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Take a look at a series of scenes from a marriage; The pathology of a turbulent relationship

BingMag.com Take a look at a series of scenes from a marriage; The pathology of a turbulent relationship

"Scenes from a Marriage" The new HBO mini-series is a thought-provoking work amidst the news and record-breaking "composite game" (Squid Game) was lost, proving once again the hypothesis of how much advertising tricks can affect a movie being seen.

Ingmar Bergman was released in 1973 and later became a 128-minute feature film that, in addition to having an undeniable impact on his career, created a new wave of cinematic work that explored the pathology of emotional relationships.

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This new remake is directed by Hague Levy and Actors like Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain play roles in it. The official unveiling of the five-part HBO mini-series took place in the out-of-competition section of the 78th Venice Film Festival, and the first part aired on September 12, 2021. Scenes from a marriage examine parts of the collapsing life of a middle-aged couple by letters from Mira (Jessica Chastain) and Jonathan (Oscar Isaac) over a five-year period. Each episode narrates their feelings and how they deal with crises, and has a neutral view of this turbulent relationship.

Of course, the recent adaptation of scenes from a marriage differs from Bergman's version. Instead of showing the life of a wealthy Swedish couple with a middle-class couple living in a typical apartment in the heart of modern America, we are here. By reversing gender stereotypes, Haga Levy seeks to change the main story and bring the narrative closer to modern life in large societies; In the new adaptation, the main task of livelihood is the responsibility of the woman and the task of caring for the child is the responsibility of the man. It is also Mira who decides to end their relationship, if in Bergman's version everything is the other way around.

One of the differences between Levy and Bergman's version is that the presence of children here is much less important. The focus seems to be on scrutinizing the couple's relationship, regardless of their role as parents. Isaac, and of course the proper chemistry between them, has been able to pass the difficult test of successfully reconstructing works of art. However, the main problem of the mini-series is that despite all the changes, it still does not add anything new to the original work, and apart from the director's personal interest in adapting Bergman's works, there is no proper justification for making this remake.

Warning: There's a risk of the series being leaked.

In the first scene, we see scenes from a marriage of the anxious face of Mira (Jessica Chastain) who, after a few seconds, gathers herself upstairs and goes downstairs to join her husband, Jonathan (Oscar Isaac), who is talking. He is with a young woman. It soon becomes clear that their lives, in fact, as a successful and enduring example of monogamous relationships, are part of a doctoral student's thesis, and in this discussion they address various aspects of their relationship. She owns a technology company, and their ten-year marriage is going well despite having a five-year-old daughter. Jonathan is almost the only speaker in this conversation, and Mira confirms most of his speeches on the secrets of the success of their life together. After a few minutes, we realize that something is missing in this beautiful picture, and it is as if we are witnessing a demonstrative show directed by the man of the family!

We sit down with their marriage, with the difference that this time everything is real and like the first minutes, we do not see only the selected parts. The film is based on the long conversations of the couple and we are supposed to find out the depth of the problems and vulnerabilities of their relationship through discussions, jokes and everyday conversations; Something like the experience of psychoanalysis and analysis of clients' life events.

BingMag.com Take a look at a series of scenes from a marriage; The pathology of a turbulent relationship

Jonathan the Pole It makes more sense to have a relationship that sees the events of their daily lives from a logical perspective, and that the everydayness and coldness of their ten-year relationship seem natural, and that they can solve their problems by talking, that everything is in place.

He is an educated and intellectual man who teaches at the University of Philosophy, and because he spends much of his time away from work, he is responsible for caring for their five-year-old daughter, Eva. Jonathan was born into a Jewish religious family and, as he says, has fought for years to reform his religious and family beliefs and now has a more modern outlook on the world. Mira is exactly at the opposite end of the spectrum She has a more modern married life, as the main breadwinner of the house, manages a part of a technology company, is considered a successful woman in her work, and unlike Jonathan, does not consider this daily life as a natural part of their relationship.

