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8 things we learned about witches after watching the "Wolf Nightmare" anime

BingMag.com 8 things we learned about witches after watching the 'Wolf Nightmare' anime

"The Wizard: Wolf Nightmare" has expanded the Netflix Wizard series more successfully than ever by delving deeper into the popular wizard world. Fans, in this anime, saw a time when wizards were still in their heyday, fighting monsters across the continent and recruiting new children to upgrade their ranks.

The movie also featured several items. As for the witches, it turned out that the Wizards' collection did not mention them in the presence of Henry Coyle. Fans of wizard books and games may be aware of the franchise's background, but ordinary audiences, thanks to the wolf nightmare, discovered many secrets and increased their understanding of the main character of the series.

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8. Witches are seldom used as a new force

BingMag.com 8 things we learned about witches after watching the 'Wolf Nightmare' anime

In Wolf Nightmare, some methods of attracting witches are shown. The law of surprise is an important part of the franchise and one of the main ways to attract new people. In fact, many children come to Kai Morhan unexpectedly. At other times, young boys willingly join the cult, such as Wesmir, who travels to Kair Morhan after liking the lifestyle of a wizard.

There is no mention of this in the anime. No, but fans of books and games know that the people of the continent sometimes offer their children to them as the cost of witchcraft services. It is too unusual for parents to sell their children, but worse things are happening every day on this accursed continent.

7. Wizards have several magical abilities

The Wizards series takes a brief look at the power of wizards. Geralt uses his abilities several times with the play of Henry Coyle, but the audience has not yet seen his original magic. However, the wolf nightmare reveals most of the powers of the wizards.

Wesmir uses several basic powers throughout the anime, including fire and air. He also uses other magical techniques that appear in the form of energy. He relies more on his magical abilities, while Geralt is interested in hand-to-hand combat. Viewers have different opinions about the best wizard between Wesmir and Geralt. The wolf nightmare proved that despite the various wizard fighting techniques, they do their job well under any circumstances.

6. Witches had a luxurious life

Geralt has a solitary and erratic life throughout the series. He avoids most of the material benefits and is only satisfied with the cost of his services. Wesmir, on the other hand, enjoys the benefits of fighting monsters and his lifestyle, and spends the money he earns on material pleasures. Do not have. In addition, the film confirms that there was a time when witches had a luxurious life on the continent. Society still rejects them in most cases, but they have more power and can defend themselves without fear of persecution.

5. Humans Were Afraid of Witches

BingMag.com 8 things we learned about witches after watching the 'Wolf Nightmare' anime

Wolf Nightmare It has many memorable promises, but the best of them summarizes the relationship between humans and wizards: "The only thing that keeps humans from hunting us are the horrible animals we keep." In fact, humans viewed witches negatively, calling them threatening at best and abnormal at worst. Fans already knew that Geralt had a controversial relationship with humans, but this seems to His background is relevant. The anime, however, depicts the fact that society does not consider witches to be human beings, but rather monsters that fight only with their own kind.

4. Witches had a bad reputation

Like any other organization, witches were not immune to corruption. They were so powerful and so threatened that they believed that ordinary laws no longer applied to them and separated themselves from the rest of society. Tetra hates witches very much because one of them killed his mother in front of his eyes. Like many people on the continent, he believes that witches are animals that roam, and he tends to eradicate them. Crossing certain boundaries and acting outside the law caused the disgrace of all wizards. In his last breaths, Deglan asked Wesmir to turn the remaining men into better men, and Wesmir took his master's words seriously and trained the next generation of wizards to avoid past mistakes. Geralt fans only saw him in the first season of the series, but according to reports, there will be more wizards in the second season.

3. Wizards played an important role in reducing the population of elves

The situation of elves on the continent is dangerous. In the Wizards series, they are almost extinct. They live in an old cave or hide in the woods as refugees and are afraid of the outside world. The three main characters, Geralt, Enfer and Siri, have a good relationship with the elves. Siri and Geralt have had significant encounters with them, and Enfre also communicates with them through his blood. All of these people help the audience understand how dangerous and complicated the situation of the elves on the continent is, and the wolf nightmare provides more details about their fall.

The wizards began a series of events that led to a decline The population became elves. Ridrich and Deglan experimented on Elf's young daughter, Kitsu, and she, in turn, tried to replicate the experiments on other children. Most of them died due to their inability to endure these trials. At the beginning of the Wizards series, Philavandrel and Wesmir were the only ones to remember these events. Elves are one of the most vulnerable groups in this series, and fans, thanks to this anime, become more familiar with the catastrophes around them.

2. There may be more mutated alphabets

BingMag.com 8 things we learned about witches after watching the 'Wolf Nightmare' anime

The anime also suggests that there may be at least one other mutant A. Philavandrell takes care of another living hybrid girl and promises to use a sword and sword if she hurts anyone. Fans still do not know about the girl's fate, but if she survives, more elves may be able to do so. If so, then witches face more dangerous threats than they think, especially because elves are different from the monsters that witches usually fight.

1. ( Some) wizards helped build mutant monsters

At some point in the continent's history, witches outnumbered monsters. Maybe they did a very good job or maybe the monsters in nature stopped reproducing. Fearing persecution and other heinous crimes by witches, Deglan enlisted the help of Riedrich to create new monsters. Things got worse when Tetra exposed the witches' misdeeds to the people of Ard Craig and persuaded them to help attack Kair Morhan. The wolf nightmare anime clearly shows the background of the wizards' hesitation and death, and lets the audience know that they were both the victim and the cause of their downfall.

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