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"Star Wars" on the way to fall; What happened to this collection?

BingMag.com 'Star Wars' on the <b>way</b> to <b>fall;</b> <b>What</b> <b>happened</b> to this collection?

Star Wars used to be a late-stage giant, a huge pop culture phenomenon and a god worshiped by fans, but now things have changed. Fans have realized that this series is not an immortal god and has fallen to its knees.

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Some may be of the opinion that the reason for the decline of Star Wars is its saturation, which is not very acceptable; "Marvel Cinematic Universe" has had 20 movies so far, which is several times more than Star Wars. Most of these works have been praised by the audience and critics, which shows that good storytelling always attracts the attention of the audience. So What is the problem with Star Wars, quality? This is perhaps the most obvious answer, and the content quality of the new films in the collection is undoubtedly lower than the previous ones, but there are other main reasons that we will discuss below.

Warning: This article risks spoiling the story of "all parts of the series". 1977) was released, it was considered a revolutionary and revolutionary work from different aspects, which was epic, operatic and innovative. No other sci-fi film in history has managed to present such a combination correctly and with such impact. Perhaps "2001: A Space Odyssey" (1968) is the closest, but it was actually a thoughtful serious drama that could not satisfy all tastes like A New Hope.

The fourth part was exciting and fans are eagerly waiting. were to watch the next episodes. Three years later, Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back arrived, expanding the franchise's universe gloriously. We learn more about the Force and find out that its undisputed master is a small light being named Yoda. Han Solo and Leia Organa begin a romantic relationship, we meet the Emperor (though his appearance has changed later), and we learn about Darth Vader's secret identity.

The Empire Strikes Back trump card. It is more dramatic and serious compared to the previous version. After the fun and innocent adventures of A New Hope, we expected the sequel to follow a similar path, but it didn't. In The Empire Strikes Back, the Emperor reminds the rebels of What the truth is.

Furthermore, the creators' choices for where the story goes are admirable. These days, plot twists are often designed to shock the audience and trick them into believing that an important and impactful event has occurred. While if we look at these events a little more clearly, we will realize that they are not associated with terrible consequences and do not deviate the story from the main path that much. In modern cinema, this approach is abundantly seen in action and superhero films and is actually equivalent to "Jump Esker" in the horror genre.

BingMag.com 'Star Wars' on the <b>way</b> to <b>fall;</b> <b>What</b> <b>happened</b> to this collection?

Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi (1983) was not as brilliant as the two previous installments. Luke Skywalker's storyline is clever, but the rest of the characters and stories are secondary and the creators want to force them into the main story. We can't ignore the film's weaknesses, but in any case, the film ends this epic adventure. The main trilogy is about how a human (who is seemingly an unknown person) rises up, stands up to evil and brings down an evil galactic empire. This story is over, What to do from here?

Prequel trilogy

Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace (1999) Anakin Skywalker story It tells how he is born of a virgin mother, how he is freed from slavery and "Senator Palpatine" begins his political plans to conquer the Republic. There is not a good balance between the elements of the film, but there are some interesting moments in it. We also get some new information from the Jedi Council.

Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones (2002) continues the events of the first episode with a gap of several years, Anakin is now a Jedi apprentice who Must protect Padme Amidala. Senator Palpatine continues to deceive members of the Republic House and creates a galactic scandal in order to rise to power. He also has a new sidekick: the outcast Jedi, Count Dooku.

For various reasons, this movie is always considered one of the worst parts of the series and is sometimes ridiculed, but it's actually not that bad of a movie. For example, fans find its romantic dialogues ridiculous; This is while Anakin is a young man and young men are in love with this The sarcastic romantic dialogues speak volumes. Of course, this does not mean that Attack of the Clones is a first-rate film, its problems are not hidden, but it cannot be denied that some of the critics over the years have been unfair.

BingMag.com 'Star Wars' on the <b>way</b> to <b>fall;</b> <b>What</b> <b>happened</b> to this collection?

In "Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith" (2005) we see the fall of the Republic and the birth of the Empire. Obi-Wan Kenobi defeats Anakin Skywalker and leaves him for dead, but is saved by the Empire and transformed into Darth Vader for a fresh start as Emperor Palpatine's top aide.

The middle years

The prequel trilogy did not receive positive reviews and in later years it was usually referred to as the worst installment of the series, but many fans changed their minds after watching the sequel trilogy. If we look more closely at this trio now, they don't look so bad; These movies have good ideas but they don't get paid well, maybe they were made at a bad time or maybe they should have been worked on more deeply. This issue also applies to A New Hope, which at first glance does not resemble a finished film product, and this is the power and beauty of revision.

