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Theory of "Transformers 7"; Unicorn is an evil character

BingMag.com <b>Theory</b> of 'Transformers 7'; <b>Unicorn</b> is an <b>evil</b> character

According to a new and exciting Theory about "Transformers 7", Unicorn is the new main villain of "Animal Emergence" in the future Transformers sequel. Scheduled for release on June 9, 2023, Transformers: The Rise of Beasts is set to be both a Bombay sequel and the first chapter of Transformers: Animal Wars, which is part of the Transformers franchise. So the film naturally introduces the maximalists, who are a group of transformants who voluntarily transform into robotic creatures. The story of the roots of the maxims also tells the story of Optimus Prime, apart from the first five films by Michael B. The story of "The Rise of the Beasts" is told after the reunion of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee and seven years later in 1994, and two Brooklyn archaeologists engage in battles between three transformed factions: the Maximals, the Perdacons, and the Terrorists.

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  • Despite this, and despite the film's extensive plans to introduce three new groups of robots in the midst of "Animal Wars," a Theory is emerging that Unicorn is the real villain. Will be "Transformers 7". The idea comes mainly from photographs of the Animal Rise Collection, in which the Unicorn symbol is embossed on the body of the terrorist leader. As a result, we explore this Theory and how Unicorn relates to the Transformers: Animal Emergence narrative.

    Who is Unicorn? His background connection to "Animal Warfare" is simply evil. In this franchise, it ends the dynasty of all villains. His background and background are different from many of the transformants, but his level of threats and dangers is the same and maybe even higher. Over the years, Unicorn has evolved from a giant robot to a god of chaos that spans various realms. According to the last story line of the history of the transformed, order and chaos existed before the dawn of time in a transcendental being called the Chosen One. Chosen to explore the fledgling world, he created Unicorn and then divided him to create Primus, who became the representative of good and evil in the transformed world. As a result, Unicorn naturally seeks to eradicate all highways during its presence in the Transformers, and often uses smaller tactics and assassins to carry out its nefarious orders.

    Unicorn logically has several links to It has the narrative of "Transformers: Animal Wars" (through evil characters). In the original Transformers story of 1986, Unicorn uses the body of the Decepticans to create Scurge, the leader of the Animal War. Overall, the Transformers: Armada comic consists of four Animal War-inspired characters (Rhinox, Erizour, Terrorist, and Cheetah) who are kidnapped by Unicorn in his final story. The four Animal Warfare characters later return in later comic book series and become Unicorn characters to figure out the destruction and death of enemies in the name of their master.

    Evidence that Unicorn is the villain of the new film

    BingMag.com <b>Theory</b> of 'Transformers 7'; <b>Unicorn</b> is an <b>evil</b> character

    The initial evidence for this is taken from a collection of photographs in the collection. A number of these images, many of which are originally from the Instagram account of the film's director, Steven Kippel Jr., show the terrorist leader with the Unicorn symbol embossed on his body. As we know from the original Transformers story, Scurge was created by Unicorn, and his appearance as the great villain of Transformers: Animal Wars is perfectly sensible. If Transformers 7 adheres to the main story of this franchise, then we must say that Scurge and Unicorn are now united.

    Unicorn's role in Transformers: Animal Emergence

    Although the main story of this film is kept completely secret, Unicorn will probably be a threat that brings together buses and maxims to fight the terrorists. According to the early story of the Transformers, we know that the Unicorns made the Terrorists a bigger threat than the highways, and this almost omnipotent god of chaos changed the Terrorists at will. "Transformers: The Rise of Beasts" will be a multi-faceted adventure, and Optimus Prime will travel to Peru in search of the maximum. With all these interpretations, it is still not possible to comment with certainty on the story of the film.

    Why converts should now leave Unicorn Unicorn is a terrifying opponent and a very attractive anti-hero, but apart from This issue, Kipel Jr. and the creators should use Unicorn in this part to prevent further stagnation of this cinematic franchise. All five of Michael Bay's "Transformers" are heavily dependent on Megatron as the villain in the movie series, and he has survived far more than the big villains like the Centennial Prime and Quintess. In order to change the boring formula of the franchise (like Bumblebee), "Transformers: The Rise of Beasts" must finally put aside the despicable ones and show itself by introducing the assassins.

    This franchise has been mentioned especially throughout the movie "The Last Knight". In a bizarre part of the film, the Cybertronians, led by Quintessa, call the planet Earth Unicorn, which they seem to have chosen for Earth without any specific purpose. However, the scene after the titration of "The Last Knight" corrects this confusing theory, and in one scene Quintessa states: "He does not like to be acquainted with new terrestrial structures." And it actually refers to the fact that the Unicorn is either the earth itself (because of its enormous size) or that it is hidden inside the earth. As a result, "Transformers 7", after establishing Unicorn's continued presence in all films to date, should use him and he will be introduced as the last villain in this series of 17-year-old films.

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