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Time Wheel Serial Trailer Analysis; 23 interesting secrets and mysteries

BingMag.com Time Wheel Serial Trailer Analysis; 23 interesting secrets and mysteries

The first trailer of the time wheel, the product of Amazon, has been released and there are many stories and secrets in it. The author of the wheel of time fantasy, Robert Jordan, introduces readers to the world of the wheel of time with these words: The wheel of time spins and ages come and go, leaving behind memories that become legends. "Myth becomes a myth, and when the promised age arrives, the myth is forgotten again." The series of 14 books, which was completed by Brandon Sanderson after Jordan's death, has become one of the most popular fantasy works.

The fantasy genre is currently at its peak, and many studios and networks They want to fill the void left by the Game of Thrones series. Amazon has now significantly shifted its focus to the wheel of time, and viewers will be able to see this live-action adaptation of Jordan's fantasy world in November.

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The first trailer of the Time Wheel series introduces many key concepts It shows that the series has minor changes compared to the book and it can be said that the series has a great theme that can keep this story interesting for years to come, but viewers who have not read the books have no special points and these ordinary audiences will probably be completely confused.

But what are the key points, characters, plots, locations, and exciting scenes in the story of the Wheel of Time series?

23. Introducing Nineveh and Aguin

BingMag.com Time Wheel Serial Trailer Analysis; 23 interesting secrets and mysteries

Wheel Collection Story Time is narrated in space and in matriarchal societies, and therefore its two main characters are two women named Nineveh and Eugene. Nineveh is a sage from the village of Amunds Field and is originally a healer and leader of the local women's circle. The secret of his success as a sage is that he has access to a single power, which is the special magic of the wheel of time, although he can only access it when he is angry. Alongside her is Eugene, the white-bearded daughter of Amunds Field, who has an unusual potential for using the same power. In the books, Nineveh and Eugene are primarily secondary characters who come to power as the series continues. Eugene has a shaky and chaotic fate ahead of him. Placing them at the beginning of the trailer, where it seems like a ritual to test Eugene's courage, is a clever way to strike a balance between the characters and show that women will play a very important role throughout the story. Zoe Robbins also plays Nineveh and Madeline Madden plays Eugene.

22. Welcome to Amundsfield

The wheel of time by Robert Jordan takes readers into a fantasy world, but it all starts in the village of Amundsfield. This rural community was founded by the children of the survivors of the ancient wars against the trolls (equivalent to the trolls) and is run by two groups: the Men's Village Council and the Women's Circle led by Hakim. Traders usually travel to Amunds Field, collecting the valuable tobacco grown there and transporting it to the richest parts of the world.

21. Rand, Matt, and Perrin

In the trailer, three male characters are shown drinking at Amundes Field, and it is revealed that the characters in the Time Wheel series are larger (than Sunni opinion) are the characters of the books. This is a clever move by Amazon to avoid too much resemblance to the book itself. All three are taverns and play a key role in the network of destiny, influencing the lives of those around them to change the world. In the eyes of the world (Book 4) it is explained:

The wheel of time, according to pattern, weaves centuries together, and the threads it uses are the lives of individuals. This pattern is not always fixed. If a person tries to change the direction of his life and the pattern has a place for it, the wheel of time only does its job and puts his changes into the game of destiny. There is always room for small changes, but sometimes the pattern does not accept big changes, no matter how hard you try, and sometimes one yarn bends one or more yarns so that all the yarn around is forced into. Spin around the same thread and this process continues. The first twist is enough to create a tavern grid, and there is nothing you can do to change it unless the pattern itself changes. This network can last for weeks or years and is created according to a certain pattern. Perrin (Marcus Redford) is a gentleman who gets angry when necessary. Matt (Barney Harris) is a happy gambler who often acts thoughtlessly, but Rand (Josha Stradowski) is the most similar person to a main character. He is a man who has a unique destiny ahead of him but completely ignores it and slowly continues his life in Amundsfield.

20. Romantic hint

BingMag.com Time Wheel Serial Trailer Analysis; 23 interesting secrets and mysteries

The trailer shows that the series , Contains some love books from books, the most important of which is between Rand and Eugene, and because these characters are bigger, it seems that the relationship between them is much better developed (in one of the trailer images, this The two are next to each other). Again, we see a smart move by the creators of the series, because it makes the series look less like a teen series. This also means that Eugene is a strong character from the beginning, while in the books he is primarily a secondary character who becomes a prominent figure as the story progresses.

19. The beginning of the adventure

The young heroes of the Wheel of Time may have never left Amundz Field before, but the mysterious attack of the Trolls forces them to flee for their lives. The trailer shows the same group of three descending the Amunds Field to embark on adventures across the continent, realizing their true nature and realizing their remarkable powers that make them the main three members of the Tavern Network. . The world of the wheel of time is as vast and immersive as Westeros in Game of Thrones or Middle-earth in Lord of the Rings.

