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Strange Things series; The spin-offs that are probably made for him

BingMag.com Strange Things series; The spin-offs that are probably made for him

The CEO of Netflix recently announced the prospect of this broadcast service to build several possible spin-off projects for the Strange Things series. But what series can be made based on this series and which story is suitable for this broadcast service?

Strange things have received a lot of attention since the series started in 2016. The series has gained a lot of fans by combining the horror, science fiction and drama genres with a nostalgic drama influenced by Stephen King.

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However, strange things were never meant to last forever, and the nature of its teen story is that the actors quickly Make your plans old. Fortunately, the end of strange things does not mean the end of the world of this series, because Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos has recently mentioned the possibility of producing spin-offs of this series. At the same time, the latest Trailer for Strange Season 4 confirms this. they give? It seems almost impossible for Milli Bobby Brown, the lead actor in Strange Things, to play in any of the series' spin-offs. Deadline reported that the young actor is in talks to play the lead role in one of the series, and the question that arises for fans is which actors will be the main role in the other series.

A spin-off centered on Dustin/Robin/Steve/Erica

BingMag.com Strange Things series; The spin-offs that are probably made for him

comedy genre and Horror is at its peak in the 1980s, with series such as Grimmins and Ghostbusters. Strange things, however, have always been very serious, despite the humor of their story. The friendly and hilarious relationship between Robin, Dustin, Steve and Erica was, for many fans, the highlight of Season 3 Strange Things, and they can once again explore the supernatural mysteries in Hawkins or beyond in a spin-off and explore the world of the series in Expand the format of a softer story but still tense and fast. However, despite actors like Maya Hawk and Joe Kerry who have become big stars and have busy schedules, it seems a bit difficult to make this series.

Hawkins Lab story background

Obviously, the background of Hawkins' lab will be examined in one of the spin-offs of Strange Things, given the current trend of negative characters in the series and their placement as protagonists. It is unlikely that the Soviets of Chapter 3, and especially the Dumogors, will appear in another collection (although it would be a fun collection if built). So suspicious lab operators remain the only villains in strange things who have to prepare for a spin-off. The question of what the evil people of the Hawkins Laboratory are doing is never answered in this series. Many other series now conceal the internal workings of the CIA, AFBI, and other non-governmental organizations to make the story more compelling, so it is not surprising that Hawkins Labs goes through the same process. In the series' spin-off series, you will probably see the early work of Hawkins Lab in its early years, which shows how the organization has come to be. This spin-off will be a great help to the creators as an introduction and without requiring the presence of expensive actors as well as busy series of strange things.

Adult Adventures of Elon

BingMag.com Strange Things series; The spin-offs that are probably made for him

Given that Millie Bobby Brown is negotiating to play in the spin-off strange things, most likely, one From the new series, follow the story of the continuous adventures of the main hero of the series, Elon. Elon's new appearance in Season 4 shows that the character has grown a lot since the beginning of Season 1, and with the end of strange things, it seems that this character is starting his personal life (possibly tracking down the torturers of Hawkins Lab to seek revenge Take your catatonic mother). Given that Brown is the star of the Strange Things series, we will probably see him in another TV series after the series ends. However, this spin-off may retain the same storyline and be a work similar to the strange things in which Elon tries to find his true identity.

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