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Thor movie trailer; Watch "Love and Thunder"

Chris Hamsworth and Natalie Portman, Marvel's earthly gods, are reuniting for the company's latest film, directed by Taika Whitey. Chris Hamsworth recently promised his fans that the new trailer for "Thor; Thor: Love and Thunder "blow up your brain" and now they can judge for themselves!
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The trailer received more than two million views on Marvel's YouTube Entertainment page within an hour of its release. Marvel announced "Love and Thunder" in 2019 at Comic Con San Diego, where the studio's director Kevin Faigy revealed that Natalie Portman for the first time since "Thor; Thor: The Dark World will return to the franchise.

In the new film, Jane Foster, played by Portman, will play Mitty Thor. Other stars include Tessa Thompson, who will return as the Valkyrie, and newcomers to the franchise, Christian Bale and Russell Crowe. The project features actors from the Guardians of the Galaxy series, including Chris Pert and Dave Batista. Thor; Thor: Ragnarok pioneered directing Love and Thunder. In the years that followed, Whitney won an Academy Award and became a major member of the Disney family, starring in and directing episodes of Disney Plus on "The Mandalorian" and starring in "Star Wars." Star Wars) for the studio. Whitey wrote the screenplay for "Love and Thunder" from a story co-authored with Jennifer Katein Robinson. Love & Thunder ", Hamsworth becomes the first Marvel actor to feature a fourth character (Thor). Thor was last seen in "The Avengers; "Avengers: Endgame" appeared, introducing the world to a superhero who was depressed after failing to stop Tanus. The first teaser of "Love and Thunder" was released just a month ago in April and showed Thori who had left the life of a superhero after the events of "The End of the Game".

Thor; Love and Thunder "will be released in cinemas on July 8 (July 17).

Source: hollywood reporter

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