18. Hint of Tragedy

This trailer contains an image that looks like it represents a tragedy in the future. The wizards of the wheel of time are known as ace sedas, and each of them is guarded by a guard. Most of the time, the bond between Ace Sadai and Warder becomes romantic, because the two have been working together for a long time and are very close to each other. In one image, a guard is shown holding one of Ace Sadai's rings and crying, and his witch appears to be dead.

17. A deeply symbolic image

BingMag.com Time Wheel Serial Trailer Analysis; 23 interesting secrets and mysteries

An image trailer Another of Eugene shows that in it, we see him in a part of the ritual that is held to accept him as an ace. In the books, Eugene joins the group and leaves Amundz Field out of a desire for adventure. Perhaps the more developed relationship between Eugene and Rand provides further explanation. He proves that he is an unusual member with rare powers among the wizards of Ace Sadai and is going to move up the ladder among them quickly.

16. Tar Walloon

Tar Walloon is one of the most important places in the series Wheel of Time, the seat of the throne of Ice Sadai, and is located near a mountain called Dragonmont. The string design seen in the time wheel trailer fits in perfectly with the books, and the white tower is clearly visible. This tower is an area where witches live and are trained. An old proverb says, "The wheel of time revolves around the whirlpool and the whirlpool revolves around the white tower."

15. Razmand Pike in the role of Moirin

Marketing and advertising of the time wheel pays special attention to Moirin playing Rosmand Pike. He is an ace who, when he arrives at Ammundsfield, begins the events of the whole series and finds the three most famous and most important towers, Rand Al-Thawr. Moirin is one of the most prominent figures of Ais Sadai and his legend is famous all over the continent. He refused to sit on the throne as a leader. He has devoted his life to studying the ancient prophecies of the legendary final battle between all forces of good and evil, and in fact, that is why he came to Amundz Field.

14. Inside the White Tower

BingMag.com Time Wheel Serial Trailer Analysis; 23 interesting secrets and mysteries

in the time wheel trailer , A picture of the meeting of the leaders of Ais Sadai can be seen who have gathered together for a meeting. These wizards are divided into verses with specific codes and colors, and different costumes determine their rank and position. Most likely, this image is from the time when Moirin gathered the adventurers of Amundes Field to explain to them, and he himself seems to be standing almost to the right of the scene and out of sight, but Nineveh is visible in that corner. And he holds the staff of his wisdom. Well, pay attention to the prominent throne, which will play an important role in the politics of Ace Sadai.

13. Amirlin's Place

The throne of the kingdom is known as Amirlin's Place, which is named after the most respected Ace of Honor, Amirlin. Amirlin has been chosen for life by the people of the Tower Hall for arbitration. He puts aside his own clothes and wears a striped dress with different colors to symbolically declare that he is like everyone and at the same time, he is not like anyone. Amirlin is the most powerful woman in the world and kings bow before her throne. However, Amirlin's authority is not absolute. If the Ayahs fight against him, they can bring him down from the throne. As viewers will soon realize, the politics and behavior of the various verses are fraught with tension. War and conflict between them are rare but quite possible. The amulet seen in this picture is Sivan, played by Sophie Okondo, who wears a strange gold, white and pearl dress. She was the daughter of a humble fisherman known for her skill. So his character in Robert Jordan's books probably never wears that. It is possible that the Sivan character has been completely redesigned.

12. Explaining the Power of the Unit

The Time Wheel trailer introduces viewers to the serial-specific magic of unit power. Cedar and Siddin are two semi-powers of one. Cedar is the female part of magic used by Ace Sadai wizards, and the trailer shows that each of these wizards uses Cedar in a different way, but the more evil half, known as the male half, is influenced by Darkovan, who symbolizes the devil and the evil character. The whole set. Anyone who has the power to use siddin goes crazy, and few of them live long.

When Moirin meets Rand al-Thawr, he feels that Rand has the ability to Use Sydin. Incidentally, this is why certain changes (especially their age) have been made in the characters, which is thought-provoking in its own way. Rand is someone who has been away from madness for a long time and is probably the one who changed the rules of this franchise. In this series, the product of Amazon Prime, a man's mind will probably be shattered when he acquires his potential ability to use Sidin. The Time Wheel trailer focuses almost entirely on Cedar, and many of Rand's allusions remain to be seen in the series or subsequent trailers. During the trailer, several images of Cedar's abilities are shown, including the treatment of people.

11. Red Sisters

BingMag.com Time Wheel Serial Trailer Analysis; 23 interesting secrets and mysteries

The Wizards of Ice Hell They are divided into different codes and colors, of which red ies are one of the most important. They are usually violent and unyielding, and their sacred duty is to seek out those who have a single power. These people are then brought to the White Wall Wall Tower to perform a ritual known as decency, which separates Cedar's force from them. The Red Aya have more members than any other group, but it is worrying that Darkovan forces have successfully infiltrated them. Some of these witches are actually black ayas who have sworn to serve Darkwan and their existence is hidden from the eyes of the Red Sisters.

