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Similarities between "Better Call Saul" and "Bad Breaking"; Useful or harmful?

BingMag.com <b>Similarities</b> <b>between</b> 'Better <b>Call</b> Saul' and 'Bad Breaking'; <b>Useful</b> or harmful?

The series "Better Call Saul" was made just like the "Bad Breaking" series, but the sixth season of this series is most similar to this series. Now the question is, is this resemblance good or not? The audience is asked whether such a resemblance is good or not. While the series deals with the pre-Breaking Bad series, it follows a very similar storyline and points to themes that are the same in both stories.

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This has been true for all seasons of the series so far, but now the tensions in the story of "Better Contact Saul" series "Get" has reached its peak and the final season is playing, it can be clearly seen that this season of the series is most similar to the series "Breaking Bad" and therefore we want to address in this article whether this volume Does the similarity between the two popular series benefit their co-workers? White Tashkhi P. and he realizes that it no longer happens when he has time to live, so the series tries to slowly describe what happened during this time. In addition to telling the story of Saul Goodman's life, the series also explores the story of other characters in the world of Breaking Bad, including Gustavo Fring, Hector Salamanca, Mike Armantrat, and other members of a drug trafficking gang. The gang of traffickers establishes a friendly relationship.

In fact, "Better Contact Saul" is the starting point that describes everything that happened in "Bad Breaking" and shows that Saul and his wife Kim What big problems do Wexler have to deal with? In fact, by watching this series, many points of the "Bad Breaking" series, which were vague to you, will gradually become clear to you, and the puzzle pieces will be put in place one after the other.

But Season 6 of the "Better" series "Call Saul" clearly contains the DNA of the "Breaking Bad" series. Saul shows the audience a character just like Walter White, and it is not long before the world around him begins to crumble and everything he tries to do falls apart. In fact, these Similarities could hurt the "Better Call Saul" series, as it shows viewers that the series is a duplicate of "Breaking Bad." Of course, copies of the series "Better Call Saul" from the series "Breaking Bad" can also be good in some ways.

The most similarity in the third part of season 6

BingMag.com <b>Similarities</b> <b>between</b> 'Better <b>Call</b> Saul' and 'Bad Breaking'; <b>Useful</b> or harmful?

The third part of the 6th season of "Better Call Saul" series, entitled Rock and Hard Place, is the closest part to the "Bad Breaking" series, and It can be said with confidence that it was made by imitation. While this episode, like all "Better Call Saul" episodes, looks like "Bad Breaking" in terms of tension and action scenes, the bigger reason why the two series are so similar is the subject matter of their story. The final season of "Breaking Bad" is all about the characters who face the consequences of their actions, something that is quite evident in the sixth season of "Better Call Saul". As the inevitable fall of Saul begins slowly, it is Nacho whose story ends tragically.

In this episode of the series, Ignacio Varga decides to escape from the smugglers. Shoot himself. Nacho, who is exactly the copy of Jesse Pinkman's character from the series "Breaking Bad", portrays a young character who soon drowns in the world of criminals and now just wants to escape from them. However, while the end of Jesse's life story is relatively good, Nacho faces a very sad fate. Nacho and Jesse follow the same Similarities as Saul and Walt in character, but the sad fate of this character in the third part of "Better Contact Saul" distinguishes the two characters.

Why? "Better contact Saul" has gradually become like "Bad breaking"?

BingMag.com <b>Similarities</b> <b>between</b> 'Better <b>Call</b> Saul' and 'Bad Breaking'; <b>Useful</b> or harmful?

One of the main reasons What makes the series "Better Call Saul" more similar to the series "Bad Breaking" is Saul's relationship with a gang of smugglers. Early in the series, Saul's story was completely separate from the smugglers. Saul occasionally dealt with Mike, but most of the time, with his brother and the company Hamlin and McGill's law. On the other hand, regarding the smugglers, it can be said that the series focused more on Nacho and his conflict with them and Salamanca, and Nacho and Saul rarely clashed.

