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Superman is the reason why DC is not superior to Marvel

BingMag.com <b>Superman</b> is the <b>reason</b> why DC is not <b>superior</b> to Marvel

Superman, despite being one of the most iconic superheroes in history, is actually the reason why DC is not superior to Marvel. Superman was first introduced in 1938 and is widely regarded as one of the major superheroes. His symbolic nature is undeniable and he is a popular character in the superhero genre. He was even the best-selling American comic book superhero until the 1980s.

However, Superman has struggled for years in the world of cinema as a character. Superman has been widely criticized in the developed world of DC, despite the fact that he is well portrayed by Henry Coyle, for many reasons, and many, for example, often regard him as a much darker, more enduring hero than ever needed. p>

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Since Superman is a major character in the vast DC world This has actually hurt the entire franchise, and the developed world of DC has struggled with the tone and character of the character since his introduction in "Steel Man."

However, Marvel's cinematic world is different. DC's rival's developed world has become much stronger since its inception, expanding with each passing year, and with each release, it makes good money at the box office. The Man of Steel misrepresented Superman and subsequently created problems for the franchise's later work, but Marvel did not, despite its vast cast and protagonists. Unfortunately, DC's biggest character seems to be at the root of the franchise's biggest problems.

Superman is too symbolic and too powerful

BingMag.com <b>Superman</b> is the <b>reason</b> why DC is not <b>superior</b> to Marvel

Since Superman is one of the most iconic figures in cinema today, it is difficult to portray his character correctly. His nature makes screenwriters and directors unable to use his stories properly. The Man of Steel was somewhat successful in this, but its story differed from the established tone of this good character. Coil's first acting role as Superman was generally well-received, but the tone he created for the character hardly matched that of other DC heroes in later films. In fact, the power of this character has caused more trouble. With such an incredibly powerful character at the core of his world, DC relies on him so much that the slightest change in his characterization can be catastrophic. Superman Coil is just one of the characters in this world. However, the consequences of minor changes to his character's tone have affected the entire developed DC world, but the franchise is now recovering.

Superman is a simpler character than Marvel's greatest heroes

BingMag.com <b>Superman</b> is the <b>reason</b> why DC is not <b>superior</b> to Marvel

Superman's problem in the developed DC world is that his characterization is slightly different from his previous versions. Most movie heroes will not face such a problem if such a change occurs. In fact, character rewriting has been successful for modern audiences in general, but for Superman it's a lot more complicated than it sounds. Since Superman is one of the most powerful heroes in the DC developed world, he should be one of its most complex characters, but in fact it is written in a relatively simple way and therefore does not fit well with other superheroes.

The fact that Marvel has characters with similar levels of power (Thor and Captain Marvel are two of the most prominent examples in this area) does not create similar narrative problems in their story. However, these characters are much more complex than the DC Superman, written in the DC Universe, and each has their own problems that directly relate to their superhero abilities. Superman has similar challenges in the developed DC world, but still not as complete as it should be, and that makes him look a bit cartoonish and one-dimensional compared to his powerful counterparts in the Marvel movie world. In fact, Superman powers are not the problem of the DC Developed World, but the main dilemma of how to write his character storyline.

Superman DC is not used as the leader of the series; But at the same time it can not be anything else

BingMag.com <b>Superman</b> is the <b>reason</b> why DC is not <b>superior</b> to Marvel

Superman as an important part of a world There is a common denominator in the developed world. He is often portrayed as both an incredibly powerful person and an extraordinarily good man, and is therefore the most logical choice to lead the DC champions. His DC version is also for Playing this role is written and he is the most powerful champion of the Justice League (so far) and therefore he is considered as an inherent leader of this group. Unfortunately, he does not have the capacity for the role, as the franchise has not paid enough attention to him. Superman is the most powerful of DC's most iconic heroes, and his place at the helm of the Justice League is virtually certain. Of course, the DC version did practically nothing to gain this position. The Avengers in Marvel's cinematic world, on the other hand, were originally led by human heroes, and the group leaders had the most admirable traits and abilities and inspired others. Superman Coyle could have reached a similar position in the developed DC world, but his heroic qualities have not been much explored in the franchise and he is not yet considered one of the iconic heroes.

Because there is no one like Superman , Marvel novels are more balanced than DC

BingMag.com <b>Superman</b> is the <b>reason</b> why DC is not <b>superior</b> to Marvel

The ease of the DC developed world towards better stabilization Superman's character has led to the creation of a franchise that seems unbalanced. The Steel Man showed Superman's infinite power and desire to kill enemies in an emergency, and subsequent films seemed to delve deeper into the consequences. "Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice" tried to do the same, but failed to use the narrative of Superman's level of power in relation to the other heroes to bring the story to a satisfactory conclusion.

Ultimately, one of the biggest mistakes of the developed world is DC; Not fully exploring the milestones of a complex and simple storyline. Marvel has avoided this error. The epic had its roots throughout Phase One, was explored in Phase Two, and ended in Phase Three, and the creators skillfully portrayed their characters and how they interacted with each other in a broader story. The DC franchise has deviated from its path by failing to explore the character of Superman in depth. He is one of the most interesting characters in DC that should be properly considered.

The developed world of DC has somehow wasted its Superman character, who should have been considered his best hero.

BingMag.com <b>Superman</b> is the <b>reason</b> why DC is not <b>superior</b> to Marvel

DC makers change the tone of this character and then the inability to fully discover that change, your Superman They destroyed. Reports that the developed DC world may be remanufacturing Superman show that Warner Bros. is aware of these errors, but the coil version is actually irreplaceable. They have wasted this character. He must be one of the franchise's best heroes.

If DC's developed world had fully explored Superman's character and godly power, perhaps this franchise would be in a better position today. Unfortunately, Superman DC gives the audience a sense of alienation too much, because the movies have not done much to help Superman gain a symbolic and worthy status. The developed world of DC has always sought to replicate the success of Marvel's cinematic world, but the defeat of one of DC's most important heroes has kept the franchise out of its potential, and DC needs a better Superman to truly compete with Marvel's cinematic world.

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