But the main difference is this: when "George Lucas" He made a new hope, he was a relatively unknown filmmaker. People around him challenged him, helped him in designing the world and story of Star Wars, and these changes helped to improve the initial ideas. But this issue does not apply to the Phantom Menace era, Lucas was now a major auteur filmmaker and most of the people around him did not have the courage to challenge him and thought that he must know What he was doing better than anyone else. /p>

Also, the pre-releases were epic; They showed us the birth of the Empire, Anakin's transformation into Darth Vader, and Palpatine's dive to rule the galaxy. Regardless of What you think about the stories and characters of the prequel trilogy, you can find beautiful and touching moments in them.

George Lucas had a special plan to make sequels, but decided not to make them because he no longer had that power. And he did not have the passion of youth to spend another ten years of his life making these works. In this regard, he sold Star Wars to Disney and at the same time, presented them with his views and ideas of how the next three installments should be. According to rumors, these ideas are so detailed that they could be turned directly into a screenplay. But Disney, as the new owner of the series, had other ideas.

The Sequel Trilogy

Disney cleverly rebooted the series with Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015). ), told the same story of a new hope in a new way. This time, we are faced with a lonely and idealistic young man who is exposed to galactic conflicts. Meanwhile, the villains use a superweapon to cement their position as leaders of the galaxy. The story is familiar and its similarities with the fourth episode are undeniable.

Instead of Luke, we have "Rey" and instead of the Empire, we have "The Supreme Leader". The Empire has given way to the First Order and Vader has been replaced by Kylo Ren. Instead of the Death Star, we have Starkiller Base, and the desert planet of Tatooine has been replaced by the Quid planet of Jakko. The similarities are tangible and undeniable.

BingMag.com 'Star Wars' on the <b>way</b> to <b>fall;</b> <b>What</b> <b>happened</b> to this collection?

To Disney It's okay, they were aware that the prequels hurt the franchise, so for the new episodes, they focused on the nostalgia element and refused to deliver a different work. Undoubtedly, there is a new feeling of hope in Niro, and this excited moviegoers. But the main question was, What does this retelling of a story that has already been told have anything new to say?

"Rian Johnson" with "Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi" (2017) It tries to break away from the past and innovate. However, although some of the filmmaker's choices are considered brave, the story is a reflection of Empire Strikes Back. The film is basically a space chaser in which the hero of the story is trained by a reluctant instructor to prepare for battle and finally abandons everything to face his main enemy.

BingMag.com 'Star Wars' on the <b>way</b> to <b>fall;</b> <b>What</b> <b>happened</b> to this collection?

Some viewers may say that some of the film's plot twists are shocking and in their eyes, it looks glorious. . Yes, there are such moments in The Last Jedi, but they basically do not affect the story. Compare, for example, when Luke finds his identity with Rey. First, it makes a fundamental change in the story and changes Luke's character forever. But for Ray, finding out his identity only shocks him for a moment and nothing more. After that, this revelation has no effect on anyone or anything.

Star Wars: Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker (2019) is a patchwork in which Disney tries to make up for the damage done to the series and appease angry fans of the series. They also wanted to satisfy those who enjoyed the sequels while also tying the trilogy's stories together. The situation for this trilogy went in such a way that Disney could not satisfy all the fans, but there is no doubt that the first part was promising and gave many promises to the fans, but in the end, it did not end at the climax that we expected.

Characters that don't evolve anymore

Another problem with the sequel versions is that the characters are not explored properly, most of them are not created or evolved during the events, and from the very beginning, they are presented in full form. have became. "Po Dameron" is a professional and elite pilot, be it; The Last Jedi tells us that he needs to learn the responsibilities of leadership, while all of his conflicted behavior aligns with a leader who wants to protect his people. It is a sequel trilogy. He's a runaway Stormtrooper, but that doesn't matter until the rise of Skywalker, and even then it's treated simplistically. The Last Jedi completely wastes Finn and uses him as a comedic element, while teaching him a lesson we didn't know he needed.

BingMag.com 'Star Wars' on the <b>way</b> to <b>fall;</b> <b>What</b> <b>happened</b> to this collection?