But with the beginning of the fifth season of the series " "Better contact Saul", the storyline of these two series became more and more intertwined. In fact, during this season, the series focused more on turning Saul into a lawyer and a gang of smugglers, and showed his efforts to control the pressure exerted by Lalo Salamanca on the series. After the end of Season 5 and the beginning of Season 6, we noticed that Saul slowly realized that he was stuck in a mire, something that Walter White was struggling with at the end of the bad break. The aggressive presence of drug traffickers puts Saul at risk for everything he has, so just like Walt, Saul must take action in the sixth chapter of "Better Contact Saul," otherwise everything he has tried for him will be destroyed. p>

Another major reason that makes this series look more like "Bad Breaking" is the change in relationship between Saul and those he loves. Like Skylard White in Breaking Bad, Kim Wexler is drawn to Saul's plans. In fact, as we saw in Chapter 6 of "Better Call Saul," Kim is encouraging Saul, and the two are planning to oust his rival lawyer, Howard Hamlin. However, other characters take the opposite position. For example, Howell constantly questions Saul and Kim and considers the actions they take against Howard to be incorrect.

Benefits of similarity between the two series; Joint Creative Forces

BingMag.com <b>Similarities</b> <b>between</b> 'Better <b>Call</b> Saul' and 'Bad Breaking'; <b>Useful</b> or harmful?

The fact that "Better Contact Saul" is similar to the series "Bad Breaking" It's definitely good. Because many consider "Breaking Bad" to be one of the best TV series ever shown, the similarity between the two series is not a bad thing at all. While "Better Call Saul" and "Bad Breaking" are different in terms of storytelling, they both use similar themes, have similar tones, and use the same techniques that make these series popular among audiences. They become extremely popular.

So the more similar the two series become, the more the audience feels that they are watching a series instead of two different ones. Some spin-offs that use the same characters but are made by different production teams also use the same tactic, and the same tactic makes them look similar to the original movie.

In general, "Better Call Saul" and "Bad Breaking" can be considered as a long series, because the creative forces behind these two series have produced them in a way that is intertwined and interrelated. To look. These two series benefit from the same level of quality and storytelling, and therefore the entanglement between them ensures that in the future one will not be higher than the other.

Different ending "Better Call Saul"

BingMag.com <b>Similarities</b> <b>between</b> 'Better <b>Call</b> Saul' and 'Bad Breaking'; <b>Useful</b> or harmful?

As mentioned earlier, Saul's character is a copy of Walt's character, and Nacho's character is an imitation of Jesse character made. So if both of these characters suffer the same fate as their counterparts in "Bad Breaking", the series will definitely be in trouble. Therefore, this causes Saul and Nacho to have different consequences. Nacho, like Jesse, wants to be freed from the world of crime and goblins that have swallowed him up. Because he knows he will never see freedom with his own eyes. For him, freedom from the trap in which he is trapped no longer makes sense. The relationship between Saul and Walt also causes Saul to have a completely different fate from Walt. While Walt finally makes his decision and tries his best to build an empire for himself, Saul wants to be a good man.

However, whether it is because of his greed or not Because of Kim's influence, he always slips and will use the same insidious methods again. In addition, Walt eventually comes to the rescue and sacrifices himself for Jesse. However, since "Better Contact Saul" is a bad prelude to breaking, it is safe to say that Saul will not shy away from what fate has in store for him, and will eventually become one of the criminals' lawyers and the people who He likes to lose them one after another.

Of course, there is another way that might make "Call Saul better" have a different ending. Throughout the series, we see brief sequences depicting the events of Saul's life after the "Bad Breaking" events. At the end of the series, Saul moves to Nebraska, where he runs a chain store under the pseudonym Jen Takavik. These are the sequences in the table "It's better to Call Saul" shows that Saul is trying to start his life over.

So most likely at the end of the series "Better Contact Saul" with the meaning of this We will get acquainted with the Flash Forwards and find out whether Saul will be punished for his crimes and his life full of sin, or whether he will save himself from this catastrophe and start a normal life. So, in general, it can be said that Season 6 of "Better Call Saul" is not a copy of the "Breaking Bad" series, but uses a story similar to the themes of this series, and this has made the two series more and more similar.

Source: screenrant

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