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From Tarantino's Madness to Band Except Innovator (Weekend Art Suggestions)

BingMag.com <b>From</b> <b>Tarantino's</b> <b>Madness</b> to <b>Band</b> <b>Except</b> <b>Innovator</b> <b>(Weekend</b> <b>Art</b> Suggestions)

We have reached the end of 2021, and if we want to summarize last year in terms of art, the situation of cinema and literature was better than the rest. Podcasts became popular, but arts such as music or theater, which required rehearsals, ran into many problems. The number of significant music albums produced last year is not large. However, if you want to fill your weekend with movies, music and books, there are many suggestions. Especially in the field of cinema, where you can go to Iranian cinemas and see Nikki Karimi's "Atabay" and Shahram Mokri's "Careless Crime", and the most important animations and films of the awards season have been screened, and your weekend can be completely cinematic. Good books and podcasts that, thank God, are well produced and can include reading interesting books and listening to entertaining yet informative podcasts in your cultural portfolio. Is. From a book I have been writing for the past two weeks. The movie I saw this week and the music album, which is one of the most popular bands of my years and has been released by one of the best music releases. I hope these offers will provide you with pleasant hours.

What to see?

BingMag.com <b>From</b> <b>Tarantino's</b> <b>Madness</b> to <b>Band</b> <b>Except</b> <b>Innovator</b> <b>(Weekend</b> <b>Art</b> Suggestions)

Paolo Sorrentino is a familiar name to those who follow contemporary Italian cinema. There are traces of humor and visual diversity and a slightly exaggerated approach to Italian life in the style of his teacher Federico Fellini, and many consider Sorrentino to be Fellini's successor, although Sorrentino has yet to win an Academy Award or a Grand Prix. Reach Fellini's foot. The reason may be time. Fellini's imagination seemed freer, and for Sorrentino, filmmaking seemed more cumbersome than Fellini. However, the film "Hand of God", which will also compete with Asghar Farhadi's "Hero" at the Oscars, is one of the pleasant and lovable works to be seen over the years.

The popular story of Italians is the puberty of teenage boys. How they pass through their unpolluted childhood and enter the world of adulthood and youth. This time, the main character of the story, played by Filippo Scotty, although his name is in Fabio, is actually Sorrentino himself. The name of the film comes From the same famous goal of Maradona to England in the World Cup, which obviously Sorrentino has a lot of devotion to Maradona and that particular goal. Even in "Youth," Maradona himself appeared in front of Sorrentino's camera, pointing out in a sequence that he has the most famous left-hander in the world.

it shows. He has an older brother and they have a good life with his parents. Of course, they are going through hard and easy days, but their big concern is whether Napoli will finally buy Maradona or not. An event that is life and death for them. But there are events ahead that show Fabio how complicated life can be.

"The Hand of God" is a film about the experience of loneliness, death, and ultimately the praise of life. Sorrentino reminds us of the importance of cinema and fantasy in overcoming spiritual and ontological crises. His own savior seems to have survived the difficult days of cinema. Napoli becomes a turning point in the lives of its inhabitants, which, ironically, coincides with the beginning of a new era. At least for Fabio, whose life seems to change with Maradona coming to Napoli.

"Hand of God" is a masterfully made film. The film's sub-narratives, which sometimes seem even irrelevant, show the way the film's characters live. Watching the beaches of Italy and the warmth, dancing and dancing and even the company of the people of the small town are fun together. A film that reminds us how lonely we are in the end.

  • Writer : Paolo Sorrentino
  • Actors : Filippo Scotti, Tony Cervilo, Teresa Sapono Angelo
  • Product : 2021
  • Genre : Drama
  • Metacritic Score: 76 out of 100
  • imdb rating to movie : 7.5 out of 10
  • What to listen to?

    BingMag.com <b>From</b> <b>Tarantino's</b> <b>Madness</b> to <b>Band</b> <b>Except</b> <b>Innovator</b> <b>(Weekend</b> <b>Art</b> Suggestions)

    Cassette Quartet was formed in late 2012 by guitarist Ehsan Seddiq. Maziar Younesi, pianist and artistic director of the Symphony Orchestra of the Iran-Austria Friendship Association, is present in Kasteh and plays the piano. They play percussion and drums with Roozbeh Fadavi and are accompanied by clarinet player Soheil Peighambari. Their first album "Station One" was released in the winter of '93. For a phone unfamiliar with music, listening to diminished works is not an easy task. They have an artistic freedom in composing and arranging their pieces, and it is not even possible to define a specific genre for their albums and pieces. In fact, they use all forms of music, but in the end they are closer to the jazz style, and all other forms find a jazz atmosphere with the improvisation and freedom of the musician in the genre.

    Their third album, "Station Three" The atmosphere is similar to the previous two albums, but it seems that all the musicians have become more mature. The melody that is heard is still very avant-garde, but it can be seen through the pieces that most composers and musicians are confident. If I have to name a feature for "Station Three", it is daring. The audacity that comes From being creative in music that makes the pieces made by this group different From all the pieces of music we have heard From other Iranian groups. In their latest album, they have the courage to create melodies that are definitely completely foreign to the general public and they may not even be able to enjoy it.

