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Special Critique of the 20-Year-Old Harry Potter Program: Return to Hogwarts; We were surprised

BingMag.com <b>Special</b> <b>Critique</b> of the <b>20-Year-Old</b> <b>Harry</b> <b>Potter</b> <b>Program:</b> <b>Return</b> to <b>Hogwarts;</b> We <b>were</b> surprised

In 2021, HBO Max, with the Special broadcast of the Friends or Friends series reunion program, attracted a large number of people (including the author of this Content) surprised. The surprising thing about this Special program was that it was by no means light-hearted, annoying (due to ridicule or coercive feelings), artificial or dull, and it was a sincere and lovable tribute to the series that made them friends and fans of Omar./p>

What this Special program did was show that Reunion Specials, if produced with a high level of quality and a sincere approach, can be a very enjoyable and encouraging experience for those who enjoy a long-term entertainment A few years was a big or even small part of their lives.

BingMag.com <b>Special</b> <b>Critique</b> of the <b>20-Year-Old</b> <b>Harry</b> <b>Potter</b> <b>Program:</b> <b>Return</b> to <b>Hogwarts;</b> We <b>were</b> surprised

The emotions expressed in these Special programs may be directed or artificial, as humans usually become cold to an experience sooner or later. But it must be borne in mind that if the director or producer does not decide to go in such a direction - that is, to evoke artificial emotions - there is no need at all to produce these emotions artificially, because they will exist on their own. p>

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It is enough to honestly evoke the memories of those involved in the experience to themselves Take the helm of the program. No matter how cold and professional one behaves, one cannot be indifferent to a successful experience that has made millions of people happy and to those who have been with them for many, many years, and perhaps even more at times with their family members. Has passed, does not feel a sense of belonging. One of the most prominent examples in this regard is Harrison Ford, who always behaves in public as if playing the role of Han Solo was the biggest mistake of his life and he hated Star Wars; It is never known if he is joking or serious! But when Jimmy Fallon asked him in 2019 about the death of Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew, he expressed his grief in a few words. It was as if Mihio's death was so heavy for him that he could not talk about it, and perhaps even a little annoyed at the fact that Falun had raised such a heavy issue in that relatively humorous and light-hearted situation.

BingMag.com <b>Special</b> <b>Critique</b> of the <b>20-Year-Old</b> <b>Harry</b> <b>Potter</b> <b>Program:</b> <b>Return</b> to <b>Hogwarts;</b> We <b>were</b> surprised

The Harry Potter reunion program, like the Friends Special program, has a high build quality and is exactly the nostalgic content that those who grew up with Harry Potter They need it. However, because the series did not focus as much on the core of Friends, and J.K. Rowling has also become a controversial figure in recent years, and this Special program could not have been as intimate as the Friends program. We'll get to that later.

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You may be wondering what is meant by high build quality? After all, what quality criteria can a revisiting program have? Quality of construction refers to the method of filming, editing and Special structuring of the program. This Special program, like Friends's Special program, is set on the main stage of the film (these scenes are now part of the Harry Potter Studio Tour in Luzden, England). For example, in one scene, Daniel Radcliffe and Helena Bonham Carter talk at the Gringatz Bank and even show each other the goblin dolls inside the bank behind the counter.

Filming these Special programs on the main stage It is very nostalgic and in addition to the emotional value it provides to the audience, it also helps the actors and key actors to be in the Special mood of the program and to share their feelings about their experiences more easily. As mentioned in the IMDB Special Program Trivia section, the filming of these scenes is done in such a way that the "magic" of the film scenes is preserved and the Special program does not really look like a studio tour. For example, many of the camera angles of these scenes are the same as those used in the films, and the cameramen were careful not to frame the fences that were erected to prevent people from entering the scenes. These efforts have paid off and the program has maintained the magical mood of the films.

BingMag.com <b>Special</b> <b>Critique</b> of the <b>20-Year-Old</b> <b>Harry</b> <b>Potter</b> <b>Program:</b> <b>Return</b> to <b>Hogwarts;</b> We <b>were</b> surprised

Another factor The Special charm of the program is its regular structuring. The Special program begins with the likes of the characters, and then we see a regular sequence between all eight films and interviews and conversations with the actors of each film and talking to the main actors about their experiences while playing in the film. Also, in the context of each film, some Special and prominent scenes are placed under a magnifying glass and sweet memories and experiences about them are defined. For example, one of these scenes is the Yule Ball dance scene in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, which is one of the funniest and most entertaining scenes in the weekly Harry Potter.

