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Test and sound of Casio CTK-3500 keyboard; Lightweight and portable

is an electronic keyboard made up of a combination of white and black keys similar to a piano. However, the number of keys on all keyboards is not as large as a piano. Casio is one of the most reputable companies in the field of keyboard production, which is sometimes mistakenly called Arg keyboard. Keyboards have a lot of pre-recorded rhythms and parts, so in this video we will not explain all the aspects of this instrument.

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Keyboards are divided into three categories: light, semi-heavy and heavy. The divisions depend on the stiffness of the keys when playing. The CTK-3500 Casio keyboard is lightweight and portable. For this reason, instead of electricity, you can use six AAA batteries to power the keyboard, which is not a cost-effective method. This keyboard has 61 keys, which gives the lowest number of octaves among the keyboards. There are also 76 and 88 keyboards, the number of keys of the latter is the size of a piano. The keys on the CTK-3500 Casio keyboard are lighter than piano keys and only look like them, but the keyboards are touch sensitive and produce different sounds if you press them firmly or gently. There are two dual-watt speakers on either side of the keyboard that do not have good sound quality.

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