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A stronger team that will replace the Avengers in the fourth phase of Marvel Universe

Phase IV Marvel is building a stronger replacement team than the main team with a character like Captain Marvel. Marvel is building a new Avengers team that is more informally organized but even stronger than the main team. "The Avengers: The End of the Game" was the end of the Infinite Epic and also closed the case for the first Avengers team.

Tony Stark and the Black Widow were killed, Steve Rogers retired, and even the Avengers It kind of dissolved. As far as we know, the Avengers team disintegrated. "Pray that there is no problem, because I do not think there will be other avengers," says Jason in "Spider-Man: Away from Home." Makes

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  • Avengers may no longer formally exist , But as if they changed shape and became an informal group of several heroes. The premise was set in the "End of the Game" section, where the Black Widow gathered heroes from across the galaxy through a holographic network and exchanged information with Captain Marvel, War Machine, Okwio, Nebiola, and Raccoon Rocket.

    This group is similar to the Illuminati group in Avengers Comics, which included superheroes trying to recover from the turmoil in the global market. A scene from "Shanghai and the Legend of the Ten Rings" shows that the other heroes are working together in the same way, and it gradually becomes clear that there is a main group that is secretly connected to each other. These Avengers are among the most powerful and experienced superheroes, although it is unclear whether the Guardians of the Galaxy will join them.

    Nick Fury and Talus may not have been aware of this informal alliance of the Avengers. After all, Talus did not know what to say when he was putting himself in Fury's shoes, and he was constantly asked why the Avengers were not interfering in Maestro's attacks. The following characters may be associated with them:

    The war machine was part of the original Black Widow team

    BingMag.com A <b>stronger</b> <b>team</b> <b>that</b> will <b>replace</b> the <b>Avengers</b> in the <b>fourth</b> <b>phase</b> of <b>Marvel</b> Universe

    It can be argued that the war machine is currently the most powerful avenger on earth. James Rhodes wore Iron Man's armor in "Iron Man 2" and soon became the US government's personal war machine. His systems were upgraded by Tony Stark over the years, but he achieved his greatest strength when he regained his (Iron Patriot) identity.
    The so-called "Iron Patriot of the Galaxy" was known to have different stages of preparation, according to Adam Ross. He was part of the Black Widow Avengers team and tried to find Ronin, who also considered himself the coach of the next generation of superheroes, and performed this on Sam Wilson in "Falcon and the Winter Soldier".

    Collaborates with Black Widow team

    BingMag.com A <b>stronger</b> <b>team</b> <b>that</b> will <b>replace</b> the <b>Avengers</b> in the <b>fourth</b> <b>phase</b> of <b>Marvel</b> Universe

    Steve Rogers, after "Captain America: Civil War" He established friendly relations between the Avengers team and the Wakanda royal family, although many Wakanda residents probably regretted this friendship after Tanus's attack in "The Avengers: Infinite War".
    Wakanda became chaotic after Tanus broke. And there was chaos as the black leopard and a number of important members of the royal family disappeared from the earth. But Okoy remained and continued to fight. She was part of the Black Widow holographic conference on "Avengers: End of the Game" and probably still is. This means that the Avengers have access to Wakanda technology, and a replacement for the Black Panther can be connected to the Avengers from the beginning via Okoy.

    Captain Marvel wanders around the Avengers team

    BingMag.com A <b>stronger</b> <b>team</b> <b>that</b> will <b>replace</b> the <b>Avengers</b> in the <b>fourth</b> <b>phase</b> of <b>Marvel</b> Universe

    Kroll Denvers returned to Earth shortly after the break of Tanus and seemed to be in touch with the Avengers team at the Black Widow holographic conference Has also been present. In "The Avengers: The End of the Game," he subtly mentions her return to Earth several times over the next five years, which may explain how she can inspire Kamala Khan to play Mrs. Marvel in phase Four.

    He probably had conversations with the war machine. In comics, the two have a close relationship. The "Shanghai and the Legend of the Ten Rings" teaser showed that Captain Marvel is still on the team because Wang was able to invite him to talk about the Ten Rings.

    Wang is very important to Marvel's world right now

    BingMag.com A <b>stronger</b> <b>team</b> <b>that</b> will <b>replace</b> the <b>Avengers</b> in the <b>fourth</b> <b>phase</b> of <b>Marvel</b> Universe

    One of the more experienced masters of the mystical arts, Wang, currently plays a prominent role in the world of superheroes. After the death of the Grand Master, he became a leader among the mystical arts professors alongside Dr. Strange. Wang is part of the Avengers in Shanghai. Because he is the one who launches a holographic conference to find out what the ten rings really are. A woman with a golden dagger gives him advice. Wang is one of the most interesting characters in the fourth phase, who can surpass Dr. Strange as a high-ranking wizard, and his experience promises to be a strong member for the Avengers.

    Bruce Banner, The Hulk

    Avengers at the time, and seemed to take full responsibility for all the Avengers alone.

    Which was affected by the energy released from the rocks of eternity. He is another hero Wang consulted with. He returned in the form of Bruce Banner, with his hand injured.

    Hank Pam, the first ant man to be present

    BingMag.com A <b>stronger</b> <b>team</b> <b>that</b> will <b>replace</b> the <b>Avengers</b> in the <b>fourth</b> <b>phase</b> of <b>Marvel</b> Universe

    Hank Pam, the main ant man, may be another member of the Avengers team and replace Tony Stark. This case is shown in the series "Hockey" and when Clint Barton uses one of Pam's arrows. Not only did the arrow contain parts of Pam, but Pam's name was also engraved on it, indicating that he had regained ownership of his old company and could support the Avengers in the absence of Tony Stark. . Hank's hatred of the Stark family is in stark contrast to this, and Hank will no doubt be very different from Stark.

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