10. Magic Shield

One of the most influential aspects of a cedar trailer is where a wave of arrows is stopped in the sky, possibly due to the movement of air molecules in one place. They have remained constant. Point-of-mouth viewers can see Len's character, played by Daniel Henny, in front of the others holding a sword. This Moirin warrior is one of the most skilled warriors in the world, and Moirin himself is aware of this.

9. Matt Cowton Dagger

Ruby Dagger is an important part of Matt's story that was stolen from the cursed city of Shadow Logot. This place was long under the rule of Darkovan. Its inhabitants were greedy for a single light until they confronted each other, and there was a good opportunity for Darkovan to influence them. Rand and his friends were forced to spend the night there to escape the trolls, and it was there that Matt found the dagger. This dagger is an unclean razor that has a dangerous effect on people's minds, and the slightest scratch can cause death in a matter of seconds, unless an ace intervenes and saves the wounded.

8. The Great Shadow

BingMag.com Time Wheel Serial Trailer Analysis; 23 interesting secrets and mysteries

Imundes Field Adventurers imagined They can find shelter in Shadar Logut, but soon realize that this place is cursed. In the trailer of the wheel of time, we see that the happy shadow of the logo is moving towards them and they are trying hard to escape from it. It can be said that trolls were far less dangerous than Shadar Logut. Matt pays a heavy price and realizes that the curse and evil within the happy Logot contaminates their souls.

7. Perrin confronts a wolf

The trailer shows a scene of Perrin confronting a wolf that may seem coincidental at first glance but actually hints at abilities He is what he gets in the continuation of the series. Perrin is a brother wolf and a person who follows some of the characteristics of wolves' lives and can establish a kind of friendly relationship with their herd. This ability is rare and old, and even seemingly older than the single power itself. Among wolves, there are fortune tellers who will go hunting with humans again in the future.

6. Abandoned

There are several short scenes and a glimpse of the Abandoned in the Time Wheel trailer. They are the senders of a single power who have sworn to serve Darkwan. "Darkovan and all the fugitives in Shayol the Giant were reunited. "They were limited by the Creator at the moment of creation and are limited until the end of the world." The appearance of the forsaken shows that this promised age has finally arrived. (Of course, given the rotation of history over time, the accuracy of this prediction is debatable. It is not possible to say with certainty whether there really was a moment for creation in the beginning.)

5. Focus on Len

BingMag.com Time Wheel Serial Trailer Analysis; 23 interesting secrets and mysteries

Daniel Henny Usually called Len, he is a very complex character whose story is revealed during the series and he proves that he has his own destiny. Moirin's sworn warrior suddenly finds a special feeling and interest in Nineveh the Wise, and the love between the two is one of the most fascinating designs in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. Before this scene, viewers see his face many times, but the main focus on his character is at the end of the trailer and action scenes, some of which take place in Amundsfield and others have no real background.

4. Darkwan Hunters

There aren't many scenes and images of villains in the Time Wheel trailer, and this may be because the graphics and editing work is still complete. It is not over. However, in this trailer, Darkovan hunters are seen attacking Amundes Field in search of the tavern and then hunting them in the middle of the night. Most of these events take place before Rand Al-Thawr and his friends reach Tar Walloon, and when they reach the White Tower, they stay away from Darkwan's plans and plans.

3. Overview of Login

One of the most intriguing images of the time wheel trailer is Alvaro Morte's Login, which uses a single power. He is one of the people who has the power of Sidin and tried to introduce himself as a false dragon and claimed that his appearance is the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy. He was captured by the Ice Wizards, and the trailer probably shows flashbacks to the Wizards' battle with him. He is one of the secondary characters in the books, so this series will probably cover his story in more detail.

2. Final Battle

BingMag.com Time Wheel Serial Trailer Analysis; 23 interesting secrets and mysteries

One of the most important moments of the trailer The wheel of time refers to the final battle, which is a great conflict in which Darkovan will be defeated at great cost. The forces of light are led by a man named Dragon Born, who can transmit a single power, but he must learn to resist the negative effects of Darkovan when using Sydin. Recently, a large number of fake dragons have appeared, but Moirin believes that Rand al-Thawr is the real dragon. If Darkovan can defeat Rand and his allies before the final battle, everything will be lost.

1. Collaboration between Moirin and Len

The final images of the trailer are a series of action scenes without any special background in which Moirin and Len collaborate with each other. The two, as an ace and a warrior, create a terrifying combination. This scene seems to show the Trolls' attack on Amundes Field, which is essentially the prelude to their collaboration. This scene is a brilliant display of Moirin's power, and we see that he uses the light of the sky to destroy the enemy.

Source: Screenrant

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