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5 Tips to Learn From Last Night Film Director Edgar Wright

BingMag.com 5 Tips to Learn From Last Night Film Director Edgar Wright

In this article, we have taken a look at 5 points that those interested in directing and screenwriting should ask Edgar Wright, director of acclaimed films such as "Sean Dies" and " Learn at Soho last night.

Edgar Wright has always been hailed as one of Britain's happiest filmmakers for the past two decades. The 47-year-old English director, screenwriter, producer and actor made his feature film debut in 1995, when he was less than 20 years old, and continued his career with the trilogy "Three Flavors of Corinth" and "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World "proved his abilities in telling comedy, drama and romance stories. Now, after the best-selling and successful film "Baby Driver" last night in Soho, Wright has moved on to the genre of psychological horror./ul>

Last night in Soho was shown for the first time in the out-of-competition section of the 2021 Venice Film Festival and was well received by film lovers and critics. To date, the film has been rated 66 out of 100 and 75 out of 100 based on 52 and 216 reviews in Metacritic and Ratnatomitosis. "Last night in Soho, with all its surprises and ups and downs, shows us that you can do something creative and new in an old style," said Marshall Schaefer, a film critic. Wright has not yet shown all of his abilities as a filmmaker, but it is gratifying to see him strive for progress. Consider the magical anti-nostalgia realism of midnight in Paris by Woody Allen, then combine it with Bergman's female psychoanalysts in Persona, and finally add the color palettes of the Jalo films throughout the work to Wright's new trailer and action film, Last Night Arrive in Soho. " On the occasion of the release of Edgar Wright's new film and the praise of the constant innovations of his works, we have gone to the previous conversations of this English filmmaker and in this article, 5 points have been considered that novice filmmakers should consider.

does not know the success of the year

Wright believes that the age of people has little effect on their success and career development, and starting filmmaking at any age is preferable to numbers. "Look, Quentin Tarantino didn't make a film until he was 32," he says. At the age of 18, Sam Remy made the film The Evil Dead. When I was working with Tarantino on Grindhouse, we went out for dinner and he asked me about my first film. In response, I talked for about an hour about "A Fistful of Fingers," and Quentin said he wished he had started making films at the age of 20. But I said to Tarantino, "You did better. I was willing to give anything to make a movie like 'Dogs in the Warehouse.' "He has marked the best start to classical work of all time." In the West, Justin Bieber became world famous at a very young age, and in Iran, a talented teenager like Ruhollah Zamani became famous even internationally with the film "The Sun". Should these examples give us the impression that if at a young age and We have not succeeded until we reach the age of 30. Do we have to stop working and trying? Definitely not. Wright's recommendation also addresses this issue. Like him, let's hope to get to know the worthy and successful people in the field of culture and art better and try harder. As a result, if you were not a popular director or writer like Edgar Wright on your 20th birthday, no problem!

BingMag.com 5 Tips to Learn From Last Night Film Director Edgar Wright

Don't wait for a miracle!

If we're a little honest with ourselves, many people interested in directing and screenwriting are waiting for a special event to start; For example, a magical spark is struck in their mind or the idea of a wonderful story comes to their mind, when such a thing never happens! Take a look at the repertoire of successful filmmakers: Does anyone know "Alien 3" as David Fincher's best film? Definitely not. Or in Iran, everyone considers "Dancing in the Dust" not as Asghar Farhadi's best film, but as the founder of a part of his cinema. As a result, put aside the extra fear and pressure of creating a great work in the first place.

"Sometimes when I meet people who want to be a director, I find that they put a lot of pressure on They have come in to do amazing work for the first time. They are so focused on the first short film or the success of their first work that they are really behind the scenes. For example, when writing a comedy story, before entering the production stage and in the pre-production section, you constantly think about the question, "Is our character funny enough to be able to tell this joke correctly?" And you take into account the realities while forgetting this important point that some funny things and jokes are formed while working and in the atmosphere of making a work. "

Make a film in your security

Pay special attention to editing and storyboard

Some Directors do not believe in the use of storyboards and rely more on positive and surprising events on the set, but are opposed by other directors such as Bong Joon-ho and Edgar Wright who have a strong belief in storyboards. . During a meeting at Bournemouth University, Wright states that he designs all the scenes in his films, even the dialogue sequences, in the form of a storyboard. In addition to the director, illustrated screenplay design can also help other members of the production team, reducing the confusion of daily activities, filming time and film production costs. "I use transitions, repetitions and dramatic cuts," he says. When I was very young and making amateur films, one of the biggest lessons I learned was that we did not have enough shots and scenes to use to speed up the sequence. In my style of editing, I think there are special points that I have learned from the distant years until today and I have tried to excel in them, such as transitions, wipes and whips. "I edited some of my early films and learned a lot from them." From Wright's advice, it can be deduced that if you want to become a successful and stylish director, you must learn the basics of film editing and have an active presence in the editing room.

BingMag.com 5 Tips to Learn From Last Night Film Director Edgar Wright

But Wright's final speech

at the same cinematic talk session at Bournemouth University as The final piece of advice to those who are interested is: "I know this advice sounds very flashy and repetitive, but in the end you have to strive for your own success (bet on your own success) and never give up. My only advice is to make your own film and learn from your mistakes. "I'm not happy with all the scenes and frames in my films, but I've filmed for hours and learned good things from them."

What do you think of Edgar Wright's advice? Do you consider him a successful director?

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