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4 theories about the new evil character of the latest James Bond film

BingMag.com 4 theories about the new evil character of the latest James Bond film

The twenty-fifth official James Bond film, entitled No Time To Die, is a new villain named Safin playing Rami introduces Malik, who can play the role of a god by bringing like-minded creatures into the world of 007, and even more terrifying is that the band may be indirectly involved in the plot, and it now becomes clear why Blapfeld (Christoph Waltz) He warned of a miraculous event that would change everything. Interestingly, the idea of genetic engineering and mortality would be a great fit for Daniel Craig's final appearance as James Bond.

The plot is not a time to die, despite long delays. The film is still a mystery. Extensive trailers and promotional clips may have revealed some of the images, but much effort has been put into keeping the mystery surrounding the film's villain's own, which is significant in the current context.

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This, of course, has led to widespread speculation that the band is nothing new. After all, there have been many theories about the gang throughout history, and some people think that both James Bond and 007, if killed or retired, both titles will go to other agents. Some even go so far as to believe that the band itself is an identical clone or creature raised for violence and that Silva (Javier Bardem) is credited with making it.

Matching is one possibility. The film is about the actions of a gang of villains, and there is now evidence that Safin is genetically engineered. When the gang is at the end of its term, it must find someone to replace it and reassure its superiors that they are not worried about running out of resources. As Blaffeld says, the film's revelations are not a time to die, it can really shake the band's identity and existence, and it starts with a possible plan for Safin's assimilation.

1. The gang accused Safin of playing the role of God

BingMag.com 4 theories about the new evil character of the latest James Bond film

It has been speculated for a long time The film is not a time to die, it has elements about genetic engineering. It seems that the advertisements of this film also refer to this issue. In part of the trailer, the band says that Safin plays the role of God and points to a dangerous new technology. Everything points to a weapon on the scale of global destruction, and this silly dialogue seems to be: "Your skills are dying with your body, my skills are disappearing long after me." He states that he seeks an eternal life. The idea of the Eternal Spring seems a bit unnatural to the band, and especially to Daniel Craig's gang, but Safin's special reference to heritage and the transfer of skills shows that he seeks to create a community with his own image and tries to improve his skills. Pass on the title of a genetic gift to your children.

If we look deeper into this, we may come to a simple but powerful possibility. If Safin works for Specter, which is probably the case, it is natural for him to have goals on a global scale, but the selfish feeling that the world should be ruled by him alone is a sign of an extraordinarily evil villain in the band. Safin uses the word sort in his sentences, which is clearly linked to his facial injuries and his completely white and flawless mask, and can indicate his concern for perfection. Perhaps Safin, like Dr. New, needs to remove the darkness and bitterness of his past in order to be motivated to create a better world. Safin's appearance as an environmental warrior and his algae farm base may seem misleading or misleading, or they may be consistent with his belief that humanity is a scourge on earth. Developing a means of phasing out humanity by depleting oxygen is a logical idea, but it cannot be the whole story, because Safin speaks openly about his heritage and the continuation of life. The complete end of civilization does not fit with this, and there must be a secondary element in the design, and this is where identical beings enter.

2. Safin's matching scheme fits Craig's role as a gang

Let's go back to that dialogue about the gang's skills and how they disappear with his body. We find that this sentence has an interesting connection to the way Craig has played James Bond since Skyfall, in terms of his longevity and legacy. In Skyfall, the gang was like a legacy on the verge of extinction when death led him to the terrifying realization that his absence was of little concern to others and did not matter to others. He had forgotten his tragic past and decided to have a private life, hidden from the public eye, but he realized that his life and his presence seemed like a spark and were very short. Safin's remarks about his legacy and that he should develop the skill he defines were used to hurt the gang spiritually, targeting his subconscious fears of immortality and death. The film is not a time to die, it is not just about immediate threats and unfinished business, but a warning cry of death in the ear 007.

3. Safin may not be a new doctor, but he has all the characteristics of a villain in gang movies.

BingMag.com 4 theories about the new evil character of the latest James Bond film

4. Safin does not work alone, and perhaps the band is part of his plot. As revealed by the commercials and trailers, Felix works alone and covertly with others, and supports the gang because he believes he can put an end to it. The band, at this point, is retired, which fits in with the theory that Safin's plot goes beyond Specter. What if the assimilation program is Safin's joint plan with the US government (or even CIA and IMICS)? Maybe they want to take advantage of the Specter Fighting Fish program and pitch their biggest enemies against each other to win the battle themselves. The gang also shows this. When the universal secret that shakes the band's identity is revealed, the image of another person working with Safin may be revealed. If the band's skills are limited and he is the biggest asset of IMICS, why aren't they or the CIA looking for a long-term solution to reverse the band's performance fluctuations and retain his genetic skills and talent? In other words, the gang itself could be part of Safin's test, or at least its legitimate party of which its allies are aware. Madeline Swan's involvement in 007 and her previous work with Safin and Specter Matching may be the key to the story and reveal the band's secret. The gang may have been replicated before, and Swann was responsible for obtaining his genetic material and resources. Rumors of the gang having a baby in the movie may not be a time to die, this is where it comes from.

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