When we meet Ben Solo, he has transformed into Kylo Ren. He then doesn't do much for two movies other than act aggressively. His character transformation in The Rise of Skywalker also happens only because the writers and creators suddenly decide that he needs to be redeemed, but to be honest, there is no logic behind these changes.

Maybe some fans like this. It should be noted that the original trilogy did not perform very well in the field of paying additional characters. But Han Solo goes from a money-loving mercenary to an unwilling hero and then an active rebel. Princess Leia transforms from a fanatical rebel leader to a human being who cares for others. These characters may not have a big story arc, but they change.

BingMag.com 'Star Wars' on the <b>way</b> to <b>fall;</b> <b>What</b> <b>happened</b> to this collection?

And this is the weakness that can be seen in Ray as the hero of the story. His story arc is almost non-existent. There's definitely an implied arc for him, for example going from being an unknown person to being a resistance fighter and then some kind of Jedi. But if we take a closer look at Rey, she is spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually the same person we met from the beginning, and there is no surrender.

Compare this to Luke Skywalker, who during three part, they grow and mature in every way. We first meet young Luke, who transforms from a rash and reckless boy to a man who is strong-willed, purposeful, and measures everything. Even the clothes he wears and is fond of change from white to gray and finally to black in the course of the trilogy, which shows his character development.

More importantly, Luke meets Chash. He fails and although he doubts about everything, he perseveres and gets up again. We empathize with Luke because his adventure is something we all face in our personal lives every day in different ways: overcoming all the odds and trying to get to a better place. We also fail sometimes, but we learn from these failures and this is how we grow. In contrast, Ray succeeds in everything because the story is designed to make him a worthy hero.

BingMag.com 'Star Wars' on the <b>way</b> to <b>fall;</b> <b>What</b> <b>happened</b> to this collection?

He is the equivalent of "Superman", except that Superman is not an ordinary person, he is designed to be the embodiment of perfection and excellence. Superman is an icon that we aspire to be like, yet even this seemingly immortal character is a tragic being, because he can never become one of us ordinary humans and will always remain an isolated and lonely man.

His persona and earthly identity, "Clark Kent" is not just to hide, it is his attempt to become a normal human. Rey's character has none of these qualities, so it's not as understandable as it should be. We never really identify with him or connect with his story arc. We don't understand Rey, because the character is underpaid and not presented properly.

Reigned by the giant Disney

The sequels either gloss over or downplay important events from the original trilogy. They are: the struggle of the rebels, the confrontation between Luke and the Emperor and the sacrifice of Darth Vader. These events have no meaning as Supreme Leader Snoke and the First Order rise up. So What was the meaning of the rebel wars in the original trilogy? What did it end up with?

Lucas' initial idea for The sequels were designed to focus on Princess Leia trying to rebuild the Republic while also rebuilding Luke the Jedi. They face off against Darth Maul and his sidekick, a female Sith named Darth Talon. This idea was in line with the adventures of the original trilogy, the story was moving well and once again we saw the development of the characters, but Disney brought everything back to zero.

"Solo: A Star Wars Story" (2018) to It became one of the highest-grossing films of all time and theoretically should have exploded at the box office, but turned out to be a dismal commercial failure. Without going into the details of the story, the movie includes a trivial subplot that has little impact on the Star Wars universe. In other words, we are facing a heist movie that does not go as expected, and of course we have seen better examples of it many times in the cinema.

BingMag.com 'Star Wars' on the <b>way</b> to <b>fall;</b> <b>What</b> <b>happened</b> to this collection?

Going back to the above, at first glance you'd think that a prequel about Han Solo would show us how he becomes a The great warrior became an exceptional pilot and a professional gambler, or how he learned the language of the Wookiees. Unfortunately, young Han Solo is presented to us as Rey was: perfect. You don't get much out of this character, and it's sad that Disney so easily missed such a good opportunity to portray the lesser-seen aspects of Solo's character. Does not exist. The Mandalorian was supposed to stabilize the Star Wars universe, but excitement for it intensified the moment fans realized it was story-wise connected to the originals. Unlike the sequels where the First Order was fully formed, at least in The Mandelorian we see the remnants of the Empire trying to prepare the conditions for their return. will pay. Like Solo: A Star Wars Story, its trump card is the use of a popular character from the series. Feedback to this series has been mixed, some fans have welcomed it and others have not reacted positively to it. Either way, Boba Fett fans wanted Empire Strikes Back and nothing else, but the series focuses on the man under the hat, which you may not agree with, but it's an interesting approach.

