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Superman 2 Movie Review (1980): Superman continues to lead the way in cinema

BingMag.com <b>Superman</b> 2 <b>Movie</b> <b>Review</b> <b>(1980):</b> <b>Superman</b> <b>continues</b> to <b>lead</b> the <b>way</b> in cinema

Superman (1978) was a film that was a new beginning for superhero cinema and changed it in many ways. This was discussed in detail in the Superman 1 review. So it was natural that expectations of the sequel would be high. However, Superman 2 is not exactly a standard sequel, because in the script and story that Mario Pozzo prepared for Superman, Superman 1 and 2 are integrated storytellers, and a sequel was supposed to be made for Superman 1 from the beginning. Even the stage of making two films was going on at the same time.

  • Superman Film Criticism (1978); Founder of the Superhero cinema Tradition

In this respect, Superman 1 and 2 are comparable to Kill Bill 1 & 2. Although presented in two separate episodes, they are on the same level in terms of quality and mood, and are practically a movie, to the extent that Superman was originally intended to be a mere Cliffhanger and prepare the audience for the release of Superman 2. . The premise was that the end of Superman 1, in which Superman spins around the earth to turn back time and prevent the death of Lewis Lane, was supposed to be the end of the story in Superman 2, and at the end of Superman 1, Zad was released. , Bread and Ursa (Zod, Non & Ursa), the three main villains of Superman 2 and moving them to Earth.

But the filmmakers did not know if the film was going to sell well or hit the ground running; In other words, they did not know if Superman 2 was going to be made or not. That's why they put this climax in Superman 1 (which, as noted in the Superman 1 review, made the story weak) and when the film was a success, another ending was prepared for Superman 2.

BingMag.com <b>Superman</b> 2 <b>Movie</b> <b>Review</b> <b>(1980):</b> <b>Superman</b> <b>continues</b> to <b>lead</b> the <b>way</b> in cinema

One of the positive aspects of Superman 2, which is a point of improvement over Superman 1, is its villains. The villain of Superman 1, Lex Luthor, was too much of a cartoon for the realistic atmosphere of the film, and generally did not fit well with Superman, his character, and his powers. The ideal villain is the one who somehow challenges the hero and pulls something out of the depths of his character that would normally always be buried. But in Superman 1, Superman confronts Lex Luther like a schoolmaster who wants to punish a bad school kid. It's as if they live in two different worlds, and Lex Luthor is supposed to be another superhero villain. Hydrogen releases them into space, accidentally and unintentionally, from their immaterial prison. They do not find it.

BingMag.com <b>Superman</b> 2 <b>Movie</b> <b>Review</b> <b>(1980):</b> <b>Superman</b> <b>continues</b> to <b>lead</b> the <b>way</b> in cinema

Talking about Superman 2 without mentioning the controversy surrounding the dismissal of Richard Downer ( Richard Donner) was not created. Keep in mind that Danner was fired when nearly 75% of Superman 2 was filmed. Unfortunately, Alexander Salkind, one of the main producers of the film, and to a lesser extent his son Ilya, were grumpy, and there was so much tension between the two and Daner that from now on, according to Daner himself, he did not even want to shed them. He did not want to be on stage, because in their opinion they were more concerned with lowering the cost of the film than making a good film. Danner himself was not ineffective in breaking up the relationship, though.

The Salkindes asked Richard Lester, a director with whom he had a good working relationship in the past, to appear on stage as their mediator. At first, Leicester was only supposed to pass on the skills of the Salkindes and Danner, but Danner knew that having a professional director like Leicester meant he could be fired at any moment, and that's what happened.

Despite the fact that much of the filming was over, Lester re-filmed some of the scenes and changed some of the plot points so that his name as the only director in the film would not be questionable and the film would become his own.

