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The strangest recurring cinematic themes in 2021

BingMag.com The <b>strangest</b> <b>recurring</b> <b>cinematic</b> <b>themes</b> in 2021

In 2021, some films surprised viewers with their recurring themes. The global corona outbreak in March 2020 led to mass closures of cinemas and productions, with screenings either delayed or streamed or moved to the digital home media stream, and critics' top end-of-year films seemed somewhat scattered. The year 2021 did not live up to expectations, but cinemas nevertheless showed promising signs of improving box office conditions (especially with "Spider-Man: No Way Home"), and Scarlett Johansson's lawsuit against Disney also sounded the alarm. It was for studios that benefited from the cancellation of movie theaters. Nevertheless, instability continues to prevail, and just as 2021 began with the threat of a new species of corona threatening international disturbances, it will end with a new species again.

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However, the events of the past two years have made Hollywood's innate tendency to present bizarre cases Has not faded. The movie industry is often weird, but the Corona epidemic has highlighted these traits and adventures. In this fast-changing business, it's no surprise that new cinematic recurring themes have emerged over the past 12 months.

Pedro Pascal's fatherhood was at the top of the trends. 2021 was the year of special actors, killer gadgets and characters similar to John Wick.

Movies that make fun of Timothy Shalami's muscles

BingMag.com The <b>strangest</b> <b>recurring</b> <b>cinematic</b> <b>themes</b> in 2021

Timothy Shalami was one of the busiest actors of 2021, with several best-selling films featuring images of his lean muscles. The young star appeared this year on "Themasse", "French Report" and "Do not Look Up" and hosted a night of live show on Saturday night, and in the future, he will play the prestigious role of Willy Vanka, all of which will eventually It was a good year for him and we hope that these successes will be a consolation for some of the jokes he made in the movies because of his body.

"The Dune" was the beginning of this theme. In one part of the film, Paul Atrides is trained to play Shalami by Paul Idaho (played by Jason Momoa), and Idaho points to the growth of his student arm muscles. "Really?" Paul asks excitedly. Duncan responds with a resounding "no" and mocks the protagonist for not having muscles like Aquaman or Cal Drogo. Interestingly, the film "French Report" also followed this theme, and in a part of it, where Ms. Carmentz enters the bathroom of Zafirli with Francis McDormand, Shalami tells her: "Please turn off the light, I am ashamed of my muscles. .

Timothy does not seem to have a problem with these jokes, and it is also unlikely that Dennis Villeneuve and Wes Anderson coordinated to design these dialogues, but talk about the psychological issue of body embarrassment (body shaming). And Hollywood is somehow fueling this harmful stereotype. 3.jpg ">

Chris Pert became widely known for his humorous or charismatic roles in" Parks and Amusement "," Guardians of the Galaxy "and" Jurassic World ", but the actor's story as a public figure, It's a little different. Perth denies any connection between his religious beliefs and anti-LGBT organizations, but when he was named the most beloved childhood hero in 2021, the online negative reactions of the people against him doubled.

Pert In September, Mario was introduced as the official voice actor of the audience's favorite Italian character in the movie "Mario", which is an animation based on the adventures of this video game. The choice was not to the liking of the fans, and the producers were forced to speak in defense of Perth, but the situation continued to escalate, as news broke in November that Peter Coyle had been cast as Garfield in the new Garfield movie. For a while, this role was left out. It didn't take long for the "Chris Pert destroys your childhood" memes to start playing like a bomb, and since then every animation has been ironically confronted with the phrase, "Is Chris Pert voicing the main character of this work?"

Killer Devices

BingMag.com The <b>strangest</b> <b>recurring</b> <b>cinematic</b> <b>themes</b> in 2021

Stories Warning technology is not new at all, and from "Terminator" to "Dr. Ho" in the '60s, everyone warns us not to blindly leave our lives in the hands of machines, but if you ask Alexa or take your smartphone out of your pocket and ask for Do a quick Google search and you'll find that many movies are still being released with the same old message. In the first, a greedy CEO begins a kind of apocalypse by replacing his all-inclusive operating system with a new upgraded version (PAL). Paul easily conquers the earth because home appliances are connected all over the world. "Mitchels vs. Machines" is a warning about the dominance of technology and sends a message to the audience not to replace gadgets with human communication. "The Thigh is Wrong" deals with a similar theme. In this movie, each child has a special robot made by a company called Bubble. Barney, the main character of the story, becomes friends with a defective model of these robots named Ron. Robots around the world are suddenly becoming deadly weapons. Barney defends his thigh against bubble employees who want to get his thigh out of the loop, while being aware of the dangers of digital perfectionism.

