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Thieves Army movie trailer analysis; 8 points about the story and its world

BingMag.com Thieves Army movie trailer analysis; 8 points about the story and its world

The latest trailer for The Army of Thieves, the protagonist of the zombie epic and the pirate-centric Zack Snyder, the Army of the Dead, incorporates a number of key elements of the previous storyline. May have bigger consequences in Snyder's new world on Netflix. One of the characters in Schweiffer's Dead Army is the German Ludwig Dieter, who is a safe thief. 11 revelations about the origins of blood

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  • The Army of the Dead was mostly a serious, violent, and R-rated robbery in Las Vegas It was infested with zombies and had several insane elements such as aliens and time circles, but the army of thieves has a different tone and focuses more on Dieter's humorous character and has a style similar to traditional robbery-like works like the Italian job. The story takes place in a zombie-free Europe and has a more unique narrative than the army of the dead, but preserves the main characters and events of that world.

    A number of great mysteries are hidden in the latest trailer and in them You can find lines related to Snyder's Army of the Dead, including some amazing things that may change the way people look at the elements of the original film. We may already think that the previous story ended well and happily, but the new trailer shows that there are still some twists and turns in the original plot, and that the Army of the Dead may be surprising in the new film.

    8. Dieter is the master of stealing the safe

    BingMag.com Thieves Army movie trailer analysis; 8 points about the story and its world

    We already knew that Dieter was good at what he did in the Army of the Dead, and we met Gutterdamroog, the main safe that the team members were about to open, but what skill did Dieter bring to the new film? The Army of Thieves answers this question with his previous show. The trailer begins with a kind of underground reopening competition in which the participants have to compete with each other and open the safe door, and like any secret underground competition in this type of film, there are always other sources monitoring the performance of the participants.

    7. zombies of the army of thieves

    BingMag.com Thieves Army movie trailer analysis; 8 points about the story and its world

    that the army of the dead A robbery-themed movie about zombies does not mean that the army of pirates will be narrated in the zombie apocalypse. As stated in the Army of the Dead, zombies were more prevalent in Las Vegas. So the Thieves Army movie, which is about a series of robberies in Europe, should not have the same sudden zombie-based threats, but we still see a lot of zombies in the trailer that could be the film's connection to the Army of the Dead project.

    6. Meet the robbery team

    BingMag.com Thieves Army movie trailer analysis; 8 points about the story and its world

    At the core of every robbery movie is a team of experts, and the Army of the Dead was no exception. However, the army of thieves seems to be a little more inclined to the traditional genre of robbery. The Dead Army team had a specific pilot and tracker, but many of the other members were just ordinary zombie killers. The members of the Thieves Army team include Corina (Ruby Phi), the main hacker, Rolf (Gaz Khan), the driver, and Brad Cage (Stuart Martin) as the team's action hero. Of course, this team has been assembled by a thinker named Guandolin and Dieter.

    In both films, there is a sense of humor among the members. In The Army of the Dead, Marianne Peters (Tig Notaro) tells Scott Ward (Dave Batista): "Obviously a German is the most important person, because he can open the safe, but still, I'm important, right? Because without me you can not get the helicopter out of there. "So I am in second place." In the Thieves Army trailer, Dieter recalls the scene with a clearer sentence: "Is this operation like a movie in which each of us has different skills and we just work together to do what "Do we need to get it?" As Guandolin puts it, "Yes, that's right."

    Return of one of the villains of the Army of the Dead

    BingMag.com Thieves Army movie trailer analysis; 8 points about the story and its world

    Zombies The main threat was the army of the dead, and Zeus and other alpha zombies were later considered dangerous, while the real villain was the plague of Tanaka (Hiroyuki Sanada). Blay was the brainchild of a billionaire and behind-the-scenes thinker who sent the team (and apparently other teams before them) to the brink of death and tried to arm the alpha zombies for profit, and his actions and nature seemed much more ugly than Zeus and the alpha ones. It turns out that they attacked only to survive, to defend themselves, or when provoked.