BingMag.com <b>Superman</b> 2 <b>Movie</b> <b>Review</b> <b>(1980):</b> <b>Superman</b> <b>continues</b> to <b>lead</b> the <b>way</b> in cinema

On the other hand, given that Marlon Brando had agreed to give him a portion of Superman 1 box office profits, In the opinion of Alexander Salkaid and the Warner Bros., they did not live up to their promise. However, in 2006, two years after Brando's death, his heirs allowed the filming of scenes from Superman Returns to be used. This legal permission provided an opportunity to release a version of Richard Donner's Superman 2, with scenes not used in Superman 2 in 1980; This time with Brando. Superman II (1980) and Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut (Superman II) are practically two separate films with separate pages on Wikipedia and Imdb. Because almost half of their scenes are different. After Dunner's dismissal, a very negative atmosphere arose among the film's actors, and among the film's actors, the only one to promote the film on world tours was Sarah Douglass, who played the role of Orsa. The general opinion was that Dunner's presence had a warm and friendly atmosphere behind the scenes and everyone felt like a family, but with the arrival of Lester, this intimacy and family atmosphere disappeared and working on Superman 2 became a job. .

BingMag.com <b>Superman</b> 2 <b>Movie</b> <b>Review</b> <b>(1980):</b> <b>Superman</b> <b>continues</b> to <b>lead</b> the <b>way</b> in cinema

With these descriptions, it may seem that Superman 2 Leicester is a disaster, Fortunately, that did not happen, and the film remains spectacular and has the spirit of Superman 1, although Dunner's dismissal was actually the first nail in the coffin of the franchise, and the impact of his absence is fully felt in Superman 3.

However, the differences between the perspectives and ideas of the two directors have created disproportionate details. For example, the original version of Superman 2 begins with the scene of the rescue of Lewis Lane in the Eiffel Tower. In this scene, Lewis is on a falling elevator and Superman is flying towards him and reaches the top and rescues him. However, in the previous film, it was established that Superman was able to move so fast that it caused the earth to spin in the opposite direction, thus generally creating a suspension based on "Does Superman get to the elevator on time or not?" It seems to contradict what was not established in the previous film. Of course, it can be argued that if Superman wants to fly accurately and with a specific purpose, he can not reach that speed, because he is out of control, but this issue is not fixed in the version of Superman 2 Leicester, and perhaps that is why There is no such scene in the Dunner version.

BingMag.com <b>Superman</b> 2 <b>Movie</b> <b>Review</b> <b>(1980):</b> <b>Superman</b> <b>continues</b> to <b>lead</b> the <b>way</b> in cinema

One of Superman's greatest strengths 1 Defining a formula He was successful in making superhero films with a three-screen structure. Superman 2 adds another effective component to this formula, and that is the subplot related to the superhero mistress suspecting her identity. In this film, Lewis Lane suspects that Clark Kent is Superman, and this is one of the most fascinating sub-stories of all four Superman films of the seventies and eighties. That he and Clark have come to Niagara Falls to report. A child falls while playing with the fences by the waterfall. People are shocked, but suddenly Superman's head is found and the child is saved. Lewis, who was always aware that whenever Superman's head was found, Clark disappeared, he was almost certain that the fracture was probably right, and that Clark was Superman, because how could Superman be near Niagara Falls at that moment? Did you notice the baby fall?

BingMag.com <b>Superman</b> 2 <b>Movie</b> <b>Review</b> <b>(1980):</b> <b>Superman</b> <b>continues</b> to <b>lead</b> the <b>way</b> in cinema

Next, Lewis took a big risk to prove it. Clark is Superman, he throws himself down from the building, but Clark manages to save him without turning himself into Superman.

In Richard Danner's version (which I think is more memorable for this particular scene) As the last shot in the dark, Lewis takes a gun and shoots Clark. When Clark survives, he takes off his glasses and takes over Superman's bodies; And thanks to the great play of Christopher Reeve, this time the difference between Clark and Superman is revealed in a second and only through his body language and the way he speaks.

Clark realizes that he is trying to hide again "If you were wrong, Clark Kent was dead now," Superman tells Lewis in a more serious, serious voice. "Bullets are a practice," Lewis replies. This clever scene was the best way for Lewis to discover the identity of Superman, because he fits the identities of both characters; Lewis realized Superman's identity as a bold and roaring woman using the most extreme methods, and Superman practically revealed herself because of her simplicity and immobility.

BingMag.com <b>Superman</b> 2 <b>Movie</b> <b>Review</b> <b>(1980):</b> <b>Superman</b> <b>continues</b> to <b>lead</b> the <b>way</b> in cinema

At this point, the only obstacle to Clark-Lewis bond is removed. Superman takes Lewis to his hideout in Fortress of Solitude, where he talks to his mother to lose his superhuman powers and immortality in exchange for being with Lewis. He enters the crystal chamber and leaves as an ordinary man. Lewis and Clark go hand in hand, although Lewis seems a little skeptical that Clark is willing to do this for him.

