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Sparks of cultural pleasures in a difficult year

BingMag.com <b>Sparks</b> of <b>cultural</b> <b>pleasures</b> in a <b>difficult</b> year

In a 1400 summary, unfortunately, we did not achieve much culturally. In cinema, probably the only important event was the release of Shahram Mokri's film "Careless Crime". Of course, we had a big unpleasant event, such as the closure of the Art and Experience group, which, despite all the criticism, was the only opportunity to watch films that were compact and different with a collective taste in the cinema. The Fajr Film Festival was the last straw for out-of-current cinema and the main taste. Ignoring films like "The Loser Man" at the end marks the end of an era in Iranian cinema.

The field of theater and visual arts continued to be under the influence of corona and quarantine for at least the first half of the year. In the field of music, there were no big concerts except for the Fajr Music Festival and one-on-one private performances such as the Iso Ensemble (Symphony Orchestra of the Iran-Austria Friendship Association). But I think we had an interesting event in the field of culture, and that was cultural exchanges with foreign countries. At the Fajr Festival, in collaboration with the Roudaki Foundation and the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, with foreign embassies, and in the form of a festival, we saw several concerts of foreign musicians, which made me happy that there is such an understanding of good music in the country.

In the week leading up to Nowruz, we also witnessed another first-class concert at the Vahdat Hall, which was held in cooperation with the Italian Embassy and the Roudaki Foundation. Participating in the concert of a first-rate musician like Paolo Farso is one of those opportunities that may occur even less in the lives of Europeans themselves, and we in Tehran had the chance to spend a night in our corners with great music other than caressing.

cultural event of the Italian Embassy last year, accompanied by Iranian artists, was unique. For example, inviting the prestigious Dumos design magazine to hold an exhibition of works by Iranian designers and architects and focusing on one of the masterpieces of Iranian cultural heritage, Villa Namazi on Niavaran Street, designed by the great Italian architect Geo Ponti. cultural exchanges, which was auspicious and fascinating event for the art audience (in addition to the artists who were given the opportunity to be seen), was a concert that took place on the last Monday of 1400 in Vahdat Hall with a large crowd of The music was good.

About Paulo Ferrero's fame Music lovers are well aware. But watching him perform Monday night was beyond words to write and describe. His duet performance with double bass player Marco Bardosica was a fascinating blend of standard and modern. We did not know the repertoire of the concert, and to be honest, the names of the pieces were not very important. These pieces were completely unfamiliar and at the same time very intimate and close. This is a good feature of non-verbal music that you do not even need to know the name of the piece or have any background on it. The melodies (which, as Farso said in his speeches, the Italians are as much in favor of as the Iranians) hit the hearts of the audience in the hall and were enjoyed without any intermediaries.

Marco Bardosica also performed an amazing double bass. Whether with a bow or by wounding the strings of an instrument or even tapping on its body, it produced fascinating melodies, but it must be admitted that Farso's performance was quite mesmerizing and overshadowed Bardosica's art. Although the piano instrument was empty and basically performed in the form of a trio, the wind and string instrument duo created a modern minimalist atmosphere, which in itself was a fascinating experience. One of the most fascinating pieces was accompanied by the voice of Chat Baker, the great jazz artist. An artistic combination of the sound of contemporary music and the sound of a myth that no longer exists in this world. The Iranians, with the help of Domus Magazine and this first-class concert with the efforts of the cultural department of the Italian Embassy, were Sparks of hope that we would be happy to welcome next year. It was also a lesson to welcome these events and use them more. Cinema, which seems to be half dead in Iran, at least save music, theater and visual arts with new perspectives.

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