BingMag.com 'Star Wars' on the <b>way</b> to <b>fall;</b> <b>What</b> <b>happened</b> to this collection?

"Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" (2016) is Disney's best attempt to make an independent version of Star Wars Considered to be. Mostly because it tells an important story and its events have consequences for the galaxy. Some may say that there was no need to narrate this story, but in any case, the final version has come out well and evokes the greatness of the Star Wars world. It has the serious task of linking the original and pre-release versions and wants to resolve the inconsistencies of the sub-pages. The creators explore Obi-Wan and Anakin's relationship and treat the precursors with respect. Disney's approach, at least in this series, has been completely correct, and it should be considered the closest creation of this company to the original Star Wars by George Lucas.

How did "Star Wars" get to its current state?

BingMag.com 'Star Wars' on the <b>way</b> to <b>fall;</b> <b>What</b> <b>happened</b> to this collection?

Star Wars has always been about big ideas, big themes, big characters and big events. The prequels featured the birth of an empire and the originals featured its fall. And in between, we had everything, heroes, princesses, magic, seats of power, good versus evil, and big battles for galaxy dominance.

The sequels told the same story once again, which is a problem in itself does not count The theme of these stories has always been the battle between good and evil. But the main problem is that in the process of copying and copying, they never realized What made the originals into iconic and outstanding works.

BingMag.com 'Star Wars' on the <b>way</b> to <b>fall;</b> <b>What</b> <b>happened</b> to this collection?

When the sequels repeated the events of the original trilogy, they unwisely reflected the message that in the Star Wars universe, the battle between good and evil It is an endless cycle and the events of the main parts are not certain; In other words, victory is useless and meaningless. There's always another bad guy, evil reigns supreme, another battle happens, and the process repeats itself.

The idea in itself is not bad, and can even be infinitely attractive, that the battle Good and evil should be so equal that it sometimes leads to victory and sometimes defeat for both factions, an eternal and infinite struggle. But that idea can't be the foundation of a series that wants to move forward and release new episodes, because if that's the case, why should we care? In addition, in each of the following cycles, that clichd and familiar story is presented even weaker. You might say that this issue applies to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well, but they are trying not to repeat themselves by trial and error and making different and experimental works.

A galaxy that is waiting to be conquered

Some may say that Star Wars, contrary to its claims, is a limited universe that doesn't allow creators to tell stories and innovate, and the originals (and to some extent the prequels) are all that they can be. The films in this series should be drawn in a certain structure, they should be familiar to the fans, but these views are not correct. be or have deep and philosophical contents, but let's not forget that in this genre, films like "The Dark Knight" (2008), "Logan" (2017), "Joker" (2019) and "Batman" (2022) have been made. These are the works that took courage, broke from the common formulas of the genre and were admired by the fans with the right storytelling.

"Sylvester Stallone" did a great job with the "Rocky" series and every time with We were facing a different form of this character who has to deal with a new challenge. Each of these films ends with a fight but in a different context. Rocky fights for survival, then for honor, then for revenge, then for honor, then to say that he is still valid in this world. He has repeated the route several times, but each episode is more spectacular than the previous one. He has fought for good scripts, good stories, interesting characters and taking the series in different directions. Mission: Impossible is one of the few movie series that has improved significantly over time and has not deteriorated.

But Star Wars? The creators present their epic stories one after the other, but in the same clear and familiar framework of the Star Wars world. Instead of creating new paths, they prioritize the repetition of the past and are afraid of creating change.

Meaningful and bold storytelling that ends in great adventures, creates epic situations and characters that grow along the way. They do, they change and we can feel close to them, even though we are not in their place but we come to believe that in our personal life we can learn new things, get to a better place and improve as a human being: that's What it is. which is not present in the new versions of Star Wars.

BingMag.com 'Star Wars' on the <b>way</b> to <b>fall;</b> <b>What</b> <b>happened</b> to this collection?

In In the world of cinema, the technical aspects of works are important, but in the end, nothing is more important than storytelling, a good story can stay in our minds forever. We criticize the prequels, but at least in those, George Lucas took a risk to expand the world he had created and was willing to risk it again. One of the objections to the prequel trilogy was why it was "different" but wasn't that the point?

Disney took Star Wars and turned it from a unique franchise into a regular franchise. . Star Wars was never meant to be ordinary. If Disney hasn't realized this by now, we should be worried about the future of this series because the god who is now on his knees will soon fall.

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