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"Shut up and dance" is the most annoying episode of the Black Mirror series

BingMag.com 'Shut up and dance' is the most annoying episode of the Black Mirror series

Although the Black Mirror series has removed the annoying and disturbing content of all its episodes as an honorary comeback, but no episode comparable to the episode The third chapter is not "Shut up and dance". Charlie Brooker's anti-utopia series first aired on the BBC in 2011 before becoming one of Netflix's highest-grossing series after two seasons. Each episode of the series deals exclusively with social and political issues, depicting the horrific layers of events and news that the broker encountered while working as a reporter in the UK with an anti-utopian flavor.

BingMag.com 'Shut up and dance' is the most annoying episode of the Black Mirror series

In "Shut Up and Dance", Kenny (played by Alex Luther) is a teenager trapped by a hacker who They have a film about him in an embarrassing situation. Throughout the story, Kenny, who fears that the film will fall into the hands of his family and friends, is forced to comply with the hackers' dangerous demands in order to prevent the film from being broadcast on virtual networks. While claiming innocence throughout the episode, the story takes a sickening twist to a climax that will occupy the viewer's mind for a long time. Anti-utopia knew to the extent that it became a test of emotional endurance for both Kenny and the audience. The best element of this part is the reckless look at the social ills of people along with the gestures of omniscients and their flaws. It also completely subverts the audience's expectations and forces viewers to sympathize with the protagonist before the horrific end of the story. Realizing that he is a pedophile. There are two distinct forms of behavior throughout the story. His treatment of his peers is extremely anxious and is shown in a weak voice and short dialogues. If talking to children in his workplace is portrayed differently. Watkins's director filmed these scenes from certain angles, showing Kenny being aroused, with small hints of Kenny's illness from the beginning. Although suffocating and dancing is full of annoying content, the broker prefers to confront the viewer even before the horrifying scene of Kenny's illness.

BingMag.com 'Shut up and dance' is the most annoying episode of the Black Mirror series

Broker's refusal to simplify the story, along with blaming the audience for favoring Kenny before his deviation becomes apparent, makes the audience have a well-hidden demonic temperament. To find out. Brooker also used the episode to break down the usual technical pattern throughout the Black Mirror series, and while hackers have always played an evil role in the series, at the end of the episode he portrays them as fighters for the preservation of social values.

This episode is also strangely rooted in reality. For example, hackers have a history of accessing users' private moments via email and webcams. This extreme conformity with reality can be the only reason that despite the annoying content of all episodes of the Black Mirror series, this episode is chosen as the most annoying one.


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