Sorush Sahet; A lucky and talented prodigy

When Soroush Sehat was teaching chemistry to his students at school, he did not imagine that he would become one of become the most humorous people of Iranian cinema. A chemistry teacher who, according to his own words, looked dry, serious and harsh with those thick eyebrows, but the passing of time introduced us to a sensitive, calm and kind-hearted person. Sorush Sahet; A lucky and talented prodigy

When Soroush Sehat was teaching chemistry to his students at school, he did not imagine that he would become one of become the most humorous people of Iranian cinema. A chemistry teacher who, according to his own words, looked dry, serious and harsh with those thick eyebrows, but the passing of time introduced us to a sensitive, calm and kind-hearted person.

Getting to know the manager

The games of today cannot be predicted. Where is the chemistry teacher in Isfahan and where is the director of films and satirical series? But if it is meant to do something, nothing can stop it, and this is how the story of authenticity in the world of art begins. In order to understand the complexity of the biography of this Isfahani artist, it is enough to pay attention to his university degrees; Associate in Radiology, Bachelor of Applied Chemistry and Master of Pollution and Marine Environmental Protection!

He himself says that he was not interested in radiology and chose this field regardless of his interest. From the time he studied at school, he became interested in reading, books and art through his reading friends, and as time passed, the fire of this love and interest grew.

Sorush Sehat He opens his feet to television very casually and completely by chance. Everything went hand in hand so that he met Mehran Madiri at his friend's house on a normal day completely by chance and this acquaintance changed his life.

First, Moderi offers Sehat to act in "Jang77" and after being added To the group of actors of this series, he presents his ideas in writing. It had almost three or four authors. One day I chose 15 of my writings and took them to Mehran. After reading them, he liked six of them and said that we will work on these six. From that day on, I would take my writings to Mehran and one of them liked it, and in short, this story continued until I became the most prolific writer of that group..." Sorush Sahet; A lucky and talented prodigy

Collaboration with Attaran and Farhadi

Despite entering the world of cinema, Soroush Sehat never leaves his love for writing. He still writes for TV and his scripts are good. He has a great talent in writing humorous texts and it is clear that he will reach higher levels in this work. In the same year, "Bakhshhid Shama" collaborates with Reza Attaran and Behrouz Baghai for the series "Eternal Train". A successful series that is very popular among people because of its humorous parts. Sehat writes 10 episodes of this series.

Playing in the series "The Story of a City" directed by Asfar Farhadi, once again reminds Sehat's acting skills. Soroush Sahet's warm and smooth acting in a series that happened to be popular among the people, will record his image in people's minds as a capable actor.

good days of busyness

From here on, the period of busyness and continuous presence of Sahet on TV and cinema will begin. Good days that bring health to the peak of fame and popularity. With a love for writing and hard-working acting, he is only looking to get better. Far from the noise of this industry, he only thinks about creating better works and writing better. So that his fame in the cinema will spread more. Abolhassan Davoudi plays one of the main roles in his movie "Bread, Love, Motor 1000". The film is seen in the period of reforms and political openness of those days and it can be said to be one of the lasting films. Iranian cinema is turning into a political comedy genre.

Soroush Hahab is still busy writing in television along with acting in cinema. In the three-year gap between 1980 and 1983, he wrote six works for television, which shows how prolific this figure is. Among his works, some of them have forever stuck in people's collective memory. A work that had the ability to make the streets quiet and make people sit in front of the TV. This series created a wave on television and became one of the most memorable series on television. Sehat, along with Attaran and Hamid Barzegar, were responsible for writing the series and were able to create attractive and spectacular episodes. and "Acacia Alley" are examples of the successful works of Sehat on TV. Each of these series were popular at the time of broadcast and have kept their freshness and freshness over the years. Behrouz Afkhami plays in "Bloody Cow" and after that he plays in "Loser" by Qasim Jafari and "Intersection" by Abolhassan Davoudi. Sorush Sahet; A lucky and talented prodigy

keeping friendships

one of Soroush Sehat's virtues in his life are maintaining his friendships and colleagues. Unlike some writers and actors who have a disagreement with that team after a period of cooperation, Sehat has always maintained his old colleagues with the same friendly and warm behavior. This is one of his strengths. Sahat has never seen his colleagues as competitors and has always praised them and their art in a humble way. Sahat, after several years away from Mehran Moderi, again He joins him and becomes part of the team of writers of "Jayzeh Bozor" and "Shabhai Barreh" and "Bagh Muzaffar". A few years later, he also works with a director as an actor in "The Man with a Thousand Faces".

He continues the same procedure with Attaran and is one of the writers of It becomes "sour and sweet" and "spicy". Somehow, in the golden period of television in serialization, we see the name of Sehat at the foot of each of these series. He has played a prominent role in all these series, from "Zir Aseman Shahr" to "Shabhai Barreh" and the series "Bazengah", which coincided with Attaran's farewell on TV.

After years of cooperation with famous TV personalities, Soroush Sehat's ambitions do not end here. Now he wants to move forward with his own project and direct a work himself. His first experience is the "Charkhone" series, which was made in 1986 for Channel Three. The work did not meet with much success and caused Sehat not to be too hasty to enter the field of directing and to be more practical. directed the series "Doctors' Building" and this time sent an acceptable and audience-friendly work to the air. Qasimkhani brothers and several other writers accompanied Sehat to create this work and "Doctors Building" soon became one of the most watched TV series.

The success of this The series increased Sahat's courage, boldness and self-confidence for the next work. A few years later, he was able to make another successful series called "Pejman". The Sehat couple and the Qasimkhani brothers are a good answer for serialization and make people sit at the TV. fill and attract the audience to television with its series. An audience whose tastes have changed and become stricter than before with the expansion of the Internet and easier access to movies and serials.

Soroush Sehat's success in serialization has earned the trust of managers. The TV is for him. Sehat makes the series "Shamadouni", "Bachelors" and "Super-Bachelors" for TV. Among these works, "undergraduates" and "postgraduates" become successful series and have the ability to attract the audience. He separates from Qasimkhani brothers and continues working with Iman Safai more seriously. The cooperation between Sehat and Safai works very well and makes Sehat to make his first movie with Safai.

Making a good movie

Sahat, after playing various roles in the cinema, decided to continue his dreams in the cinema and directed the movie "The World Dances with Me" in 1997. . A well-made and attractive film of the same type of constant health concerns. The film will be screened at the Fajr International Festival for the first time and it will receive a lot of attention. After that, it also experienced good sales in cinemas of the country and became one of the good movies of Iranian cinema.

The successful Isfahani director of these days of cinema and television is now making a series on the home television network. Sehat works tirelessly and moves forward.

But Sehat's multidimensional and deep character should not be summed up only in writing and directing. He was able to shine once again and reconcile people with television as the host of the program "Kitab Baaz". Sehat loves books and reading, and his thirst for reading and knowledge is one of the reasons for the attractiveness of the program "Book Player". The performance of "Bookman" could be heard and maybe this termination of cooperation will ruin his good relationship with television. Although no one has made a direct comment in this regard so far, the stoppage of the production of the program has strengthened the rumors about the abandonment of this popular presenter.

Sehat's creative mind in storytelling And the creation of tangible characters is admirable. He sometimes writes articles in a fixed column for newspapers and every time with his writings he creates an atmosphere that engages the reader. This is the art of truth. His characterization and space creations in his works are concrete and involving, and therefore involve the audience. Reads. The secret of his success should be considered in these three factors.

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