2021: Year of similar characters John Wick

BingMag.com The <b>strangest</b> <b>recurring</b> <b>cinematic</b> <b>themes</b> in 2021

"John Wake" in 2014 In cinema, defining the action genre for modern audiences, and placing Keanu Reeves in its biggest wave of popularity since The Matrix. The creators then surprised the world by making two sequels that miraculously continued the original version. The John Wick franchise continued to be a success in each film, with other films expected to emulate the genre, culminating in 2021, when we saw a number of characters similar to John Wick.>

Bob Odenkirk starred in "Nobody" written by Derek Colstad and produced by David Letic, both of whom starred in "John Wake." Mary Elizabeth Winstead starred in "Kate." Karen Guilan also took up arms in "Milwaukee Gunpowder" and "Extreme" was essentially the same story and events of "John Wick" that were narrated in Spain. John Wake's seemingly simplistic formula made the studios think that characters like John Wake could achieve similar success, but it was only "Nobody" that was met with relative admiration from critics and audiences, and to some extent shared John Wake's world. .

Videos about an epidemic

BingMag.com The <b>strangest</b> <b>recurring</b> <b>cinematic</b> <b>themes</b> in 2021

2021 films. In some cases, the storyline that was planned before the corona outbreak actually had to be changed. Nothing has been officially confirmed, but it is rumored that even "No Time to Die" was involved. Daniel Craig's final mission as James Bond carries a nanorbot virus known as Heracles, but a series of inconsistencies throughout the story suggest that the virus was initially a biological threat that changed into a robotic virus in direct response to real-world events. Contrary to "there is no time to die", Tom Hanks has acknowledged that Finch's changes were made solely because of Corona. Director Finn Miguel Sapunik said in an interview that the ending of "Finch" (given Finch's illness in the film and Hanks' affair with Corona in real life) was set up to avoid public disappointment. Meanwhile, Tom Holland revealed that "Spider-Man: There's No Way Home" was originally set in a very different story, so much so that Corona led to the film being shot before "Dr. Strange in the Multi-World Madness." . In the field of television works, it was rumored that the series "Falcon and Winter Soldier" has a sub-story about the epidemic, but these reports and rumors have been rejected by the director of the series, Scogland.

Corona's influence on films not only in The storyline is also felt in the production constraints. This is clearer on TV ("Walking Dead" zombies really respect social distance!), But even a movie like "Spider-Man" has been edited to hide the limitations of the epidemic. Unfortunately, moviegoers need to get used to these changes. ">

Unnecessary revenue streams are certainly not limited to 2021, but this year actually had more implications. "Corolla" starring Emma Stone as the iconic villain of "101 Spotted Dogs" was one of those critics who was not so bad, but few people pointed out why it was necessary to make such a bitter background story of this character. There was one that did not even match the classic Disney animation. In "Saints Newark," in September we saw the expected return of the characters from the "Sopranos" series, but this work made fans regret their long wait. The story of Tony's younger years was met with cold criticism and was completely unnecessary. Zac Snyder's "Army of the Dead" was associated with the "Downton Abbey" series. "Kingsman" then completed a difficult year of prequels, and early critics of this World War I spin-off considered it the worst work in the Kingsman series.

In the role of Willy Vanka, there seems to be an emerging trend in which old popular characters take on a character similar to the Joker. Hopefully this pattern will end by the end of 2021.

Stupid references related to "Star Wars" in other movies

BingMag.com The <b>strangest</b> <b>recurring</b> <b>cinematic</b> <b>themes</b> in 2021

" Star Wars "is one of the greatest influential works on young and aspiring filmmakers. So other galactic works inevitably have references to this epic. However, in 2021, Disney actually took ownership of Lucasfilm, placing explicit and consecutive Star Wars references in a series of completely unrelated projects. Marvel's "Immortals" had two major references to "Star Wars" (Faustus' son Jet King's coloring book). "Lighter" has not been released yet, but its trailer is more or less a "Star Wars" animation that shows Dagoba-like planets and Lucas-like dragons. "What if?" DisneyPlus is full of "Star Wars" references, from X-ray fighters to guards and ultras to fight enemies. Finally, we have "Free Man," in which Ryan Reynolds pulls out a blue sword with the famous John Williams background music.

We have already seen references in other works. We have been to Star Wars, but in essence, each subject has its own place and time. Filmmakers used to pay homage to George Lucas through hidden messages within their related films, but 2021 had more obvious and, of course, more silly references to this great epic.

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