these stagnant waters to impress both sides. And before they know it, let's consider Edelstein as their useful ally. Outside dojo, love hotels, and especially the brightest restaurants the city has to offer. In a hostess club, where skilled women take care of male clients in the purest possible way, a side story emerges. The story is about an employee whose ambition has led him to establish his own place of pleasure. Until the past Samantha played by Rachel Clare Having not seen (Rachel Keller), it seems that her storyline does not pursue a specific goal, especially since she often deviates from all the important actions and events of the series. And when we understand the purpose behind Samantha's story, we wonder why we did not understand the story until then. Samantha's presence in the series raises the question of how a series can be narrated in Japan but with a background of white immigrants?

BingMag.com <b>Tokyo</b> <b>Corruption</b> <b>Series;</b> <b>Michael</b> <b>Mann</b> <b>returns</b> to TV with a <b>fascinating</b> <b>crime</b> trailer

Although Jake Adelstein is constantly ridiculed for not belonging to Japan, he eventually learns to use the story to his advantage. Unfortunately, Tokyo's Corruption series largely ignores its potential in the political arena. Michael Mann and those who work on the project of his choice prefer to go into detail, and of course the moments when all the information comes together like a puzzle and suddenly all the answers become clear.

Tokyo Corruption With intensive dialogue, fast-paced action, and the protagonist, who plays the role more easily than ever, is a thrilling take on the form of series such as the True Detective and the Mayor of Easttown. True, this is not a revolutionary series, it does not change much in its genre, especially since HBO is at the top of the genre's recent popularity, but nonetheless, the Tokyo Corruption series is subtly and well made. And that in itself shows that if you want to do Michael Mann's work, you do not have to send a mediocre intern who is just talented, you have to send your best to do Michael Mann's work!

Source: The Guardian

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