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From Spider-Man to Avengers; Marvel 5 triple ranking

BingMag.com <b>From</b> <b>Spider-Man</b> to <b>Avengers;</b> <b>Marvel</b> 5 <b>triple</b> ranking

For years, the idea was to bring together a group of prominent heroes From a separate film series to see if there was a work. Is it better created or not? This is what happened in Marvel's cinematic world, which is by far the biggest cinematic phenomenon of the last decade and beyond. Marvel Studios has spent the past 14 years redefining the form of modern, high-budget, best-selling series, linking the stories of Earth's most powerful superheroes with the launch of Iron Man in 2008.

The success of Marvel's cinematic world It has created a multimedia world and transformed the concept of a movie franchise into something more than a straightforward sequel, like a real comic book. Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr., has appeared in only three films under his own name, but has appeared in a total of 10 films throughout Marvel's cinematic world (from brief appearances to supporting roles at team events). If you want to know the story of a popular character in Marvel's world, you have to follow other films besides their solo films.

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Marvel's cinematic world has changed the way solo sequels and movies work since 2012. Today, a new solo superhero movie that depends on a star must try to fit into a pre-existing world and adapt to its established culture and status. For example, a film like "Shanghai and the Legend of the Ten Rings", while introducing a new hero, must justify its place in the world after the "final game" and influence the broader rules in different ways, and at the same time tell its story.

The trilogy in Marvel Cinematic Universe is not as predetermined and boring as it used to be, especially compared to other franchises. To be successful, they must tell their story and at the same time add something to the world around them. Under the pretext of breaking Marvel's new record at the box office around the world, here we are ranking Marvel's cinematic triples.

5. ( Thor )

BingMag.com <b>From</b> <b>Spider-Man</b> to <b>Avengers;</b> <b>Marvel</b> 5 <b>triple</b> ranking

Thor's films generally suffer From a lack of identity crisis. They have always aimed to strike a balance between the grandeur and fantasy of the characters and the characters' behavioral comedy, but in practice, at least until the third film, they have been undecided in their presentation of humor and comedy or drama. Thor (2011) is strongly influenced by culture shock. It's a bizarre, bizarre comedy that overshadows the Odinson's family drama, and "Thor: The Dark World" stars Chris Hemsworth as a protagonist versus Loki (Tom Hiddleston) who captures all the attention in the midst of a war. Places an interstellar. After a long time in "Thor: Ragnarok" directed by Taika Whitey, Thor's character seemed quite funny and at the same time, compassionate and grumpy.

"Ragnarok" generally showed that the previous two films They did not match the character of this hero and acted almost as a replay of the character of Thor and the supporting actors. As a three-act film, these films well illustrate the stages of Thor's accession to Asgard's throne, and the third film, Regnarok, plays an important role in this. "Thor: Love and Thunder" will be released in 2022, and Jane Foster, starring Natalie Portman, will be re-introduced as the owner of Millennial, and we hope that Whitey will maintain the film's tonal balance and continue the "Ragnarok" legacy. p>

4. Iron Man ( Iron Man )

BingMag.com <b>From</b> <b>Spider-Man</b> to <b>Avengers;</b> <b>Marvel</b> 5 <b>triple</b> ranking

" Iron Man "'s films, as the first trilogy in Marvel's cinematic world, have the least amount of space and storytelling in Marvel's cinematic world. John Favreau's first two films intertwined in narrative, tone, and theme, turning Tony Stark into an invincible avenger step by step during his relatively earthly and geopolitical journey. In "Iron Man" and "Iron Man 2", Tony Stark develops himself and the world around him, which is threatened by his genius. However, "Iron Man 3" puts Tony in the spotlight and in the newly changed world, which is directly influenced by his appearance in "Avengers" in 2012, thus becoming the first Marvel movie sequel to need Watching more works outside of the main series. It seems like a good ending to the thriller Avengers starring Tony Stark, and at the same time, it's a good conclusion to the story of Favreau. In "Iron Man 3", Tony still struggles with his own mistakes, as in previous films, and his personality problems are more rooted in the events of "The Avengers" than in the previous films "Iron Man". The trilogy ends as the story of Tony Stark with a definite outcome for Iron Man and more as the beginning of his new life as an avenger.

3. The Avengers ( The Avengers )

BingMag.com <b>From</b> <b>Spider-Man</b> to <b>Avengers;</b> <b>Marvel</b> 5 <b>triple</b> ranking

The Avengers, as the foundation of Marvel's cinematic world, is a series with very free themes (although the series has four films and is not technically a trilogy, but this time there are exceptions). we will be). These films are almost no sequels or even independent films, and mostly serve as the final parts of each phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe storyline, showing the expansion of the world and the number of heroes in this cinematic world. They are best-selling events in themselves, and as a film, they set a new standard for the scope, grandeur, and scale of franchises. "The Avengers" (2012) proved that Marvel's cinematic world experiment has yielded fruitful results. Eternity (2018) and "Final Game" (2019) culminated all of Marvel's potential and transformed the world. The Avengers films, as a quadruple, played an important role in ending the main thrilling stories of Marvel's cinematic world.

2. Captain America ( Captain America )

BingMag.com <b>From</b> <b>Spider-Man</b> to <b>Avengers;</b> <b>Marvel</b> 5 <b>triple</b> ranking

" Captain America "trilogy films are adjacent to" The Avengers "and one of the best series in the Marvel movie world. Each film well follows the events of The Avengers From Chris Evans' point of view in a modern way, while also preparing the ground for the next film. "The First Avengers" depicts the ideals that spurred Steve Rogers' actions throughout Marvel's cinematic world, as well as introducing Tsarkat as a McGuffin in the Avengers world. "Winter Soldier" shows ideals that contrast with the previous film, in which Captain America has a weaker character and intends to help his friend. The "civil war" creates a rift among the Avengers that undermines the freedom that Rogers is fighting to protect.

The greatest strength and yet the greatest weakness of Captain America as the most powerful leader The heroes of the earth are not only his desire for freedom, but also his desire for agreement and compromise. Rogers always does what his country and even the world expect of him. In each of his films, he gradually becomes emotionally conflicted by his sense of morality. In fact, the Avengers films depict the life of an avenger, while the films Captain America by Rogers show all the equipment and elements needed for a great film.

1 . Spider-Man ( Spider-Man )

BingMag.com <b>From</b> <b>Spider-Man</b> to <b>Avengers;</b> <b>Marvel</b> 5 <b>triple</b> ranking

Spider-Man, along with Wolverine, had one of the most extensive cinematic histories among Marvel characters, even before Marvel's cinematic world peaked. Before Tom Holland experienced his first appearance as Spider-Man in "Civil War," the character had passed his cinematic test in the Sam Remy and Mark Webb trilogy. Marvel's cinematic world had to offer something new and unique to Peter Parker's life for an audience that knew how the Spider-Man trilogy came to be. The result was the most stable trilogy in Marvel's cinematic world, thanks in part to the direction of John Watts, who directed all three episodes (first in Marvel's cinematic world). All three episodes of the superhero series were blockbusters and emotional epics about growth and maturity, recreating family heroism in the new era. Watts's films, like Spider-Man himself, portray comedy, action, and drama in a heartwarming and balanced way. That the character is lovable is because Peter Parker is still just a powerful teenager with a big responsibility. Holland offers a unique performance each time, showing different aspects of a novice and familiar Spider-Man in a not-so-friendly world. The trilogy does not end after a trip home, but the story of Peter Parker, despite the end of his time as an avenger and Iron Man disciple, has just begun, and this is a great achievement for the third part and the masterpiece of this remarkable trilogy. .

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