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The 9 theories about the "Resurrection Matrix" that we think are based on the trailer are true

With the release of the first exciting and highly anticipated Resurrection Matrix trailer, many Internet users are speculating about what will happen in the fourth part of the film. Fell.

The trailer images seemed very transient, and in fact were quick and almost decipherable images of the film and mysterious scenes involving familiar and Western characters in strange environments and situations. However, with serious and in-depth analysis, some of the more plausible theories about the film can be separated from a bunch of fan rumors. So let's take a look at them, but be aware that these theories may seem a little strange.

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1. Neo and Trinity are captivated by machines, and have been for a long time.

They feed, they are controlled. Both bodies appear to have been specially protected, especially the Trinity, which at the end of the Matrix revolutions was housed inside a barracks in a Swiss shelter. However, he still has to be alive in some ways, even if he only has brain activity, and we see in the trailer that he enters the matrix by the devices. This is also true for Neo, despite his apparent death at the end of the same film. It should be noted, however, that his eyes are still blind in the real world, as Smith (Ian Blaise)'s special agent blinded him with a hot wire.

These two appear to be They need a little help from the machines. A few quick snapshots of Neo in the mirror (one in front of a TV and before taking a blue pill and the other in front of a full-length mirror) in the trailer show reflections much older than him, with parts of his head bald, the rest He has long gray hair and a beard. The pills seem to help him stay in the illusion of being young, just as they keep everyone in the illusion of the matrix being real. We see two images of Trinity, in one of which, green matrix codes are seen on his face, and in the other, his body is divided into several parts. This may be because the machines are trying to verify his identity, or it may be that he is one of the imaginary corpses at the end of the main trilogy.

2. Bugs is either really good or really bad

BingMag.com The 9 theories about the 'Resurrection Matrix' that we think are based on the trailer are true

First of all if you do not know, It should be noted that Bugs was named after Jessica Hanwick in The Resurrection Matrix. The name is probably due to the white rabbit tattoo on his shoulder, but why does he have this tattoo? There is a clue in his conversation with Neo: "Neo, if you want the truth, you must follow me." This dialogue is a very clear reference to Trinity's message to Neo about following the white rabbit in the main matrix. Neo also saw a similar tattoo on Trinity's shoulder during his first visit. This is not just Bugs's reminder of the first Matrix movie. In the trailer, Bugs has a very familiar conversation with an unknown third party:

"Bugs: I'm here. Looks like an old code. It really feels familiar.

Stranger: Announce the situation. I am sending a backup force Did you hear? Baggs, it's like a trap there.

Baggs: I'm looking into it now. He was surrounded by police. Now why all this repetition? Have the evil forces resumed their activities? Or is something much worse happening? Does the system intend to steer Neo into his desired rabbit hole by reconstructing Neo's subconscious memories with the help of Bugs? Bugs's blue hair, like Neil Patrick Harris's blue glasses, is reminiscent of blue pill ideas, and in this case, one can not be too optimistic.

However, it should be noted that Bugs in several scenes The action is present and he shoots the officers and runs away from them, which has the opposite conclusion to the previous sentence. Unless, of course, we have two separate groups of machines struggling to gain control of the matrix, which in itself is so broad that it requires a completely different article. Bugs has great power and is present in the best action trailer and TV commercial sequences. In the pictures, he jumps from the roof with his back to the ground and lands on the lower roof, crushing that surface under his own feet. He is shot by police and officers, escapes their bullets, and jumps off a police car to protect himself. Most importantly, he goes from one side entrance and a virtual entrance to another. In fact, when the agents are after him and Morpheus, Bugs shoots at them and then they both run inside the virtual. Then he goes to another wall and they both jump out of the skyscraper window through the skylight and escape using the code matrix.

But what does all this mean? Maybe he's an infantryman in the machine system who wants to take control of Neo, or maybe he's a soldier of the free people of Zion and trying to free those who are still trapped in the Matrix, or even more interestingly, he could have chosen a new incarnation because It's been a long time since the original matrix and it's time for a new savior to be born. Everything will become clear over time.

3. Neo may be in the CPU of the cars at the beginning of the film

At the beginning of the trailer, we see Neo attending a treatment session in a pristine seaside town free of any green color. This image is very different from the vast, dirty Matrix metropolis. The Matrix Architect (Helmet Bakaitis): Reload told Neo that his unusual code would have to be re-entered in the source so that he could reappear in the Matrix.

(Hugo Weaving), they did the same thing to bring him back to the Matrix. In the trailer, a clue is shown to the keen viewer in an office corridor where Neo is fleeing from shootings and large explosions. There is a sign on the hallway wall that reads, "God of Cars." Most writers see this image as a simple and easy way to end the Matrix movie, while the God of Machines is the name of the machine ruler that Neo dealt with in The Matrix Revolutions until he finally made peace with his enemies. In addition, a scene in the trailer shows Neo, Morpheus (Yahya Abdul Matin II) and Bugs (Jessica Hanwick) escaping from a wall into a train. The train may have belonged to Merovingian (Lambert Wilson), who used such a transportation system to smuggle rogue programmers between the machine's CPU and the matrix. This train may be the way for Neo to return to the Matrix.

