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Theory of the Matrix 4; Trinity is the chosen person, not Neo

BingMag.com Theory of the Matrix 4; Trinity is the chosen person, not Neo

Is there a Trinity chosen in The Matrix: The Resurrection? Nearly two decades after the end of the original trilogy, The Doomsday Matrix will hit theaters on December 22 and will also be screened at Achbio Max (based on Warner Bros.'s release strategy during the Corona epidemic).

With the release of the first new trailer for the fourth film in the series, expectations have risen from this film, and opinions about it are increasing day by day, although none of these questions can be answered until the release of Matrix 4.

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Today, it seems like a clich to say that the Matrix changed cinema, but this is an undeniable fact. The effects of shooting and shooting times and martial arts sequences have raised the level of science fiction and action movies to the point where the Doomsday Matrix sequence itself is likely to be challenging. The main plot of the Matrix about the domination of machines over humanity in the dream and simulated world and the emergence of a chosen person to end the war was a completely new interpretation of the Platonic cave allegory. This plan is still being explored and theorized about today. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Trinity (Kerry Ann Moss) in The Matrix Revolutions both goes back to the fourth episode, which is probably why the fourth film is called Resurrection. However, as can be seen in the trailer, Neo and Trinity do not recall each other and their previous experiences, but the case of Trinity in particular seems a little different. There are many possible explanations for this difference, but one very interesting explanation is that he, not Neo, is probably the seventh person to be chosen in the Resurrection Matrix.

How Trinity came to the Matrix Are resurrections coming back?

BingMag.com Theory of the Matrix 4; Trinity is the chosen person, not Neo

One of the big questions about resurrections is this That is exactly how Trinity has returned to the Matrix. Neo's death occurred while he was connected to the Matrix in a machine city, but Trinity died in the real world without any connection, and the machines were apparently unaware of his death. However, there are several moments in the trailer that show that his presence in the fourth film seems to be more than a simple comeback.

In the scene with Neo, the matrix code is seen on the Trinity species. Aside from the possibility that Trinity might be a threat to the Matrix machines like Neo, these codes could mean that the machines were able to find Trinity's body after he and Neo collided near the car town, clearing his memory and re-entering him. The matrix. Also, it is possible that when Neo re-entered the matrix, Trinity simply rebuilt himself using his memory, but given Neo's choice, this is simply not possible. So there is probably something else beyond his return by machines or his reconstruction through neo-memory.

Trinity has certain powers in the "Resurrection Matrix" h2>

Throughout the trailer, Neo demonstrates many of his ability to transform reality, which he first demonstrated in the original trilogy, and it seems that the film once again places great emphasis on Neo's defiance of Keanu Reeves. (Which now has a beard) has a limit and rules of the matrix. But what stands out is Trinity's remarkable power in ignoring the Matrix programs, and it seems astonishingly greater than ever. Also in one scene, Trinity resists one of the kinetic explosions, and a team of undercover police forces are thrown back.

Another notable change is the relationship between Neo and Trinity is in the matrix of the resurrection. Trinity, as much as Neo's coach Morpheus in the main trilogy, played a key role in separating him from the Matrix, and this time around he seems to be significantly and more than ever helping to wake him up and bring him back to life. In the scene of the motorcycle chase, he sits in front of the motorcycle and drives it, as well as assisting Neo when jumping from a building. In addition, there is a moment in the trailer in which, inexplicably, Trinity turns into a hologram with several holographic reflections and shows the anonymous character of Jessica Hanwick. There are many things in the Doomsday Matrix trailer that you can ignore, but one thing is undeniable, that the Trinity has really changed. strong>

BingMag.com Theory of the Matrix 4; Trinity is the chosen person, not Neo

The most important thing to consider about the chosen person is that he or she Someone, at any time, disrupts the matrix program, or in the words of the matrix architect: reloading, it's an anomaly. Neo was the sixth person selected in the system. So it makes sense that after Neo's death in the Matrix, another chosen one would return to it. Perhaps instead of coming back and re-entering Neo to simulate in the chosen form, this time Trinity will play the role of the seventh chosen person.

As mentioned before, Trinity represents the level of power that He seems far beyond what he has before, and he is the main guide to Neo in the trailer. Expressing his love for Neo, Trinity brought him back to life, and the scene has been in the audience's minds since 1999, and the new film has certain complexities in the overall equation of the Matrix. After a long hiatus in the Matrix franchise, from the last film to the present, it can be concluded that Neo returns to the Matrix of the Resurrection with greater ability and skill than ordinary people to counter the Matrix programs, but not as the chosen and Christian person of the new film. , Is a Trinity.

There is still a long way to go before the Doomsday Matrix is released. The trailer showed that the new film is somewhat contrary to the previous formulas and expectations of the audience and has changed in various ways, from the removal of the famous green color around the characters inside the matrix to the role of Yahya Abdul Matin II as Morpheus. Neo is in a more difficult situation in returning to the Matrix illusion, but Trinity's return is perhaps the biggest mystery of the whole story. How and why this happens is a complex puzzle, but Trinity can not only (again) awaken from simulation as an ordinary human being, but perhaps return to the Matrix of the Resurrection as the next anomalous person who has chosen the seventh version of the person. p>

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