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"Strange Things" became Netflix's most-watched English-language series

BingMag.com 'Strange Things' <b>became</b> <b>Netflix's</b> <b>most-watched</b> <b>English-language</b> series

The first episode of the fourth season of "Strange Things" became the most watched Netflix English language TV series of all time. The record was released within a month of its release.

Matt & Ross Duffer sci-fi series follows the gruesome adventures of a teenager named Elon, played by Millie Bobby Brown and his friends in Hawkins, Indiana. In addition to Elon, other "Strange Things" characters include Will (Noah Schnapp), Mike (Finn Wolfhardt), Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), Dustin (Gaiten Matarazzo), Erica (Priya Ferguson), Max (Seddy Sink), Nancy ( Natalia Dyer), Jonathan (Charlie Heaton), Steve (Joe Curry), Robin (Maya Hawk), Jim Hopper (David Harber) and Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder).

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The fourth season of" Strange Things "begins three months after Hopper's hypothetical death and Elon's lost power after a battle with Mindflayer at the Starcourt Mall It becomes. Elon and Byers are now in California, Hopper is in prison in Russia, and Hawkins is trapped in a Vekna reminiscent of Freddie Krueger, Pinhead, and Pennywise. After three years of waiting for release, the fourth season of "Strange Things" finally hit Netflix last month and received rave reviews from critics, and the success for the platform continues to grow.

BingMag.com 'Strange Things' <b>became</b> <b>Netflix's</b> <b>most-watched</b> <b>English-language</b> series

Less than a month after the first episode aired, Deadline announced that the new season of" Strange Things "has become Netflix's most popular English-language television series. The new season, which paid homage to the nostalgia of the 1980s, grossed more than 781.04 million hours on Netflix in its first 28 days, with Bridgetton's first season grossing 625 million and the second season grossing 656 million. The first episode of the fourth season of "Strange Things" has received 335.01 million views in the first week alone.

The success of the fourth season of "Strange Things" is not so surprising considering the performance of previous seasons. However, the series had the biggest weekend broadcast for an English-language series on Netflix and topped the list of the top 10 in 91 countries. 781.04 million watches ranked "Strange Things" second on Netflix's overall list after "Composite Game," which had 1.65 billion views in the first 28 days.

Chapter Four Strange Things met with a positive response from critics and managed to get 84% of the points in Raton Tomitoz. As a penultimate season, the fourth season is not only darker and more mature than previous seasons, but it was able to expand the main characters of the series in exciting ways. The second part of the fourth season of "Strange Things" is scheduled to release its two final big episodes on July 1 (August), and given the success of the first part, everyone expects new records to be set again.

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