4. A Good Therapist vs. a Bad Therapist

BingMag.com The 9 theories about the 'Resurrection Matrix' that we think are based on the trailer are true

Anyone who has seen the trailer knows That Neo goes to two therapists to treat his dreams, which are not just a dream. At the beginning of the trailer, Neil Patrick Harris is sitting in a therapist chair, and at the end we see a person playing Jonathan Grove who is facing Neo and talking to him. It is natural to think that one of them has a good effect and leads Neo to the truth, and the other is a programmed person from the world of machines who tries to keep him unaware of his brain prison. If so, it looks like Neil Patrick Harris's character is on the bad side of the coin.

Is the matrix. And Deja Vu, as we all know, is a sign that machines have changed something (usually in a bad way). He wears large glasses with blue frames that represent blue tablets, and this therapist is probably prescribing mind-washing drugs for Neo. Of course, in one of the trailer images, he tells Neo: "You have lost the ability to distinguish reality from imagination. What is real is here and now. Everything else just keeps your mind playing. When imaginations are at stake, they become problematic. "We do not want people to be harmed, do we?" He seems very cunning and sinister.

On the other hand, Groff seems to encourage Neo to accept his belief in the Matrix: "After all these years, you have returned to a place where everything is from It started there. "You are back in the matrix." His mouth seems almost closed, just like when Neo first saw the agents in The Matrix and they arrested him. He may be one of the agents of machines that try to warn Neo about what to do next.

Of course, all of this may be dismissed with a larger theory. Many Internet analysts believe that Groof in this film is a remake of Agent Smith. Whether this is true or false will be determined in the film.

5. Young Morpheus seems to have been created by machines

Yahya Abdul Matin II confirmed that he plays the role of the young version of Morpheus in Matrix 4. The question is, how is that possible? Will he be born again to find and train a new person every once in a while? Is he a vampire (we know they are in the matrix)? Is he just a big fan of Lawrence Fishburne trying to dress like him? Probably not. There is only one definite clue about the sudden existence of this new morpheus, but this case and the very big clue are shown in short and fast scenes in the trailer that you will lose even if you blink. In one scene, it is clear that the body of Morpheus (at least the digital version) was created by a mass of glowing blue nanobots that resembled the ones that formed the face of the machine god in the Matrix revolutions. If these characteristics are not sufficient evidence that machines created this new and young Morpheus, then it is not clear what they are.

In the scene, Morpheus is very confused in the face of his surroundings ( He panics as his fingers cross the surface of the mirror (but the machines seem to have instilled in him many of Morpheus' old habits, memories, and trends. In the trailer, he offers Neo a red pill and a blue pill, trains with him on the dojo, and finally wears the same famous round sunglasses. Two guns are being fired.

In addition, he seems to be very familiar with issues related to the relationship between Neo and Trinity, and in a sequence he tells them: "The only thing that matters to you is here. Is. That's why you're still struggling and never giving up. "

6. Matrix uses water tablets and portable technology to keep people unaware

BingMag.com The 9 theories about the 'Resurrection Matrix' that we think are based on the trailer are true

7. The woman in the cafe is either Satie or Oracle

Almost any regular Matrix moviegoer could guess. A sensible-looking woman is sitting in a cafe reading Alice in Wonderland: Beyond the Mirror. Neo enters and he closes the book and looks at Neo with a wise look. The protagonist of this character, Priyanka Chopra, is an Indian Christian who shows that this woman is the adult version of Sati (Tanvir Ki Atwal). He was a young Indian child who was smuggled into the Matrix during the Matrix revolutions and rescued by Oracle (Mary Alice) so that he might be used in the near future. At the end of the Matrix Revolutions, after the defeat of Smith by Neo and the establishment of peace between humans and machines, Satie created a beautiful, multi-colored sunset in Neo's honor. Oracle told him that they would see Neo again for a while. Another conjecture is that this woman may be Oracle herself and has appeared in new skins, as we have already seen in the original trilogy that she can change her appearance.

8. Maybe this time Neo is the one who teaches Morpheus and his team the principles of reality

BingMag.com The 9 theories about the 'Resurrection Matrix' that we think are based on the trailer are true

9. All the inhabitants of the Matrix are fighting against Neo somewhere in the film

It was mentioned above that Morpheus had told Neo: "You must fight for it." He was not joking. In several scenes during the trailer and TV commercials, we see Neo fighting and being chased by large crowds of people, not police or officers, but civilians who look ordinary. In two special scenes, we see that Neo is surrounded by the masses of the Matrix. In one scene of the trailer, Trinity is on a motorcycle, and Neo is riding behind him, shooting with shotguns, and a large crowd chases them down the street, and then in the next picture, Neo is on the roof of a building. I see. He crossed a wire barrier to separate himself from the huge crowd of people looking for him. This is a barrier to prevent people from getting too close to the edge of the roof, but Neo does not seem to have much of a problem with it.

Source: collider

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