Part I more He introduces the couple and scrutinizes part of their relationship, but in the second part the main crisis begins, and it is precisely in this situation that the middle-aged couple in our story doubts all the ideas they had before and reveals a different aspect of their usual role.>

Mira finally admits after ten years of living together that she is tired of Jonathan and wants to end the relationship and live with another man. From now on, we see the emergence of the repressed part of Jonathan's existence. Contrary to popular belief, he does not shout or even use an asthma attack as a defensive weapon, but tries to resolve the issue through dialogue.

In one of the series' most brilliant scenes, he insists on seeing a picture of Mira's lover. And by referring to age and physical characteristics such as height, he reveals the fact that, despite his intellectual and strong appearance, he feels inferior to Mira, and perhaps this is because instead of complaining about his wife's one-sided and selfish decision. , Tries to keep him by his side by emotional ransom. The culmination of this dependence is reflected in the sequence of leaving the house by Mira; Where Jonathan thinks like a child that he can hold his wife by his side forever and stop the storm in his life.

On the other side of the story, we have Mira , Someone who has the courage to end this cold relationship but in a cruel way and of course without considering the consequences it will bring to his wife, children and even himself. His method is just as inefficient as Jonathan's conversational style, and seems more like an escape route than a solution!

It is years old and shows different levels of denial, anger and acceptance. Each episode is, in fact, like a mirror that explicitly shows parts of a failed emotional relationship in our real life and critically examines our actions and decisions. Frightened, he describes his feelings after the separation as follows: "When you left me, I first went into autopilot mode. I just did a series of things automatically, gave Eva breakfast and took her to school. "When I got home, I just wanted to die, I wanted you to die, and so did Eva!" The point is as if the world has come to an end and we can not imagine ourselves in any other way of life. This is what makes a wedding scene so thought-provoking, because unlike many romantic movies today, it decides to deal with the damage of a relationship, the conflicting feelings after the separation, and the ways to get back to life, and ask questions. Important questions such as "Is it possible to return to normal life completely?", "Is the first solution the most correct?" "Do we have relationship literacy?"

BingMag.com Take a look at a series of scenes from a marriage; The pathology of a turbulent relationship

Relationship literacy is one of the most important issues raised in a marriage scene. The fact that neither social status nor education guarantees a good relationship, and as we see in Part IV, sometimes despite all this, we do not have a relationship literacy, and this is exactly what the seemingly intellectual couple brings to life like two stubborn children; Mira just wants to not be alone at any cost, and Jonathan is just thinking about ending the relationship, and he has completely removed the option of resolving problems through dialogue.

It draws a picture. Given the relatively long time lag between the fourth episode, it might have been better to have another episode between them and how they would deal with the challenges of independent living after separation.

Mira and Jonathan's decisions in the episode An ending is not entirely defensible and is more like a repetition. However, an important point is made; That if we do not seek to change the other side and build a flawless sculpture in emotional relationships like a skilled stonemason, and instead accept him as he is, we can see a more lovable version of him.

One The novelty of breaking the fourth wall in the sequence is the beginning of each episode, which shows the film crew preparing to record that sequence. It is as if the director insists on letting the audience know that, as the name implies, you are watching scenes from a marriage created and paid for by the author's imagination.

This innovation is, of course, one of the weaknesses of this new reconstruction. Not only does it not evoke any sense of intimacy, but it takes a few minutes after the scenes are shown for the audience to become emotionally attached to the story and imagine that they are a psychotherapist who hears parts of a broken couple's life.

Scenes of a marriage are a total acceptable reconstruction, and watching it is not without grace for any adult who has experienced different levels of an emotional relationship. This series is just a full-blown mirror of what can happen in any relationship in any way, and in the heart of the commercial and noisy works of these days, it is considered as a pleasant ringtone of entertainment.


Creator : Hague Levy
Actors : Jessica Chastain, Oscar Isaac
imdb rating for the series: </8.1> Number of episodes: 5
Network product: HBO

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