    In fact, the revelation that Tanaka owns all the safes of the army of thieves completely changes the context of the film The Army of the Dead. The trailer confirms that Dieter already has information about the disaster, and that Dieter is involved in the thefts, which means that Dieter is probably aware of Dieter's skills, which justifies Dieter's presence in Vegas and joins the Army of the Dead team.>

    There are many unanswered questions about insane elements such as robot zombies, aliens, time and survival rings, and the mysterious transformation of Andrew (Omar Hardwick), and it seems that all this and the mysterious nature of safes and that Tanaka wants It seems to have been just a superficial and shell game for Martin (Gareth Delhant) to take over the head of the Alpha Zombie Queen.

    4. 3 safes are probably very important in the world of the army of the dead

    BingMag.com Thieves Army movie trailer analysis; 8 points about the story and its world

    According to Dieter in the Army of the Dead, the safes were designed by Hans Wagner Inspired by his namesake, Richard Wagner. On the one hand, there may not be more information about safes, but nevertheless, their epic and mythical design is interesting in a world where zombies may have alien and ancient roots. Dieter's almost religious conception of safes in the army of the dead can be an element of his unusual personality. "If I can open it, either the apocalypse will come or the world will be renewed," he later told Wonderweh. "We will either die or be born again." Many of these mythological ideas were mentioned in The Army of the Dead, and there are many hidden messages referring to alien interference and other mystical concepts, but it is not yet clear whether these messages and allusions are merely an implicit use of a metaphor or a lexical connection to There are legends of the death of the gods in Wagner's opera.

    3. The Army of Thieves has a bigger world

    BingMag.com Thieves Army movie trailer analysis; 8 points about the story and its world

    Army of the Dead It had extensive action with large groups of zombies and nuclear explosions, and the whole film included events in Las Vegas and Nevada, but the army of pirates is a little more global. The film was shot in Prague, Czech Republic, Hallstatt, Austria, and Obersalzberg in Germany, but in the trailer, other European cities are also seen in the film, and the locations of the safes are on the map, and in Paris, Prague, and Obersalzberg. However, most of the film's activities appear to have been filmed in Prague and other pre-announced locations. The Cathedral of St. Vitus is known from there. Pictures of car chases were also filmed in Prague due to street signs, and the scene of the main bank robbery, which took place in the building of the Czech Central Bank, appears to be the interior of another building in Prague called the Radolfinum Gallery (which is It is slightly modified with graphic and computer work and is shown under the name of another building). It can also be seen in the picture, and the truck chases in the mountains also take place in Obersalzberg, Germany. The city of Paris is also shown in one of the opening scenes, but it is not clear how much of the film's story takes place there. Regardless, it is clear that the team is going on a great adventure in Europe and see the magnificent architecture and natural landscapes of the continent.

    2. Dieter is an unconventional action hero

    BingMag.com Thieves Army movie trailer analysis; 8 points about the story and its world

    The dead were full of ruthless and experienced zombie killers, but Dieter was stuck among them like a fish, claiming that he had never used a weapon and generally disliked violence, which is not uncommon as a second character, but the army The thieves put him in the lead as the main character, and we have to see how he copes with his inexperience in this development.

    He may have lied about his action experience, because we We know that he did not fully express his familiarity with these particular safes or his current connection to the Tanaka disaster. In the original Thieves Army teaser and in the full new trailer, Dieter does not take up arms at all, although he is guarded by skilled men.

    The fact that he is not involved in the violent part of the robbery does not mean that Dieter avoids action because there are so many pictures of him in dangerous situations. Most films focus on a traditional action hero such as Brad Cage as Stuart Martin.

    So focusing on Dieter is a special and interesting task. The fact that he is not directly involved in any of the big trailer shootings makes sense when all of this is distracting forces and other officials, and Dieter is busy breaking the safe.

    1. The army of thieves is much more comedic than the army of the dead

    BingMag.com Thieves Army movie trailer analysis; 8 points about the story and its world

    However, this film is not only more comedic, but the producers actually make it Describe romantic comedy. According to the trailer, however, the film certainly has more action themes than a typical romantic comedy. Of course, there is clearly a romantic relationship between Dieter and Guandolin. So a movie would not be romantic without a storyline.

    Source: Screenrant

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