Although the decision may seem romantic at first ( Years later, such a decision was romanticized at Hercules Disney), but the film makes clear the problematic nature of it. In one scene from the movie, Lewis and Clark (who is now an ordinary person) enter a restaurant. There, a man sits on Clark's place, disturbing Lewis. Clark tries to put him in his place, but his heart beats and he becomes bloody and malignant. "From now on, I have to hire a bodyguard for myself," says Clark. "I do not want a bodyguard," says Lewis. "I want a man I loved." "I wish the man was here," says Clark. This dialogue expresses the bitter truth that the man Lewis fell in love with was Superman, and that the weak Clark had nothing to say to him. He can not even defend himself against a street bully. If Superman 2 was a darker movie, it would probably have established the theme that Lewis Lane was in love with Superman and that Clark Kent had no appeal to him, and that even his great devotion to Lewis Lane made him look even smaller. p>

BingMag.com <b>Superman</b> 2 <b>Movie</b> <b>Review</b> <b>(1980):</b> <b>Superman</b> <b>continues</b> to <b>lead</b> the <b>way</b> in cinema

After Zad, Bread and Orsa enter the White House, Zad forces the US President to Kneeling in front of him and announcing his plan to conquer the planet, Clark Kent realizes that humanity alone can not stand against them and seeks to regain his powers, and he does. (Although his mother had told him that there was no going back and that we should be kind to the film in this regard), but the scene inside the restaurant was enough to prove to us why the world needs someone like Superman and someone like him should never be Personal feelings run out of power, especially given the film's highly patriotic ending, in which Superman hoists the American flag over the White House and tells the president that he will not resign. Of course, whether you agree with this message or not is up to you.

In addition to the three Kryptonite criminals, Lex Luther is still in the film and agrees in exchange for handing over the Australian government to him. Help Zad defeat Superman and conquer Earth. Although I personally was not a big fan of Lex Luthor in the previous film, his presence in the film is much better, because he is no longer the main villain and therefore his role as a semi-comedic element does not affect the whole film and even responds in some scenes; Like the scene where Superman's head is found, and Lex Luther, who is so outraged by his boundless pride that he says, "Thank God! "Superman!" But to maintain his appearance, he immediately returns to his evil identity.

BingMag.com <b>Superman</b> 2 <b>Movie</b> <b>Review</b> <b>(1980):</b> <b>Superman</b> <b>continues</b> to <b>lead</b> the <b>way</b> in cinema

The kryptonite villain is not so significant these days because of the limited special effects of 1980, as it is essentially the primitive equivalent of a superhero battling evil in the middle of a crowded city while people's lives are in danger. However, this scene of struggle has two positive points that give it depth: Zad uses Superman to take care of people's lives against himself and tries to control him by endangering citizens, because he knows that in real loneliness they can not defeat Superman. 2. Superman ultimately defeats them with his ingenuity, not the force of his arm. The other remains at the level of the previous film (like the good relationship between Clark and Lewis, which also leads to an acceptable result in this film). As mentioned, the film had a turbulent production process, but it's thankful that this turmoil did not have such an impact on the final quality of the film. Superman 2, like the previous film, is still a moving and imaginative film that delivers Superman fantasy in a pleasing way and is the perfect combination of trivial moments (such as beating Kent in a restaurant) and epic (a threat to humanity) to keep the audience engaged. . Unfortunately, we saw a dramatic drop in quality in Superman 3 and 4, and there are conflicting opinions about Superman's next films (with new actors), but Superman 1 and 2 will always be there to meet our needs for a Movie about Superman, which no doubt And the suspicion is good to clear up.

Superman Movie ID 2

Director: Actors : Christopher Rio, Jane Hackman, Margot Kidder, Terence Stamp
Synopsis: Superman decides to go beyond his superhuman powers and immortality to achieve his love. Meanwhile, the three criminals exiled from Krypton are accidentally released, land on the ground, and try to conquer the world. Now what can Superman do against his powers without them?

The critique of Superman 2 is the author's point of view and not necessarily the position of BingMag.
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