The reason this part of the story stands out is that In those teenage characters, the story was first introduced to a complex concept called interest in the opposite sex, and Rowling's approach to the subject was very empathetic, realistic, and sweet at the same time. Many of the film's teenage actors also point out during the show that the behind-the-scenes atmosphere at the time of filming was somewhat similar to that of Joe Hogwarts, and that they, like the characters in the story, were grappling with these issues for the first time. The memories of this scene were very interesting and funny, and they show well why Harry Potter penetrated so much among children and teenagers, because it not only presented a fantasy world, but also depicted the experience of growing up and the feelings of adolescence. Despite all the good feelings, there are dark-skinned reunion programs, and for all those who are absent or under-represented, it may tarnish the ideal image that the special-purpose program seeks to create. The Harry Potter program is no exception. Probably the biggest absentee of G.K. Rowling. Of the approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes of the show, Rowling is only 30 seconds away, and that 30 seconds is what she said in 2019, which is ridiculously referred to as "Filmed in 2019" at the top of the page, as if the show's creators wanted to Let them emphasize that we have nothing to do with Rowling anymore and that what you see from him is not mine now.

BingMag.com <b>Special</b> <b>Critique</b> of the <b>20-Year-Old</b> <b>Harry</b> <b>Potter</b> <b>Program:</b> <b>Return</b> to <b>Hogwarts;</b> We <b>were</b> surprised

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    BingMag.com <b>Special</b> <b>Critique</b> of the <b>20-Year-Old</b> <b>Harry</b> <b>Potter</b> <b>Program:</b> <b>Return</b> to <b>Hogwarts;</b> We <b>were</b> surprised

    However, the absence of many actors like Michael Gambon (who even He is not mentioned, although Richard Harris is well-deserved) (David Thiulis, Robert Pattinson, Maggie Smith, Timothy Spall, Julie Walters indicate that they were not invited, either because of a series of political games of which we are unaware). Or that they have been invited and their experience as a Potter actor has not been significant enough to make them want to participate in this Special program. Even in the three-way conversation between Radcliffe, Grint and Watson, Grint was not in the room and was added to the scene through editing, as he was filming in Canada. It was a series and he could not have been present in front of the others.

    Besides, although the three main actors play all the professions that fans expect to hear from them, it is unlikely that a family and romantic bond will be established between them. It should also be as strong as it is mentioned in the program. Radcliffe himself has previously said that he and Grant have no contact outside of working hours and no messages are exchanged between them. In fact, Radcliffe has said in the past that there is no friendship between them beyond a working relationship in a successful project. If it were not for the Harry Potter ceremony, the two might not have seen each other once every ten years.

    BingMag.com <b>Special</b> <b>Critique</b> of the <b>20-Year-Old</b> <b>Harry</b> <b>Potter</b> <b>Program:</b> <b>Return</b> to <b>Hogwarts;</b> We <b>were</b> surprised

    Generally speaking, Radcliffe, Grint and Watson had an extraordinary personality together on the silver screen of chemistry. Many Harry Potter fans might like this chemistry to exist in the real world, and the three are really close friends in the real world. If such a friendship were true, he would have great emotional power, because it showed that there was a deeper truth behind the friendship we saw on the silver screen. It seems that the friendship between the three main actors makes the friendship between Harry, Ron and Hermione purer and purer. This particular program reinforces this fantasy, but the reality may not be so ideal.

    BingMag.com <b>Special</b> <b>Critique</b> of the <b>20-Year-Old</b> <b>Harry</b> <b>Potter</b> <b>Program:</b> <b>Return</b> to <b>Hogwarts;</b> We <b>were</b> surprised

    And here we come to the conclusion: that Special revisit programs have both positive and negative aspects. On the plus side, they are an amazing journey into the world of memories and nostalgia, and when filmed on a Special Harry Potter and Friends Special level, they are unlikely to dilute your heart if you are a fan of them. But the downside of such Special programs is that they try to paint an ideal image that may be false; They try to talk about the existence of lasting emotions that may not exist. If you're someone who needs to know emotionally that the actors in your favorite characters in the real world also have a close relationship with each other and like each other, it might be a good idea to look at the dark side of this feeling, because it actually puts you in front of Alki's deceptions and pleasures are vulnerable. : Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint and
    Synopsis: A Special program in which actors and actors from the Harry Potter films talk to each other and share their memories of working Harry Potter movies. Harry Potter's 20th Anniversary Program: Returning to Hogwarts is the author's point of view and not necessarily the position of BingMag.

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