    The album has only four tracks. Four long pieces, only one of which is less than ten minutes. My favorite piece is "Rhapsody", which happens to be more melodic than the rest of the pieces, and if you listen to the Spotify version, it also has an English song, which of course is a non-verbal piece in the band's physical album released in Iran. An interesting point for me and of course those who are interested in rock music is the presence of Colin Bess, the old guitarist of the English rock Band of the 70s Kamel in this piece. The atmosphere of the piece is closer to that of rock.

    This album, like the rest of the quartet, has diminished, and of course many of the albums of modern and creative bands that are more interested in the free creativity of the individual, which reaches its peak. Published by Hermes and Ramin Siddiqui. If you are interested in modern avant-garde music and your ear is receptive to hearing different tunes, do not hesitate to listen to the album "Station Three".

    • Group Name: Reduced Quartet
    • Group Members: Maziar Younesi, Ehsan Sediq, Roozbeh Fadavi, Soheil Peighambari
    • Origin: Iran
    • Style: Jazz, blues and rock in a modern context
    • Made in: 1400
    • Used instruments: Electric guitar, piano, drums and percussion, clarinet and saxophone

    What to read?

    BingMag.com <b>From</b> <b>Tarantino's</b> <b>Madness</b> to <b>Band</b> <b>Except</b> <b>Innovator</b> <b>(Weekend</b> <b>Art</b> Suggestions)

    Novelization in Iran is not a familiar combination. "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" is a novel written in the style of novelization. What is the flow now? Quentin Tarantino is making a movie called "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" that you may have seen. Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio and Margo Robbie star in the film, which takes place in Hollywood in 1969, and some of the characters in the film, such as Sharon Tate and Charlie Manson, are based on real characters, while others, like Cliff Booth, are imaginary stuntmen. Tarantino had so much material for the film that not all of it fit into a two-hour, part-time script, so after making the film, he picks up the same characters and writes a detailed novel that he can use the material he has in mind.

    From whom the film was adapted From a work saw that the film could not do the right thing. So he picks up the characters in the movie or some of the events and writes a book that contains those characters and even some of the scenes in the movie, but a lot of other stories have been added to it.

    Now, "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood." It also has three main characters in the film, Rick Dalton, Sharon Tate and Cliff Booth, but many other characters have been added to them. The book is a fascinating novel about cinema in the late 1960s, and Tarantino shows that he can be an extraordinary writer. He manages to connect a few seemingly irrelevant stories, but his bigger job is to blur the line between reality and fantasy in this book. Real and fictional characters dialogue with each other. People describe memories of real movies and real actors when they themselves did not exist, at least under these names. Only in the same stories does time constantly go back and forth. Tarantino describes what happens to an actor in ten years and then goes back to 1969.

    Two editions of the book have been translated into Persian and released to the market. The translation of Alireza Shafiee Nasab into the book published by Moon Publishing is excellent. It has the same Tarantino tone. At all, one should read the book that came after the introduction of his characters: "Hollywood, 1969, everyone's place is empty". Author: Quentin Tarantino

  • Translator: Alireza Shafi'i Nasab
  • Publisher: Nashr-e Moon
  • Genre: American Cinema Novel
  • First Edition: 1400
  • Number of pages: 376 pages
  • What artistic activity should we do?

    BingMag.com <b>From</b> <b>Tarantino's</b> <b>Madness</b> to <b>Band</b> <b>Except</b> <b>Innovator</b> <b>(Weekend</b> <b>Art</b> Suggestions)

    Classical music is not only in Iran but in the whole world, at least in front of the oppressed youth. People think that listening to classical music is hard work and that they need musical prerequisites to listen to a classical piece. Well, of course, that assumption is not correct. Classical music itself is something that can cultivate your ear to listen to the rest of the good music of the world, but if you want to learn more about classical music in simple language, the podcast "E Music" is for you.

    Arash Rasoulian himself is a musician and He is a classical violin teacher and in the 80's he also had a string quartet who performed good concerts. After listening to a Persian podcast during the Corona period, he thought of creating a podcast with sweet narrations for classical music lovers and even those who were not very familiar with classical music. EMusic was created From such an idea, and now you can listen to different periods of music with which the podcast began, such as medieval music in the first episode or Renaissance religious music in the second episode, and From the fifth episode to the life story of composers and Listen to how large pieces are composed. Some of these composers, such as Beethoven and Mozart or Haydn, have so many ups and downs in their lives and works that the apostles have assigned several parts to each. Some names, such as Archangel Corelli or Heinrich Schutz, may not be so familiar to classical music lovers that you will definitely become interested in them after hearing their story on eMusic. There are hints that you can enjoy a good performance of Mozart's Requiem or Beethoven Symphony to the fullest.

    Music Podcast ID

    • Writer and Performer: Arash Rasoulian
    • Subject: Classical Music
    • Language: Persian
    • Year of Publication: From 1399 to today

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